Friday, June 26, 2009

Over Six Weeks of the Hiatus Have Passed... Who's Ready to Chat about LOST?

Hello my dear friends -

First and most importantly, I hope you've all been having a wonderful summer (or winter, I guess, depending on where you live) so far. I've been as busy as ever and -- over 1.5 months after the finale -- am finally getting to enjoy a weekend at home without writing about Lost for eight hours on both Saturday and Sunday.

I'm still planning to publish a few posts with additional thoughts about Season Five during the hiatus, but in the meantime I am really excited to be joining my man Ryan from Zap2it's Guide to Lost for another real-time text chat this coming Tuesday (June 30th) at 7:30 PM ET. We've had an absolute blast on other chats and I'm sure this time around will be no different, especially since we've all had some time to better digest everything that went down on our favorite TV show between January 21 and May 13.

So come Tuesday evening, be here or be square!

Hope you can join us,
- e


Julie said...

Has it seriously only been about 6 weeks?..... It's going to be a long summer/fall...


Sweettooth30 said...

Hello Erika,

I know you’re a writer so my apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes and grammar. (Because I'm really bad) Anyway, I don't know if this is the best place to write this, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work. To be honest with you, unless something has lots of pictures in it, or it has Hockey stats, I don't read. So for me to actually sit down and read is very out of character for me. I first came across your site, a few years ago and added it to my lost favourites, which has about 150 links or so. It is very difficult to go visit each one regularly, so I try to prioritize them in order of which one I visit the most. Dark UFO, SI-Lost, stuff like that. About 2 years ago I fell in love with watching Seanie B's recaps, it was as important to me to watch his recaps as it was to watch the show, they went hand in hand. When I found out Seanie was stealing your words, I was devastated, I was really sad and I knew that would be the end for him, but what I didn't realize was that, those word still came from someone who I fell in love with their thoughts and words about the show. So when I found out it was you, I had to go to the site for myself and see. I actually recorded every one of Seanies recaps, and went back and watched them, and sure enough, he was stealing your stuff, right down to the jokes. So long story short, thanks to you, I no longer have that void, of not seeing his recaps, but instead I look forward to visiting your site and reading....reading, that like an oxymoron for me. I was so moved by your story about meeting, Terry, I 'am trying to arrange a way to go to Hawaii next season, as it will be the last chance before the show ends. So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you, Thank you for all your hard work you put into writing this every week, it really means allot to me. By the way my name is Jason, and I live in Toronto Canada.

Thank you for your time

Lady-in-Gray said...

I'm ready! Let's talk.

pejafor3 said...


I miss your "picture comments"

C'mon..... give us something to read!


uncle fester said...

I'm re-watching all of LOST, starting right at the first episode and running all the way through to the end of season 5, which I hope comes out on DVD soon!

Wow, sure is weird when you know what's going to happen...sure is weird how many little things I've forgotten...

Currently, just finished "What Kate Did" ep 9 of season 2. What a shocker that one was....

Unknown said...

I am watching the entire series again, and reading commentary concurrently. I am picking up on SO much stuff I didnt get the last time!

Matt in Dallas said...


Dustin said...

Just found your blog and judging by the title I figured you'd have an interesting reaction to the finale.

Locke was my favorite character too. However, I was more depressed by Juliet's demise than Locke's. When he rolled out of that box I thought the writers had pulled off an act of brilliant plotting. That single moment and the Jacob-killing scene that followed turned not only this entire season on it's head (realizing that Black Shirt had been assuming Locke's form all this time) but also the entire series (you can read Black Shirt's manipulation into Locke's path from early season 1).

That said, what are we to make of Locke? A friend and main commenter on my Lost blog makes it her business to post Lock hate at every chance -- as if he were a coward and villain from the get go. The constant reminders that he's merely a pathetic pawn are starting to make me feel embarrassed about my years of devoted Locke support, so I was glad to find another (obviously) big supporter.

But it's not true! Locke was still the only person to embrace the supernatural elements of the island as a reality. He made bold choices in trying to do what he thought was best based on the "special" info he was shown. These are not the actions of a wholly pathetic character. He dared to take a position while playing in a "game" with stakes higher than he (or anyone) could understand.

If we never see him as Real Locke again, I'm fine with that -- he's a tragic hero, victim of evil supernatural forces, and a martyr. And the other Losties are and will soon realize it.

But I've still got hope for Real Locke. Why? Because the other characters (including I believe Jacob) still have hope in Locke.

For a character committed to the redemption of others (Charlie, Boone, etc) it'll be a shame if he never gets his personal redemtion.

Fingers crossed. Great site. Thanks for letting me vent.

Paige said...

Looks like The Others have Cindy and the kids doing commercials for Bounty paper towels. One LOST mystery solved, 4,815,162,342 waiting to be answered in Season 6.