Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Two-Year Lost Finale Anniversary/LOST Thought Contest Winners/New Contest!

This looks like a Bad Guy if I ever saw one. (Shot from new ABC fall series 666 Park Avenue)
You've let your readers down, e.
July 8 Update: The latest contest is now closed—I'll announce the winners shortly!

Hello my dear friends -

How's that for a long blog post title?

First things first: I have to sincerely apologize for taking so long to post the LOST Thought winners. The delay was due to a few crappy things going down: 1) I have developed some serious wrist/shoulder/upper-body/Lord-I'm-Old issues since little Des arrived, and 2) our vet found a big ol' cancerous tumor in my beloved doggy's mouth and so we've been taking him to radiation sessions outside of Chicago on a weekly basis for the last few months. It has blown my schedule to pieces.

The bad news is my physical ailments are no better, but the good news is that my dog's treatments succeeded in shrinking his tumor to the point where we should be able to enjoy the summer with him before deciding if more sessions are necessary.

So there's my sob story. I'm supposed to have these things below on around the clock, but find it pretty much impossible to wear them for any length of time outside of when I go to sleep.

I know you're jealous of my cool wrist braces.
Nothing says "You're falling apart" like a custom-made splint! (The one on the left)

However, I knew I had to rally and finally get this post done because today is the two-year LOST series finale anniversary (can you believe it?), so what better reason is there to fire up the ol' Long Live Locke blog again? And to try to make up for the delay in posting the 20 winners of LOST Thought, I'm going to offer up a few more copies in a new contest.

First, however, the winners!


1) Tierney Kain
2) Sammy Jean (Samantha Myers)
3) Mair
4) Television Lady (Anna Adams)
5) Dan Kempner
6) Cathy Fitzgibbon
7) DML (Doug Lang)
8) Diatribes and Dish (Kim Hromatka)
9) notWalt (Mark Robinson)
10) Colby (Janelle)


1) Rob (Rob Lammle)
2) Sherylm (Sheryl Mellor)
3) Dustin N. (Dustin Noel)
4) Barb Halaburt
5) (MsBlueKatt) Judi Mark
6) Joshua Bower
7) LtGoose (Gustavo Bonis)
8) Barmat (Matt Frye)
9) Sally Hunt
10) Aunt J-Ha (Jennifer Woiccak)

In the interest of getting this post published TODAY, I decided against attempting to copy and paste everyone's responses in. But if you are reading this, chances are you miss the show as much as I do, and so I encourage you to take a look through everyone's responses about what reminds them of LOST here.

TO THE WINNERS: If you're connected to me on Facebook or Twitter, please message me with your mailing address (if you won the paperback version) or your email address (if you won the e-book version) and I will get LOST Thought out to you. If you're not connected to me via those sites, then please leave a comment on this blog with the necessary info (leave your email address no matter what so I have a way to get a hold of you) and rest assured I will NOT publish it for all to see.

July 8 Update: The latest contest is now closed—I'll announce the winners shortly!

TO EVERYONE ELSE: I'll give away two more signed paperback copies of LOST Thought and one more Kindle version. What do you have to do to be in the running to win?

Share a LOST scene that has stuck with you over the years. 
(Don't forget to leave your name and your paperback vs. e-book preference, too!)

It doesn't have to be your favorite scene, just a scene that you can't seem to shake. For me, that would be Locke pounding on the hatch door and then the light suddenly coming on at the end of Season 1's "Deus Ex Machina." I was watching the show with a bunch of friends when it first aired and remember the complete silence after the episode ended. We all were just like, "Whoa." Watching it again, I still get goosebumps.

OK, that's it for now. When I announce the additional three winners (which I really, really, REALLY hope to do next week) I will cover what the major LOST cast members are up to these days, as well as chat a bit about great LOST community events like Cancer Gets LOST and the 2014 fan reunion in Hawaii!

Until then, if you're jonesing for some LOSTness, check out the two-year finale anniversary Facebook chat that's taking place at 9 PM ET tonight!

And if you really, REALLY miss me, you can check out my newest site.

- e