Thursday, August 30, 2007

A friendly reminder - this site is not about the spoilers!







And then Lost returns at some point in February. So count 'em - we've got more than 5 full months before our beloved Lostaways are back on the screen, yet already casting decisions for Season Four are all over the place.

So I just wanted to remind everyone that I won't be posting any spoilerish news about the show (and I consider casting information to be a major spoiler) on this site, so please don't send me any "Did you hear about THIS?" comments because I won't post them and ruin it for others.

I know that it may be Mission: Impossible 4 (hopefully NOT starring Tom Cruise) to remain spoiler-free for a half-year, but a girl can dream.

Having said all of that, whenever they launch those "mobisodes," and whenever we get clarity on when the season premiere will be, and whenever there's any news that doesn't give away plot points, I WILL cover it here.

I hope everyone in the U.S. has a great Labor Day weekend and that everyone else is doing well, too!

- e

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