Monday, January 18, 2010

Win a LOCKE LIVES T-Shirt:
The January Contest (Part 2)


I'll admit it: I'm sick of running contests. And I'm sure many of you out there are sick of reading about them. So this will be the last one until the end of February, OK? I'm just trying to ensure that any overseas winners receive their goods before the premiere, and that's why I'm back with one more chance to win a LOCKE LIVES t-shirt now that the Twitter contest has wrapped up.

(As I said in my last post: While I personally believe that we'll see Real Locke alive and well again before the series ends, I chose the saying for this t-shirt more as a play off of my blog's title, and as an homage to the Frodo Lives! slogan from back in the day -- if you don't know what that's about, you should really click the link, it's pretty hilarious.)

Let's get to it. If you watched the Golden Globes Sunday night, then you were probably as bummed as I was that Michael Emerson (Ben) did not nab the Best Supporting Actor statuette. At least LOST composer Michael Giacchino was recognized for his most excellent work in Up, though, right? (Trying to look on the bright side.)

The Globes inspired me to hold a little awards ceremony of my own for this next contest. If you want the chance to don a LOCKE LIVES shirt, then make up an award category and tell me which character would be announced as the big winner. For example: "Loudest: Michael," or "Best Accent: Desmond," or "Most Secrets: Ben." Entries can be funny or serious -- I'll still be picking the winners at random, so all that matters is that you give it a shot. You must also enter in your size: Medium, Large and XL are all I have left. See the post below this one for information on sizes.

Here are the rules:
1) One entry per person.
2) Open to anyone in any country that I can mail to from the U.S.
3) I won't publish anything spoilery or vulgar.
4) Only comments entered into this blog will be considered -- no tweets, Facebook messages or emails.
5) Give me a made-up awards category and the character who would win.
5) If you don't enter in your size you will not be considered. Medium, Large or XL only. See the post below this one for information on sizes.

You have until Wednesday at 8:30 AM Central Time to enter.

Good luck!

- e


angie said...

even though i'm a jack fan, i gotta say....

best smile: sawyer


and i'm a medium.

gracias. :)

partyboy49 said...

Most Mysterious Character: Richard Alpert
size: Medium

Anonymous said...

least wardrobe: the man in black

Donna said...

Most legs: Vincent

(size: Medium)

Sam McPherson said...

Best Actor/Shapeshifter/Evil, Conniving Manipulator/Murder Conspiracist/Impersonator/Plot Twist Provider: Jacob's Nemesis.

Size: Medium

NobleLawyer said...

Best Death Scene: Charlie
size: XL

Tv Addict said...

Most Insubstantial Character: Smokey the smoke monster

get it..because he is lacking firmness/mass ;)

size: L

sfj3 said...

Worst case of heart burn award: Neil Frogurt
Size: Medium :)

Lisa11171 said...

Hottest shirtless male: Sawyer



Luis said...

Best Anti-Aging Make-Up: Richard Alpert.

I'm a size Medium.

Unknown said...

most loveable character - hurley

RowanRaven said...

Most Delicious Beverage:
MacCutcheon Whiskey


Thanks for another contest, e.!

Torigurl said...

Most Easily Misled: John Locke
Size: Medium

JCM said...

Most satisfying demise: Phil

Size: Large

scfc_dude06 said...

Best use for and orange: John Locke

size medium

joshRgordon said...

Best Use Of "SONOFAB*TCH": Juliet :(


Sherylm said...

Most inaccurate foreign accent: the original Rousseau

Even though I liked her, she did NOT have a French accent, though the younger version did :-)

(size: medium)

Anonymous said...

Best tapestry weaving while living in a giant four toed statue: Jacob

Katie H


Thanks for the fun contest!

shannon said...

MVC (Most Valuable Chest): Sawyer, of course. Sorry Kate.

shannon said...

Shoot! I'm a medium! I was so excited about the Most Valuable Chest award, I forgot to say that!

pskank said...

Best On Screen Couple:

Nominees -

Jin and Sun
MIB and Jacob
Kate and Jack
Kate and Sawyer
Juliet and Jack
Julier and Sawyer

And the winner is....

MIB and Jacob!!!

I'll take a XL please!

Kyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunt J-ha said...

Best use of a Hot Pocket Award -Goes to Hugo Reyes.

mvidas said...

Most incorrect identity speculations: Taweret
Size: Large

Alexistran said...

Most Invisible: Jacob
Size: Large

MonkeyFace said...

most episodes performed without a shirt: james "sawyer" ford.

Thanks for the contest!

MonkeyFace said...

i hit publish before I told you my size: medium.


MadAriad said...

Best Tough Guy with a sensitive side: Sawyer

size Large

druid said...

Best Jackface: Jack

Size: XL

Rory said...

howdy again, erika.

greatest surface area: leslie arzt

my mom could wear a large around the house on lazy days.

Unknown said...

Best Growth Spurt: Walt

Size Medium

Gongonzabar said...

Most Beardest: Jack

Kim-the-girl said...

Best Cry Scene: Juliet

Size: Medium

LeslieS said...

Most expected death: Sawyer's treefrog.

I am a medium!

Kris M said...

Best Posession: Locke

Size: Medium


David Morgan said...

Most emotionally fragile: Ben Linus


jtdials said...

Worst Dad-

Christian Shepherd?
Anthony Cooper?
Ben Linus?
Aaron's Dad?

And the award goes to: Anthony Cooper!!!


Katrina Susman said...

Best Use of a Canoe Paddle: Sun
(size: Medium)

Anarkhan said...

Most hyped french actor for nothing : Caesar


Kyle from Kentucky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
comixguru said...

Most Sincere: Miles

that's sarcasm. because i love Miles' sarcasm. I had to do it. :)

Medium, please! :)

Shauna O'Reilly said...

Best bad flashback hair... Mullet Jack. (large)

Amber said...

Biggest Overreactor - Doc Arzt



jason said...

Best use of a tie in the jungle: Daniel Faraday



Cecilia said...

Best hair: Hurley
Size: large, please!!

v said...

Best use of a razor: Jack (post-beard!)


emilyo said...

Best interaction with spiders: Nikki

emilyo said...

Best interaction with spiders: Nikki

Sorry for the repeat, forgot the size: M

Anonymous said...

Most "explosive" character: John Locke


Kyle said...

Character with most explosive personality: Dr. Leslie Arzt

Size: Medium

Matthew said...

Most Experienced Pilot - Frank Lapidus


Lisa Schensted said...

thanks for the contest!

most wishy washy: Kate.


Maram said...

love the T-Shirt

Best Station: The Swan
Size: Medium

Unknown said...

Least amount of Hair: John Locke


Lori Fish said...

The scene that jerked the most tears:

When Vincent swam after Walt!


Rachel said...

Best eyelashes- Richard Alpert.


Bart Moortgat said...

Best cookie baker: Juliet :)
size XL

Unknown said...

Character with the coolest fighting tool - Mr Eko

Size: Medium

Melanie said...

best makeup- Richard Alpert. I'll go with a large please!

Roxanna said...

Best at a Long Con: The Island

size: Medium

The_Other_Other said...

Best use of time travel: Hurley with re-writing Empire Strikes Back

The_Other_Other said...

Forgot the size: Medium

m4ss said...

Hi From Italy ! :-)

Best "Not human actor" and nominee for special effect: The smoky Monster :D

size: Medium

Unknown said...

most double vowels in a single name:

Unknown said...

here again, this time size included ;)

most double vowels in a single name:

size: large

Nik Mortimer said...

Best use of eye liner: Richard Alpert

Kelly, UK said...

Least lucky in love: Sayid

The Screwy Dame said...

Best Christopher Walken Impression To Date: Martin Keamy
size: XL

Bozinoski said...

Best believer: Jack.


Bozhino said...

Funniest duo: Hugo feat. Miles.


Heidi Murray said...

Worst pole-vaulter: Goodwin

Unknown said...

Most Improved (After shaving his beard): Frank

Size- Large

Blair! said...

Most overrated underplayed character: Ms. Klue

Blair! said...

size Large, sorry!

Stephan said...

Most annoying beauty: Shannon


Lockman said...

Most Times Beatdown in a series: Ben Linus.


rewatching the whole series with my girlfriend and Ben has been beaten and bruised in the face 5 times so far. I know of 2 more coming in season 5 if memory serves correct.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Best Meteorologist: Locke

Shirt size : L

Linz said...

Best clique to belong to: The Dharma Book Club (of course!)

Medium. :-)

Sweettooth30 said...

Best sequence by an actor getting sucked up by an airplane turbine in a foreign drama:

And the award goes to...........

Gary Troop in the Pilot

Sorry Gary couldn't be here today to accept this award, but Seth Norris will be accepting on his behalf, WHAT HE'S DEAD TOO!!!!!

Size: XL (Is there any XXL, left Erica?)

Unknown said...

Most resilient from gunshot wounds: Locke.
Runners up: Keamy, Sayid, Daniel, Sawyer, Michael, the marshal, Ben, and Patchy (if you include harpoons).

Size: Medium

Jesse Duckett said...

Best Scar placement: Locke

Size: Large

Kathi said...

Character most in need of anger management classes or a prescription for Xanax : Stuart Radzinsky

Kathi said...

ARGH! I wish I could read. Here's hoping you won't get annoyed if I repost yet can toss the other posts.

the size should be MEDIUM

The character most in need of anger management classes or a prescription for Xanax: Stuart Radzinsky

Kelly said...

Most sexiest male in a time-travelling tropical island drama: Sawyer

size: Medium

Lorraine Be said...

Longest serving cast member: The statue

(would have done most shaggable male but still can't decide between Jack or Sawyer!)

Um ... large please

sheler412 said...

Most missed: Charlie

XL please!

Unknown said...

And the nominees for Most Geographically Misplaced are:

Island Polar Bears
The Black Rock
Nigerian Drug Smuggling Plane
Taweret Statue

And the winner, in a surprising turn of events, is the what-the-heck-are-ya-doing-in-a-desert skeletal polar bear found in Tunisia. Congratulations and may you stay frosty in polar bear heaven!


Kim said...

Character who has evolved the most as a person: Sawyer

Kim said...

Sorry, forgot to say Medium

Karmavore said...

Most Flaming:

Large, please!

kkiaa said...

Best Death - Frogurt

Shirt Size MEDIUM!!!

R.P. McMurphy said...

Best old new original screenplay:

Hurley for "The Empire Strikes Back"


Danelectro said...

Most altruistic scene: Apollo bar sharing


Thanks, E.

Kelly, UK said...

Size: Medium!
I totally forgot!
I said, much earlier:
Least lucky in love: Sayid

manish said...

Best "I don't give a damn" attitute : ROSE AND BERNARD!! (can't pick one can i?? )

size : medium..

cheers e!!

manish said...

ahh crap, i think i'm late :(

ben1086 said...

best fake arm: pierre chang

size: medium

Unknown said...

Worst fake beard: Jack


tiasabita said...

most creative use of religious statuary - hurley
size: medium (or large!)

Sammy Jean said...

Best food scene: Charlie and his "peanut butter"

Size: Medium :)

Marebabe said...

Cutest freckles: Kate!
Size Large, please.

Alisha Rene' said...

Most Devious: Ben Linus

size - Medium

Jen B said...

Most Loyal: Vincent
Medium, please!

Murat said...

Gayest: Mr. Friendly
Size: XL

toby said...

That's easy - Best Freckles: Kate!
(I'm a large, I think)

Valerie Naas said...

Most "blinks" in one scene:


toby said...

Oh, man, I just saw that someone else posted a similar answer... oh, well.

Jennifer C said...

Best use of a rock to shave her underarms before getting smoochy with Sawyer:
Medium Please :)

drew said...

Most uses of the word "brotha" - Desmond

XL Pls...

neoloki said...

Best non-verbal scene:

Hurley and Ben eating an Apollo bar outside of Jacob's cabin.

T-Shirt size: XL

Amy said...

The most likely to fall for the "old Wookie prisoner gag": Aldo

Large please.

Anonymous said...

Best Reunion Scene:
Rose & Bernard
Season 2, "Collision"


geomistress said...

Best Use of Peanut Butter: Charlie

Medium please!

Dead_Paulo said...

Worst driver: Hurley

Size: Medium

cndwelch said...

Best "Psycho" re-enactment - Ben killing Keamy in the Orchid Station... ;)

Size - Large

Thanks for the contest e!

palmerlaw said...

Best line involving boxes or box companies: Locke to Ben-- "I'd say I'd hope that box is big enough for you to wish yourself a new sub."


Unknown said...

Most Misunderstood:

And the nominees are...


...and the winner is: Smokey!

(Medium, please)

Sharon Rose said...

XL me, baby!
Best character development: Saywer / James

Tim said...

Best Hair: Sayid

Shirt size: medium

Unknown said...

Buggiest Eyes: Ben

Unknown said...

Most "kick-ass": Sayid

(can't believe he hasn't won anything yet...)


Unknown said...

forgot my size, Medium

lostaddict said...

Most Likely to End up NOT Being Dead After All: Patchy/Mikhail

(You know that dude's lurking around somewhere....)

Size: M

Fiona said...

Aaand the award for Best T-Shirt worn throughout the whole series of LOST goes tooooo....

HURLEY! ...for the "I ♥ My Shih Tzu" Tee.

Large if I'm lucky enough please :)

jennY said...

most explosive character: Leslie Arzt

Thanks jennY Yanez (medium)

C-Rezultz Athletics-Fitness-n-Fun said...

Best "death": Julia

(size: Large)

ElsieM said...

Most adorable foster child with a penchant for knives and making strange smokey drawings with his crayons: Johnny Locke

Sadly: extra large

Thanks e!

Robin said...

Best Dresser: Frank

Size XL

~Karen~ said...

Island chick in need of a makeover; including a bra: Danielle Rousseau

Size -Medium-


Anonymous said...

As you said, yes we're sick of contests.

I am really looking forward to your next write-up, preferably before Season 6 begins to discuss what you hope to see in the final season, etc.

We're almost there!

Mike Seganos said...

best smile:


Ann said...

And the Hooked on Phonics Award goes to . . . . Jin Kwan! (with a nod to Sawyer for making a comment to that effect in the episode where they found the old Dharma van :) )

I'm a medium, but a large would be fine if all the mediums were gone.

YoYo said...

Most punches thrown in a season


Bonus category: special effects
Sub category: loudest punches
Winner: Lost

If you go back, there are so many punches thrown and they're always obnoxiously loud.
Size L

Tiffany said...

Most Overused Word (but still OK because of the person who says it):

"Dude" (Hurley)

Size Medium

Anonymous said...

Most Prettiest Eyes: Juliet!

Size: Medium


Unknown said...

Most Valuable Island Survivor: John Locke

Size: Medium

mrclean8 said...

Most unnecessary waste of oxygen: Nikki

Size: Medium

lindaz said...

Most Righteous Kill: Phil


Termin8ter77 said...

Cutest science geek: Faraday
My size is medium :)

Kyle Amato said...

Most pimpin' tent in the camp:
Claire and Aaron. (They had everything!)

Size: Large

pigpen said...

Best Shine on a Bald Head: Whidmore

Oh, and I'll take ane XL should I be lucky enough to win!

Brasco said...

Best Impersonation of a lead character- The man in Black as John Locke

Size Large

Chaopescado said...

best one liner: "See you in anotha life brotha" Desmond


thisoldsoul said...

best hide n go seek - the island


Unknown said...

Most Honorable (has never told a lie): Jin

size large

treshann said...

Father of the year award ......goes to roger linus

Despite being some great contenders I would say that Roger is the clear winner.

If I should so win please send me a large

Rick Adams said...

Best family therapist...

Hurley (trying to reunite Miles and his dad)

size medium

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...

Best Key-Pad Performance: Charlie Pace (Good Vibrations)

Size: M

Locke Lives!

jaypee said...

Special 'Gioconda Smile' Award: Juliet.

(medium or large)


Unknown said...

Best Drunken Sailor: Desmond!


Matt said...

Best Eyeliner: Richard

Size: XL

Lori Fish said...

I put XXL but XL would be fine, although I don't want to be selfish since I already won a super cool koozie, but just in case, lol

Unknown said...

Worst Lost Theory that has been routinely debunked but is always brought up again by someone new: Or Most Prominant Noob Theory:


Size: Medium

SJohnson said...

Writing team to most effectively captivate viewers, compelling them to scrutinize anything and everything that is viewed or implied:

Damon and Carlton


rueschmike said...

Best Dimples: Kate


Erika (aka "e") said...

It's now 8:33 AM CST on Wednesday 1/20, and this contest is closed. Any comments entered after this one will not be considered.


- e