Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to the World, Little Brotha!

Hello my dear friends -

How in the heck are you?

Those of you who keep up with me via my personal blog, According to e, were aware that for the majority of 2011 I was pregnant. And so now I'm happy to share that little Desmond Fox arrived the morning of January 24. Like his namesake, I dare say he is uniquely and miraculously special (see video below if you don't remember that line from LOST's Season Five premiere...)—but I bet all parents think that about their kids, huh? And yes, the middle name is a shout-out to none other than Agent Fox Mulder from The X-Files, the show I loved the mostest (as evidenced here) before LOST hit the scene.

For those of you shocked that I didn't name my firstborn Locke, let me remind you of two things: 1) since 2008 I'd been writing for Redbox alongside film critic Locke Peterseim, who (nicely... and justifiably) banned me from naming my son Locke and further diminishing its originality (let's just say he wasn't a fan of the show), and 2) do y'all not remember John Locke's fate? Um... it wasn't too pleasant. I don't want my kid to end up possessed by an evil Smoke Monster guy. Whereas not only was Desmond a universally beloved character who had a happy ending, but his name also has other significance for my husband and I. I'll keep those reasons private, except for this one: Desmond means "man of the world," and seeing as how we love to travel and intend to take Des with us on many adventures, we thought the name couldn't be more fitting.

Since it's taken over a month for me to post some pictures of my little guy, you can bet that I'm a bit pressed for time most days. However, we're slowly but surely getting into a groove, and I'm hoping to resume posting on a regular basis over at According to e (and a few other sites) soon.

What finally got me off my behind to check in with you all today is that within the next week (probably within the next few days, actually) I'm going to be running a LOST-themed contest here on Long Live Locke, for which there will be 20 winners of the soon-to-be published book LOST Thought by Pearson Moore. I'm going to give away 10 (signed) paperback copies and 10 eBook versions to lucky readers, so stay tuned! My good bud JOpinionated and I contributed a chapter to LOST Thought, and I think you guys will really get a kick out of it. But more on that when the contest goes live.

Until then I will leave you with ridiculous pictures of teeny Des getting his first glimpse of both LOST and his namesake (during D. Hume's most famous scene from "The Constant," of course), as well as him with some oh-so-nerdy "toys."

The "uniquely and miraculously special" line from Faraday to Desmond comes shortly after the 1:19 mark:

Now remember to check back within a few days for the contest and your chance to win a copy of LOST Thought!

I also plan to write about the TV shows I'm watching nowadays (in one big block on the weekends, thanks to the miracle of DVR technology) as I get many questions about that on Facebook and Twitter. So you've got that discussion to look forward to (and hopefully join in on) in the near future, too!

Hope you have all been well and that 2012 has been as good to you as it's been to me so far.

- e