Thursday, September 07, 2006

Remember us?

My dearest friends,


It's that time again! Who needs summer and warm weather, right? Bring on the fall, 'cause Lost Season 3 is on its way...

A familiar twinge of childlike excitement ran through me today upon seeing my much anticipated Lost Season 2 DVD when I arrived home. I will be sure to watch the extras (or most of them) before the premiere and let you know if there is anything important. I heard there are flashbacks that were never aired, so that may be interesting.

But speaking of the premiere... it is in less than a month! That's right, folks - mark your calendars - because October 4th is going to be a big day.

Since I watch very little TV in the summer, I was surprised to read that promos for the new season are already airing on ABC. They do give away a few small hints about what will happen, so you've been forewarned...

Here are two of them:

15 second spot - watch this one first...

One minute spot. If you pause around seconds 45-47, you can see some very interesting scenes...

From both the poster graphic above and some of the other promos I saw, it looks like the theme is "Find Yourself." In case you don't remember, Season 2's theme was "Everything happens for a reason."

There are also spoilers out there about cast additions, featured flashbacks and episodes plots for the first few episodes. Although I could not avoid reading about one cast addition because it was EVERYWHERE (but I won't list it here for those who have not heard), I miraculously know NOTHING ELSE about Season 3's plot.

I do know about its schedule, however. As mentioned at the end of my finale write-up, there will be six new episodes back to back starting October 4th. Then, just in time for my trip to Middle Earth (New Zealand in mid-November), the show will break until February. But then it will be back with the remaining 18 episodes BACK TO BACK until the finale. I don't think any of us will know what to do with ourselves when there's not random repeats dragging out the course of an entire season! While I do think that this splitting of the season is strange, I appreciate how long it takes to both film and write the show, so I would rather have it be in two uninterruped blocks than the mess of scheduling that was Season 2. The other non-spoilery thing that I will say, because this literally could be anything at all, is that supposedly mid-way through the season (so around episode 12 or so - probably March), something huge is going to happen that the producers know "will either blow you away or make you feel that the show has jumped the shark." That worries me greatly, but something makes me think that no matter what, I will keep watching.

In the time between now and October 4th, you still have time to review Season 2 for yourself on DVD. You will also have time to pray that Mr. Eko doesn't go the way of Libby and Ana Lucia after his recent arrest! And perhaps *I* will finally find time to read Bad Twin, as I've been meaning to do for months.

There have been a lot of Lost happenings during the summer via The Lost Experience, so hopefully I will have time to summarize those for you before the premiere. I've also collected several bizarre "ads" taken out in magazines like Entertainment Weekly and UsWeekly that are related to Lost (and the Hanso Foundation), so I will comment on those shortly, too.

Until then, you can just keep watching that 15 second promo over and over and over and over again looking for clues like the good ol' days...

Hope you've all had a great summer,
- e

Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it!