Wednesday, April 06, 2005

S1Ep20 - Do No Harm (Jack's third flashback)

[This message was initially sent as an email to friends, it was loaded into this blog 2.5 years later]

Hello everyone,

This episode, "Do No Harm," was Jack's third flashback, and most people felt the flashbacks were quite useless, just like with Charlie's second
flashback sequence. My friend Michelle and I watched only the last 20 minutes of this episode in her apartment in New York due to a Tivo snafu (I think she was seriously worried that I would bludgeon her)... but all that mattered was that last segment anyway. But I DID watch the whole thing in its entirety once I returned to Chicago and realized that the build-up of tension with Jack's attempts to save Boone really did make a difference in my enjoyment of the episode.

So here we go...

1) First and foremost: Two miracles happened during this episode:
a) I liked the show even though Locke wasn't in it


b) I didn't hate Kate for once

2) Actually, there was even a third miracle, I felt sorry for Boone. He had a collapsed lung that was then punctured by Jack so he could breathe again, Jack and Sun had to painfully reset his leg, he had a blood transfusion courtesy of an URCHIN SPIKE which didn't look completely legit, and then to top it all off Jack was about to get medieval on his ass by chopping off his leg with the door of the luggage compartment?!?!?!?! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Were the writers just sitting there thinking up new crazy things to do to Boone? I guess they really hated his character, too.

3) Many people on the boards noted that there was absolutely no argument from Sawyer about giving up all of his alcohol. Granted, we didn't see what Kate said to him off-screen, but still.

4) Everyone agreed that Sun was a good nurse to Jack's Psycho Doctor.

5) Furthermore, everyone liked Jin in this episode. He seemed to be able
to calm down Claire, keep Charlie at bay during the delivery, and all around seemed nicer than usual... even communicating with Sun in the emergency situation.

6) I said it earlier and will say it again... in general, Jack's flashback served no purpose.
Only a few lame things to note:
a) Most people didn't think he actually got married because they didn't say the whole "man and wife" bit. I think he did get married but then obviously something happened between that flashback and the crash because he no longer is wearing a wedding ring and the wifey was not in any of the other two flashbacks.
b) The wifey had a big number 44 on her black and white jersey... many people wondering if 44 has significance... like perhaps the number of survivors that will be left on the island at the end of the season? Who knows, I've lost count of how many there are now.

7) Michael is lame because when Jack asks Hurley to get Michael to help him with Boone, Michael comes to help move Boone. But then when Jack's about to cut off Boone's leg, Michael eagerly takes the suggestion that he leave. Wimp!

8) Sayid and Shannon's get-away: Talk about the worst timing for a date EVER. I am actually surprised that she told him the truth about Boone. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.

And now on to the two BIG EVENTS of the episode:

9) Birth of the Anti-Christ?
Seriously, I want a show of hands... how many of you thought some alien/freak/devil baby was going to pop out? You KNOW you did!

When Kate said, "I can see the head!" I said to the TV, "Does it have horns!?!?!?!?!"

While the baby KIND OF appears normal (I still think it's freaky-looking), many people noted that its eyes were black. I'm not too sure about that... I think if it was meant to be evil they would make it look very obviously evil.

It was cute to see Charlie in an expectant father-type of role... and even Sawyer smiled when seeing the baby at the end. Also, TONS of new peeps were shown in that last scene around the baby... expect them to all be introduced soon or next season.

10) The Death of Boone
If you are expecting me to show any sort of sadness about this, then obviously you have read none of my other recaps. I don't want to drag Michelle down with me, but I have to say that we high-fived each other at
the end of the episode. : )

Once again - if you knew the writers felt that someone had to die or else "the stakes of the island wouldn't seem real,"... is there someone else you would've rather it had been? No. So stop judging me for the high-five.

11) Locke

Hmmm, Locke is in big trouble now.

12) The Score

The music at the end scene when there was no dialog and just the camera showing Claire and the baby and the crowd, and then Jack telling Sayid and Shannon what happened, and then Shannon crying over Boone - well, it's an awesomely sad tune and many people love it and are asking how they can get it. Unless the producers are complete fools, then I expect that they will be releasing the score on CD sometime soon. Then we can all sing along with "You All Everybody!", too... yay!

13) Best Lines of the Show

There were several:

Jack: "Hurley, I SWEAR TO GOD, IF YOU FAINT...!!!!!"

Sawyer to Claire: "Hey, Mamacita!" and then after she leaves, "She likes

Hurley to Jack after the blood transfusion: "Whoa, Dude, you alright, man?
You're looking kinda Goth."

And my personal favorite:
Charlie explaining to Kate why Jack can't come deliver the baby: "He's pouring his OWN BLOOD into Boone right now."

14) Freaky things

The issue of Entertainment Weekly with the Lost guys on the cover was issue # 815. No lie. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!


- Thank god he's dead and gone! I was getting tired of trying to figure out how a dude stranded on an island manages to apply his make up so skanky. I mean damn... I kinda wished that they chopped the leg. I kept waiting for the door to slam accidentally. - Did anyone else notice that Boone and Rose used the exact same words when releasing Jack from his promise? "I'm letting you off the hook." Rose said it in "Walkabout", when she and Jack were talking on the beach.
- Yeah, and Jack used Locke's line, "Don't tell me what I can't do!"
- The luggage carrier seems like a safe place to sleep in. I'd sleep in there… as long as his leg isn't in there.
- I was seriously freaking out over the leg guillotine sequence. Wanted to look away but could not do it. Then Boone gives in and dies.
- I just noticed watching it a second time, Jack's tattoo is not there in the flashback, he is not wearing sleeves in the tux shop and there is no tattoo.
- As for Claire's baby, everyone seems to be all, "Oh, how sweet. Claire has a healthy baby boy. Let's all stand around googly-eyed and swoon b/c her baby is all of ours," or whatever. Don't forget, for all we know this baby is the Anti-Christ and could just as well slay them all with its demonic power.
- Why do people think Locke "sacrificed" Boone? He couldn’t move; they wanted to know what was inside the plane. I don’t recall Boone complaining about going to check it out. Locke was yelling at Boone to get OUT of the plane when it started to slip. Did your version of the episode have Locke stroking his black goatee going "Yessss Boone! Stay in the plane! It won’t fall! Good, my servant! Talk on the radio some more... YESSSSS!" Because mine didn’t. Locke would have gone up there himself if it weren’t for his paralysis. Oh wait... that was faked right? And to cover it all up, he staged the scene with the needle and hot coal to his foot to fool the viewers. Because he knows it’s on a TV show in an alternate reality. Seriously gang, the tinfoil hats are screwed on too tight.
- The numbers on the back of the jumper "44":
4 + 4 = :The amount of beers I consumed during the show
4 x 4 = :The amount of people I had over to watch the show
4 / 4 = :The position of Lost in the ratings
4 - 4 = :The amount of people who will care about this post

- e