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A friendly reminder - this site is not about the spoilers!







And then Lost returns at some point in February. So count 'em - we've got more than 5 full months before our beloved Lostaways are back on the screen, yet already casting decisions for Season Four are all over the place.

So I just wanted to remind everyone that I won't be posting any spoilerish news about the show (and I consider casting information to be a major spoiler) on this site, so please don't send me any "Did you hear about THIS?" comments because I won't post them and ruin it for others.

I know that it may be Mission: Impossible 4 (hopefully NOT starring Tom Cruise) to remain spoiler-free for a half-year, but a girl can dream.

Having said all of that, whenever they launch those "mobisodes," and whenever we get clarity on when the season premiere will be, and whenever there's any news that doesn't give away plot points, I WILL cover it here.

I hope everyone in the U.S. has a great Labor Day weekend and that everyone else is doing well, too!

- e

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Have you read e's big news?

Have I not trained you by now to be checking According to e?

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A Look Back on Season One... and Hints on Season Four

Hello my dear friends -

I hope you are all enjoying your summers. I have a few updates for you...

The Past

I have been busy loading all of my Season One write-ups into this blog, and I am happy to declare that I am now FINISHED.

Before you take a look at them, however, here is the bad news:

- I started writing about the show after episode nine, so therefore "I got nuthin'" for anything that aired prior to that. I considered trying to do retrospective write-ups, but we just know way too much about what happens with the characters and the plot now. I would like people who are new to the show (via DVDs) to be able to read posts that were written in the spirit of the time when the show first aired, and it would be too hard to not let some of the knowledge gained through seasons two and three seep in if I were to go back and try and cover, say, the pilot episode at this point.
- As these "posts" were originally just emails sent to a small group of friends, they are in a much different format to what you've come to know (and hopefully love) on this site. But once again, I didn't want to change anything. In that same vein, I decided not to add pictures to the posts. That would've taken me FOREVER.

The good news about the Season One posts:

- It is quite humorous to read about my love of Locke before I actually started this site and named it in his honor. Similarly, it was funny to revisit my Hate of Kate (which has since dwindled a bit, courtesy of worse characters such as Ana Lucia and Juliet).
- I did go through the painstaking task of taking a good portion of the message board posts (that were originally sent as attachments in the emails) and pasting them into the write-ups rather than leaving them out entirely.
- It was amazing to see how many things we were given major hints about way back then. While I didn't think this was possible, I dare say my love for the show has grown even more after re-reading all of these recaps. I hope they have the same effect on you.

You can find the Season One write-ups in the links to the right - they begin in 2004 and go into the first half of 2005... they will all start with "S1" and the first one is S1Ep9 - Sayid's initial flashback, "Solitary."

The Future

As you may know, a few weeks ago, the annual Comic-Con convention was held in San Diego. If you don't know what Comic-Con is, I think the best way to explain it is that it's a convention for nerds - all of the biggest nerds from across the country and world descend upon this event and try to out-nerd each other. I am sad I couldn't make it. That being said, the producers from Lost were there and presided over a panel about the upcoming Lost video game as well as Season Four. Apparently they have now gone back into "radio silence mode" and will not be commenting on the show any more for a while. The cast will start filming Season Four very soon and they are quite worried about spoilers getting leaked, so I don't expect to hear anything else until February nears. Apparently they still plan to launch "mobisodes" this fall, but they made no mention of that in the panel. If you would like to see a video of the panel itself, it has been uploaded in four different sections here.

There are some things they discussed which were not spoilers, and some that were. I went ahead and read everything from the coverage of the panel because, quite frankly, I won't remember any of it by the time February rolls around. I just have no memory anymore. I will forewarn you before I cover any of the spoilers in this post.

Non-spoilery things:

- Lost: The Video Game will hit stores in early 2008. Here are screencaps of the game if the media clip doesn't work for you. And here is the official site for the game.

- It was re-confirmed that (in the U.S.) the release date of the Lost: Season Three DVDs will be December 11th. It's kind of annoying to me that my husband doesn't even need to put any effort into thinking about what to get me for Christmas this year!

- The conclusion of the event held the biggest surprise for the audience... they aired yet another previously unseen DHARMA video. The biggest fight on the boards about The Orchid video is whether or not it was just for entertainment purposes at the conference, or if it is actually related to and provides hints for the show. I cannot see why we wouldn't view this as more fodder to interpret - I mean, it's another DHARMA video just like the other films, so how could it not be related to the show? The two producers even said, before the video aired, that we would be "learning more about DHARMA" in the clip, so what more proof does anyone need than that? Plus, they're not dumb enough to give fans NOTHING to go on for the next seven months?!?!

While Lost fans have only had a few weeks to digest this new clip, there are already many new theories popping up and observations being made about it.

Here are the main ones:
- Everyone was freaking out because we all thought that we had already accounted for all of the stations on the Hatch Map, so we're not sure how The Orchid fits in. However, neither the Looking Glass nor the Hydra was on the map - but that was presumably because those stations were not on the main island. I'm sure by the time Season Four starts up someone will have figured it all out, and if so, I'll let you know.

- In the video, the doctor guy appears to have both of his arms. In the videos we have seen to date, one of his arms was clearly a prosthetic. Therefore, most people assume that this video was filmed before "the incident" (which is referred to on the Hatch Map and in other DHARMA videos), and all of the others were filmed afterward, meaning that the doctor most likely lost his arm in said incident. Some people even think that "the incident" occurs right after the cameras stop rolling and that Dr. Candle loses his arm because he was holding one of the bunnies and something went wrong. Once again, this is just a theory, but I think it's probably right.

- There is another flash of the "God Loves You as He Loved Jacob" message that was also shown in the Clockwork Orange Brainwashing Rave Room that Karl was subjected to. And in the brainwashing room video, there was a brief clip of that same Asian scientist in the Orchid Video who goes by several names that all have to do with candles (Candle/Hallowax/Wickman). The strange part is, and I brought this up in the review of the episode with the brainwashing room... DHARMA is the organization conducting experiments on the Island. The Others are a group of people that eventually overthrew DHARMA, as we learned from Benry's flashback. Jacob is revered by The Others (not DHARMA, as far as we know). So why would a DHARMA video have a spliced screen with a message about Jacob in it, and why would a video used by The Others have a shot of Dr. Candle and the DHARMA founders in it? The overriding theory is that The Orchid film had been "tampered with," but to me, that's not a good explanation. Alas, I have no theories of my own. On this same subject, a lot of people are now interpreting the "God loves you as he loved Jacob" statement that we have now seen/heard three times on the show (twice in the aforementioned videos and once when Karl said it) to mean that Jacob must be dead or a spirit, because otherwise why would "loved" be in the past tense? I'm not so sure about that theory... it could also mean that Jacob fell out of favor with God and therefore was no longer loved. It could also not be referring to the Jacob that's being referred to on the show, but rather Jacob from the Bible.

- In the episode where we thought that Benry put the Pacemaker o' Doom in Sawyer, Benry was carrying around a bunny with an 8 on it. Now after seeing the bunnies with 15 on them in this latest video, I would have to assume that they are related. Meaning, my guess would be that these rabbits are/were used in DHARMA experiments and were numbered in order to keep track of them. What kind of experiments, you might wonder? Well...

- Everyone agrees (for the most part) that THE SAME bunny (#15) showed up in two different places in the room. We first see Dr. "Hallowax" holding a rabbit with 15 on its fur. Then mid-way through the video, what looks to be a light bulb drops from the ceiling, chaos ensues, and then we see another bunny with a 15 on it on perched on a shelf behind the doctor, while the doctor is still holding the original bunny. I wasn't sure about this, but when I viewed all of the still frames, it became very clear. You can see the still frames if you go to this page and then click on the button after the video that says "View Screencaps." Right after the video was aired at Comic-Con, there was a lot of talk about cloning experiments, but now the general consensus is that there were not cloned rabbits because the producers (at some point) promised that there will never be clones on the show. Another, more reliable reason to believe that it was the same bunny appearing in two different places in the room is that Dr. Hallowax specifically mentioned "the Casimir effect" early on in the film.

Oh, you don't know what that is? What are you, totally ignorant?

Ha, just kidding, I had to Google it as well. This is Wikipedia's take on it, and here is one of the least confusing (but believe me, it's still confusing) explanations of the term that I could find. What immediately jumped out at me, of course, was its relation to wormholes and faster than light (FTL) travel.

What I make of all of this is that The Orchid was studying the effects of bi-location and perhaps teleportation because DHARMA had realized that the Island existed on or near a wormhole, or perhaps simply had special properties that were conducive to experiments in these fields. It was clear that Dr. Hallowax thought something bad would happen if the two rabbits got close to each other, as he instructed the other people in the room: “Don’t let them near each other.” The fact that he seemed worried about this follows the general theory known to many nerds around the world, which states something like: "if two instances of yourself existed at the same time and met each other, all sorts of bad things will happen to the universe" (very scientific, I know). The doctor also seemed concerned with how long ago "the shift" was set and how long it was supposed to last.

Now... let's go back a season - stay with me, here. Remember Ms. Klugh - the woman who Mikhail shot who was also involved with holding Walt at the Others' camp? If you assume that she was one of the original DHARMA members who crossed over to become an Other after The Purge, then the line of questioning she asked Michael near the end of Season Two becomes much more relevant in light of The Orchid video:

From the episode "Three Minutes":
MS. KLUGH: Hello, Michael.
MICHAEL: Where's my son?
MS. KLUGH: My name is Ms. Klugh. I was hoping you might help me answer some questions. About Walt.
MICHAEL: Where is he?
MS. KLUGH: Is he your biological son?
MS. KLUGH: Are you his father?
MICHAEL: Yes, I'm his...
MS. KLUGH: How old was he when he started speaking?
MICHAEL: I, he...
MS. KLUGH: Did he have any illnesses growing up? Headaches? Fainting spells?
MICHAEL: What? No! I don't -- I wasn't there. He was half-way around the world. Why are you asking me all these questions?
MS. KLUGH: Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be? You say he was half-way around the world -- did you see him?
MICHAEL: I want my son! You bring him to me right now. I want to see my boy!
MS. KLUGH: For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him, Michael.

Did anything seem strange that she asked him, after seeing the duplicate rabbits? What about "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be?" I don't think she was talking about Walt skipping school and "appearing" at the video arcade. I think she literally meant "appearing out of nowhere." And we all know that Walt HAS done that on the Island - appearing to Shannon, Sayid and Locke seemingly out of thin air. I think these occurrences are linked to the rabbit experiments.

Other people on the boards thought that "bi-location" would also fit with the many "multiple universes" theories out there. Remember how Naomi and Papa Locke both claimed that everyone on Flight 815 died? Well, maybe they weren't lying. Maybe one instance of the flight did crash and everyone died, but because the plane was near or in a wormhole over the island, it essentially split into two existences and that's how our beloved Lostaways are still alive on the Island. Something wacky like this would also explain how, IF the Lostaways attempted to go back to their previous existence, all hell would break loose. Benry probably knew this, Locke might have known this... but Jack found it out the hard way and that's why he ended up so desperate to return to the Island (but it still doesn't explain why Kate seemed OK).

You have to admit that it's at least as good a theory as any other at this point!

I will leave this topic with a funny post from the boards that just about sums it all up:

"Who ever thought a bunny could scare the Eff out of people?!"

Spoilery Things

Just to make sure that you've thought through whether you really want to read the spoilers, I'll make you click here to read them.

But then come back to this post and read the rest of what's below!

Topics that they commented on include:

- Casting
- The format of the show for Season Four
- High-level non-integral plot points

The Present

We was robbed! No 'Best Drama' Emmy nomination for Lost this year

It's a good thing I don't live in Hollywood, because I would probably be in jail for slapping everyone I see. Why was Lost totally snubbed this year in the Best Drama category? It makes me embarrassed when the likes of Heroes and Grey's Anatomy are nominated but Lost isn't. Grrrrr... However, the reason I am not on a flight to L.A. right now is that at least Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Michael Emerson (Benry) were nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Will this be written into the script?

Claire got a haircut!

You heard it here first - she'll cut off her hair when she learns of Charlie's fate.

Sawyer is Cheesy as Hell in Real Life!

Have you seen this Davidoff commercial that Sawyer is in? Good God, it's awful. But I think what's worse is this unintentionally hilarious "making of" video. If you want a laugh, I recommend you watch both.

Because He's Worth It, Dammit!

The whole world is turning into girly-men, seriously. Check out the French version of Jack in a L'Oreal commercial, and then watch the U.K. version.

And as a totally random side note - if you've never seen Matthew Fox's original audition tape for Lost - you can check it out here. But guess what, he auditioned for Sawyer!

The Mad Doctor on the Big Screen

Somebody's keepin' busy! Matthew Fox (Jack) will star as Racer X in Speed Racer, which is currently in production. He'll also be in Vantage Point, which actually looks pretty good. I love movies that make you piece together a mystery. Umm... I guess it's pretty obvious that I like TV shows that do, too. Here is a long trailer for Vantage Point.

I Like to Buy Presents for Myself

So I ordered the next round of Lost action figures that were just released, so that they can join the rest of my Lost action figures that are set up in my basement (this is not a lie). This time around it's Mr. Eko, Sun, Jin and Sawyer. I can't believe there's still not one for Sayid?!?! Where's the love!?!? They're probably fighting over which three or four lines they'll use (all of the action figures "speak") because he has so many rockin' one-liners.

One Last Reminder

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Need a Locke fix as badly as I do?

Hello my dear friends,

Thank you to the anonymous commenter who left me a note a few weeks ago to give me the heads up about a mini-series that will begin on ABC this Saturday: Masters of Science Fiction. Believe it or not, I don't really watch any TV in the summertime, so I hadn't been seeing all the promotional ads for this show. And guess who happens to be in the second episode on August 11th? Our man Locke! Yay! Then I almost keeled over when I read that William B. Davis ("Cigarette Smoking Man/Cancer man" from The X-Files) was going to be in the same installment! That's as close to an X-Files/Lost cross-over that I'm ever going to get in my lifetime, I dare say, so I am a happy girl.

I've already set the four episodes up to Tivo, and I'm actually pretty excited for them - they sound very Twilight Zone-esque and are getting good reviews.

So check them out for yourselves... they are at 10 PM EST on Saturdays for the next four weeks on ABC (beginning this Saturday, the 4th).

Onto another topic - I have been working diligently on a post that will recap the Lost event at Comic-Con last week... it will be up soon.

Until then,
- e