Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Finale Par-Tay

People entering e's place were first met with this sign on the door - the upper level was the Labrador Hatch:

Woof!  Back off, I protect The Others.

They proceeded downstairs to the Recliner Hatch...

To enjoy a bevy of Dharma-sanctioned goodies:

Lostaway M&Ms!

They could choose to join the troops in the Bean Bag Hatch:

Or just chill and take in the scenery:

Notice Dave's slipper? The books in front of the TV were all of Sawyer's fave's - A Wrinkle in Time, Watership Down, and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Yes, we are officially crazy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

S2Ep22 - Three Minutes (Michael's third flashback) - 5/17/06

Hello my dear friends,

Despite being a nearly Locke-free episode where pretty much nothing happened, I still enjoyed "Three Minutes." And for those wondering why it was called "Three Minutes," it is because that is the amount of time Ms. Klugh said Michael could have with Walt. I was surprised at how mellow the show was overall... at this time last season they scored one of the best episodes ever (Exodus Part 1). Let's just hope they pull off an awesome finale - then all will be forgiven.

Also, a quick reminder before we get going - you can read captions by mousing over the pictures.


A recap (with commentary) of Michael's past two weeks:
1) We now know that 13 days ago, Walt and his superfast typing informed Michael via the Hatch Computer of where he was being held. I was mad at this scene because I consider myself one of the fastest typers in the world (seriously), and there is no way any human could've typed that quickly!!!?!? I don't even think it was Walt typing it in the first place. Regardless, Michael takes a gun, locks Jack and Locke in the armory, and leaves - supposedly heading north.

Hurry it up, I've got the Red Sea to part!2) He runs into an Other seemingly going pee in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden, Zeke (looking exactly like Moses) and some other Others bust out and capture Michael. Zeke warns everyone not to hurt Michael because they "need him." This was strange to me, because according to this timeline (which coincides with the "13 days ago" shown in this episode), Henry had not been captured yet. So they obviously thought they needed Michael for something before they wanted him to release Henry (unless they knew Stonehenge!!! Oh wait, nevermind.they were going to send Henry there to intentionally be caught... confused yet?). Anyway, they lead Michael to The Others' camp, which has a strange rock wall thing with a huge hole in it as a marker nearby.

3) Some of Michael's blood is collected upon his arrival at the camp (probably for genetic testing, and to ensure he is Walt's father... and Yes, I'm freaky.  Deal with it!also probably to make us think: "Since that Other guy whipped out a nice clean, empty Ziplock bag... they probably have some other facilities there besides the huts...").

4) Ms. Klugh (who I can barely stand to look at because of her freaky eyes or listen to because of her weird voice) asks Michael a ton of questions about Walt's childhood, none of which he can answer. Although he did seem to have a reaction to the "Has Walt ever appeared some place he wasn't supposed to be?" question... like he had witnessed that before.

5) Finally, Michael annoys them enough with his "my boy" speeches that they allow him to see Walt. Walt is first and foremost concerned about the well-being of Vincent, which I loved, because it was very realistic. After confirming that the worst that has happened to Vincent is that he has become a drug mule and tried to turn Charlie back to his junkie ways by tossing Virgin Marys at him (but is otherwise fine), Walt mentions that the Others are "pretending" and "not what they seem" and that they make him "takes tests." Ms. Klugh threatens him with going back into "the room" if he talks further about that. Walt seems fairly distraught and pleads for help when he hugs Michael at the end.

6) After Michael has been successfully shaken up by Walt's visit, he agrees to bring back four of the Lostaway Posse after freeing NotHenry. He is promised that he and Walt will be turned free (AND get the Hillbilly boat!) if he completes this mission. Now that's a deal if I ever heard one. Do you know much Hillbilly boats are going for on eBay???

I cannot make up my mind on whether I think everything that Walt said IS true and that he really is desperate to get out of there, or if Ms. Klugh was making him say those things to get Michael worked up enough so that they could count on him going through with the plan. Walt did not seem to be acting, and I don't know why they would actually want him to say "they're pretending"... so that leads me to believe they are doing some sort of tests on him and he's scared. But then again, he seemed to be exchanging looks with Ms. Klugh and there sometimes seemed to be pauses where I wondered if they were communicating telepathically. She could've been telling him what to say to ensure Michael got upset.


The boards seemed split about whether or not we should be more understanding of Michael's actions now that we know exactly what happened to him... especially after that chilling scene with Walt. I honestly was expecting Walt to either not be shown, or for him to be like, "Hey Dad, this place rocks!" and be all happy hangin' with The Others. I was convinced that The Others were taking children away for their own safety, but now that does not seem to be the case. And "seem" is definitely the key word there.

The two camps are:
1) (Much like Justin Timberlake) Michael was Justified
2) They didn't even say he had to kill anyone, so now Michael's actions are that much more unforgivable.

So what if I look 3 years older now - SAVE ME, DAMMIT!Support for Michael, from the boards:
- "Michael's actions remind us how short their time on the island has been. To us it feels like two years, but it's only been a few months for them. He can trade their lives for Walt because he feels like he doesn't 'know' them & owes them nothing... Humanity not withstanding. "
- "Put me down as being totally sold on Michael's motivations and HP's acting throughout. HP's character is confronted with people he doesn't understand who are likely to hold Walt for the rest of his life. And it's only at this point that Michael has developed any kind of relationship with his son - of course he's going to grab at any chance to free Walt. It's just too bad that Michael couldn't take Jack et al. into his confidence and try to make a plan with them. I get the feeling though that Michael is so terrified that he just wants to flee all this incomprehensible creepiness, and isn't interested in understanding the Others' motivations."
- "We may extrapolate about what we would have done if it was our family threatened, but we're talking about the character of Michael in some really bad circumstances. It wouldn't be true to character if he's suddenly Mr. Altruistic or even Mr. Clearheaded. He loves his son, but he's also selfish, paranoid, frenzied, and hurt by the past. I don't know how Michael would be expected to trust any of those people, lostaways or not. Where would that come from? He's not like the codependent Charlie and he doesn't get to see their humanizing flashbacks. He's stuck in solitary in Otherville. Because of his cynical nature, he "knows" that no one else cares enough to just try to go save his son in the face of suicidal odds. If the tables were turned, he wouldn't go. So he gave them better odds and a better reason. He's stooping to the challenge."
- "I think Michael already assumed that telling the truth would only work against him and he couldn't take that chance. After watching the "3 minutes," I too believed that Walt needed to be taken away from these people ASAP. Michael isn't one for intricate long cons. So suddenly, the opportunity presents itself and he takes it. If I were Michael, AnaL would probably have been the only one of the Lostaways I could shoot. Remember, these are all pretty much strangers, and Michael would have good reason to really dislike, maybe hate, AnaL. "

No excuses for Michael, from the boards:
MY BOYYYYYYYY!- "I thought Michael was brainwashed or something, but he goes and kills two women and is going to walk the others into a trap. Jerk, murderer. I hope Sawyer shoots him."
- "Even under Lost's arcane system of morality, there has to be a reckoning for Michael for what he did. If we are to assume that he wasn't brainwashed, then he committed cold-blooded murder in the belief that it would result in his son's release. Now he is prepared to put more lives at risk in the belief, IMO mistaken, that it will result in said son's release. While I can appreciate his love for his son who was missing from most of Michael's life, his obsession with his son has clouded his judgment on several occasions and now has compelled him to cross a line from which I believe he can't return."
- "I could not agree more. Place me firmly in the camp of those parents who would kill (or die) to protect their children in a heartbeat, but to deliberately kill innocent people who are in the way of a horribly ill-conceived plan is just too much even for me. It's one thing to kill the 'perpetrators' to try to save your child, it's quite another to mow down innocent people. Michael must pay for that somehow."


I really do not like the direction in which they are taking Mr. Eko. Before, he used to rock. I loved his cryptic speeches and brief, but spot-on, responses. He still has all of those qualities, but for him to now be devoted to pressing the button seems silly. It would be one thing if he interpreted Yemi's dream as: "the work they are doing overall on this island is important" - but he seems to just be fixating on pressing the button now... even after watching the Orientation video in the Pearl Hatch that pretty much said it was just an experiment. So I would've been OK if his stance was, "OK, the button-pushing may not actually do anything, but the study of human behavior that they've got going on here is important and needs to be continued." But he never really said anything like that, he just thinks he's now "meant" to be the button-pusher - so much so that he SKIPPED Ana Lucia and Libby's funeral and wanted Charlie to move all his stuff down to the hatch??? It seems a little extreme and unbelievable, especially since he and Ana Lucia did spend those first 48 days together and seemed relatively close. I am positive that the button actually does do something now, by the way. I just don't think the writers handled it very well. If they are going to make it be like, "See? Eko was RIGHT - he should've kept pushing the button because it was important!" after someone (most likely Locke, from the previews) stops him from pushing it, it is going to be annoying. Once again, had he come up with some better excuse of why he thinks the button itself may still be important DESPITE having watched the Pearl Hatch Orientation video which clearly stated that it was an experiment, then fine. But he hasn't.

I would've been completely anti-Eko had he stopped delivering his trademark speeches, but thankfully, he provided us with this gem - perhaps "the best speech of the night" (certainly better than the lame eulogies at the funerals...):

MICHAEL: I hear you're a priest.
EKO: Yes.
MICHAEL: I guess you believe in Hell, then.
EKO [helping Michael clean the blood]: For a brief time I served in a small parish in England. Every Sunday after Mass, I would see a young boy waiting in the back of the church. And then one day, the boy confessed to me that he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel. He said that the dog had bitten his baby sister on the cheek; and he needed to protect her. And he wanted to know whether he would go to Hell for this. I told him that God would understand -- that he would be forgiven, as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness. He was only afraid that if he did go to Hell -- that dog would be there waiting for him.

Ooooohhhh, Michael, I think Eko's ON to you, sucka!


Much like with what was done in the first few episodes of this season (remember waaaay back when they showed the initial encounter with Desmond in the hatch in three different episodes, from a different character's angle each time?), we re-watched the scene in the jungle when The Others released a kidnapped Kate and Zeke spoke of not "crossing the line," only this time we learned that Michael was there as well. And we were given more evidence to support the hope that Alex has not been completely warped by The Others, as she was asking Michael about Claire's baby (seemed especially curious about if it was a boy or a girl), and also said: "It's okay. He's just delivering a message. He has to scare your friends to do it." Some interpreted that line to mean that The Others really don't have a lot of things they can use against the Lostaways, they just need to make it seem like they do - once again, theatrics. However, I still contend that so far, The Others have certainly been "winning" against the Lostaways, so they are doing something right...


Worst. Idea. Ever.He chucked the Virgin Mary statues into the ocean, he made peace with Claire, he stood up to Eko... and then he went and injected himself with the supposed vaccine?

Here's a good post on the topic: "A 'vaccine' needed every nine days? That doesn't sound like much of a vaccine; it sounds more like way to addict a population. Or perhaps suppress symptoms of someone who has already been (fatally?) infected."

Methinks Charlie may be the next to go... even though the producers swore they would not incur the wrath of the LOTR fans...


After getting his leg speared by the blast door, Locke was told by Jack that it would take at least 4 weeks to heal. Rose thought otherwise. Sure enough, Locke shed himself of his crutches and his splint in less than a week. I wish I knew about this island when I broke bones all the time back in the day (I am very clumsy)!


MS. KLUGH: I'm writing 4 names down -- 4 of your friends. We need you to bring them here. You have to bring only these 4 people, Michael. Just them. If you don't bring all the people on the list, you'll never see Walt again.
MICHAEL [still crying]: Okay, okay.
MS. KLUGH: Do you understand, Michael?
MICHAEL [still crying]: Yes. What do I tell them.
MS. KLUGH: Doesn't matter. Make up a story. They'll be angry enough to believe whatever you say.
[She hands him the list of names.]
MICHAEL: Who's James Ford?

I know that part above was definitely NOT meant to be funny, but I died laughing and had to rewind it. However, the fact that Michael did not know Sawyer's real name led many viewers to the conclusion that either The Others were going from the official flight passenger manifest list (which listed "real" names), that Hurley is a mole (he knew everyone's real names from his "census" which used the manifest), or that The Others had known about the Lostaways long before they came to the island and have been tracking their lives for quite some time. I think either 1 or 3 is plausible - but I highly doubt Hurley is a mole, please.

These people have just won VIP Passes to The Others' private spa!Then there is the even bigger question of WHY THOSE FOUR? If they were all clear-cut "good" or "bad" people, it would've been easier - but Kate and Sawyer would definitely be on the naughty list, Hurley would seem to be good, and Jack would also probably be good (though there is contention on that one).

Tons of theories abound on why those four were picked - there is no way I can capture them all. Leading contenders are: a) they are all bad - we just don't know enough about Hurley and Jack yet, b) they are all responsible - be it on purpose or not - for someone else's death (though Sayid and Charlie would make that list, too), c) they have all seen things on the island that weren't supposed to be there: Jack - Zombie dad, Hurley - Dave, Kate & Sawyer - Black horse, d) The Others wanted both good and bad people because they do different experiments on each group.

The theory below is also very interesting, especially if it really is all just an experiment in human behavior (though I think their reasoning for Hurley is kind of weak):
- "They wanted those four because they hold influence in the community. Jack is the leader by default, and each time they've confronted the Others he has always spoken up first. Kate discovered their abandoned medical hatch, and she was with Jack when he demanded Walt back. Hurley organized and maintained the food. Sawyer stole the guns, stole all the dead people who died in the crash's stuff, and everyone comes to him when they need something. All four of them are influential to the Lostaways community, take them away and it changes that dynamic. Now new people have to step up and take a leadership role. It's one big elaborate experiment."

One last comment on The List... why wasn't Locke on it? Henry said he was coming for Locke - and if The Others knew Henry had been captured, then Locke is still needed, isn't he?


Here he is.

Uhh... duhhh... uhh... don't come, because, uh... we don't want anyone with SKILLS involved in saving MY BOY!


Here he is.

You people are idiots.  Why am I never on this show anymore?!?!?



SAWYER: That's how she got my gun. Ana, she jumped me. [Jack looks puzzled] We got caught in a net.
JACK: Why are you telling me this, Sawyer?
SAWYER: Because you're about the closest thing I've got to a friend, Doc.

Claire grabbing Charlie's hand at the funeral.


People were on fire on the boards this past week - there are a lot of great posts this time around:
- The Others--well, they have a nice start on a Four Seasons resort somewhere in the South Pacific. People pay a lot of money for those little huts right next to the ocean.
- I may be alone here, but I'm glad they totally didn't forget about the Claire-Charlie storyline. I loved when she grabbed his hand. Though, I found it really freakish that Charlie finds some random drugs and is like "I totally think we should give these to the newborn baby and his young mom."
- Thank you Sawyer! Finally mentioning that Sayid is the only person who might have some knowledge about war! Is it weird that Sawyer hasn't pissed me off too much these last few episodes? Is it scary that he's been the most logical person? And is it okay that I almost cried when Sawyer got emotional with Jack?
- Oh shit...did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't suppose to be?
- If they don't do a Walt flashback episode in Season 3 I'm gonna be pissed!
- Tests...Walt being in 'the room' *shudder*
- I'm a little afraid Walt is setting up his own father, might I add.
- Vincent is a bad, bad dog. Honestly, what did he think he was doing trying to get Charlie hooked on heroin again like that? Bad dog.
- So if Ms. Clue has made her appearance, is Zeke Colonel Mustard?
- At least the writers haven't robbed Sayid of all intelligence. I so wanted him to just slap Michael when he was whining about not wanting Sayid to go. I would have watched that over and over again and never erased it.
- Why would Eko tell the oh-so-appropriate story about the scared kid who stupidly killed a dog to "protect" his little sister unless he realized exactly why Michael was so distraught about the murders and asking about hell? Eko and Said are definitely the smart ones.
- Jack and Sawyer: BFF.
- I too was screaming at Charlie for throwing that heroin in the water. Think of all the ways that that could be used. Not only last week, with Libby, but imagine if they had doped up Henry. He wouldn't have gone anywhere, and they may have gotten some truth out of him. Let's hope that they wash ashore, or that Charlie dies.
- Why didn't The Others want Locke?
- If Locke was on the good list, then these four must be on the bad list. Two crooks and a poker-playing doctor with tattoos. They might want Hurley to hit him up for a donation.
- There's no way the Others could spend that long with Michael screaming about his boy without shooting him.
- I loved the episode! Does anyone think maybe Charlie threw the statues into the water because the vaccine cured him?
- The list could also be the people that felt responsible for someone losing their life. I also liked that the list had James Ford and Hugo instead of Sawyer and Hurley. Evidence of flight 815 being arranged.
- I hope Michael takes Vincent along to get Walt. I laughed when the first words out of Walt's mouth were "Where's Vincent?!" Dammit, Dad! Just take care of my freaking dog, alright?
- At first I thought she said Miss Cleo ... Call me now for your free reading.
- The Others are making Walt take tests? Good to know that even on Craphole Island no child is left behind.
- And Sayid rocks big-time IMHO. Not gonna catch him in any trust falls, dude. His natural suspiciousness serves him well.
- I think I have it figured out. The Others want: Hurley because he used the island's numbers to win the lottery. The Others want half of the money to fund their creepy experiments. Jack because of his medical expertise..no that can't be right..ok, they want to shoot him. Sawyer for the Other ladies. Kate for the Other men.
- I think I know why they want Jack. Because he's a supposed miracle worker.
- I also like how there are two alternate dog stories, one by Locke and one by Eko. Locke's dog was the dog that "replaced" his dead sister and gave their foster mom comfort and took away her feelings of guilt. Eko's dog was the dog that will punish you in hell. Good dog/bad dog. Here we go again.


There was another Hanso Foundation ad shown... this one with the link:


I did visit it but didn't really have time to figure it out just yet. That is what I plan to do this summer! If you are interested in what's going on with this, I will once again direct you to humpy's site:

The Lost Experience, tracked on Humpys.net


[We see Jack and Sawyer getting the guns from Sawyer's tent. Sawyer pulls a bottle of booze out of his stash.]
SAWYER: What do you say, Doc? [Jack looks at the bottle and goes back to collecting the guns] Here I was thinking the Irish drink when somebody dies. [he takes a drink]
JACK: I'm not Irish.
SAWYER: Neither am I.

SAWYER: ... So what happened out there in the jungle?
JACK: Exactly what he said happened -- he found their camp...
SAWYER: I ain't talking about Mike. You and Freckles -- before you found him you all were gone all night.
JACK: We were caught in a net.
SAWYER: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
JACK: It means we got caught in a net.
SAWYER: Is that what they're calling it these days?

JACK: You're not coming, Sayid.
SAYID: Excuse me?
JACK: Michael wants to keep it small. Me, Kate, Hurley, and him.
SAWYER: Yeah, well, "him" says even though Pippy Longstocking and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the Dirty Dozen -- I'm just going to say we might just want to bring the Red Beret.

[We see Eko walking in the hatch. He sees his cross pulling from his chest toward as he walks by the magnet area. We hear the alarm start to beep. Eko goes to the computer room and enters the numbers. Charlie enters.]
CHARLIE: So, you wake up in the middle of the night; you grab your Jesus stick; you race off into the jungle. You don't call; you don't write?

SAWYER: Got some good news for you. Captain Arab's in too. Calvary rides at sunrise.
MICHAEL: You told Sayid?
SAWYER: Yeah, I told Sayid.
MICHAEL: You shouldn't have done that!
SAWYER: Oh, well I'm sorry. I just figure if we going to war, we'd want the one guy who's actually been in a war.

Oh Chaaaarrrrliiiieeee.... Come heeeee-eeerrrrre....[We see Charlie working on building the church, but he drops the pole he's trying to lift into place.]
CHARLIE: Bloody hell.
[He looks up to see Vincent running toward him carrying a Virgin Mary statue in his mouth which he then drops at Charlie's feet.]
CHARLIE: Are you kidding me?


A thank you to my brother for pointing out the Lostpedia site to me, very impressive. It seems to be spoiler-free, so visit away!


I know I offered a link like this before, but this one goes to a slightly different article, discussing the castmembers' careers before the show.

Before They Were Lost article.


As you may have heard, because of overwhelming complaints from fanatical viewers, Lost will air in two "blocks" next season. Season Three will start a few weeks into the Fall TV schedule (so I'm assuming mid-September, not sure), will air 7 episodes, and then break. Then it will return in the winter and air WITHOUT INTERRUPTION until the finale. And no, I cannot claim responsibility for ALL of the complaint calls and letters. Probably a majority... but not all.

Read the details here.


An expanded finale trailer is online.


My friends?!?! There is only one episode (albeit two hours) left - this Wednesday, May 24th!!! And guess what? I have an awesome, COMPLETELY UNSPOILED theory as to what is going to happen. However, it is SO awesome that I actually think it may be correct. And because I care about your happiness so much, I will spare you my theory until the next post. My justification is that if my theory does prove to be right, I want you to be surprised and open-jawed, and you won't be if it was in your head already. Yes, I will still tell you what it is in the next write-up even if I was dead wrong. There are a few trustworthy people who know what it is, so they will call me out if I lie or try to claim something that I didn't think of, no worries. A hint is that if you watch the new trailer linked above, I honestly think you can put it together. If nothing else, you will be glad to see that Berzerker Jack is BACK!

So, there is nothing left to say except - ENJOY THE FINALE!

As it is the finale, and as it is two hours, and since they are promising that it will rock, the next write-up will probably take a little longer than usual for me to pull together.

Until then,
- e

Monday, May 15, 2006

S2Ep21 - ? (Eko's second flashback) - 5/10/06

Hello my dear friends,

While most people on the boards seemed to think that "?" kept up the momentum started at the end of "Two for the Road" and was another great episode, I found myself a little bored whilst watching. And it did not help matters that my favorite character was on the receiving end of a vicious head-butt courtesy of Eko. Eko is climbing onto my you-know-what list....

But I must get going because there is a lot of stuff to talk about. So here we go:


In this episode, instead of Jack's dad popping up all over the place, we had Yemi (Eko's brother) literally popping up all over the place.
Shhh... this is my secret plan to become a recurring cast member and get to move to Hawaii!First, Eko had a dream where both Yemi and a now-deceased Ana Lucia were instructing him to make Locke help him find the ?. Yemi also added that the work being done on the island was very important -- "more important than anything." One could look at this two ways: 1) It was "the island" forcing these visions upon Eko because it needs someone to take over Island Worship now that Locke has lost enthusiasm, or 2) It was truly Eko's dream and actually was meant to be interpreted at face value. If you remember, Jack's zombie dad appeared and led Jack to the waterfalls, Charlie's dreams seemed to serve the purpose of getting Aaron baptized... so perhaps Eko's dreams of Yemi were also to set a series of events in motion.

However, what made me start to doubt that was the fact that then Locke saw Yemi in a dream, which seemed like a stretch since he had never met him before. That's what's making me lean toward the "the island is making them have these dreams to protect itself" side. But WHY would the island, or whoever is controlling events on the island (if there is such a group), want Eko and Locke to realize that they were being "observed" all along? I do not have the answer for that.

But I will repeat that the head-butt Eko gave Locke made me very mad.


So what exactly did Eko and Locke find? First off, I do NOT think they found the "?".
I see a circle.They clearly found the Pearl Station, which was on the Hatch Map, and is not the same thing as the "?", at least according to the map. Now, perhaps it will lead them to the ? and that is why Locke's dream led Eko to climb up the cliff and look down and discover the marked hatch in the first place. Although I was surprised that this was not really discussed heavily on the boards... I personally do NOT think that Eko saw a ?, but rater a circle, which served to "mark the spot" of where he was supposed to investigate further.

Obviously, we don't really know, but you can judge for yourself above.

And keep in mind that they actually had Eko say:
EKO: It's salty.
LOCKE: What?
EKO: The earth. It's been salted so that nothing can grow.
LOCKE: Why would any want to salt -- there's nothing here.
EKO: I believe they made a circle -- a target -- so that this place can be seen from up above.

Notice, he did NOT say "question mark!"


There are several things to discuss from the Pearl Station, but let us begin with the Orientation video. My guess is that this video was made before the video in the Swan (original) Hatch was filmed. Why, you ask? Because in this video, Dr. Mark Wickman (the guy previously known to us as Dr. Marvin Candle - get it, Candle... Wickman... hardy har har) has use of both of his arms. In the Swan video, one arm appears to be a prosthetic, and he also speaks solemnly about "an incident." So I figure that whatever the incident was, it caused him to lose one of his arms (hilarious post on the topic: "D H A R M A: Don't Hover Around Rationalizing My Arm!").

What his real name is, I have no idea.

Two other things to note from the video, besides the revelation that "it's all an experiment," which I will cover shortly:

1) Once again, the copyright was 1980. To the Lostaways, it is the year 2004 (plane crashed at the end of September 2004 and they have been on the island 65 or so days). Could Dharma REALLY keep up an experiment for 24 years??? I've been on some projects at work that will probably last that long (work peeps know what I'm talking about!), but still, that would be pretty impressive.

2) At the end of the video, Dr. Wickman says (this is from the guy who transcribes the show, not the official transcript... It was jumpy in places, but this sounds close to me):
"At the end of your 8 hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry which will take you back to the barracks [audio/video problem] prepare for your next shift [/audio/video warp problem]."

What? A ferry?



Something tells me that's where our dear Desmond was headed when he ran away... But then why haven't the Lostaways found it yet?


Poor, poor Locke. He was SO EXCITED to find a new Hatch after seemingly meaningful dreams that both he and Eko shared, he even asked if he could do the honors and be the one to open up its door (do NOT think for a second that it was lost on fans that this hatch opened with ease and the other one took a half-season to open).
I got carpal tunnel pressing that damn button!!!  I demand justice!!!But then, his very soul was shaken after learning that his button-pushing quest was all for naught. Throw in some bitterness at the realization that NotHenry was telling the truth (he never pushed the button and nothing happened), pepper it with the memory of many pitiful Locke flashbacks, and you've got one sorry man.

LOCKE: I was never meant to do anything. Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button! You think it's important? You think it's necessary? It's nothing. It's nothing. It's meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it's not?

No Locke, don't worry! e loves you!!!! e LOVES YOU!!!!!

While others on the boards fessed up to crying during the "slo-mo montage of despair" at the end (Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer all opening up the flood-gates), I was crying for the loss of Locke's hope and sense of purpose. Oh, the HUMANITY!

But wait, IS it all still just an experiment? Were the people in the Pearl Station simply just watching the people in the Swan Station go about their daily lives while pushing the button for no reason every 108 minutes? Or had something changed since the filming of the Pearl video and the button DOES need to be pushed? Hmmmmm. Regardless, one of the big questions is: was the video monitor still working when Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia, and if so, a) did anyone watch it happen 'live' and/or b) does the tape still exist somewhere?

A few things are for sure:
Pre-Getting Sucked by Pneumatic Tube1) There was a video camera observing the Pearl Station itself. Was the Pearl Hatch also just an experiment?
2) The pneumatic tube that the Pearl Station workers were supposed to send their journals through still works, and Locke sent his Hatch Map up it. Dah. Probably a bad move. Remember what happened to Augustus Gloop!!! Pneumatic tubes = bad news (although if Oompa Loompas appeared and sang a psychedelic song, then I would be down with it).
3) Eko took the journals - I'm sure those will come into play, though they looked like they had been there a while (covered with dust).

Other weird Hatch happenings to note:
printed out a log of what appears to be each time the numbers were entered.

An analysis of this log from
Sledgeweb's Lost site:
"This repeats over and over, the number before the colon increases by 2 with each entry (except on the entry with the :53, which increments by 1), and the numbers after the colon (17 05 53 41 29) stay the same.

If you look at the two digits before the ":" as hours, and the two digits after the ":" as minutes, each entry is exactly 108 minutes after the previous entry. For example: 52:17 would be 52 hours and 17 minutes, or 3137 minutes. 54:05 would be 54 hours and 05 minutes, or 3245 minutes. 3245 - 3137 = 108 minutes"

In addition to the log, the video and the journals, there appeared to be drug remnants on one of the tables. There is much debate about this on the boards: Is it a cigarette butt? Is it the Virgin Mary baggies? Is it cocaine? Is it something else? I do think it looks like a cigarette butt amongst other crumply brown things - not sure if they are drugs or not:
what do you think?


Geez, no one wept over Ana Lucia kicking the bucket, big surprise. And Sawyer sure did side-step Kate's questions about how Ana Lucia got his gun, now didn't he? Now his secret is safe...

WHAT?  I am REALLY off of this hit TV series?  Noooooooo!Regarding Libby, was her spitting up of blood really necessary? No. It was just gross.

So they are both dead. Why was Libby kept around for one more episode? Two reasons:

1) Her gasping of "Michael" doubled with the ultra-horrified look on her face might be just enough to cast doubt in Jack's mind in the near future (especially since it looks like Sayid has doubts in the preview).
2) Hurley needed to say good-bye.


That sucks, dude. Sorry.


I think I mentioned this a long time ago in a first-season write-up, but I will repeat it again here: I do not like freaky little kids! After Eko's flashback, I am now expanding that statement to: I do not like freaky teenagers, either! Seriously, did that girl in his flashback who had supposedly died and come back to life not look like she was straight out of The Exorcist? And was the replay of her "autopsy" and all the shrieking and screaming not enough to turn your blood cold? I didn't like any of that at all, thank you very much. I am not even going to put you through the agony of seeing her picture here again, either. You're welcome.

So what purpose did Eko's flashbacks serve? I think a few important things came out of them:

1) Eko was definitely not embracing the Priesthood after his identity mix-up. He wanted to get to the U.S. and be done with it, and was still hangin' with shady peeps (like the guy in the confessional). So I found that very interesting because on the island he has seemed to have done a 180 and has become all spiritual. Combined with the fact that if we assume Smoky would've killed him in their staredown had he been a "bad person" and that didn't happen, then something must have happened on the island to make Eko rank as a "good person" in the Island's judgment.

2) So the father of the "came-alive-during-autopsy girl" was also Claire's psychic. And if you did not catch that then just stop reading this write-up right now because you are not worthy. However, he claimed he was a fraud. Actually, here is what he said:
"MALKIN: Because she knows I'm a fraud. Because I make my living as a psychic. You see, that's what I do. I gather intelligence on people and I exploit it. Everyday I meet people looking for a miracle, desperate to find one. But there are none to be had. Not in this world, anyway."

Now, HOLD UP. Remember, the timing of Eko's visit to this man was the exact same time that he was also convincing Claire to take the ill-fated flight 815 in order meet up with people who would adopt her baby. And he was the one pursuing Claire doggedly about this! So was he a psychic or was he a fake? It could be either.

Here are both sides:
A) He's a fake - but working with Dharma. He is not a psychic and really did just exploit people who came to visit him, but was also part of the Dharma Initiative and was given specific instructions on how to deal with both Claire and Eko so that they would both end up on flight 815. That's tough for me to buy, because Claire's friend randomly convinced her to go see the psychic. And although he did put Claire on that specific flight, he did not arrange the flight for Eko. But some would argue that he knew that someone else was arranging the flight for Eko, and his job was to ensure Eko did not delay going to the States in order to investigate the "miracle."
To be made a saint in-a the Catholic church, you have to have-a four miracles. That's-a the rules, you know. It's-a always been that-a. Four miracles, and-a to prove it. Well, this-a Mother Seton-now they could only prove-a three miracles. But the Pope-he just waived the fourth one. He just waived it! And do you know why? It's-a because she was American. It's all-a politics.

B) He is really a psychic and had something to hide from Eko and the church at large. This would mean that everything that happened with Claire remains the way we interpreted it, and that something freaky did happen with his daughter, but he doesn't want anyone snooping around about it, so he dismissed "the miracle" just to get rid of the Church. Speaking of the Church, when they were talking about needing to "prove the miracle," did anyone else think of Father Guido Sarducci from Saturday Night Live way back in the day? As in waaaay back in the day? I did.

3) And finally, back to the last reason why Eko's flashbacks were important: The girl's warning about Yemi. So Scary Autopsy Girl finds Eko before he takes off to the U.S., and gives him a message "from Yemi" - thus justifying Eko's increasingly weird behavior on the island in present time. So did this girl really have a visit from Yemi in the afterlife and hence it kind of was a miracle, or was she told to deliver this message to Eko by her father as part of an elaborate plan by Dharma?

And either way, how in the holy hell did Yemi and the Nigerian drug plane end up on Craphole Island in the first place?!?!?!? At least Eko finally questioned these bizarre occurrences out loud to Locke.


- I love those pneumatic tubes - that's the reason I use the drive-thru at the bank. (e: agreed, I have always been and will always be fascinated by those things. It doesn't take much to amuse me.)
- I gotta say, Hurley made me tear up, but it was Sawyer and Kate at the end that really did it.
- "Why did you hit me?" "Because you were being difficult" Damn, I wish I had thought of that before. From now on, I'm going to headbutt people who are difficult.
- Eko rocks my socks. He and Henry Gale were pretty much the only reasons to watch this season. Locke's face when he figured out the hatch was just a big Skinner box was great. Somebody needs to explain to me how Yemi got in Locke's dream.
- I really liked this episode. And THANK YOU Eko for actually discussing one of these amazing coincidences with another character.
- Always more questions than answers...any ideas as to why the only video feed working is the one in the Lostie's hatch?
- Also, interesting method of delivering their notes on the occupants of the hatch. Nice to see where all my checking deposit slips go.
- The questions now are why was Pearl abandoned? And for how long? And of course, can we trust that the button really is meaningless?
- About the psychic: After he started talking about how there was no one he had never wrapped his song his dance around, for some reason I thought he was lying, because I can't imagine why else he'd pester Claire so much so obsessively. I thought that maybe he "saw" Eko in his vision or whatever and didn't want to keep him from making that flight or something. (e: good point)
- One frequent arrangement of psych experiments is that the person who believes s/he is the "observer" is actually the subject. Both could be subjects, or either side could be a subject. Although the directions for the Swan station sound like textbook instructions for a psych experiment, frankly, so do those for the Pearl...so are both experiments, and if not, which one has the real subjects?
- Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and AAA (Eko) are incredible. I love this show sometimes. It's been a long time coming for this particular Ebony/Ivory Dynamic Duo to form up. I am a little annoyed that the Hatch (psychological experiment as it is) will remain central -- I'd prefer Locke and Eko explore the island, not sit in chairs listening to the Doobie Brothers.
- You know, it's considered rude to cut off somebody's last words, Jack.
- I think the dead girl's Dad was lying to Eko about being a fake psychic in order to get rid of him. Didn't he tell Claire to keep her money and never come back? Not something a scam artist would do.
- I think Eko has been hitting the Dharma Ranch Dressing. His belly looked very well fed tonight.


[We see Locke, Kate, Jack and Sawyer walking through the jungle at night.]
JACK: What were you thinking, John?
KATE: Jack, leave him alone.
SAWYER: No, Jack, don't leave him alone.
JACK: Shut it, Sawyer. If Ana hadn't lifted your gun we wouldn't...
SAWYER: Well, ain't that swell, Gimpy McCrutch over here covers up that the Artist Formally Known as Henry Gale tried to strangle your little amiga, and suddenly it's on me when she goes vigilante.

LOCKE: You hit me. Why did you...?
EKO: Because you were being difficult.
LOCKE: Are you insane?
EKO: No.

EKO: Ana wants me to help you, John.
LOCKE: Help me do what?
EKO: Find the question mark.
LOCKE: You don't even know what you're talking about, do you?
EKO: No.

LOCKE: You lost already?
EKO: Your map is inexact.
LOCKE: No kidding.
EKO: These landmarks -- is this a river?
LOCKE: No, it's a wavy line.


Here's one way I will spend my summer:

Shout out to DC for being my Lost-addiction enabler!


I hope you saw it this time, 'cause I did.

This one had this address at the end:

I have not been on it because I don't have the right Flash Media player and haven't had time to download it. Feel free to leave a comment and enlighten me...


5/17 - "Three Minutes." - OK, so I thought that "?" was going to be Michael's flashback to what happened while he was running around screaming in the jungle, but judging from the previews, it looks like that is what this week's episode is going to cover. Additionally, the previews showed nearly all of the Lostaways staring off at something in the distance in disbelief. And (#$)*#(%)$#*(#* if I didn't run across a major VISUAL spoiler on accident, so I'm getting very frustrated. Spoilers are EVERYWHERE - hence the lack of my usual inclusion of links to various articles - I just can't chance it.

5/24 - "Live Together, Die Alone." - The two hour finale draws near. Let it be known that I got in a fight with my husband over the fact that he wanted to read this week's Entertainment Weekly, which has Lost on its cover (as well as four MORE "bonus Lost covers" on the inside), and contains spoilers about both the finale AND next season, and I didn't want him to because I knew he would not be able to not let something slip. Luckily, we were distracted by some people arriving at our place and I was able to hide the magazine. Hee hee.

Until next week,
- e

P.S. - If you leave a comment, it will not be posted until I review it - it does not automatically go live. I try to review them frequently, but sometimes it takes a day. Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

S2Ep20 - Two for the Road (Ana Lucia's second flashback) - 5/03/06

Hello my dear friends -I won $300 on a $.25 Wheel of Fortune slot machine, word!

Thank you for your patience with my tardiness in posting this write-up. As you know, I was in Vegas when the show aired, and I did not actually watch it until early the following Monday morning. Hence, I've had to scramble a wee bit to crank out this write-up in a fraction of the time that I normally devote to this labor of love.

Let me tell you, of all episodes to watch without my peeps, this was not a good one to choose, especially when I was delirious from lack of sleep and alone in my dark basement. But then again, there was no one to be embarrassed in front of when I was yelling and screaming my head off at the end...

I've had to speed-read through the boards this time, but the general consensus seems to be that the last few minutes saved the episode from another bout of overall blah-ness. I actually thought it was pretty even throughout, especially when compared with the last few episodes, but was definitely in full-blown "Say Whaaaaaaa?" mode at the end. These are the times when it's good to be spoiler-free, the shock twist endings!


Not so tough now, are you, Ana Lucia?So while I knew this episode was going to be another Ana Lucia flashback, I did not know she was going to get killed off. More on that whole subject later. Regarding her backstory, here are what I consider to be the important points:

- Her fairly significant involvement with Jack's dad was a major surprise to me. It felt a little forced... I mean, some random older man blabbering on about losing his medical license because he was drinking on the job asks you to come to Australia to "protect" him, and you're a former cop and you think this is a GOOD idea? Especially when he wants to make up names for each other? Hmmmm, I don't think even Ana Lucia was that desperate to get outta Dodge. By the way, many people noted that the names they picked were interesting: Tom (happened to be Kate's true love's name) and Sarah (which HE picked for Ana Lucia, and that was Jack's wife's name... hmmmm...???). This led people to wonder if he had a thing for Jack's wife. But back to my original point - I just feel like the writers suddenly thought up this unrealistic connection with Jack's dad just for the sake of having another intertwining story, and it was kind of annoying.

Do you think I could be Claire's mum?  Sure I could. I taught her that nasaly way to whine - Jack's dad went to pay a midnight visit to a woman in the Sydney suburbs, demanding to see "his daughter," and yelling about how he pays the mortgage on the house. A blond, slim forty-somethingish woman emerged, and immediately everyone on the boards came to the conclusion that Claire is also Christian's (Jack's dad) child, which would make Jack and Claire half-siblings and would also make Jack the uncle of Aaron. A lot of people are convinced that Aaron is going to be "the savior" of the Lostaways, so they think it would be appropriate for the designated leader of the group to be related to him. I'm not so sure what real significance there would be to Jack being related to Claire and Aaron, and I also don't know how they (the characters) could/would even figure that out at this point. But regardless, here are two interesting posts on the topic:

1. "In Jack's last flashback ep (with the hot Italian girl) there was a scene
where Christian warned Jack not to "cross the line," because some people can,
but he (Jack) can't. That implies to me that ol' Christian has had at least one
affair. Hmm..."
2. In Claire's first flashback, when she found out she was
pregnant: "Claire says that her mom will disown her and Thomas replies that she
basically already has. Then, when Thomas leaves Claire, he makes a comment about
her 'daddy issues,' which fits in with Christian Shepherd being her father--
obviously he was absent during her childhood."

- We now know that Ana Lucia dropped Christian off at the bar where he proceeded to get plastered with Sawyer (who bumped into the car not-so-subtly, you better have caught that one or I am ashamed of you!) and then subsequently die. What I couldn't tell is whether Ana Lucia put two and two together and realized that Jack was Christian's son while she was standing in line at the gate. At the bar scene they showed in the Season One Finale, Jack and Ana Lucia had this exchange:
ANA: Why were you yelling -- the girl, the check-in counter? You were yelling at her.
JACK: I'm sorry, do I know you?
ANA: I'm on your flight. LA? So your dad died, huh?Yeah, I'm wasted again. BIG WHOOP!
JACK: I thought you didn't hear what I was yelling about.
ANA: I was being polite.
JACK: Yeah. My dad died.
ANA: How?
JACK: Heart attack.
ANA: Not a drinker, huh?
JACK: No, not really.

Right now, I do not think she realized that Jack was Christian's son (as Sawyer eventually did), because I do think she would've said something to him about it. One thing's for sure - Jack's dad is definitely popping up all over the place. I really liked his crazy disheveledness this time around, though.

- Ana Lucia's mother wrote down the flight information and said "I'll be there when you arrive." To me, that seemed significant because it was the first time they actually ever outright acknowledged that any of the Lostaways had someone waiting for them in L.A. who knew what flight they were on. And I just don't think this show does little things like that for no good reason. There was once a rumor that they were going to do a show from the Lostaways' families' points-of-view, as in, how/what they heard about the crash, what they did afterward, etc., etc., but I haven't heard anything about that for a long time. I think the point of doing that would be to convince viewers that the whole show is not actually 1) a virtual reality game or 2) someone's dream. But now that Ana Lucia is dead, I'm not sure if they will go anywhere with her mother's ominous line.


HOW AWESOME WAS IT when Locke whacked Henry over the head with his crutch?!?!?
I was squealing with glee and had to rewind it to make sure it was the crutch and not his arm, which would've been less cool. Then Henry reassured me with his "I'm glad my head didn't break your crutch" comment later in the episode.

Lemme outta here, I'm running out of snide comments!I have to do something I don't normally do and paste in a few lines from another site's write-up. Television Without Pity, which I have as a permanent Lost link on the right-hand column of this blog, has a guy named Daniel who gives a blow-by-blow of each episode along with his own special brand of humor. So if you were in a country like, say... Kazakhstan, and you didn't have high-speed access to download episodes, you could read Daniel's write-ups and feel like you watched the entire show. Anyway, he had this to say about the opening armory scene, which I thought was hilarious:

"Ana opens the door to the armory. She sees Henry hasn't eaten the bowl of fruit in front of him. She asks how long he's going to keep up with the hunger strike. I believe Eddie Vedder said it best: "I'm going hun-graaayÂ…" Or maybe it was Chris Cornell: "Goin' hungreeee-EEEEE-eeee."

Hee, hee, isn't he clever. Anyway, back to MY write-up now...
So the armory scenes squashed any doubts remaining - Henry (or "Fenry" (= Fake Henry), my new favorite nickname) is definitely an Other. And while there is still doubt about whether he's bluffing about "the man in charge" and HE actually is the leader (some people said in this episode he spoke with too muchreverencee about "the brilliant man in charge" for it to be himself), it's clear that he is one of them overall:
- While strangling Ana Lucia, he said "You killed two of us, good people, who were leaving you alone!"
- He mentioned Goodwin to her as well as the fact that Goodwin said he thought she still showed promise, and added that Goodwin was in fact NOT going to kill her (uh, it definitely seemed like he was...)
- And then of course the most disturbing scene of the episode (besides the end) was Henry telling Locke that he was on a mission to come get Locke in the first place when he got caught in the trap... because Locke is "one of the good ones."


Ugh, it still gives me shivers.

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Fenry?OBVIOUSLY Locke is one of "the good people," duh. So I wasn't surprised to hear that. But guess what, Henry? I want Locke to come chill with me, too, but that ain't gonna happen, either. You will not take my Locke away! Locke will resist the Dark Side of the Force!!! [He better...]

Many had assumed that all of the original Lostaways except Walt and Aaron were "bad" because The Others had never tried to kidnap any of them. Now people think that perhaps they just hadn't gotten around to making The List yet because Ethan screwed up and got himself killed while trying to figure it out. Another theory is that there is still another mole amongst the Lostaways or else Henry wouldn't have known that Locke is "good." People had long thought that it was Libby, but since we saw her in a flashback of Hurley's, I think it makes it less likely, but not impossible. Regardless... who else from the original Lostaways might be "good?" I think the only definite other one could be Hurley. Claire is a "maybe" and Sun is a "maybe" depending on what really happened with Bald Dude.


Give that man what he askin' for!First we had Jack and Kate's Net 'o Lust, now we have the Jungle Floor Freak Nas-tay courtesy of Sawyer and Ana Lucia -- what's up with this? Did I flip over to Cinemax?

I was annoyed because, helllooooooooooo, Sawyer should've known what she was pulling from a mile away. I was surprised they didn't complete the obviousness and flash to the gun being gone from the pile of clothes (as they so clearly showed it THERE earlier).Where are all those moves you learned in 'Girlfight' now?

How can a show with such religious undertones and themes turn around and start spicing it up? Well, let's just remember what happened to both women who got down with their island boyfriends, shall we? Shannon, R.I.P. Ana Lucia, R.I.P. Talk about a double standard!


JACK: Take us to the guns. Now.
[Sawyer reaches for the gun in the back of his pants and realizes it's missing]
SAWYER: Ah, that bitch. She stole my damn gun. Ana-Lucia.
JACK: Why would she need a gun?
SAWYER: Son of a bitch.
LOCKE: [looks distressed] Jack? I need to tell you something.

Even *I* am mad at Locke about that one. It does make me worry that he covered for Henry because he is curious to find out more about being one of "the good ones." DAH!


I seriously hope you did not miss The Hanso Foundation Ad that aired during the show, giving out this toll-free number for more information: 1-877-HANS-ORG

What, you missed it?!?! OK, I have something to admit. I Tivo'd past it too. But after beating myself up over having been so careless, I have since watched it here, and have also called the toll-free number.

I'm not going to tell you what happens - ha ha! But my fellow Lost fanatic humpy has a whole section of his site devoted to it if you are THAT LAZY.

This is an article about the ad, a most clever marketing technique if I do say so myself. TPTB never fail to amaze me.


I'm probably not a

Yeah, that's harsh, but it is no secret that I was no fan of Ana Lucia, so I can't lie and say that I am sad that she's gone. However, I was still shocked by the turn of events at the end - I guess I just thought if they were going to kill anyone off, it would be in the finale. But that's not what happened last year (Boone died a few episodes before the end), either.

So let's discuss a few things:

1) Ana Lucia is definitely dead. You can read where Michelle Rodriguez talks about it here and here. Some wonder if her character was killed because she was finally "redeemed" after saying that she couldn't find it in herself to kill Henry. I'm not so sure it goes that deep this time...

2) Libby's fate seems to be up in the air. As one post put it best: "What was that Libby was holding in front of her? A pillow? Or a big ol' Get out of Dead Free card?" If you remember, Libby had what I think was a pile of blankets for the picnic in front of her stomach (you can see it above). Were they bulletproof? Uh, probably not, but people think it may have been enough to buy her some time before the good doctor arrives. Additionally, people said that the backstory with Hurley would not be tied up if she were to die now. I guess we shall soon see... I have been avoiding articles about this topic because I am sure there is a definite answer one way or the other out there.

3) So if you read any sort of news, even if you try to avoid Lost-related articles like I do, you probably know that the actresses who play both Ana Lucia and Libby got DUIs a few months back in Hawaii. Michelle Rodriguez did jail time and Cynthia Watros did community service. Now both of their characters were shot and one is definitely off the show (and possibly both are gone). Coincidence? I personally think not. But the writers tell a different story. Shout-out to CM for pondering aloud, "Do you think that perhaps they found out they were getting killed off and then that's when they went out drinking, and not the other way around?" I think that is possible, too!


That's his new nickname on the boards. So what to make of Big Mike the Assassin? I'm personally just glad he's not yelling "Waaaaaaalltt!" anymore, seriously. Anything is better than that. Though he did still have to say "my boy" in this episode, dammit. I sense a drinking game in the making...

It is WAAAAAY past my bedtime and I really want to get this posted for you all by Wednesday, so here is a stream of consciousness download of what I've gathered about "theories on Michael."

- He asked Ana Lucia for her gun, even though he HAD a gun when he took off in the jungle. Why did no one ask him where that one was?
- When he woke up in the hatch, he said his head hurt. Some people think that means he was drugged or had been beaten previously (which would go against him saying he just observed The Others' camp --- why did he collapse in the jungle then? I think Jack was right, The Others had just let him go).
- His description of The Others' camp made it sound like it was a senior center. He also mentioned the dirty clothes, which Kate and Jack now know were costumes. So why didn't they question that? Or were they on to him? Or do The Others actually stay in costume and live out of tents for the heck of it?
- What exactly is going on with Michael? During the final minutes, when he was asking Ana Lucia about Henry and asking her for the gun, I thought FOR SURE that he was going to open the door and Henry was going to bum-rush him and kill him. Then when he said, "I'm sorry," I was like, "Wait, is he going to shoot himself because he's sick of yelling "Waaaalllt?"" Then in an instant I realized, "Oh, crap - he's going to shoot HER!" And then he did. The unexpected Libby walk-in and subsequent shooting was a shocker, too. I definitely have to say that even though I was by myself so I'm not sure if it really counts, I was speechless. Then he busts into the armory and Henry stands up. People were debating if that was because a) Henry heard the gunshots and was like, "OK, this dude's going to kill me, too" or if b) Henry heard the gunshots and thought, "OK, this dude's going to SAVE me now" or if c) he previously knew Michael, and he was standing as a sign of recognition. And then Michael says, "Hey hold up, I'm going to shoot myself in the arm now." END OF SHOW. Damn!

OK, but I digress... back to "What exactly is going on with Michael?" Here are the theories, summed up by other posts on the boards:
- "The other option, however, is that Kate and Locke were right -the Others did send Michael back. They heard Jack's screams. Obviously Big Mike's description of The Others' camp is going to be correct from the outside, but not entirely right. Theatrics. He's not brainwashed or else he wouldn't have apologized. Also looked surprised with Libby. Is she dead? Blankets."
- "Holy...Kneejerk assumption: the Others captured Michael, and made him a deal that if he sets Henry free, he gets his son back. The only way for him to do it was to make it look like Henry got a hold of a gun and shot his way out (why Michael shot himself in the arm). Or, the others told him unless he did this they would kill Walt, not give him back. Though there is clearly something more to it than that, since he wants to lead them ALL to the Others by saying they could take them.
- I imagine that was the deal that was made: free Henry at any cost, and bring the rest of the crash survivors to us.. or Walt dies.
- If he was brainwashed to think like an other why would he apologize before he did what he did? He probably cut a deal with the Others.


- I think it was significant that Sayid said that the radio only worked that one time when they heard the big band tunes, and never since. But I don't know why it's significant.
- J.J. Abrams has a thing with his characters saying "Hey." If you watched Felicity, you should've noticed it, and it happens all the time on Lost, too.
- A few people pointed out that after Michael shot Libby, there was a bizarre dripping of water from the ceiling. I noticed it too. No one knows if it matters or not. Just mentioning it so that I can say "I MENTIONED THAT!" if it DOES turn out to be something.
- Jin's thumbs-up to Hurley was a classic light moment in an otherwise intense episode.
- Sawyer was reading the "Bad Twin" manuscript which they will be selling shortly, if they aren't already.


- And that's what you get when you drink and drive.
- Two for the Road – refers to two more dead people?? Wow – the death pool must be getting close to capacity. Where did Michael learn to shoot like that?
- Fabulous episode, major jaw-hitting-knees damage. As for Michael, here's my (purely speculative) theory: he IMed Walt (or pseudo-Walt) & sets up a meeting. The Others take him and convince him that he & Walt are "good" & can live large on Hanso's dime, a much better option than on the beach with the collection of fugitives, conmen, mob enforcers, murderers, and other degenerates that we call "our heroes." Walt confirms this, and Michael buys into Otherdom. They send him back to free NotHenry (and Vincent?), and lead the "bad people" into a trap, which will be the season-ending cliffhanger. Season 3 is the story of Hanso, Dharma, etc., with the Losties as intruders wrecking the island paradise. (And for my money, Hanso seems like a much better leader than Jack.) One question - was NotHenry continuing to play poor gullible Locke with the "I was coming here to save you" line, or is Locke actually "good"? Can't wait to be proven wrong next episode...
- Augh, now we'll never now why she was in the insane asylum, I guess they didn't have a reason so they killed her off.
- Ah Michael, you batshit crazy bastard. Glorious.
- Finish this popular Michael phrase. “I’m gonna git my ______ back!” Dude. Alright, already… Sheesh! WE KNOW!! You’re gonna git your boy back. Nice of Jack and ‘em to remember Cindy and the other kids…
- Finally some action on this island! Love = death.
- So drinking and driving does kill.
- Lost, I wish I could quit you.
- I am on the Hanso Foundation website (thehansofoundation.org), so creepy. When I saw the ad I was like, WTF, are they like Scientology or something?
- At least Michael's dialogue will now be expanded beyond, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLT!!!!!!"
- But here's a little speculation... what if Libby's observation about seeing the same plant three times, and Flintstones animations re-using the same background over and over is more than an idle remark? What if they're all in some kind of holoenvironmentenviroment, and after a while, the environment really does start repeating? (e: very Matrix-ish)
- RIP Ana & Libby. Next time, call a cab.
- One more for the "Claire and Jack are siblings" club. The woman who Christian was fighting with definitely looked like she could be Claire's mother.
- And Henry saying he was coming to get Locke because he's one of the "good people" wsuspicious suspicous. Surely he's read Locke well enough to know Locke wants to be special/in a chosen relationship with the Island - I see Locke doing something to pursue that and instead giving the Others something (or someone) they wanted.
- After the Sawyer/AL tussling, I thought "Out of wedlock sex! She's totally dead!" And then when she told Michael she couldn't be the way she used to be, I thought "A moment of redemption! She's really totally dead!"
- Oh, and one thing about Ana's death...it REALLY sucks that she and Jack will never get to figure out that she was in Sydney with his don'ter. I dont' think she ever made the connection that her employer was Jack's father, but if she'd lived they might have been able to put two and two together.
- I'm still unsure about the whole Michael thing. He had that crazy look in his eyes. Though I can't understand why he just didn't shoot himself in the foot. He'll probably need his arm more than his foot, but what do I know?


[Ana-Lucia starts to pass out when Locke whacks Henry with his crutch knocking him out]
LOCKE: I guess he decided to start talking, huh?

[Shot of Sayid digging a hole on the beach and Hurley walks up to him]
HURLEY: Dude, nice hole.

HURLEY: Here's the thing. Even that would be good because Libby would be like, it's the thought that counts and I'll score major points. Especially when she sees me holding it over my head.
SAYID: And why would you hold a static generating radio over your head?
HURLEY: They didn't have Say Anything in Baghdad? It's awesome. This dude like gets his boom box and he holds it over his head outside this chicks window and he plays some Peter Gabriel song for her and bam the girl's like his. I mean after her dad goes to jail, but then he gets her. (e: those eagle-eyed readers may have noticed from my last post that I have a poster of Say Anything in my basement, so I thoroughly enjoyed this latest pop culture reference)

[Shot of Ana Lucia getting dressed and Sawyer watching her]
SAWYER: Don't you want my phone number?
ANA LUCIA: You tell anyone about this... and I'll kill you.
SAWYER: I guess that takes cuddlin' off the table.


I've cut myself off from reading about upcoming episodes anymore, because even things as "innocent" as the episode descriptions in TV Guides and/or Tivo have now given away aspects of what will happen. I encourage you to not look at anything remotely related to the show if you want to be surprised. And for the love of Pete, do not tell ME about anything you've heard or read!

"?" - 5/10/06 - The previews haunted me, because of the totally scared and shocked looks on both Sawyer's and Jack's faces, as well as the slo-mo scene of Kate crying as well as the freaky Michael zoom-in. And if my man Eko gets mortally wounded by falling from that cliff, there will be consequences! I believe I know whose flashback this is, and while I was skeptical before, now I believe it should be incredible. That may give you a teeny clue.

"Three Minutes" - 5/17/06 - I've totally avoided reading anything about this episode, yay for me.

"Live Together, Die Alone" - 5/24/06 - Two-hour season finale. Unfortunately for me, I think I now know the gist of the plot of the finale because of this damn article I read that did NOT mention there would be spoilers. Grrrrrr.... Without giving anything away, J.J. Abrams (co-creator), who has not been working on the show for a while because he directed Mission: Impossible III with Freaktastic Tom Cruise (Ethan's cousin, remember), said he was impressed with the end of this season. I will share with you a non-spoilery part of the article to get you hyped for the finale if you aren't already:

""The ending of this year in 'Lost' blows the ending of last season out of
the water. It's an incredible finale. You'll see what happens, but I can
tell you that a lot of it has been there and been building from the
beginning of this season. It's not out of the blue, but what happens at the
very end of this year, for me, it's the greatest finale I have ever heard."
Abrams took himself off the show earlier this year to direct "Mission
Impossible III" with Tom Cruise, but says the people who have been running
the series in his absence came up with a year-ender that surprised even

By the way, AFTER writing the blurb above where I doled out advice about avoiding Lost-related articles, what did I do but go to the gym, pick up a TV Guide with Kate and Sawyer on the cover and totally piss myself off by reading snippets about what is coming up and then slamming it shut before I read the entire thing. Willpower. I have little.

I now have a "no traveling" edict at work until the finale is over, so expect the next write-up to be on the normal schedule, posting late Monday night, May 15th.

Until then,
- e

Monday, May 08, 2006

Patience, Patience...

Hello there -

I'm still reeling from back-to-back vacations on opposite coasts, and only just watched "Two for the Road" very early this (Monday) morning. I don't want my write-up to be awful, especially for such a jaw-dropping episode, so allow me a few more days to get my act together. I hope to have it posted some time on Wednesday.

The episode this week (May 10th), is new.

More soon, I promise,
- e