Friday, June 26, 2009

Over Six Weeks of the Hiatus Have Passed... Who's Ready to Chat about LOST?

Hello my dear friends -

First and most importantly, I hope you've all been having a wonderful summer (or winter, I guess, depending on where you live) so far. I've been as busy as ever and -- over 1.5 months after the finale -- am finally getting to enjoy a weekend at home without writing about Lost for eight hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

I'm still planning to publish a few posts with additional thoughts about Season Five during the hiatus, but in the meantime I am really excited to be joining my man Ryan from Zap2it's Guide to Lost for another real-time text chat this coming Tuesday (June 30th) at 7:30 PM ET. We've had an absolute blast on other chats and I'm sure this time around will be no different, especially since we've all had some time to better digest everything that went down on our favorite TV show between January 21 and May 13.

So come Tuesday evening, be here or be square!

Hope you can join us,
- e