Monday, June 04, 2007

Have a great summer, fall and winter...

My dear friends -

It's going to be a while before Long Live Locke is back in action.

But never fear, for your "e fix," please head over to According to e, where I will be posting frequently over the next nine months.

And don't forget to add

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Until then, enjoy the finale post below.

- e


Anonymous said...

e, i would love if you posted here your recaps from season one.... it would be a nice thing to read during the recess.


Anonymous said...

Incredible ,)

Just my request as well ,)

Do you still have the archives of your season 1 post/mailling List ?

Wanted to start from scratch as i'll try to see the series from the beginning again soon and wanted to confront your ideas/findings with mine but realized you started the blog @ season 2 ....

Cruel ,)