Monday, June 25, 2007

The second time's the charm

I prefer jungle Locke, but that's probably just me.
Hello my dear friends -

OK, SERIOUSLY... I really didn't think I would be writing any posts to this blog once Lost went off the air last month! And here I am continuing to find things to mention about the show.

Anyway, this past Saturday night, I finally had some much-needed alone time - some "e time," as I like to call it - so I chose to re-watch the finale with a big bowl of ice cream in hand. And I absolutely loved it this time. I can only assume that since I was no longer a nervous wreck about what was going to happen, I could just relax and enjoy it.

Five things really stuck out to me upon second viewing:

1) The music was REALLY over-bearing, much more so than usual. They also introduced some new instrumentals and I didn't like them as much as the subtle melodies they had used before.

2) All of Jack's flashbacks were heart-breaking, watching them knowing what was really going on from the get-go this time. Some were also unintentionally humorous - I have officially decided that not only is Matthew Fox the best man-crier in the business, but he also plays "wasted" really well. The scenes in the hospital where he's all confrontational with the new Chief of Surgery almost had me giggling. He's such a cocky ass, even when he's obviously a drunk and drugged out, washed-up Mad Doctor.

3) I'm growing more and more convinced that Charlie himself is "the musician" that programmed "Good Vibrations" as the key code. He had some really weird looks when Bonnie told him about the code, and if the writers already know how it's all going to wrap up, they could be planting little hints in like that so when we all re-watch the series when we're old and gray (or in my case, immediately after it ends), we'll all exclaim, "Those writers - they were so darn clever!"

Ummm, once again, I prefer the dirty sweaty brown shirt.4) Benry seemed to be ailing now that he was no longer near Locke. He was hobbling around with his cane again and just didn't look as healthy as he had been in the previous few episodes. And of course, after Jack beat the crap out of him... well, he looked REALLY bad.

5) Locke sadly stating, "Jack - You're not supposed to do this" was haunting once again. If the Lostaways don't end up going through a time loop or traveling through time somehow, I will stop eating ice cream for a month straight to just punish myself for believing so deeply in that theory.


Two other Lost-related tidbits for you:

1) Shout-out to FC, even though I'm mad at him for leaving me and moving on from The Current Man, for sending along this very cool video from a Lost fan that pieces together five minutes of the plane crash from all different viewpoints - Desmond's, the Others', and of course the Lostaways'. I apologize if they take the link down by the time you read this...

2) I was in Vegas a few weekends ago, and I was tagging along with my husband, who wanted to look through Planet Hollywood's memorabilia room because it has a bunch of famous guitars and signed movie posters and whatnot on display. So, I was milling around the place, somewhat disinterestedly, until all of a sudden a hanging at the bottom of the wall caught my eye. It was the entire Lost cast - a signed photo! It was also $895, so I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it (remember, I'm the one who has a hard time playing even $20 in Vegas...). But I did take two crappy pictures of it with the camera on my phone. I was all paranoid that they would kick me out of the store, so they're all blurry, but you should get the gist of it.

There's my man, front and center!There's a reason I'm not a photographer, OK?

To read about what else I did in Vegas and keep up with the "adventures of e," don't forget to check in frequently to According to e! I've been doing a good job writing posts regularly, and I miss all of you!

Hope you are having a good summer, or winter, depending on where you are...

- e

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Locke won't go out like Tony...

Sniff... see you in the fall.

Hello everyone -

A substantial bit of news came out today regarding our beloved show, so I figured I should post a link to the article in which the producers promise that they will not end "Lost" in a nebulous way à la "The Sopranos". Additionally, they announced that beginning this fall, they will launch 90-second "mobisodes" that can be viewed on cell phones and whatnot, and that will feature all of the main characters. Since they went out of their way to assert that these will not be mini-episodes, I'm not really sure I understand what to expect, but I guess we'll see in a few months.

On another note, ever since I started the blog a few years ago there have been requests for me to post the write-ups I did pre-blog that were sent by email to a smaller number of people. I promise promise promise that I will finally get to this before the summer is over! However, be advised that - believe it or not - I did not watch the show when it first came on the air (gasp!), so the write-ups begin around the 9th episode of Season One (I think, not sure). I will post a note when they have all been loaded in.

Until then,
- e

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Season Four Mild Spoilers - Read at your own risk

OK, you have been warned! Actually, I'm glad you've decided to come to this page, because the bottom-line is that we've got a LOOOOONG wait ahead of us, and it was nice to think about the show again and have even more reasons to look forward to its return. And nothing that was discussed was that big of a deal, or else I'd be more upset that I accidentally read it!

All of the below was revealed during a Q&A with fans at the Comic-Con event. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the two executive producers who do the podcast) spoke, and each had a bell that they would ring if they thought the other was saying too much, in which case the offender would immediately shut up.


1) You probably already read this because it was even mentioned on (which is where I saw it, unwittingly), but Michael will be back in Season Four. However, since we have no idea in what capacity he'll be back, and since Walt appeared in the last episode, I can't say I was that surprised by this, nor did I consider it to be too much of a spoiler. We all know he's been floating around in circles with Walt for the past season, cursing about not being able to get rescued! I guess that means we will get to hear his trademarked "WAAAaaaallllllttttttttt!!!" again next year. Joy.

Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael, joined Damon and Carlton at the end of the panel. They CLAIM that Michael's disappearance from the show, as well as his return, was planned for all along and that Harold knew this. Which I'm not so sure I believe, but I guess it doesn't matter. They said that he will be a series regular again, but they wouldn't mention how he returns. They would only declare that the way in which he returns "is awesome."

2) Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard the Ageless, will be coming back; however, due to schedule conflicts with something else he is filming, it is unclear how often he will actually appear on the show. This is exactly what happened with the character of Rose - L. Scott Caldwell was in a production on Broadway and could not be on the show that much in Season One. Though, granted, she hasn't been on the show that much after that, either.

Small plot points:

- They confirmed that it was not John Locke who Hurley saw fall off of the building in Season One (duh, we knew that a long time ago!)
- They would not comment on whether Jack and Claire find out that they are half-siblings, which makes me think that they WILL
- They said that they would do a flashback on Rousseau next season, and that it would tie in with a major plotline
- We will see Libby again

The format of the show:

- A few quick things to mention first... they are currently writing the premiere, and it is untitled as of right now. Jack Bender, who directed some of the best episodes of the series, will be directing the first two episodes. They plan to have 13 or 14 of the 16 episodes for Season Four already filmed by the time it returns to the air again in February.

- Now on to the only thing I read that I'm not sure I wanted to know or not.

Are you sure you want to know?? I haven't written anything else substantial after this last one, so turn back now if you don't want to read any more!


OK, here you go:

It was asked if there will be more flash-forwards next year.
"The answer is yes," replied Carlton Cuse. "Let's talk a little more about this... The truth is the season will feature flashbacks and flash-forwards."
"The question is how forward," interjected Damon Lindelof.

They then rehashed their decision to end season three with Jack's flash-forwards. They claimed that they had always wanted to do it, but couldn't until they knew that they had an end date for the series in sight. Now that they have come to an agreement with ABC to film three more years of 16 episodes each, they figured that it was an appropriate time to start the flash-forwards.

"What you saw with Kate and Jack [at the end of season three] is not the end of the show," said Cuse.

"There's this whole chapter of our story that takes place off the island," said Lindelof. "But we couldn't tell that story until we knew an end was coming. Come with us all the way to the end, and it won't be a waste of time."

So, there you have it. I was kind of looking forward to being surprised about whether next season would be back to its typical format (all flashbacks), or perhaps all flash-forwards, or something else. From what they said above, it seems to me like they will still focus on on-island events (which I would guess means that the rescue doesn't go smoothly?) and have a mixture of flashbacks and flash-forwards. Which I'm OK with. And I am happy to know that the whole show doesn't end with the Mad Doctor being drugged out, suicidal and ugly. I didn't really think it would, but... you never know.

And now I'm reverting back to being Anti-Spoiler until February!!! And you should, too!!!

- e

Monday, June 04, 2007

Have a great summer, fall and winter...

My dear friends -

It's going to be a while before Long Live Locke is back in action.

But never fear, for your "e fix," please head over to According to e, where I will be posting frequently over the next nine months.

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Until then, enjoy the finale post below.

- e