Thursday, August 02, 2007

Need a Locke fix as badly as I do?

Hello my dear friends,

Thank you to the anonymous commenter who left me a note a few weeks ago to give me the heads up about a mini-series that will begin on ABC this Saturday: Masters of Science Fiction. Believe it or not, I don't really watch any TV in the summertime, so I hadn't been seeing all the promotional ads for this show. And guess who happens to be in the second episode on August 11th? Our man Locke! Yay! Then I almost keeled over when I read that William B. Davis ("Cigarette Smoking Man/Cancer man" from The X-Files) was going to be in the same installment! That's as close to an X-Files/Lost cross-over that I'm ever going to get in my lifetime, I dare say, so I am a happy girl.

I've already set the four episodes up to Tivo, and I'm actually pretty excited for them - they sound very Twilight Zone-esque and are getting good reviews.

So check them out for yourselves... they are at 10 PM EST on Saturdays for the next four weeks on ABC (beginning this Saturday, the 4th).

Onto another topic - I have been working diligently on a post that will recap the Lost event at Comic-Con last week... it will be up soon.

Until then,
- e


Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds interesting, especially the, "narrated by acclaimed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking" part. What will that sound like?

Anonymous said...

I saw that cancer man was on there but not Locke!!

Did you hear there is a new X Files movie in the works for real? At least I read it in the Red Eye when I was in town a couple of weeks ago. The Red Eye never lies, right? It's serious journalism.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Tori, Tori, Tori! I wrote about the X-Files movie on According to e as soon as the news came out!

- e

Anonymous said...

i'm suffering of such a intense lost abstinence. and i love your posts so much, that i actually cheered with immense joy when i saw a new post, it almost seemed that i was going to watch a new lost episode.

but you tricked me, i thought it was the new post about the "news" from comic-con.... im so anxious to hear your thoughts on it. i thought of you right away the first time i saw the orchid video.

cheers from brasil.

Anonymous said...

e- your awesome! really love reading your blogs. thanks for the heads up about this show. i'll be tuning in for a LOST fix as well-can't imagine how bad i'll be jonesing by february! so, i haven't seen you write anything yet about jj abrams new mystery movie? whazz up with that? also was wondering if you liked "transformers"?