Saturday, June 09, 2007

Season Four Mild Spoilers - Read at your own risk

OK, you have been warned! Actually, I'm glad you've decided to come to this page, because the bottom-line is that we've got a LOOOOONG wait ahead of us, and it was nice to think about the show again and have even more reasons to look forward to its return. And nothing that was discussed was that big of a deal, or else I'd be more upset that I accidentally read it!

All of the below was revealed during a Q&A with fans at the Comic-Con event. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the two executive producers who do the podcast) spoke, and each had a bell that they would ring if they thought the other was saying too much, in which case the offender would immediately shut up.


1) You probably already read this because it was even mentioned on (which is where I saw it, unwittingly), but Michael will be back in Season Four. However, since we have no idea in what capacity he'll be back, and since Walt appeared in the last episode, I can't say I was that surprised by this, nor did I consider it to be too much of a spoiler. We all know he's been floating around in circles with Walt for the past season, cursing about not being able to get rescued! I guess that means we will get to hear his trademarked "WAAAaaaallllllttttttttt!!!" again next year. Joy.

Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael, joined Damon and Carlton at the end of the panel. They CLAIM that Michael's disappearance from the show, as well as his return, was planned for all along and that Harold knew this. Which I'm not so sure I believe, but I guess it doesn't matter. They said that he will be a series regular again, but they wouldn't mention how he returns. They would only declare that the way in which he returns "is awesome."

2) Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard the Ageless, will be coming back; however, due to schedule conflicts with something else he is filming, it is unclear how often he will actually appear on the show. This is exactly what happened with the character of Rose - L. Scott Caldwell was in a production on Broadway and could not be on the show that much in Season One. Though, granted, she hasn't been on the show that much after that, either.

Small plot points:

- They confirmed that it was not John Locke who Hurley saw fall off of the building in Season One (duh, we knew that a long time ago!)
- They would not comment on whether Jack and Claire find out that they are half-siblings, which makes me think that they WILL
- They said that they would do a flashback on Rousseau next season, and that it would tie in with a major plotline
- We will see Libby again

The format of the show:

- A few quick things to mention first... they are currently writing the premiere, and it is untitled as of right now. Jack Bender, who directed some of the best episodes of the series, will be directing the first two episodes. They plan to have 13 or 14 of the 16 episodes for Season Four already filmed by the time it returns to the air again in February.

- Now on to the only thing I read that I'm not sure I wanted to know or not.

Are you sure you want to know?? I haven't written anything else substantial after this last one, so turn back now if you don't want to read any more!


OK, here you go:

It was asked if there will be more flash-forwards next year.
"The answer is yes," replied Carlton Cuse. "Let's talk a little more about this... The truth is the season will feature flashbacks and flash-forwards."
"The question is how forward," interjected Damon Lindelof.

They then rehashed their decision to end season three with Jack's flash-forwards. They claimed that they had always wanted to do it, but couldn't until they knew that they had an end date for the series in sight. Now that they have come to an agreement with ABC to film three more years of 16 episodes each, they figured that it was an appropriate time to start the flash-forwards.

"What you saw with Kate and Jack [at the end of season three] is not the end of the show," said Cuse.

"There's this whole chapter of our story that takes place off the island," said Lindelof. "But we couldn't tell that story until we knew an end was coming. Come with us all the way to the end, and it won't be a waste of time."

So, there you have it. I was kind of looking forward to being surprised about whether next season would be back to its typical format (all flashbacks), or perhaps all flash-forwards, or something else. From what they said above, it seems to me like they will still focus on on-island events (which I would guess means that the rescue doesn't go smoothly?) and have a mixture of flashbacks and flash-forwards. Which I'm OK with. And I am happy to know that the whole show doesn't end with the Mad Doctor being drugged out, suicidal and ugly. I didn't really think it would, but... you never know.

And now I'm reverting back to being Anti-Spoiler until February!!! And you should, too!!!

- e


Wanders said...

Hi e. My guess on Michael (and Walt). He's not floating around the island. He's home. And he'll encounter other characters in their flash forwards. Why is this great? Because it solves the Walt hits puberty problem. In flash forwards, Walt can be his own age because three years have passed, not just three months. Of course, maybe I misunderstood the spoilers; maybe they said for sure he'd be actually on the island.

Erika (aka "e") said...

That was what I thought at first, too... but I feel like they put some emphasis on the fact that he will be a REGULAR character, and since the spoilers say that they will be doing both flashbacks and flash-forwards next year, it doesn't seem like he could be on that much if he was only appearing in the future. Their comment about Michael being a regular cast member again is also what made me think that the Lostaways do not in fact get off the island with Naomi's "rescue ship" (though they of course must at some point). Perhaps they stay on the Island for the majority of season four, and therefore Michael must come back to the Island somehow as well (and apparently, in some "awesome" way), and then find another way to leave in the season four finale? But your guess is as good as mine, and I'm hoping to not read anything more about it so I can be truly surprised. We'll see how that effort goes!

- e

Reylloc said...

Longtime lurker/reader - great stuff - e

I look forward to your bloggage as much as the shows themselves.

Since time is progressing at a different rate on the island (IMHO) from the rest of the civilised world, Walt can be as old as he needs to be, as the flash-forwards & -backs allow the producers to bend the "time travel rule" they adopted early on. Also, be aware that Michael's return may be "awesome", but may also be mutually exclusive from him actually returning to the island (ever, or at least in the "present/future"). Possibly/probably in island flash-backs, exclusively. The conundrum that is Lost, is what keeps it interesting on so many levels. It's quite obvious now that the writers are writing the story in reverse, but that's just me.
Lindelof states, "The question is how forward," did he mean how FAR forward, or how do they GO forward? Clever boys. Time will tell.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Collyer -

I have definitely learned that there are always multiple ways one could interpret anything that comes out of Cuse's or Lindelof's mouths, so I think your catch of the "how forward" double-meaning was a good one.

I partially agree with you that the writers are writing the story in reverse now... I wouldn't say they're necessarily writing things in reverse, but rather they have always known how the series would end, and therefore they did probably always know how they would handle things like Walt aging in "real life" since there is obviously something weird going on with time overall, so perhaps it was never a concern for them, whereas we fans were all like, "What are they gonna DO when he looks older?!?!?!" And I think you're right that we just have no way of knowing how/"when" in the timeline Michael's reappearance will take place. I think it will be pretty damn lame if he is only in flashbacks - why would that be so awesome? And guess what - if he's in flashbacks, then that means that he's probably going to be screaming WAAAAALLLLLTTTTTT again and I am going to get extremely mad. Let's hope they've come up with something better than that for him.

Thank you for reading and posting - that wasn't so hard to comment, now was it? ; )

- e