Monday, June 25, 2007

The second time's the charm

I prefer jungle Locke, but that's probably just me.
Hello my dear friends -

OK, SERIOUSLY... I really didn't think I would be writing any posts to this blog once Lost went off the air last month! And here I am continuing to find things to mention about the show.

Anyway, this past Saturday night, I finally had some much-needed alone time - some "e time," as I like to call it - so I chose to re-watch the finale with a big bowl of ice cream in hand. And I absolutely loved it this time. I can only assume that since I was no longer a nervous wreck about what was going to happen, I could just relax and enjoy it.

Five things really stuck out to me upon second viewing:

1) The music was REALLY over-bearing, much more so than usual. They also introduced some new instrumentals and I didn't like them as much as the subtle melodies they had used before.

2) All of Jack's flashbacks were heart-breaking, watching them knowing what was really going on from the get-go this time. Some were also unintentionally humorous - I have officially decided that not only is Matthew Fox the best man-crier in the business, but he also plays "wasted" really well. The scenes in the hospital where he's all confrontational with the new Chief of Surgery almost had me giggling. He's such a cocky ass, even when he's obviously a drunk and drugged out, washed-up Mad Doctor.

3) I'm growing more and more convinced that Charlie himself is "the musician" that programmed "Good Vibrations" as the key code. He had some really weird looks when Bonnie told him about the code, and if the writers already know how it's all going to wrap up, they could be planting little hints in like that so when we all re-watch the series when we're old and gray (or in my case, immediately after it ends), we'll all exclaim, "Those writers - they were so darn clever!"

Ummm, once again, I prefer the dirty sweaty brown shirt.4) Benry seemed to be ailing now that he was no longer near Locke. He was hobbling around with his cane again and just didn't look as healthy as he had been in the previous few episodes. And of course, after Jack beat the crap out of him... well, he looked REALLY bad.

5) Locke sadly stating, "Jack - You're not supposed to do this" was haunting once again. If the Lostaways don't end up going through a time loop or traveling through time somehow, I will stop eating ice cream for a month straight to just punish myself for believing so deeply in that theory.


Two other Lost-related tidbits for you:

1) Shout-out to FC, even though I'm mad at him for leaving me and moving on from The Current Man, for sending along this very cool video from a Lost fan that pieces together five minutes of the plane crash from all different viewpoints - Desmond's, the Others', and of course the Lostaways'. I apologize if they take the link down by the time you read this...

2) I was in Vegas a few weekends ago, and I was tagging along with my husband, who wanted to look through Planet Hollywood's memorabilia room because it has a bunch of famous guitars and signed movie posters and whatnot on display. So, I was milling around the place, somewhat disinterestedly, until all of a sudden a hanging at the bottom of the wall caught my eye. It was the entire Lost cast - a signed photo! It was also $895, so I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it (remember, I'm the one who has a hard time playing even $20 in Vegas...). But I did take two crappy pictures of it with the camera on my phone. I was all paranoid that they would kick me out of the store, so they're all blurry, but you should get the gist of it.

There's my man, front and center!There's a reason I'm not a photographer, OK?

To read about what else I did in Vegas and keep up with the "adventures of e," don't forget to check in frequently to According to e! I've been doing a good job writing posts regularly, and I miss all of you!

Hope you are having a good summer, or winter, depending on where you are...

- e


Wanders said...

What a welcome surprise to find a new LLL post on my RSS feed. I'm heading over to a2e now to hear all about LV NV.

Wanders said...

One more little comment: I can never read your wonderful alt captions for your photos on my Mac. I've discovered on my own blog that if I change "alt" to the "title" command, that the captions are readable on the Mac. I love your captions, but to see them I have to read them at work, and that's not really kosher with The Man. And since I work for a church, The Man would be God... so Kosher counts.

Anonymous said...

E ...

Maybe you would like to take a look @

Amazing ...

You made this ? ;)

Anonymous said...


Heads up:

Four thought-provoking tales of present and future Earth are brought to life in "Masters of Science Fiction," an all-new anthology series featuring a stellar lineup of actors and directors, and narrated by acclaimed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. The series premieres SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Masters of Science Fiction" is from Starz Media in association with Industry Entertainment and its Vancouver partner, Reunion Pictures, and is based on some of the genre's most popular and highly regarded short stories.

The second episode, "The Awakening" (SATURDAY, AUGUST 11), stars Terry O'Quinn and Elisabeth Rohm. Based on the short story by Hollywood Blacklist author Howard Fast ("Spartacus," "Citizen Tom Paine"), the episode opens outside Baghdad, where U.S. soldiers discover a mysterious casualty - one they can't even identify as human. William B. Davis ("The X-Files") guest stars as the President of the United States. Michael Petroni ("Till Human Voices Wake Us") directed from a script he wrote, based on the short story by Howard Fast.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Thanks for the heads up on The Awakening - I will Tivo it for sure! A nice way to get my TO'Q fix this summer...

- e

Anonymous said...

I hear Michael is coming back. UGH!

Ernie said...


I know you've been all over the video and LOST panel from Comic-Con. What do you make of "The Orchid" video?

Erika (aka "e") said...

Ernie -

I have kept up on the Comic-Con stuff and I will be posting about it soon... hopefully within the next few days!

- e