Thursday, June 14, 2007

Locke won't go out like Tony...

Sniff... see you in the fall.

Hello everyone -

A substantial bit of news came out today regarding our beloved show, so I figured I should post a link to the article in which the producers promise that they will not end "Lost" in a nebulous way à la "The Sopranos". Additionally, they announced that beginning this fall, they will launch 90-second "mobisodes" that can be viewed on cell phones and whatnot, and that will feature all of the main characters. Since they went out of their way to assert that these will not be mini-episodes, I'm not really sure I understand what to expect, but I guess we'll see in a few months.

On another note, ever since I started the blog a few years ago there have been requests for me to post the write-ups I did pre-blog that were sent by email to a smaller number of people. I promise promise promise that I will finally get to this before the summer is over! However, be advised that - believe it or not - I did not watch the show when it first came on the air (gasp!), so the write-ups begin around the 9th episode of Season One (I think, not sure). I will post a note when they have all been loaded in.

Until then,
- e


Ernie said...

Don't feel bad e, I didn't watch from the beginning either. I caught the pilot and then didn't start again until after one of those dreaded recap shows about mid-season.

Anonymous said...

I thought we watched the show from the beginning, but you started the write-ups a few episodes in? Maybe I should re-watch Season 1!