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Happy Two-Year Lost Finale Anniversary/LOST Thought Contest Winners/New Contest!

This looks like a Bad Guy if I ever saw one. (Shot from new ABC fall series 666 Park Avenue)
You've let your readers down, e.
July 8 Update: The latest contest is now closed—I'll announce the winners shortly!

Hello my dear friends -

How's that for a long blog post title?

First things first: I have to sincerely apologize for taking so long to post the LOST Thought winners. The delay was due to a few crappy things going down: 1) I have developed some serious wrist/shoulder/upper-body/Lord-I'm-Old issues since little Des arrived, and 2) our vet found a big ol' cancerous tumor in my beloved doggy's mouth and so we've been taking him to radiation sessions outside of Chicago on a weekly basis for the last few months. It has blown my schedule to pieces.

The bad news is my physical ailments are no better, but the good news is that my dog's treatments succeeded in shrinking his tumor to the point where we should be able to enjoy the summer with him before deciding if more sessions are necessary.

So there's my sob story. I'm supposed to have these things below on around the clock, but find it pretty much impossible to wear them for any length of time outside of when I go to sleep.

I know you're jealous of my cool wrist braces.
Nothing says "You're falling apart" like a custom-made splint! (The one on the left)

However, I knew I had to rally and finally get this post done because today is the two-year LOST series finale anniversary (can you believe it?), so what better reason is there to fire up the ol' Long Live Locke blog again? And to try to make up for the delay in posting the 20 winners of LOST Thought, I'm going to offer up a few more copies in a new contest.

First, however, the winners!


1) Tierney Kain
2) Sammy Jean (Samantha Myers)
3) Mair
4) Television Lady (Anna Adams)
5) Dan Kempner
6) Cathy Fitzgibbon
7) DML (Doug Lang)
8) Diatribes and Dish (Kim Hromatka)
9) notWalt (Mark Robinson)
10) Colby (Janelle)


1) Rob (Rob Lammle)
2) Sherylm (Sheryl Mellor)
3) Dustin N. (Dustin Noel)
4) Barb Halaburt
5) (MsBlueKatt) Judi Mark
6) Joshua Bower
7) LtGoose (Gustavo Bonis)
8) Barmat (Matt Frye)
9) Sally Hunt
10) Aunt J-Ha (Jennifer Woiccak)

In the interest of getting this post published TODAY, I decided against attempting to copy and paste everyone's responses in. But if you are reading this, chances are you miss the show as much as I do, and so I encourage you to take a look through everyone's responses about what reminds them of LOST here.

TO THE WINNERS: If you're connected to me on Facebook or Twitter, please message me with your mailing address (if you won the paperback version) or your email address (if you won the e-book version) and I will get LOST Thought out to you. If you're not connected to me via those sites, then please leave a comment on this blog with the necessary info (leave your email address no matter what so I have a way to get a hold of you) and rest assured I will NOT publish it for all to see.

July 8 Update: The latest contest is now closed—I'll announce the winners shortly!

TO EVERYONE ELSE: I'll give away two more signed paperback copies of LOST Thought and one more Kindle version. What do you have to do to be in the running to win?

Share a LOST scene that has stuck with you over the years. 
(Don't forget to leave your name and your paperback vs. e-book preference, too!)

It doesn't have to be your favorite scene, just a scene that you can't seem to shake. For me, that would be Locke pounding on the hatch door and then the light suddenly coming on at the end of Season 1's "Deus Ex Machina." I was watching the show with a bunch of friends when it first aired and remember the complete silence after the episode ended. We all were just like, "Whoa." Watching it again, I still get goosebumps.

OK, that's it for now. When I announce the additional three winners (which I really, really, REALLY hope to do next week) I will cover what the major LOST cast members are up to these days, as well as chat a bit about great LOST community events like Cancer Gets LOST and the 2014 fan reunion in Hawaii!

Until then, if you're jonesing for some LOSTness, check out the two-year finale anniversary Facebook chat that's taking place at 9 PM ET tonight!

And if you really, REALLY miss me, you can check out my newest site.

- e


lennyg said...

LOST had so many brilliant scenes - and my feeds today are filled with them e.g., Hurley and Charlie popping the clutch on the van. Victory or Death! I'll go with Vincent lying down with Jack. Having Vincent run into the scene and be with Jack when he dies...that was amazing!

Nikki H. said...

LOST scene that has stuck with me through the years -

As an avid fan to this day, it's hard to pick just ONE scene that's stuck with me since I can remember every episode pretty much in detail. BUT, if I have to choose, I think it would be the scene where Charlie died. I think that's the first time I've ever really cried over a television show (and I caught much flack over that....and still do to this day). Charlie was one of my favorite characters and I had such hope for him and Claire. I really thought he would make it to the end. When he tricked Des and ran back into the sub "hatch", I knew it was not going to end as I had hoped. But that last ditch heroic effort, the look on his face and the score (OH! the score) is what did me in. Tears welled up and started to flow. It was such an emotional scene and I can still envision it to this day.

I love LOST and always will and will always try and conjure up a new viewer who missed out on the greatest show ever.

P.S. And I really, really miss reading your LOST blog every week.

GARRY UK said...

I have lots of moments that stayed in my memory.

If I have to choose one, my all time favourite scene is the one where Hurley is being Quizzed by Pierre Chang(5x15) about whether he is from the future or not. Every time I watch it makes me laugh, if I am ever feeling a bit down, I watch this scene on purpose and I am happy, it kind of sums up the writing style of LOST and why I like it so much. It deals with serious issues and dramatic storylines, but it also has the ability to poke fun at itself now and again.

I love LOST, I will love it forever, happy end of series anniversary everyone.


Garry Brotha Miller

ruandvin said...

As a Lost fanatic it's really hard to pick just one but the one that always comes back to me is the final scene with Jack and Vincent lying down next to him...I'm tearing up just writing this down I also LOVE the scene in The Constant when Desmond finally connects with Penny...again...tearing up!! Oh and the final scene with Sun & Jin...okay...I'll stop now. Yikes.

DashCat9 said...

To me, the scene that's always stuck with me is the argument between Jack and Locke in the episode "Orientation".

Locke: Why do you find it so hard to believe?

Jack: Why do you find it so easy?

Locke: It's never been easy!

Wonderfully written and acted scene that sums up their differences perfectly. It made Locke my favorite character until Mr. Faraday strolled onto the scene.

(If I'm lucky enough to get one of the books, I'd prefer the Kindle version)

Christina said...

Oh, this is tough!

I think I'll go with The End, when the plane flies overhead and Jack sees that everyone will be okay.
That, among so many others, will always stick with me.

Thanks for this again! :)
I'd love a physical book.

Alyssa said...

That scene in Deus Ex Machina really set this show apart from all the others; SO powerful!

But I have to say the moment that sticks with me to this day is when Charlie writes on his hand: Not Penny's Boat. That moment has so much building up to it: Desmond will finally see Penny! All the problems are solved! They'll get off the island!

Charlie is such a beloved character, and his sacrifice, the music (oh, the music!), the cinematography... all of that building to what was a huge shocker for me. That image of his hand on the glass- it gets me!

Joshua said...

Very glad to have won, thank you so much, E!

Happy Lost finale anniversary to you and everyone!

~ Joshua

Anonymous said...

SOOO hard to pick just one scene...but for some reason Mr. Eko's scenes have always had a lot of pull for me. Especially back in Africa when the people tried to make his younger brother shoot the old man, then Eko grabbed the gun and shot him so that his brother didn't have to do it. Such an amazing sacrifice, and rather controversial.

I would also love a paperback.
Thanks, E!


RobPerrin said...

The triple reunion at the end of Collision gets me every time -- Michael with Vincent, Jin with Sun, and best of all Rose and Bernard. The setup around the Rose & Bernard reunion (grasping ring, saving a chocolate bar) and the laser-sharp talent of the actors produce an emotional wallop.

Rob Perrin, paperback

Lostylady said...

As a complete Lost fanatic (I named my Highlander Desmond and my GPS Penny) there are many scenes that stand out. One that comes to mind is Sun and Jin's hands coming apart as they died in the sub. I tell you I cried like a wee baby when I saw it. I still can't get over it. Okay, moving on...
-Laura (lostylady) e book please

ssrd said...

first, I cannot believe it has been two years and I still miss Lost - there will never be another. This scene from The Moth has always stuck with me. Charlie finds Locke in the woods to purportedly tell him about Jack getting stuck in the cave. Locke has Charlie's heroin, a drug he is trying to kick. Charlie feels like hell and Locke knows that it is the drugs Charlie is looking for. Locke shows Charlie a cocoon, he tells a beautiful story about the moth as compared to a butterfly (that gets all the attention). He explains that he could help the struggling moth emerge from his cocoon by enlarging the hole but the moth would be too weak to survive. "The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. Now, this is the second time you've asked me for your drugs back. Ask me again and its yours." Just such a powerful and beautiful scene. So quintessentially Locke. This subtle scene has made The Moth one of my favorite episodes.

Thanks for everything Erica. Wishing you and yours well. . .

ssrd said...

(apologies if this gets posted twice - thought I posted it but don't see it)

It's crazy that two years have passed and I still miss Lost - - so many brilliant, memorable moments.

I have always loved The Moth. The scene where Charlie approaches Locke to ask for his drugs clearly stands out to me. Locke holds onto Charlie's drugs as he tries to kick. Charlie is a mess, thinks he needs his drugs. Locke shows Charlie a cocoon and tells Charlie a story about the moth and how he struggles to emerge. Locke could help him by gently making the hole bigger but then the moth would be too weak to survive. "Struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. Now this is the second time you've asked me for your drugs. Ask me again and it's yours." This scene is so powerful, so emotional, so quintessentially Locke, and I've never forgotten it.

Thank you Erica for your thoughtful contribution throughout my Lost journey, it was a blast. Wishing you and all yours well. . .love that you named your baby Des! :)

Marebabe said...

Even two whole years after LOST ended, I still find that I’m often reminded of things from the show. All the time. Everywhere I turn. I’m still in touch with many friends I got to know discussing the show online, and I still visit blogs of fans and cast members. Jorge Garcia’s blog, “Further Dispatches” is a favorite, and Hurley was my favorite character. I always loved how real and natural Jorge’s portrayal was, and if I stop to recall some Hurley scenes, this is usually the first one to pop up:

Jack: Things could be worse.
Hurley: HOW?!!

This is from episode 1.09 “Solitary”, where Hurley builds the golf course. His surprised and delighted reaction when he discovers the golf clubs, his announcement of the first Island Open, dancing around on the course with his new pal, Charlie… I just love it! And now, if I hear anyone, myself included, say, “Things could be worse,” in my mind I always hear Hurley saying, “HOW?!!”

I would like the paperback version of “LOST Thought”. ~ Mary Evans

tina nettles said...

When I think of Lost I think of family. Of course there are the unsuspecting family members onscreen, both literal (Jack and Claire...) and the figurative (the friends who found each other not once but twice and waited to move on together). I think of the family that we fans became online, making new friends we still send Lost-themed birthday wishes to on Facebook, or look for new shows to watch together and talk about online. But mostly for me, Lost was the only show that my entire family ever got caught up in. It was the only show ever in which all of us were sure to watch together, in the same room, on the same couch, every week without fail. It was the only show we've ever discussed avidly at the dinner table, including our favorite quotes from the likes of you and Jeff Jensen and Vozzek. Unknowingly, you and so many others were unseen members at our family meals. My kids are older now and there will never be one show that captures all of our hearts and minds in the way that Lost did. It's a truth I should accept, but I just can't seem to let it go. Lost reminded us all that as humans, our lives connect in surprising and important ways - that we're all on a journey of redemption together, a family just doing its best to fulfill our purpose on our little island in the universe. Tina Nettles, Tulsa OK (paperback if I'm as lucky as Hurley) Namaste, e!

Kat said...

I'd have to say the moment that sticks out the most for me is when we finally learn Locke was in a wheelchair. The scene on the beach at the end of "Walkabout" Locke is wiggling his toes and he slowly gets up. Such an amazing scene!

And if I win, I'd like the actual book, not the Kindle.

Leah Courtney said...

Ah, I should have posted before I read the other because then I remember and say "Oh, I loved that one too!"But, one of my favorite scenes is when Charlie shares the imaginary peanut butter with Claire. I love Charlie. I also cried when Charlie went back into the hatch and died.:(

Kelly, UK said...

So many to choose from, but I think it has to be when Desmond finally made contact again with Penny, who had never given up on him, in The Constant. Absolutely emotional, there was truth and hope there, a reconnection of hearts, they said they love each other, it was so perfect.

Paperback if I get chosen :)

hromaki said...
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hey said...

While certainly NOT my favorite scene, the most memorable scene to me was the ending of the "through the looking glass" episode when Charlie put his hand up to the window to warn them it wasn't penny's boat. Then he pushed away from the window. I think that was the hardest I cried watching the show. Even harder than the finale (there were tears).

Stephanie, email:, prefers book, Thanks

Ernie said...

I'll go with one of the biggest WHOA scenes for me: Jack and Kate meet at the airport in the flash forward. The moment you realize they are off the island and this has all been the future = mind being blown. Through the Looking Glass is still my favorite season finale.

I can't believe it's been 2 years! We have to go back! (Paperback)


Matthew said...

A LOST scene that has stuck with me over the years.

Sawyer walking through the Barracks, picking a flower, and returning to his house and giving Juliet the flower and telling her she was "amazing today." And of course, the kiss.

(If I'm lucky enough to get one of the books, I'd prefer the paperback version, thanks!)

- Matthew Doty

keburgess said...

I loved many, many scenes in Lost and how the show kept expanding possibilities until the end. The scene that woke me up to the fact that Lost was not a regular show was in Walkabout where we first saw Locke in a wheelchair. My brain shifted and I was hooked.

I'd like a paperback, please.

Kug said...

Good to hear from you again! I never get tired of reading anything related to LOST...seriously.

One scene that sticks out in my mind is in the Pilot when the castaways hear a strange sound coming from inland (wonder what that could be?) and Charlie ends the shot saying a sarcastic "terrific." Another one I have to mention is when Kate is taking shoes off a dead body and looks up seeing Locke smiling at her with an orange in his mouth! Good stuff.

As I'm sure Sawyer would agree, there's no substitute for a real book. As such, I'd like a paperback version if I'm so destined to win :)

Sam W said...

The scene in season 2 where Michael shoots Anna Lucia and Libby was so powerful to me and to this day, it still shocks and haunts me. And of course "WALLLLT" can always make me laugh! I think it's about time to re-watch..
I would love a paperback copy if I am lucky enough to win! Thanks,
Sam W

Maram said...

The scene that gave me goosebumps and made me think "this is not like any other show" was in the pilot where they find the french woman's signal and sayid breaks all their discussion by saying 16 years .. That line made me feel scared and i was in for the ride .l

Jonathan said...

The scene that stucks with me at this moment is actually two scenes, but they're about the same subject.

It's the scenes where the leadership or protectors of the island get transferred via the drinking of some water. I think it's very powerfull that this is done with such a simple ritual and the only reason that this works is because people believe that it works.

This for me is one of the greatest things about Lost because it is such a wonderful parable to when in our lives we have rituals that really aren't anything, but when we believe that something is changed, the ritual becomes very strong. I just love that about Lost.

And I'd like a paperback please :)

Anonymous said...

Best Lost scene ever: When Desmond finally gets Penny on the phone from the freighter and tells her he's alive. Incredibly moving!

Patty said...

The scene that sticks with me is in Dr Linus, Ben digging thru the ground in Sawyer's shelter. We were lucky enough to be on the beach watching that and even more lucky to be back in Hawaii three months later when it aired to watch there!While Des was my favorite, not Ben, we saw him do many things like dig his own grave, get marched at gunpoint by Ilana. It was cool to see it happen and cooler to see how it all came together. I would like a paperback if I win!

Anonymous said...

Not my *favorite* scene at all, but the one that just won't go away is Nikki opening her eyes -- but just too late. Shudder.
Thanks, e, for all the analysis over the years (and the captions on the pictures). If I should be lucky enough to be selected, I'd love the paperback option.

Jim said...

Lots of fantastic scenes from which to choose, but the one that still makes me (big, tough guy that I like to think I am) tear up is the juxtaposition of Claire giving birth to Aaron as Boone is dying.

Analog (paperback) if I'm lucky enough to win) please.

Jim Eisenmann

Joe .. said...


Like all LOST fans there are too many memories. Way too many interesting and riveting scenes.

One of my early favorite scenes is during "Tabula Rasa" when Hurley is sitting at the end the day listening to "Wash Away" by Joe Purty.

As the camera pans everyone you can read what they are thinking, see who the survivors really are, their hopes, fears and can see who is carrying baggage that they will have to deal with over the next 6 seasons.

That video clip is one of the best of the early ones. All by itself it tells a story. Here is the link to the youtube clip.

I check LOST blogs, add stuff to my tumblr blog when I find new stuff and have just started my annual summer re-watch. I love LOST and refuse to let is slip away this easy.

A paperback would be great. Thanks for the Anniversary Post.

Joe Gibbs
@DharmaSub on twitter

Danelectro said...

Hey, e.

Good to hear from you again.

Just last night I had a little celebration of two years since the ending of Lost, with some Dharma wine, a Dharma cake and some randomly chosen episodes. One of the episodes was Exodus pt.1 where Sawyer tells Jack that he met his father in Sydney and that his father loved him and was proud of him. I always loved this scene and it always moves me no matter how many times I see it!
Of course, there are so many great scenes in Lost but this one is definitely in my top 5.

I still read good old paperbacks.

Take care,

Elizabeth said...

Wow, there are so many, it's hard to choose just one! I lost track of how many jaw-dropping scenes there were. But to this day, I think of Clare and Charlie whenever I have peanut butter, so the scene where Charlie offers Clare the imaginary peanut butter still makes me smile. :)
Elizabeth, Kindle version preferred

Jim Woods said...

Playing golf on the island! Great camaraderie and escapism from their plight.

Anonymous said...

For me it'll have to be the scene where Sun and Jin died. I had no idea I could feel that touched by a tv show before that scene. I just couldn't stop crying and afterwards I had only tow thoughts 'I can't believe that just happened' and 'I'm crazy, it's just a tv show'.

-Milla (paperback please)

Lisa Partrick said...

How can anyone really pick.. but in the interest of winning free stuff... the paperback i really, really, really want... i would have to say Jack & Kate at the airport... we have to goooo bbbbaaaacccckkkkk! Say whhhhaaatt? Runners up would be.. Charlies death - "not pennys boat" and Des & Penny's phone call.. who wouldn't want that brotha saying all that on the phone??!! Dude, call me!

julie said...

as others have said, lots to choose from. But I'm going to have to go with when Locke and Jack watch the orientation film and Locke says, "We're going to have to watch that again." Talk about opening a pandora's box and a great way to introduce the Dharma Initiative. My name's Julie and I'd love the paperback version. :)

Billie Conrad said...

I was so creeped out by the scene in Jacob's cabin when Ben takes Locke there for the first time. Ben is talking to the empty chair and then things start flying and there is that split second flash of someone/something sitting in the rocking chair. Still creeps me out.
If I were so lucky as to win, I would prefer the paperback...something tangible to hold in my hand and continue pretending that LOST is real!

shauna o'reilly said...

the moment during the season 3 finale where we realize it's not a flashback but a flash forward. kate gets out of the car and our brains explode. best moment of tv ever.

Unknown said...

Seeing Locke (or Flocke) kick Jacob into the fire in his temple or jack vs flockes final showdown in the rain during the finale are two scenes that still make my heartbeat when I think about them.

Also I'm originally from Manchester but have lived in Texas for 12 years so any scene with Charlie back in England gets me homesick in a good way.

hastymaestro said...

While the series was still on, the scene that captured the emotion and mystery of LOST for me was the end of Psalm 23 when Mr. Eko found the corpse of his brother and cried. It was a moment that revealed more mystery of the island infused with deep human emotion.

But then season six came, and in Dr. Linus, Ben has his moment of truth. He admits his shame over his past actions and how he could never forgive himself. He decides to go with Locke (evil) because he's the only person that Ben believe would have him. Then Ilana says that, in spite of the fact that Ben killed her father figure, she will have him. A wonderful act of forgiveness. As a Christian, this scene is a symbol of the grace that God allows us to have, especially when we forgive others. Ben's change leads the series into it's wonderful spiritual end.

RavenPaul13 said...

The simple things about LOST are what I look forward too most. The first scene that always pops into my mind that always makes me laugh is when Kate is questioning Sawyer after Hurley beats him up. She's smiling and he rolles his eyes and says "Try to contain yourself, Freckles."
That and the "Thank you, boar expert."

Kindle version if chosen

Keila said...

So hard to pick, but one scene that always makes me smile is when Hurley builds the "golf course" and everyone ends up having a good time.
I don't have a preference for the book's format.

Roooty said...

As many fans would probably agree, The Constant may be one of the best episodes in the history of LOST, and the phone call scene was brilliant on too many levels to count, however, with that being said, I'd say a scene that stuck with me was the one prior to the actual call. When Desmond is back in '96, pleading with Penny to give him the 'numba', and knowing that if he even began to try to explain to her what it was all about she would think he was nuts. Aside from the acting/music/direction the scene took, I just thought it was brilliant how Desmond's life is hanging in the balance of getting this one phone number, and even as crazy as it sounds, Penny trusts him enough deep down to give it to him, and keeps it until "December the 24th, 2004...Christmas Eve"

Dave Murray said...

On the evening of May 3, 2006, I was up by myself watching Lost in the dark while the rest of the family slept.

Michael: "I'm sorry"
Ana Lucia: "Sorry for what?"

My mouth opened and I raised my arms over my head.

Libby: "Michael?"

I stood up.


Frozen, standing up with mouth open and arms raised. In time I sat down and lowered one arm to reach the remote and play back the last recorded minute.

Jim Woods (to McMurphy) said...

When Faraday had the rockets show the time differential on the island always stayed with me. So much so, I bid and won the rockets in the LOST auction!

Hope you're well, e. paperback if I'm lucky enough.

Y2Flax said...

Many fans here have said the same thing. There are too many scenes to pick, how does one choose, etc. My favorite scene was a game changer too, but not in a season finale kind of way, in a hopeful kind of way. Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, once Hurley got the VW Van going and Charlie, Jin, Sawyer and Vincent were all happy, it gave me so much hope not only in life, but in the show as well. I knew no matter how it ended characters and scenes like those would never be forgotten.

Greyson Flax - Paperback please :)

Tanzio said...

The scene when Richard comes back from killing the doctor and he finds Isabella has died. His face shows such grief it's haunting.

Unknown said...

When Ben's daughter is killed and he releases smoky on them. The pained look on his face, a combination of sorrow and revenge. Awesome!

maryann said...

I loved Sawyer and Kate but the scene where Sawyer and Juliet finally "get it" in front of the vending machine still makes me tear up.

Alex said...

Locke's "Don't tell me what I can't do!" in the Walkabout office. When I first got really hooked on the show, and when I became a fan of Terry O'Quinn forever.


Jennifer said...

My "most memorable" (and it doubles as most favorite") scene was Desmond and Penny speaking on the phone in "The Constant". I loved that the entire episode wasn't linear, and that we got to learn so much of their back story. I remember trying to explain it to a friend the next day, and I know I sounded crazy! Time jumping...consciousness shifting...! I was also swearing that it was the most amazing episode yet (and I still believe that)! Years later, I eat up the idea of time travel and timeline hopping by getting my regular dose of "Fringe"! But man, do I miss LOST. I'd love to win a hard copy of the book, e!