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S3Ep21 - Greatest Hits (Charlie's fourth flashback)

You can kill me but you can never kill my hoodie!Hello my dear friends -

So here we are, at the second-to-last write-up of the season. It seems like only yesterday the hatch was imploding. How time flies.

I knew that "Greatest Hits" was going to be a Charlie flashback, and therefore I had extremely low expectations for the episode as I feel that Charlie's previous three flashbacks have been the weakest of all other characters'. I also mistakenly thought that he had already had a flashback episode this season, but I was wrong - the last time we had a Charlie-dedicated hour was in the middle of Season Two - so I guess we were about due, especially since Desmond's visions of his death have become such an integral component in the show.

While this episode was exactly what I thought it was going to be - a set-up for the season finale - I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I actually teared up many times and was amazed at how they were able to make me root for the same character that as recently as two weeks ago I'd been hoping would get killed off. This sentiment was echoed across every message board I visited (people admitting to crying and being confused because they usually think that Charlie sucks). Very nicely done, writers, very nicely done.

Having said all that, there actually wasn't a whole lot that happened in "Greatest Hits." I liken the episode to a chess game where all the pieces were being moved into position for the final play. Perhaps TPTB were trying to give all of us bloggers a rest before hitting us with the WHAMMY that is sure to be the season finale. I didn't even have any centipede scares, so I feel like last week was the proverbial calm before the storm. Just as the finale is about to air, swarms of angry centipedes will start dropping from the ceiling and invading my place, I'm sure of it.

On to the episode discussion... Let's start with Charlie's Greatest Hits list. If you are tempted to skip through a re-hash of these five, I will forewarn you that some of them actually did have small clues hidden in the scenes. You know that they like to drive the nerds nuts!


Since there has been SO MUCH HYPE about the possibility of Charlie dying, as soon as I saw him start to make his list I knew that it was going to be a record of his life's best moments. What I did not figure out until the end (when he wrote "The night I met you") was that he meant for the list to be given to Claire. That realization choked a few more tears out of me. I was pretty much a sniffling mess during the whole show - but I think a lot of that stemmed from this sinking feeling about what's going to happen in the finale. I just sense I'm not going to like it and it's starting to freak me out to the extremest (not a word, I know) of extremes. But I digress.


Yeah, yeah, Charlie... you are a self-absorbed rock star who loves to hear himself on the radio. WE GET IT and WE ALREADY KNEW THIS.



Seriously, how pitiful is it that this one made the list? Your dad doesn't let you drown and that's one of the highlights of your existence? A sad commentary on Charlie's life.

I know you! I know you!A few tangential things to note on this one:
- People noted that this is probably the only time we've seen someone's father NOT be an ass on this show.
- VERY interesting... a child off-camera in the scene can be heard yelling, "Desmond, come on!!!" I heard it upon my first viewing, it is in the transcripts I referenced, and I watched it again to be sure. What does it mean, if anything? I have no idea.
- Many people remembered that in Season One when someone drowned off of the beach, Charlie remarked that he couldn't swim. So everyone thought they made some huge goof considering the fact that Charlie swam to the Looking Glass...
- ... But what those people are forgetting is that he basically SANK - he had that bunch of stones Desmond gave him to help him drop down. And even Desmond called him out at the end:

DESMOND: So how long can you really hold your breath for?
CHARLIE: Does it matter?

His previous statement to Sayid about being a champion swimmer was obviously just a lie to ensure he would be able to go on the mission.


My precioussssWait a second, that ring was totally supposed to go to Frodo! Oh, wrong role.

A few people with MUCH better memories than mine recalled this scene back in the PILOT that they nicely tied in with this most recent episode:
KATE: May I ask you something?
CHARLIE: Me? I'd be thrilled. I've been waiting.
KATE: Have we ever met, anywhere?
CHARLIE: No, that would be unlikely.
KATE: Hum.
CHARLIE: I look familiar, though, right?
KATE: Yeah.
CHARLIE: Can't quite place it?
KATE: No, I can't.
CHARLIE: Yeah. I think I know.
KATE: You do?
CHARLIE [singing]: You all everybody... You all everybody! You've never heard that song?
KATE: I've heard it. I just don't know what the hell it has--
CHARLIE: That's us. Driveshaft. Look, the ring -- second tour of Finland. You've never heard of Driveshaft?
KATE [incredulous]: The band?
CHARLIE: Yeah, the band.
KATE: You were in Driveshaft?
CHARLIE: I am in Driveshaft. I play bass.

And in this latest episode we got to see the band on their second tour of Finland.

But still... talk about retro-fitting something... that ring is very obviously a rock star-looking ring which Charlie has been wearing since Season One (and which I have a replica of in my TV room - it came with the Charlie action figure). And now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe that it was some family heirloom belonging to "Dexter Stratham" and they named the band Driveshaft so it would fit with his initials??? I felt this one was very forced, but not quite as forced as the next one. Before moving on to that, however, I did tear up at this scene even though the ring part was goofy. Because ironically, Liam was the one to clean up his act and get married and have kids whereas Charlie ended up becoming a drug-addicted loser.

CHARLIE: Liam, no. Mum gave you that. You're the first born. It was her father's and his father before that...
LIAM: And it's a family heirloom, and that's why we named the band after Dexter bloody Stratham. I know. But Charlie, let's be honest, we both know I'm a sodding mess. But you, you're different. You're gonna get married, have a family, a baby. I'll be lucky if I hit thirty.
CHARLIE: Don't say that, Li.
LIAM: The ring has to stay in the family, Charlie. So please, take it. Mum would have wanted it this way. Pass it on to your little one someday. I need to know it's safe.

Now I don't have to deal with being called Turniphead anymore!The ring needs to be safe? Oh, oops! Too bad Charlie left it in the baby's crib without telling anyone! SO many people on the boards were unnaturally concerned about baby Aaron's safety (try telling them that these characters aren't real!) - apparently a lot of people think he's going to end up choking on the ring. Many others think that when they set off the explosives in the tents during the big show-down, the ring is going to get blown sky-high. These people could obviously never write a TV show. Those of us who could (or think we could) know that what is going to happen is that Charlie will end up dying, and then some time later when word of his death reaches the beach, Claire will poignantly find the ring and begin sobbing. "He knew! He knew what was going to happen to him! Who will help look after my bay-beeeeee!??" And she will henceforth wear the ring as a sign of her love for Charlie until Aaron is old enough to be the ring-bearer. DUH! You heard it here first!


Now THIS one was forced. Charlie saves Sayid's true love, who is now randomly in London, and she deems him a hero? Nadia is starting to pop up all over the place just like Jack's dad! Remember when Locke was fixing her home in California in one of his flashbacks?

There are two reasons why I feel this scene was included, besides the fact that they needed to make Charlie have had five good things happen to him in his life:

Really, I'm just a mugger.  I'm no one else from the show, deal with it.1) Many people think the mugger was someone we've seen before - ideas include Liam (Charlie's brother), one of the other guys in the band, or other random no-names that have popped up in the background in other flashbacks. This scene is believed to have occurred before Driveshaft became famous, so even if it was one of Charlie's band members, he may not have known them at that point in time. I personally don't think it's anyone we know, and if it is, it's just one of those "connections" that are interesting but don't mean anything overall in the show.

Don't tell Sayid that I called you a hero or he will get jealous, and we KNOW how he gets when he's jealous...2) One thing I think WAS meant to mean something major in the show is that this scene was obviously meant to be compared to the scene from Desmond's trippy flashback where he confronted Charlie whilst he was singing "Wonderwall" and then it started to pour. I was POSITIVE that they were the same scene and that therefore the biggest revelation of this episode was that Desmond did indeed go back in time and slightly alter things. Because Charlie's memory would be the way that that day originally happened for him, but Desmond going back in time could have changed things later so that the Charlie who is on the Island would've never remembered the other version (you have to believe that there are multiple simultaneous parallel universes to "get" this).

However, an inspection of the two episodes shows that Charlie was wearing different outfits and the background buildings were also different. He also had a cardboard sign with his name propped up against his guitar case in Desmond's flashback, whereas in this one he didn't have the sign, but instead had an EXTREMELY curious sticker on the guitar itself.

What did the sticker say?

Is that a hint or is that a HINT?!?!

"I was here moments ago." (Shout out to Dark UFO for the screencap and inset)


So here are my thoughts. I think this scene was intentionally put in to be a clue that there are multiple parallel threads of time going on and that Desmond went back to one of them and most likely changed a few things by buying the engagement ring (even though he still broke up with Penny), confronting Charlie, telling his professor friend about his time-travel suspicions and then getting hit by the mad patron (instead of the guy that was supposed to). I strongly believe that during one of his time-jumps that we never saw or may never see, Desmond found a way to get a message to Penny about the fact that he would eventually come to be stuck on a remote island as a result of a storm during his sailing race. That is why Penny knows to look for him now. Once again, just my theory, but that's how I think this all fits in. They would not have put this scene in Charlie's flashback unless they wanted us to realize it was similar... yet... different. Unless the actress who plays Nadia just really, really needed some work.


The kiss of death.If you didn't guess that Charlie's favorite life moment was going to have to do with Claire, then, well... I don't know how else to say it:
you are dumb.

What was cool was that we actually saw how they met (I went back through the first few Season One episode transcripts and confirmed that we never saw this scene, believe it or not). While I felt that Charlie's "good-bye" to Claire was anti-climactic (which it may have had to have been since she technically didn't know he was going on the Mission o' Doom), most people felt that his parting scene with baby Aaron (even calling him "Turniphead" one last time for good measure) made up for it.

I sure hope Desmond water-proofed the Greatest Hits list...

Now on to on-Island events.


I'll never rule the universe with YOU![Alex is skinning a rabbit in the Others camp as Ben arrives back]
ALEX: Hey! When'd you get back?
BEN: Just now.
ALEX: Where's Locke?
[Ben pulls out a gun]
BEN: [Coldly] Here's your gun back.
RICHARD: Ben, what's going on?
BEN: Where's Ryan?
RICHARD: He's at his tent, are you....
BEN: It's time to get them.
RICHARD: [Mumbles] But you said tomorrow.
BEN: Jacob wants it to happen now.
RICHARD: Look what happened out there, did John see...
BEN: John had an accident. Ryan!
RYAN: Yes sir.
BEN: If you leave right now, how long will it take you to reach their camp.
RYAN: Well, if I take my ten best, we could set up to hit 'em by nightfall.
BEN: Then you'd better get going.
RICHARD: No no, Ben, wait, moving at this schedule, Juliet may not be ready, what if she hasn't had time to...
BEN: Then we'll take all their women. And we'll sort out the ones we need later.
RYAN: And the men?
BEN: If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way, kill 'em.
RYAN: Alright.

Our time with the Others was brief but important nonetheless. Check out everything we can gather from those fleeting moments:

- Benry DID steal Locke's gun and shot him with it, as he now returned it to Alex (who in turn gave it to Karl). This corroborates with the observation on the boards that when Locke falls into the Skeleton Pit, you can see that he had reached for his KNIFE, but it had fallen out of his hands and landed a little ways away from him. He didn't appear to have the gun anymore.

- Ryan's only bringing TEN people?!?! If the Lostaways don't take them down, that's going to be embarrassing.

- Alex was skinning a white rabbit. This is at least the fourth time that a white rabbit has been referenced in this series:
1) Jack's first flashback in Season One was entitled "White Rabbit" (when he saw his Zombie Dad). At first he thought he was just having hallucinations from being too tired, but then Locke clued him in as to how special the Island was. From Lostpedia comes this take on that episode and the significance of its title:
"In this episode, Jack's father was said by Locke to reflect the "white rabbit" that Jack was chasing. Since Locke also mentioned Alice in Wonderland this is a clear reference to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. In this story, Alice was led into a cave-like opening by the White Rabbit. If this parallel is kept in mind, it is interesting to note that Jack followed his father to find fresh water, while Alice followed the ever-elusive White Rabbit to find Wonderland."
I would think that the fact that young Benry's Zombie Mom was dressed suspiciously like Alice in Wonderland and led him into the jungle where he came upon Ageless Richard could be another allusion to the same story.

2) Benry seems to have had white rabbits around him his entire life... he ensured that the sonic fence was off by coaxing a white bunny across its boundaries when he was younger, and was shown again with a white rabbit (with the number 8 on its back) when he tried to fake Sawyer out about the Pacemaker of Doom.

3) As mentioned above, Alex was shown skinning a white rabbit that she intended to take to Karl for food.

4) The logo of the Looking Glass underwater hatch is a white rabbit (more on that later).

I will NOT have time to brush my eyebrows if we leave a day early?!?!- Richard's immediate concern when Benry returned was whether or not Locke was able to see Jacob, confirming to me that the fact that Locke was at least able to HEAR Jacob means something major and gives me hope that he will make a triumphant return. Since Benry completely blew off the question, Richard is probably starting to become suspicious about Benry's renewed motivation to attack the Lostaways. He did not seem comfortable with the plan to move up the raid by a day - citing Juliet's unpreparedness as well as the complications if Lostaway men should get in their way. However, another contingent, led by "Ryan," seemed to be gung-ho to follow Benry's orders. I smell a mutiny brewing...

- Not only had Alex tried to help Locke, but she is now trying to help all of the Lostaways by sending Karl to forewarn them. In addition, Sayid's words to her from a few episodes ago ("You look just like your mother") seem to have been percolating in her mind:

KARL: If I get caught, your father's gonna kill me this time.
ALEX: Is he my father?

Here's to hoping for a Rousseau/Alex reunion in the finale! And to hoping that Rousseau doesn't accidentally blow Alex up with all the dynamite!


I just do what Alex says. Hey, who's that lady who looks just like her?In the preview for this episode (meaning the previews that were shown at the end of "The Man Behind the Curtain"), you could hear someone shouting "My people, they're coming... they're coming RIGHT NOW!"
I figured it was either Alex or Karl that would be giving the Lostaways a heads up about the impending raid. However, in that opening scene with a guy with dark hair jumping into the boat frantically, for a split-second I thought Boone had come back to life, and I was MAD. Luckily, that was not the case.

While the Lostaways were forewarned that the Others were making their way over to start the raid a day early, they were not going to have enough time to set up their traps properly. Which leaves a sinking feeling in my stomach. I am NOT happy about Sayid, Jin and Bernard being "the three shooters."


While the mystery of why Danielle was taking dynamite from the Black Rock has been solved, another major question has been raised.


That was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen on this show, and as we all know, there have been some pretty ridiculous things on this show. However, none of us should have been surprised that the Mad Doctor (totally back in top form - meaning completely insane) had to ENSURE that everyone knew he was in charge by demonstrating the power of explosives. Like they wouldn't have thought that using loads of dynamite would blow up the Others unless they had proof.

Fear me, for I am the Mad Doctor AND I have befriended Frenchy!Despite how silly that scene was, I liked it just because I would take Crazy!Jack over Annoying!Jack any day. He was back to the spastic, unpredictable mode he was in during the fall cliff-hanger when he botched Benry's surgery, grabbed the walkie-talkie and yelled, "Kate, dammit, RUN!" So even the Jack-haters have to admit that it was fun to watch him deliver this line last week:

"So tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them. Because when they show up... We're gonna blow 'em all to hell."

AWWWWWWwwwwwww, yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Regardless of Jack's tough talk and current "plan" to defeat the Others, I still think the Lostaways let him and Juliet off WAY too easy. I'm still uneasy about trusting either of them.


Does it freak you out that I'm telling you your funeral was really great?NAOMI: You having a laugh?
CHARLIE: No, of course not. I'd never disrespect a fellow Mancunian.
NAOMI: You're from Manchester then?!
CHARLIE: I am. My band got its start at the Night and Day bar on Oldham Street.
NAOMI: [Laughs] What band?
CHARLIE: Oh ,we're called Driveshaft.
NAOMI: Yeah yeah, I know you.
CHARLIE: We had our moment in the sun...
NAOMI: No not that, the crash. You're the dead rock star. They made a big deal out of you when they found the plane. Huge memorial service, new album.
CHARLIE: There's a new album?
NAOMI: Yeah, God it was everywhere... a greatest hits thing.
[Charlie smiles but then sees Desmond in the distance]
NAOMI: Hey, look on the bright side. You're not really dead, right?
CHARLIE: Yeah, right.

We learned two things from this exchange:
1) Naomi is from Manchester, and
2) The Flight 815 that was supposedly found in the ocean near Bali did indeed have the same passenger list as the "real" 815 that crashed on the Island. I still say the whole thing is an elaborate set-up. Many people think that when Benry asked Patchy to work on profiles for the survivors, it was both for the Others' own information AND for the cover-up.

And no, they're STILL not dead. The producers confirmed this ONE MORE TIME in the recap episode that aired last Thursday (and that will air again before the finale).


How classic is it that Bernard and Rose show up in the second-to-last episode of the season?!!?
That's one reason why I'm really nervous that Bernard is one of the shooters.


JACK: No. And there's no reason to do this now, we're going to focus on the Others, and then we'll deal with this.
SAYID: Wait a minute, we have the chance to signal for a rescue.
JACK: Look, for ninety days I've been asked to make decisions for this entire camp. There you go, I just made one.

Viewers around the country simultaneously groan, "You @#()*#$*#(@@#$!!!"

Then, later...

JACK: You better get going. Rousseau says its about a day's walk up to the radio tower.
SAYID: I'm not taking them to the tower. You are.
JACK: Excuse me?
SAYID: You're not staying behind.
JACK: This was my idea.
SAYID: And I'm perfectly capable of executing it.
JACK: I owe them!
SAYID: What are you more concerned about, killing the Others, or getting our people off this Island? This afternoon you said you were our leader. It's time for you to act like one.


However, even though I am glad Sayid finally put Jack in his place, I actually wish it was him leading the group to the tower and not Jack. Let me state it again: I AM NOT HAPPY THAT SAYID IS ONE OF THE SHOOTERS!!!! He is always doing all of the hard work! Plus, who else is going to know how to get Naomi's phone working again? I am bitter.


You can't GUESS what I saw by now, brotha?A post I found on the message boards sums up what I fear may be the case regarding Desmond's latest visions: "Anyone else have the very strong suspicion that Desmond was lying his ass off? I don't think he had a vision of Claire and Turniphead getting rescued, I think he saw himself getting killed trying to get in contact with Penny again and so he made up the story about it being Charlie so that Charlie would take his place. And that's why he performed the fake-out about taking Charlie's place there at the end so it could be false nobility on his part, offering to do what he was tricking Charlie into doing. He clearly knew that it wasn't as simple as flicking a switch underwater."

I had a slightly different thought... I thought that Desmond DID see Charlie flipping the switch and drowning, but did NOT see Claire and baby Aaron getting rescued, but rather saw himself together with Penny again (like in other recent visions). Since Desmond would know that the only way to ensure Charlie would sacrifice himself would be to say that it would result in the rescue of Claire and Aaron, he used that tactic this time around instead of telling Charlie the truth.

However, since it does appear from the previews that Desmond ends up in the Looking Glass (can't tell for sure), perhaps he isn't really eeeevil. Maybe he senses that something went wrong, or maybe he has a flash of Charlie being held prisoner, and goes down there to save him and/or finish the job with the switch. There's also the possibility that Desmond DID see Charlie turning the switch and dying as well as Claire and Aaron getting rescued, but did NOT see the part about Charlie being held captive by bizarre Amazon women.

Even if Desmond turns out to not be completely on the up-and-up, I will say that I would still prefer Charlie dying over Desmond, despite the fact that I was really feeling it for the hobbit again last week. But not enough to not yell out, "OH, #($)*#%(_@)#!!!!" when I honestly thought for a few seconds that Desmond might jump in the water instead of Charlie. Desmond remains my #2 most favorite character and unless he does something totally awful, I don't see my sentiments changing.

Swim, rocks, swim!To cap off this part of the episode... A lot of people seemed surprised that Charlie didn't end up dying. I guess they thought that if he was going to die, he would drown while trying to make it to the hatch. However, I expected that he would at least make it to the hatch, because Desmond made it clear that he would die AFTER flipping the switch. As in, he wouldn't be able to swim back out. After seeing what it took for Charlie to get in the Looking Glass in the first place, I think Desmond's vision is very much still in play. While I called that I didn't think Charlie was actually going to die in the last episode, I do now think (and rest assured that I remain spoiler-free on this issue) that he will die in the finale. They've just done WAAAAY too much set-up at this point with his good-bye scenes with Claire, Aaron and Hurley as well as his Greatest Hits list. He can also die knowing that the "real world" truly mourned him per his conversation with Naomi. Plus, if he does flip the switch and if any of the Lostaways really do get rescued because of it, he can die a hero (much moreso than for just helping Nadia out in the alley!). Let me put it another way - if Charlie does NOT die in the finale, then he can never die during the rest of this series, because the build-up to his death was just too much to throw out and keep stringing us along.


After Charlie emerged from the water, gasping for air, he immediately started rejoicing that he was still alive. As soon as he started laughing at his good fortune (quite loudly), I cringed and thought, "Oh Lord, he's not going to be alone down there..."

Sure enough, two pissed-off looking women were shortly upon him, guns drawn. Who are they? Theories include:

Killed by Amazon women? Des didn't mention this?!?!- They are left-over Dharma members and think Charlie is a Hostile
- They are Others that Juliet didn't know about
- They are Others that Juliet DID know about (see below)
- They are part of Danielle's research team (people noted that they dressed very similarly to Danielle)
- They are some other group that we are not familiar with yet

Juliet claimed to not know much about this hatch:

[Further down the beach, Sayid, Jack and Juliet examine files obtained from the Flame station]
SAYID: Now this is The Looking Glass. It's an underwater DHARMA station. Please, can you tell me anything you might know about this place?
JULIET: I've never been down there. I don't know anyone who has.
JACK: Why not?
JULIET: There was some accident. Ben told us that the station was completely flooded.
JACK: Well if it's flooded then how does it still work?
SAYID: How it still works is irrelevant. The question is, how do we get it to stop working, so we can use the satellite phone. The diagram shows that The Looking Glass is connected to the Island by a cable. I feel sure that this is the very same cable down the beach which runs into the ocean. So if we follow the cable, it should lead us to the station.
JACK: So how are we gonna get in?
SAYID: We swim in. There's a moon pool. A room with an open floor at the base if the station, big enough for a submarine to dock. Even if the station's flooded, I think I'll be able to find the relay switch and disable it.

The question of the day is, "Was Juliet lying?" Does she truly know nothing about the Looking Glass, or was she setting Desmond and Charlie up to be captured? My hunch is that she actually knew nothing. She DOES want to get off of the Island and as far as we can tell, she is completely on the Lostaway's side right now, having told them what Benry's plan for her was. I don't think she would have any reason to want to prevent the disabling of the signal that's jamming all communication with the Island.


Naughty, naughty! Get your mind out of the gutter - Hugh Hefner isn't paying off the producers of Lost to get a little more advertising!

However, a white rabbit looking curiously like the Playboy Bunny IS the logo of the Looking Glass hatch - it could be seen briefly on the outer part of the hatch when Charlie was swimming, as well as on the files Sayid saved from The Flame. Note that there is something very bizarre about the logo, though. The rabbit appears to have a black hole in its neck.

Or does it?

Why did Benry shoot that bunny through the neck?
I will spare you a recap of the EXTREMELY LAME debate over whether or not that was just a hole-punch hole in the rabbit's neck from the binder Sayid had. IT IS NOT. Because upon closer inspection, you may see that little lines appear to be in the black circle. Here's a hint: They look like the hands of a watch or clock or... timepiece (like the White Rabbit would always carry so he would know he was late).

Look here to see the important details on the rabbit logo.

Here's another hint: The timepiece hands appear to be at the time 8:15.

D'AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! What does THAT mean?!?!?! Does it mean ANYTHING?!?!?! Probably not, but it's still cool.

In case we're totally off track with this whole Alice in Wonderland thing, here are other pop culture nods to white rabbits:

- In "The Matrix," Neo (Keanu "Whoa!" Reeves) is told to follow the white rabbit, and he does so by trailing a woman with a white rabbit tattoo to a club where he meets Trinity for the first time. This movie included other allusions to Alice in Wonderland, such as when Morpheus told Neo that he could take one of two pills if he wanted to "stay in Wonderland" and see "just how deep this rabbit-hole goes." Man, I loved that movie. Too bad the sequels were poop!
- In "Jurassic Park" (another great movie whose sequels were mostly poop!), Newman used the command "white.rabbit.obj" to override the park's security system.
- It's the name of a Jefferson Airplane song that was popular with hippies and is all about drugs. Blue Man Group has used this song in performances I have seen.
- It's a character in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" that bites the heads off of people.


What would Lost be if it didn't have all its literary and pop culture references?

We've covered the significance of the multiple times that white rabbits (both literal and figurative) have popped up in the series. But the finale itself gets its name from a lesser-known Lewis Carroll book, "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There." I highly encourage you to skim this Wikipedia entry on the book and observe all of the themes that are completely relevant to Lost.

If I were a betting woman, which I'm not, but IF I WAS, I would bet that the finale's name is a hint that we will learn that the Island is indeed caught in between parallel universes, and that the Looking Glass is the "port" of sorts between moments along the space-time continuum. If I were to list out all of the hints that we've seen in the past three seasons about something funky going on with the space-time continuum, I would have a bulleted list that ran the length of one of my typical posts. If something is NOT revealed about time-travel or multiple universes in the finale, I'm going to be extremely mad, because what in the heck were all the subtle references since 2004 for, exactly, then? To make all us nerds go insane?

One last reason to defend my theory - on the beloved hatch map, there is an area that references a subterranean conduit (the cable, I'm assuming). Near that is a phrase that has been translated to mean, "A mouse does not rely on just one hole."




I should note that I write this entire post BEFORE listening to the podcast so as to not be influenced by what is covered, so you may notice that they rehash a few of the same issues I've addressed above and give answers that kind of negate some of my thoughts. So be it!

As it has been and forever shall be, in transcript form (CC is Carlton Cuse and DL is Damon Lindelof):

CC: So Damon, what is the Looking Glass station, who are the women in it, and why did Juliet think it was flooded?

DL: Well, the Looking Glass station, or, the Looking Glass hatch, as it is called in the blueprints - our people [the Lostaways] aren't the only ones thinking of things as hatches - we really don't know much about it. I hope we learn more about it in the finale, because there are a lot of questions... who are those women? Are they Others? Are they stationed there? If this station is jamming communications, did Juliet really think it was flooded, or is it just another lie in her web of lies? Why do you think it is called the Looking Glass, Carlton?

Psychodelic, man!CC: I think it is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland.

DL: Is the Looking Glass the underwater station that was referred to in Kelvin's hatch map?

CC: I believe it is. But the first time we had a hint about this hatch was in Season One, when Sayid found the cable on the beach. And everyone was wondering, what's up with that cable, where does it go? So now we have an answer, the show gave us an answer, thank God!

DL: So can I ask a fairly obvious question, then? Why don't they just get some hedge trimmers and clip that cable, if that hatch is what is causing all the problems? Would that do the trick?

CC: Well, it's possible. But that cable may not be the sole source of power to the hatch.

DL: But more importantly, though - Charlie's alive! Phew, I thought *for sure*... since it was his flashback episode, and since the flashbacks were so sentimental... that he was gonna die.

CC: But he didn't, because, you know... that's kinda how we roll in Lost. So what do you think, is Jack's plan going to work with the Others, even though they've pushed it up a day?

DL: Well, in the previews we did see an explosion, so I think *somebody's* going to get blown up... but we've seen how well all of Jack's plans have worked in the past, uh, they tend to not always work out.

CC: What do you think is worse, Jack's plans, or Jack operating on you?

DL: Hmmm, well, let's see. So far the only person that Jack has managed to save on the Island is BEN. So I guess if you're a bad guy, he'd be enormously successful in saving your life. But if you're a good guy, you're a goner. However, I will say, off the record, because no one's listening to this, that if Jack's plan WERE to work, it would probably have horrible repercussions for him personally. And I'll leave it at that. If anyone can snatch failure from the jaws of success, it's Jack Shephard.

CC: Yeah, I'm kind of... I don't know. All I know is that we promised the audience that they will get a definitive answer about Desmond's precognitions before the end of the season.

DL: As in, if Charlie is going to live or die?

CC: Yes.

DL: So... if he lives, he's going to LIVE and Desmond's going to start having flashes about Vincent or something, right? You won't keep yanking my chain about Charlie?

CC: That is correct.

About the finale...

CC: We're really going to let the finale speak for itself. We're going into radio silence about it now and will let you think what you will about it.

Fan Questions & Answers

Q. I was in a cab in Manhattan and heard the Monster sound!!! CONFESS that this is where you got the sound that accompanies Smokey/Cerberus?
A. You are correct! The sound for Smokey is indeed the sound of the receipt printing machine in New York City cabs. However, this has nothing to do with the mythology of the show.


- The biggest surprise? CHARLIE MADE ME GODDAMN CRY! Of all people! For so long I was focused on “Kill Charlie, kill Charlie please” and when we finally seem on the threshold of it (though I of course remain very very skeptical such a blessed event could ever happen), he reveals that his list of favourite moments is not for his own catharsis, but in fact a letter to Claire (which, HOW did I not see that coming? I’m normally kinda smart) and what do I do? BWUH HUH HUH BLUBBER BAWL! Damn you Monaghan! Was it just me, or did Dominic act roughly 400% better than he did in all the rest of Season 3?
- I'd like to give some credit to Dom's acting chops for making us viewers loath Charlie for almost this entire past season, and yet he can BRING.IT. it in these last few episodes to make us all misty-eyed and liking Charlie again.
- Well Sayid said what the entire fandom has been thinking for the whole season ("You claim to be our leader, start acting like one"), so that was enough to please me, but even besides that, I teared up a little. The Vans, the ring, the list, Nadia! Aww, Charlie, you almost make me sad about your impending death.
- I saw two minutes of the show tonight: Jack standing in the middle of a circle of Losties, yelling at them. "I'm the decider!" What an ass.
- Even though this was supposed to be a touching Charlie episode, the thing that got me the most was the idea of Jin staying behind.
- The whole episode, I'm tearing up, saying (aloud, sadly) "No, I don't want Charlie to die." Then, Des starts talking about taking his place, and I'm all "Hey, wait. I really don't want Des to die!"
- Still a bit teary-eyed after Charlie and Hurley's Sam and Frodo moment (although granted, Frodo never told Sam that he couldn't come with him because he was too fat. Yeah, I know, it was just to drive Hurley away - I'm just glad they shared a good-bye hug at the end) and the letter to Claire.
- I'm surprised nobody's pointed out the big reveal tonight - Charlie is the only known Lostie with a non-evil dad. He was actually pretty cool.
- Loved Charlie! Hated Jack. Missed Locke!
- The person who said the last few scenes reminded them of Super Mario Brothers levels is spot on, only Charlie didn't have any 1-UPs in sight. Maybe Desmond does though......Hey new theory, what if this is merely a video game? No chance, you say? Well, Charlie's ring reads DS, as in Nintendo DS. OK, I've lost it.
- Sayid better not die, Desmond better not die, and Locke better not be dead! [e: my thoughts exactly!]


CHARLIE: Anyone want to venture a guess as to what Jack's going to be showing us out here in the middle of nowhere?
HURLEY: I dunno. Stuff. Probably secret stuff.

SAYID: We need to talk about Naomi's phone.
JACK: Not now.
SAYID: If you're angry, I doubt that you'll be happy to make a sincere apology later, but now we have a means of...
JACK: Look I'm a little bit busy right now, Sayid...
SAYID: And I am trying to get us off this Island, Jack!

[In realtime, the entire group have surrounded Karl, with Jack pacing around him]
JACK: Is that everything?
KARL: Yeah.
JACK: [To Kate] You trust him?
[Kate shrugs]
KARL: You don't trust me, what about her!
[He points at Juliet]
KARL: She's a spy. She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rocks so they can take them.
JULIET: They know, Karl, but thanks.

JACK: Everyone's gathering down at the South end of the beach. No one's staying behind but the shooters.
ROSE: Says who? You wanna give me your word that nothing's going to happen to my husband, then I go.
JACK: I'll give you my word that if we don't kill everyone that shows up here in about an hour, it's not gonna matter where Bernard is.
ROSE: I like you better since you got back, Jack. You're almost an optimist.

Try not to die, dude!HURLEY: Dudes, wait! I heard. I heard what you're doing. I wanna come with. Everyone, they're all going to the radio tower and, I'm sick of trekking and, you know, explosions. I think I can help you guys out. I'm a really good paddler.
CHARLIE: You can't go, Hurley.
HURLEY: Why not?
CHARLIE: Because, you're too big! You won't fit in the boat.
HURLEY: That's uncool, man.


5/23 - Through The Looking Glass US preview, and the different Canadian preview

***Note that "The Answers" recap show will air the hour before the finale, and that the finale itself is 2 hours and starts at 8 PM Central time.


The finale post
Since not only is the finale two hours (thus it will take me twice as long to write it, I figure) but we also have a holiday weekend immediately following it (Memorial Day, for those not in the U.S.), I'm going to need two weeks to get the post up. Meaning that you can check back the night of Tuesday, June 5th and rest assured that the finale write-up will be there.

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Now that I don't have to spend 12 hours a week working on the Lost write-up, I can finally pay more attention to my other blog, According to e. I am slowly but surely starting to get back into the groove of posting to it again, so you should get yourself into the habit of checking it out! 'Cause you really can't wait until 2008 to hear from me again, now can you?

Final words before the finale
Enjoy the finale - it's sure to be a doozy. I have seen one short scene from it (don't ask me how) and I was already in tears. I am going to be an absolute MESS for those two hours, I guarantee it. One entire gallon of ice cream may end up being consumed by me in one sitting on Wednesday night. However, if they are able to top the Season One finale when I was bawling my head off because Vincent tried to swim out to Walt leaving on the raft, I will be impressed. That's in my Top 5 Sad-But-Yet-Still-Awesome TV Show Moments of All Time. As I stated before, I am just extremely nervous about this season's finale as I have heard too much about it being a "game changer." I like the game they're playing, so I don't want them to change it, dammit! And I don't even expect that we will learn Locke's fate this season, so my anxiety doesn't have to do with him anymore (for now). I just hope that the producers didn't decide to do something extremely stupid with the series. We will find out soon enough.

Until then,
- e

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

S3Ep20 - The Man Behind the Curtain (Benry's first flashback)

That white light he's seeing better just be Smokey again...Hello my dear friends -

Let's just get the elephant in the room out of the way right now, shall we?

Yes, I'm really, really, REALLY upset that Locke appears to be dead. If you were concerned for my mental stability and overall well-being after watching Locke's health failing rapidly in the Skeleton Pit, you were right to be worried. It would not be a stretch to say that I was completely nauseous and did not sleep at all that night. I also felt so sad, so hopeless, so utterly depressed about everything, that my addiction to spoilers kicked back in with the force of all of the pent-up curiosity I've had since I stopped looking at "in-the-know" sites about a year ago, and I found myself opening up multiple browsers and racing through all of the spoilers like a speed-reader on crack just to get any little glimmer of hope that my main man was not gone for good.

But that reassurance was not found, and I post this write-up nearly a week later still feeling as sorrowful as I did that night.

I will talk later about the evidence for and against him actually being/remaining dead, but for now, just know that I was as in shock as I'm assuming everyone else was upon seeing Benry shoot my man and having the episode end with what appeared to be a last gasp of breath by Locke. While I assured everyone at the end of the last write-up that the final three episodes were going to be crazy, I didn't know any specifics about "The Man Behind the Curtain" except that it was going to be Benry's flashback, show the Dharma Initiative's time on the Island, and also show The Purge. So I was completely blind-sided by the final scene. In fact, I had guessed early on in the episode that Locke was going to end up killing Benry and become the new leader of The Others?!?!

While it is hard for me to not keep typing on and on about my distraught state, if I don't stop now I will never get to anything else. While on the night of May 9th I seriously questioned if I would continue doing these posts, I promise you that I will at least finish out this season before making a final decision. Enough of you posted comments in response to my "panic post" the night the episode aired to make me feel that there may be a chance yet for Locke to still Live Long.


You killed my father, prepare to die!As I naively settled into my recliner Wednesday night, not knowing what horrible events were about to unfold on-screen or what pain was about to befall me, a dark spot on the ceiling caught my eye.

I looked up, and it was yet ANOTHER gigantic centipede! I yelled to my husband to go deal with it since I had to confront my fear of bugs the prior week right before watching Lost, as covered in the previous write-up.

"Holy crap, that is huuuuuugggeeee!" he warily remarked.

"Damn straight it is, that's exactly what the one I killed last week looked like, so get to it, I don't want it to fall on my head!!!"

Once the viewing area was clear of all things creepy-crawly, we focused on Baby Benry.


I've heard of natural birth, but this is ridiculous!Raise your hand if you thought Benry's birth took place in the jungle on the Island until his dad ran out to the highway? (my hand is raised)

I actually still wasn't convinced that Benry wasn't born on the Island until he himself admitted it to Locke at the end of the episode. I was quite positive that his father had jumped through some wormhole or some wrinkle in space and emerged near Portland after delivering Baby Benry in the jungle of the Island. Seriously, what in the heck were they doing out there with her seven months pregnant?!?! It still seems shady to me.

Anyway, as fate would have it, two major members of the Dharma Initiative just so happened to help the family after Benry's mom's death by offering Roger a job on the Island. Some people wonder if this was a set-up somehow (which I think would be hard to pull off). I think the more likely explanation was that the Dharma members in the car saw some likely candidates for work on the Island.

A few things to note about these early scenes:

1) It did appear that they arrived on the Island via submarine, and it actually looked like the exact same submarine we've seen recently.

2) Some people wondered if the fact that Benry's mom died in childbirth is the reason Benry is so obsessed with the fertility problem on the Island now.

3) Or even further along that same idea... some people wonder if Benry's life has had some sort of "imprint" on the Island, and if the REASON why women die during pregnancy is because his mother did.

4) Benry's mom's name was Emily, which is the name of Dorothy's aunt ("Auntie Em") in the Wizard of Oz - yet another connection to that story.

5) In Benry and his father's apartment on the island, we ever so briefly saw the same painting of the woman and the hamster that we saw recently in Benry's apartment in the barracks. This leads people to believe the woman in the painting is Benry's mom, and it certainly does look like her. Why there is a hamster and/or a levitating potted plant, however, is still beyond me.

6) We got this information from the Dharma orientation video that was playing when they checked in:

That's right, it's ME again!DR. MARVIN CANDLE: Welcome to the Island. For your own comfort and safety, we ask that you stay within the confines of your new living quarters. Our Barracks are surrounded by a high frequency sonar fence, to protect us from the Island's abundant and diverse wildlife. You are now a member of the DHARMA Initiative... Every morning you will be given a new code which will allow you to cross outside the fence... there are properties on this Island that exist nowhere else on Earth. Our mission, is to study these properties for the betterment of mankind and advancement of world peace. Most of you will be working on the main (inaudible), should you be assigned... (inaudible)...."

We know that Dharma was about studying the Island's properties and/or creating some peaceful society, and so the change in focus to kids and pregnant women may be more of Benry's doing in later years. I don't think the Hostiles care as much as Benry does about the pregnancy problem because Bushy-Eyebrows-Long-Eyelashes Guy (who I'm just going to give in and call Richard from here on out) specifically said to Locke that the group was eager to get back to studying the bigger mysteries of the Island.

Which leads to the question - WHY is Benry the leader of the group in the present day? Why isn't Richard, if he was there before Benry in the first place? More on this topic a bit later.

7) People were getting injection shots as part of the check-in routine on the Island. Does that mean there really is a "sickness"? We still haven't seen evidence of that outside Rousseau mentioning that that's what infected all of her team.


ToMORrow, roMORrow, I LOVE ya, toMORrow...Benry's first love, Annie, seemed like a pretty cool little chick. She's making him toys, saving his butt during Hostile raids, not minding the fact that he barely ever talks, and was quite cute to boot.

The main theory about Annie is that since she was conspicuously NOT shown after The Purge, she may have been in on the whole thing with Benry, meaning that he convinced her to switch sides like he did. They eventually ended up getting married and she got pregnant and... died. In fact, she may have been the first person to die on the Island because of that problem - making that another reason why Benry could be so obsessed with finding a way to save pregnant women.

I bet these would have been the next Cabbage Patch-like craze in the Real World...Some strange people on the boards are convinced that Annie grew up to be Rousseau. ?!?! Sorry, but I can't explain a theory if it has no logical basis!

Obviously Annie is still on Benry's mind, as he was shown
near the beginning of the episode looking at the doll she made for him. As you will read in the podcast debrief section, what happened to her will most likely be explained in a future season.


I am quite positive that there came a time, very recently, that the writers all sat around in a room together and said, "You know what? Screw it - we're never going to be able to "explain" half of this stuff, so let's just go completely over the top with the science fiction crap and at least we know the nerdiest of the nerds will still watch!!!" And that was what they did. Have you seen my hamster?Zombie people, the whispers in the jungle, people who don't age, near-death wounds healing, Polter-Jacob... NONE of this is ever going to have a "rational explanation." So if you seriously need that in order to watch a TV show which is meant to be pure entertainment, then I suggest you stop watching now. Because from the the buzz I've been hearing about the rest of the season, it's only going to get wackier.

Having said all that, I personally was happy to see Benry chasing his dead mother and hearing the whispers, and I'm glad that they confirmed that the sonic fence was to keep some of the Island's wildlife (Smokey) out. To me, that means that all of the strange paranormal phenomena on the Island is totally separate from The Others. For a while there I was thinking that the Others were behind the whispers and Smokey, at the very least.


[Patchy sprints into the Others' camp]
PATCHY: Where is Ben!!! Where is he!!!
[Benry steps out of his tent]
BENRY: I thought you were dead.
PATCHY: I'm fortunate the pylons were not set to a lethal level.
[Locke exits the tent, too]
PATCHY: What is he doing here?
BENRY: It's all right.
Don't worry Patchy, I will take revenge on him for you...PATCHY: He's the one who tried to kill me!
BENRY: He's with us now. Where have you been, Mikhail?
PATCHY: I encountered several of his people in the jungle. They had an injured woman with them. Apparently she had just parachuted onto the Island.
BENRY: What!
PATCHY: Her helo crashed into water. She says her ship is approximately 130 clicks to the West of us. She has a radio telephone.
BENRY: Where is she now?
PATCHY: I assume they have taken her back to their camp.
BENRY: We'll be visiting their camp day after tomorrow, we'll take care of it then.

How'd you like that one-second explanation for how Patchy "came back to life?" At least they did show young Benry turning off the fence and re-showed us that it does indeed seem to have a range of strength settings that the sound waves could be turned to.

But more important than that was the fact that: 1) Patchy didn't mention that Naomi said she was "not alone," which is what we know Naomi told him in a language only he understood when he was helping to save her, and 2) he and Benry both seemed genuinely alarmed by the fact that she made it onto the Island and supposedly had a rescue boat nearby.

All of this has led me to believe that she is NOT an Other, and perhaps she assumed Patchy was someone he was not when she told him she wasn't alone... or perhaps she was truly trying to tell him that someone else needed help. Which still doesn't make sense, because why would she tell him that and not the Lostaways now that they've proven they mean her no harm? AND since she was specifically sent for Desmond?

So while I still can't be sure what Naomi is truly up to, I do surmise that the Others may be thinking that her ability to get onto the Island and have a ship waiting nearby may be a direct result of "when the sky turned purple" because of Desmond's fail-safe key. Remember that to our knowledge, the Others don't actually know what happened to turn the sky purple and cut off their communications. There is a chance that they never knew about the fail-safe key because it was an old Dharma station, and they mostly just stuck to their barracks. Either way, they do not want anyone else finding out about the Island, so it sounds like they intend to stop Naomi's mission.


What, your slingshot wouldn't do Jacob in?ALEX: Locke.
[Both Ben and Locke turn to see Alex]
ALEX: I hear you're gonna go see Jacob. You're gonna need this.
[She holds out a gun for Locke. Ben looks on with a look of surprise]
LOCKE: [Taking the gun] Thanks.
[Alex turns to leave, but then looks back at Ben]
ALEX: [Coldly] Happy birthday, Dad.

When I emerged from my Sadness Stupor after the episode ended and was racking my brain trying to think of reasons why Locke wouldn't really be dead, the fact that they specifically showed Alex giving him a gun brought a faint glimmer of hope to my heavy heart.

Why would they make a point of Locke being given a gun if he didn't end up using it? There is a great debate on the boards about whether or not Benry took that gun from Locke and used it against him, or if he had one of his own. If it is the former, then Alex could've filled it with hard rubber bullets or something that would still hurt like hell and cause bleeding but that weren't actual bullets. Locke is definitely bleeding at the end and seems to be having trouble breathing, so I didn't think this theory made a ton of sense. While I do think Benry could've stolen that gun, I don't think that it was filled with anything other than real bullets. In fact, I'm pretty sure they showed Locke checking that it was loaded before setting off into the jungle.

Perhaps Alex thought that Jacob was violent and truly didn't want any harm to befall Locke. If no one else had ever seen Jacob, they would have no reason to believe that a bullet couldn't actually kill him because he is only a spirit-thingy. Her giving Locke a gun would also serve to build tension and anticipation for the viewing audience about how much of a bad-ass Jacob was going to be.

Or... maybe Alex figured that Benry would turn on Locke? Maybe despite the fact that Benry's her father, she wants Locke to be their new leader just like the rest of the group seems to? Remember that no one appeared to care when Locke beat the crap out of Patchy, and Richard also hinted that there was dissension among the ranks.

None of those reasons really seem right to me, still. Does anyone else have any ideas as to why they would include this scene?


Is it wrong that I consider Homeless Jungle Richard kind of attractive?When young Benry deactivates the sonic fence and wanders into the jungle looking for his Zombie Mom, he encounters none other than Richard Alpert. I almost peed my pants when Richard appeared all of a sudden - I was NOT expecting that one?!?!

Now, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has posted on this topic across every single message board I have read has commented on the fact that while we saw Benry grow from a boy into a man (and we also saw his father age), Richard did not appear to age at all. There are two things that could be going on here: 1) The Hostiles do not age, or 2) The make-up and wardrobe people on the show thought that by giving Richard long hair in the flashbacks, it would make him look decades "younger" and that we would all just accept that. The transcript that I referenced to write this post does state: "
Ben hears the whispers, and then turns to see a younger Richard Alpert standing right by him."

Say whhaaaaa???? If they really meant to make Richard look younger, then the person responsible for his make-up needs to be fired, because they failed miserably.

I think it *has* to be explanation number one - that the Hostiles don't age. I mean, presently on the Island, wouldn't you all agree that Richard appears to be younger than Benry? So if they wanted to be extra clear about the fact that Richard was aging along with Benry, they should've had Benry encounter a Little Boy Richard during his first foray into the woods.

Another reason why I think Richard clearly does not age is this conspicuous statement that Benry made to him when he entered Benry's tent and found Benry staring at the wooden doll:

"It's a birthday present. Mine just happens to be today. You do remember birthdays, don't you, Richard?"


Why yes, I DO look like Luke Wilson with my hair all long and scruffy!The fact that Richard isn't aging just opened a whole can of worms. The most obvious question is WHY is he not aging... but in addition to that, why was he dressed in a weird vest and what did he have attached to his hip (it looked more like a leather flashlight case than a gun)? Why did he not seem to be fazed when Benry told him that he was seeing his dead mother running around in the jungle?

Also, was Richard barefoot? I couldn't tell. People are dying to know if he only has four toes! And... was he actually a native to the Island? We can't be sure of that. Many people commented that he seemed to be dressed in a very "old" way, and guess that perhaps he had originally come to the Island on the Black Rock. And quite frankly, Dharma apparently doesn't know much about the Hostiles, either:

[At night, Horace talks with Roger in his house at the Barracks. Benry listens from the next room]
HORACE: Hey man, I heard you ran into a little trouble.
ROGER: We're driving back from the Flame and we hear this huge explosion. Next thing I know, there's a siren wailing, and we're driving to the middle of a shoot-out.
HORACE: Look, we're having some skirmishes with the natives.
ROGER: What do you mean, natives?
HORACE: Well, we're not exactly sure who they are.

I would've guessed that if Richard was truly a native to the Island, then that is why he doesn't age. The Island obviously has a whole ton of "special qualities," so add "the ultimate Botox treatment" to the list! But if Richard had really always been on the Island, why is he now allowed to go back and forth from the real world to "recruit" new people on behalf of the Others? And if his original group, the Hostiles, had always been on the Island, where in the heck did they get the deadly toxin gas that killed all of the Dharma members in The Purge? And why hasn't Richard ever seen or talked to Jacob, who clearly didn't seem to ever be affiliated with Dharma? And finally, as I mentioned earlier in the post, if Richard has always been on the Island and he was the one to "recruit" Benry over to the Hostiles' side, why isn't Richard the de facto leader? Oh, I thought of one more - does the same power that prevents him from aging also contribute to his extra bushy eyebrows and ridiculously long eyelashes?!?! I knew they were other-worldy!!! Obviously, there is much more to his story. I want a Richard flashback!!!


Yep, he's officially eeeevil!So we finally saw The Purge. Eerily similar to the Others gassing Kate and Jack, the Hostiles took out nearly all of the Dharma Initiative in an orchestrated raid, while Benry was off killing his father the same way in the VW. Bad to the bone!

The mystery of "Roger Work Man" has been solved, but as far as The Purge goes, we don't have any more insight as to WHY the Hostiles wanted Dharma gone. There seem to have been skirmishes that kept happening over the years, but what exactly the two groups were fighting about remains unclear. And why they waited at least a decade after Benry's first encounter with Richard to strike is also a mystery.

Near the end of the episode, Benry comments to Locke that he was "one of the people smart enough" to ensure that he didn't get killed during The Purge. As I mentioned in the section about Annie, many people think that Annie, and perhaps even Patchy, were included in the group that switched sides.

Here is a post that sums up the evidence for Patchy originally being a Dharma member:

"My name is Mikhail Bakunin, and I am the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative." This is what he told Sayid, Kate, and Locke when they first came upon him at The Flame hatch. But there may have been a bit of truth to his lie... Why does Mikhail wear a Dharma Initiative suit? He was even wearing one when Locke spied on him from the Pearl. I have heard a theory that the Others are keeping up a front on the Island - trying to make it look like the Dharma Initiative is still active to the outside world. Why? Maybe just for the supply drops. I'm not sure, but it does seem like the only way they had to contact the outside world was through the Flame Station. Part of Mikhail's job was to appear to the outside world as a member of the Dharma Initiative (to whoever still is watching). That's why he still wears the suit. And that's why he has this story. But I think he really was a member of the Dharma Initiative, just as Ben was, and was also spared in The Purge. Mikhail is not a native to the Island, otherwise he probably wouldn't have a Russian accent. So the story that Mikhail gave the Losties wasn't just made up on the spot, it was a story he has been living at the Flame Station every day since he arrived on the Island."

This may be why none of the other Others came to his defense when Locke beat the crap out of him. If Patchy and Ben were two of the only Purge survivors and the rest of the Others were all originally "the Hostiles," (except for the random 815ers like Cindy and the kids that were also with the group) then no one may feel the need to come to Patchy's aid. Get my man outta that pit with this thing!?!?!The only thing that doesn't really make sense about this theory to me is the fact that Patchy said he'd been on the Island for 11 years, and it seems like The Purge was longer ago than that. But I am not confident about THAT, either!

One final comment about The Purge... all we saw were Dharma members being gassed. But how come one of the skulls in the Skeleton Pit had a gunshot in the forehead area?

OK, before I move on to the biggest "Say whhhhaaaaa?" moment of the night, let us briefly visit the Lostaways on the beach...


Great job with telling Jack about Naomi, Kate, YOU ROCK.I was VERY disappointed in the anti-climactic confrontation between The Two J's and the rest of the Lostaways. Weren't your hopes raised really high when Sawyer and Sayid teamed up to figure out how to handle "the situation?" I kept thinking, "FINALLY!!!!" And when Juliet told Sawyer to play the other side of the tape, I thought it was going to be something to prove her innocence or justify what she'd been up to - but it really just dug a deeper hole for her and Jack to explain themselves out of, in my mind. Which is why the complete and utter LACK of reaction from the Lostaways over what I considered to be an absolute outrage was very frustrating:

JULIET: [To Sun] The night I saw your baby on the ultrasound, I told Jack what they were making me do.
SAYID: Why didn't you tell us?
JACK: Because I hadn't decided what to do about it yet.
JACK: I think we've got some catching up to do.

I sat there, watching the screen, stunned. How does Jack get away with this stuff?

Now, here's how that scene SHOULD have played out:

JULIET: [To Sun] The night I saw your baby on the ultrasound, I told Jack what they were making me do.
SAYID: Why didn't you tell us?
JACK: Because I hadn't decided what to do about it yet.
JACK: Yeah, that's right, YET. *I* make all the decisions about everyone else's well-being, hasn't that become obvious yet? Clearly none of you idiots would still be alive if it wasn't for me and my Mad Doctor skillzzzzz. And now you're just all jealous because Blondie here is hangin' with me! That's right! ALL the chicks dig me! You can fix radios all you want, Sayid, but you'll never be the leader of our group OR the chick magnet that I am!
[Jin, Hurley, Charlie, Sayid and Sawyer all glance at each other, and then quickly turn to pummel the arrogant smirk off of Jack's face. Hell, even Bernard shows up out of nowhere and gets in a few good kicks]
Sawyer: I declare Sayid the new leader.
Sayid: No, no, I'm blushing...
All Lostaways: Sayid for President! Sayid for President!!!
[End credits (in my world, the Locke-getting-shot scene wouldn't have happened)]

Since my scene didn't really happen, all I have to say is that Jack better have a DAMN good explanation for his silence about the planned raid.

Also, earlier in the episode, it became clear that Benry did NOT set Locke up to take the tape recorder. Both he and Richard seemed to be befuddled by its disappearance, and they were quite distraught about it until Locke showed up with his father in a body bag and then they had THAT to deal with.

And now, without further ado...


Benry and Locke FINALLY make it to Jacob's pad. Here I was thinking that it was going to be some tricked-out high-tech Charlie & The Chocolate Factory-type of room, and Benry was going to open the door and we'd see all of these modern computers and video cameras and maybe even Oompa Loompas, and Jacob was going to be this genius guy who was literally the puppet-master of everything happening on the Island. But instead it was just a crappy old shack?!?! I thought, "Are they supposed to be tying this broken-down shed to the earlier hillbilly theme from Season Two? What's going on here?"

Things only got stranger... before they even entered the cabin, they encountered a ring of what appeared to be some sort of ashy substance. Then Benry noted that Jacob doesn't like any sort of technology (just like Locke, apparently), so Locke had better put away his flashlight. The last time I thought of a flashlight as "technology" was... umm, well... never. But we understood Benry's point later, as it was not until Locke turned on the light while within the cabin that all hell broke loose.

Just because I was a little nerdball as a kid doesn't mean I HAVE to have an imaginary friend!!!But before we get to that, seriously, after the initial scenes in the cabin, how many of you thought that Benry was just a loon? When he was talking to no one in the chair? I definitely did. I thought, "Awwww, crap, he's just psychotic talking to an imaginary friend that he had ever since he came to the Island or something dumb like that." I was upset because I honestly felt that it was rude for the writers to make Benry's character go out like that. There was nothing to make him seem insane up until this point... in fact, I think he was proven to be quite shrewd and intelligent.

So imagine my joy when "Helllpppp... meeeeee" was croaked out of thin air and all possibility of Benry having simply set up some elaborate haunted house effects evaporated. SOMETHING wreaked havoc in that shack, and SOMEONE definitely pleaded for help. And SOMEONE was in that chair.

I know that many of you have already seen this, but in case you haven't, here are the infamous "11 frames of Jacob" that were pretty much only visible if you slo-mo'd the show. Here is one of the still-shots:

Sittin' here restin' my bones...

And here is "the eye" that flashed briefly near the end of the cabin scene (but not directly after they showed the glimpse of Jacob):

Look... into my EYE!!!!
There is A LOT to cover from the Jacob-Geist scene, so let's start from the top:

- The ashy substance - My personal belief is that there are actual ashes (of what, I don't know) in a ring around Jacob's cabin, and they act as some sort of spiritual barrier to either prevent him from getting out, and/or prevent certain others (perhaps the Island natives) from getting in. Since neither Benry nor Locke were natives of the Island, they could cross the barrier. People also think it could be volcanic ash, as a volcano was specifically referenced in Benry's classroom flashback. Another idea I saw mentioned was that perhaps the ashes were symbolic - kind of like "a phoenix rising from the ashes." If Jacob is some sort of spirit-creature that was once dead but brought back to life, perhaps that would fit.
- Inside the cabin - There was a painting of a dog that could not be seen clearly (though most people think it looked like a wolf hound), jars that seemed to be filled with red clear-ish liquid, and of course straw on the floor that ended up catching on fire. I have no idea what to make of ANY of those things, and they weren't really mentioned on the boards, either.
- Jacob - Ummmm, what IS Jacob? Is he a real person who throws on and off an Invisibility Cloak? Is he some sort of spirit? Is he Smokey? Was it just a very, very elaborate set-up by Benry? If Jacob is a real person - then WHO is he - is he someone we've never seen before, or is he perhaps someone we already know, who, because of either a parallel universe or time travel, is referred to as "Jacob" later in life? Most people on the boards seem to think that the person in the chair looks like Locke with a wig on (I agree). If Locke IS Jacob, then supposedly the reason why Locke couldn't see him is because when two parallel universes intersect, one person cannot see another instance of himself (I just report what I read!!! I don't personally claim to know the rules of parallel universes!!!).

Other possibilities for who Jacob might be that I've seen mentioned are: Jack, Sayid, Desmond, Alvar Hanso (financial backer of Dharma), Magnus Hanso (Alvar's great-grandfather who is believed to be the captain of the Black Rock and is supposedly buried on the Island (stated on Hatch Map)), or Gerald Degroot (founder of Dharma). I do NOT think Jacob is Jack or Sayid, so I'm just not even going to discuss those ideas further. There's a slim possibility that Jacob could be Desmond because of the time travel theory and because the eye shown seems to match up perfectly, but that still doesn't seem to make sense to me overall. Desmond's story is about him getting back to Penny, not about becoming a freakish spirit controlling Benry. Alvar Hanso's eye does seem to match, and from The Lost Experience (interactive game that ran last summer), we know that he hasn't been seen for a few years. But that still doesn't make much sense to me. Magnus Hanso makes more sense, because Jacob seemed to be dressed in raggedy clothes like a captain of the Black Rock may have been back in the day, and someone from the 1800s would definitely be afraid of technology. Additionally, on the hatch map, it indicated that Magnus Hanso had been buried on the Island, so maybe Benry found a way to bring him back to life... or maybe the Island preserved him in some sort of spirit-form.

So it's very obvious that we're not going to know exactly what or who Jacob is just yet. But what about his role on the Island? What is he trying to do?

Theories include:
- Jacob is/was dead or is currently a spirit and is attempting to be 'reborn' or 're-embodied' via babies conceived on-island. That is why the mother's bodies are rejecting the pregnancies and they did. Only Ben knows this.
- Jacob is a prisoner of Ben's and has been and is being used for experimental purposes. His "help me" statement is because he just wants to be set free or die.
- Jacob is an other-worldy creature who used to control events on the Island, and Benry would help him carry out his commands. However, Benry eventually started controlling everyone on the Island and had them only concentrate on what HE cared about (like the pregnancy issue), so now Jacob is mad and is looking for a new leader (Locke).
- Jacob is "the spirit of the Island" and only those with "special" powers or those who have a commune with the Island can see or hear him. Benry USED to have this and was therefore the only person who dealt with Jacob. But Benry started becoming selfish and Jacob then punished him with the tumor/cancer. Locke is now the new person on the Island with the greatest connection to it (his paralysis disappeared), and so he was able to hear Jacob and it's only a matter of time before he'll be able to see him, too (if he isn't dead).

- The eye - If the eye that was shown in that sequence was really meant to be Jacob's, then I think it rules out Locke being Jacob. His eyes don't match at all. I personally think that the eye shown does not necessarily have to be Benry's, Locke's, or Jacob's, even though they were the only three in the room. To me it looks most like Desmond's or Alvar Hanso's (see link above). So perhaps Desmond saw a flash of this encounter (from elsewhere on the Island) and it was his eye we saw? I mean, the nose in that eye picture does not really fit the profile of Jacob at all, so that's why I didn't think the eye belonged to Jacob.

The final three questions we need to ponder about Polter-Jacob are:
1) Why has Benry been the only person to talk to and see Jacob up until this point? Did anyone else ever even try?

2) If not, why exactly do the other Others believe Benry that Jacob exists?

3) How has Benry been "summoned" by Jacob in the past?


Turn around, TURN AROUND!!![Locke stands over a mass open grave full of skeletons, some still wearing their DHARMA jumpsuits]
BENRY: This is where I came from, John. These are my people. The DHARMA Initiative. They came here seeking harmony, but they couldn't even co-exist with the Island's original inhabitants. And when it became clear that one side had to go. One side had to be purged. I did what I had to do. I was one of the people that was smart enough to make sure that I didn't end up in that ditch, which makes me considerably smarter than you, John.
[John turns to strike but Benry shoots him. Locke falls into the ditch]
BENRY: What did Jacob say to you?
LOCKE: Why did you do this?
BENRY: Because you heard him. Now I need to know what he said.
LOCKE: Help me
BENRY: John, I'm not going to ask you again. What did he say to you?
LOCKE: He said... help me.
[Benry looks troubled, and flinches for a moment]
BENRY: Well I certainly hope he helps you, John.
[Benry leaves Locke lying in the ditch]

I hate re-living the pain!!!

So WHY did Benry do this? There seems to be agreement across the boards on this one: Benry is now truly threatened by Locke because not only did Locke hear Jacob (and Benry clearly didn't), but Jacob asked Locke for help. This leads me to believe that Benry has fallen out of favor and knows it. Perhaps Benry has been holding Jacob there against his will, and the fact that Locke actually heard Jacob means that Locke has the power to overthrow Benry.

Having said that, if Benry wanted to kill Locke, why didn't he ENSURE he was dead? His final comment to Locke shows that he knew Locke wasn't dead yet. Perhaps he didn't want to test Jacob that much and suffer his wrath if Locke died?

I'm not certain why Benry did what he did. But I am certain that it means something that Locke was able to hear Jacob.

Which leads us to...


I ain't going out like no sucka-fool!First off, I truly thank all of you who posted comments, emailed me, called me, and/or visited me to ensure I was OK after last week's shocking ending. Yes, yes, I *know* that there is a war going on and there's starving people in third-world countries and tons of horrible things are going on all over the place, and I honestly do realize that this is just a TV show (although you wouldn't know it from reading this site). But everyone has their "thing," and this show is my thing. It is what I look forward to each week, it is my one hour where I can completely forget about all of the things mentioned above, The Man, my condo's myriad of issues, evil centipedes and crappy weather and all of the other stuff that worries or bothers me and just escape. And let's face it, even for those of you who are on the opposite end of the spectrum from me and can't stand Locke, you have to admit that the show wouldn't be the same without him. So I just felt a hollow spot in my heart that night and I don't apologize for it!

The unfortunate part about this section is that I can't write everything I know because some of it is spoilerish. So you're just going to have to trust me when I say that DESPITE everything I'm about to write that is in favor of Locke still being alive, there IS A REASON I remain worried about his fate.

Reasons why Locke will not die

1) He is the best character on the show, duh! If you were to read the boards after the episode aired, you would see that I am NOT alone in that sentiment. People were freaking out.

2) I still don't think he blew up the submarine, and the producers even questioned on a podcast a few weeks ago: "why was he soaking wet when he came back from the sub?"

3) We don't know why he was cured from his paralysis on the Island.

4) We don't know why he specifically was able to hear Jacob.

5) Some people have pointed out that it looks like he was shot in his kidney, and it could conveniently be the kidney that he gave away (oh, the irony!), so therefore it's not a life-threatening wound.

6) They have made a point of showing how quickly everyone recuperates on the Island. Locke should be springing out of that pit in no time.

7) If they were going to have Locke die, he would go out much more dramatically than that, and it would BE CLEAR that he is dead.

Reasons why Locke could be dead (this includes him actually being shown dead in the remaining two episodes rather than just gasping for breath and looking like he was dying at this end of this latest episode)

1) All of the things mentioned above could eventually be explained without him still having to be alive, via the flashback technique.

2) They basically wrapped up his entire life before the Island in flashbacks... we know how he got paralyzed, his father is now dead... what else is there to say about his past? Nothing.

Revenge will be so sweet (hopefully).3) Shots of Locke lying in the ditch show the bullet hole and blood much higher on his chest, casting doubt upon the "he got shot in his missing kidney" theory. And for those of you who have read interviews with cast members hinting at the missing kidney, let me just remind you that they are cast members of a show that has been known to put out fake reports of people selling their homes in Hawaii and/or starting on new TV series (to insinuate that they will be killed off of Lost) just to throw fans off track. This is a show that intentionally and deliberately circulates fake spoilers. Do not underestimate the lengths those involved in the show will go to in order to keep some things secret!

4) Locke was pretty much the only threat to Benry, so Benry had a reason to kill him or ensure that he does die.

5) Unless Rousseau happens to be tramping along in the jungle and comes across the Skeleton Pit and saves Locke (a scenario suggested by my colleague PS, which would be awesome), there doesn't seem to be anyone around to help him. I honestly don't think Jacob can escape the ash circle.

6) There is one thing I read that is still making me nervous. And until the finale airs, I'm not going to stop worrying. But until the finale airs, I'm not telling you what it is, either!

Here's what *I'm* going to do... I'm going to start the process of accepting that he is gone and then if he's not, it will be a happy surprise. At least I'll always have my Locke action figure.


As we are getting more and more insight into the history of the Island, and since we have finally gotten a glimpse of Jacob, there have been a few all-encompassing theories circulating that have attempted to answer ALL or MOST of the questions raised on the show to date.

Thanks to CG for sending this extremely extensive quantum physics theory:
Quantum Physics theory

And a shout-out to FC for pointing out this also very thorough and complex theory that focuses on the Dharma experiments and the magnetic forces on the Island:

A theory that covers just about everything


Before the usual discussion with the two executive producers, there was an interview with Darth Hoodie/Merry the Hobbit/Kate's boyfriend in real life (Dominic Monaghan). Note that the first question below was asked to him at the BEGINNING of the season, not recently. He probably had no idea at that point in time that his character's fate would become a focal point of the show.

From cape to hoodie - how far he's come!Q. What do you think about the possibility of your character dying?
A. I don't mind, really, I don't mind. It's not something that I think about. I love the show, I love Hawaii, I love the relationships I made here. If my character died, those relationships wouldn't change. My career and my life has been about the relationships I formed. I hope I'm not defined by this character, I don't think I am. This is a piece of my career, and a great one. But I hope that ten years from now, it's not still like, "You're Charlie!" You always want to try different facets. With the Rings, it was about fantasy and I was this sweet, whimsical childlike guy. I think Lost complemented that very well because it was a contemporary guy, dark, moody sarcastic, broken character. Next, I need to think about playing someone who isn't like Charlie, where do I go from here?

Q. Many of the cast ask you for "new music" advice. What are you listening to right now?
A. I really like Imogen Heap right now [e: good choice!], that's really fun... and the new Keane album, even though they get a lot of flak in the press for being girly-boys. But they still make good music, so I don't understand that. Ray LaMontagne. Iron & Wine. Radiohead is standard. Anyone who doesn't like Radiohead doesn't like music. Thom Yorke's new album. Corinne Bailey Rae. I'm always looking for new stuff.

Now on to producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof:

This is the penultimate podcast. We're going to do one next week, the finale will air, and then we're going on vacation. We're just going to let the finale play and we're sure YOU will tell us what you think about it, we don't need to tell you what to think about it.

But as you heard, we have announced the end date for the show. It was really important to the two of us that we didn't end the show after it was no longer relevant. We wanted to provide a certain measure of confidence for the fans, we love the "J.K. Rowling model." If you haven't heard, we have 48 more episodes left. We thought about the story we had left to tell, and not only is 48 a good number for the total episodes left, but structurally, telling it over three seasons of 16 episodes each worked well. BUT, you should know, in a separate deal that we reached, we're only doing 35 more podcasts. We just didn't think there were as many podcasts left in us as there are episodes. [e: they were joking]

Last night, we watched the finale for the first time from start to finish. We just finished filming it on Monday, we're cutting it a little close. We're really pleased and we hope you like it. The robots in it aren't as convincing as we would've liked, but we think they're OK. [e: once again, joking]

Now let's do some re-hashing of 'The Man Behind the Curtain.' It obviously involved a very significant advancement of the show's mythology. Now, we don't just have Ben... we have made manifest of this character named Jacob. Some people said it was Locke in a wig. Some people say it was Christian Shephard [e: Jack's dad] with a bad hair job. Wow. Some people didn't see anything at all. Some people saw a strange eye and were wondering what that was all about.

It's all a matter of interpretation, isn't it? We wrote this scene with an idea in mind, and then it gets to the editing room and we wonder "Are we showing too much, are we not showing enough?"... we were definitely intentionally creating a 'Tivo moment,' and it appears we achieved that. And while I'm sure this will frustrate you, it would be premature to say anything else about Jacob at this point. It will spoil upcoming stories. We will say that Jacob is more of a question for Season 4 than the rest of this season. The rest of this season is about the confrontation between the two camps .

So we learned that Ben was lying in that he wasn't really born on the Island. We learned a lot about him, but we left out some major story beads [e: Can you say, more Benry flashbacks in the future?] We saw the Dharma Initiative on the Island, and saw that The Others basically wiped out the Dharma Initiative except for a few of them, as Ben alluded to at the end.

DL: I think we're ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room here [e: I wrote the very beginning of this post BEFORE listening to this podcast!] - I mean, John Locke took a bullet in the gut - what happened to Locke? Is he dead?

CC: Well, he didn't look dead when the show went off.

DL: Is he dead NOW?

CC: If I were a betting man, I would bet that John is not dead.

DL: Well, I'll bet you $5 that he is.

CC: You are on.

[e: How dare they make jokes about the fate of Locke!?!? This is a serious matter!]

DL: WHY did Ben shoot Locke, Carlton?

CC: Ben took Locke out to Jacob as sort of a litmus test, to see if he was really special or not. He wanted to see if he could actually see or hear Jacob. When Locke DID hear Jacob, that kind of freaked Ben out, it threatened him, so he took him to the pit and he shot him. Because he doesn't want his leadership of The Others challenged by Locke.

Fan Question and Answers

Q. In "Walt's comic book from Season One, the Green Lantern, the superheroes capture an alien who they think is a threat, but he is not. The alien is held for 15 years, and ends up getting cancer from the radiation from all the experiments they're doing on him. If *I* were that alien, I would say: "Help me!" ... So, is Jacob an alien or some type of non-human intelligence that is being held and used for human purposes?
A. He is not an alien. Other than that I can't say anything.

Q. Please tell me that we will see more of The Purge! That seemed way too quick and unfulfilling to be the war between Dharma and the Hostiles! How did Dr. Marvin Candle lose his arm? Where were Kelvin and his old hatch partner, Radzinski? Was this supposed to wrap up that storyline or was it only a taste of things to come?
A. That was just a taste of things to come. We did see a good number of Dharma people get killed, so that WAS the one fell swoop... but there were allusions when Ben was a kid to many skirmishes. We will see how Dr. Candle lost his hand. And we WILL see how Montan lost his arm. Season 4 is going to be all about missing limbs. I would really like to see a Rousseau flashback. Maybe we should write one. Anyway, there's definitely more to learn about the history of the Dharma Initiative.

Q. Is Jacob being confined by Ben? I noticed a line on the floor in the cabin and the same powdery substance was on the chair. Was this substance made to confine him?
A. It could be that. Or it could be some of the ash from the volcano that they showed in the class.

Q. What's up with Annie, by the way? Did she die in The Purge?
A. I think that's a chapter of Ben's story that we still need to see.

Q. What the heck is that Dharma shark and where has it been since we last saw it? Does it have a name? Is it related to where Michael and Walt are? Did it eat them? If you can't answer that, then let me know about Jacob... why the invisibility? Please don't say he's a character from Heroes! Maybe he's a phantom? Maybe he's a prisoner of Ben's and is hidden in that shanty?
A. Wow, I'm much more comfortable talking about the shark. As we learned, the Hydra was a station that was routinely flooded so that they could do experiments on sharks and dolphins and whatnot. The shark will be back. And, as we will exclusively reveal here on this podcast, it does have a name. It's name is Jim. No, it's Ezra. Ezra James Sharkington. You will see Ezra James Sharkington and his Dharma-laden flashback next season. Oh my god, we have officially jumped the shark! Do you know how much everyone loved the episode where we learned how Jack got his tattoos? Well, imagine the reaction to learning how the shark got HIS Dharma tattoo! And what if he also got it from Bai Ling?!!?! The shark was like, "I will bite your face if you do not give me a Dharma tattoo!" I'm just saying, we've done wackier things on this show. [e: they were laughing uncontrollably during this one]

Q. What's with this ongoing theme with the bad fathers and everyone wanting their dad to love them? Jack, Hurley, Locke, etc., and now Ben?? Is everything OK with you guys at home? If disappointments can't be mended with being a part of a hit TV series, I don't think anything will solve them.
A. Our lives are so miserable. You know, there's no easy answer to that question. If anyone out there actually has an awesome relationship with their father, please write and let us know. Share and let us live vicariously.


- Does anyone really think he's dead? I mean, you can't kill John Locke, you can only make him angry. Or is that Chuck Norris? I forget.
- They won't kill Locke. They won't kill Locke. They won't kill Locke. Right? RIGHT?!?!?
- How I know Locke is not dead: Simply because we are asking if he is dead or not.
- Did anyone notice Ben's mother was dressed like Alice in Wonderland? And of course the white rabbit. Lot of symbolism there.
- What was up with LOST WITCH PROJECT? I was waiting for an extreme close up of Ben or Locke crying and talking directly into the camera...
- I loved that Jin doesn't know enough English to learn he was sterile before the crash.
- WTF? If they kill off John Locke, I guess we can assume Sayid is going too. Because if you want a show to last three years, of course you go after the fan favorites...
- The natives didn't strike me as savages, so I'd like to know what the Dharma people did to warrant such an extreme measure from the natives as the only recourse left to settle their differences.
- Dharma certainly put its feet up on the Island's coffee table. Consider the disruption of building those hatches -- the Swan was a bomb shelter-like fortress! And the sonic fence! I bet the Dharma folks really upset the balance of the Island, at least in the Hostiles' eyes, and the Hostiles' anger built up to the point of rage.
- The Purge may have been Ben's idea. He is an opportunist, and seeing the anger of the Hostiles, he capitalized on it and then used the Purge to gain leadership status. His "special gift" (which impressed Richard) must have helped. The mystery for me is whether Richard knew Jacob existed, and then Ben showed he could contact Jacob, or whether Ben "discovered" Jacob.
- Ben already seemed to have a position of authority by the time of the Purge - Richard asked him what to do about Roger's body. And the fact that the Purge occurred on Ben's birthday suggests perhaps he was at least involved in the planning.
- Richard seemed impressed when young Ben reported seeing his Mother - was that the sign that he was special, and should be their leader?
- Ben: abusing bunnies and shoving them in bags since childhood.
- I’m not sure why they made a point to say that Ben was quiet as a kid. I’m not even sure if he spoke a word during “young Ben’s” flashbacks. But then before he kills his dad, his dad says “you’re usually chatty Cathy in the mornings.” Why the change, and why did they feel the need to point this stuff out?
- So Eyeliner Guy has been on the island for decades and hasn't ever aged? And used to dress like a pirate on shore leave? (Which totally explains the eyeliner!)
- I'm actually curious as to what Ben learned between his "awkward kid stage" and "megalomaniac adult stage."
- So Vincent ate Ben's dad's arm. Excellent. I hope he doesn't get sick from residual nerve gas in the tissue. Of course, if he does, we may finally get our Vincent flashback.
- Did anyone else notice that for a wily bad - ss, Locke turned his back on Ben a shocking number of times before he actually got shot? You are on a death march / paranormal nature walk with a sworn enemy - keep him in front of you at all times! And don't get between him and the OPEN MASS GRAVE!!!! Has he never seen Goodfellas, any of the Godfather's or Casino? These are basic principles that could save your life....
- Jacob kind of looks like Kris Kristofferson to me. Maybe he'll heal the hurt feelings between the Lostaways and the Others with a song or two.
- I was thinking thinking he looks like Lebowski. This aggression will not stand, man.


Some new information on the recap episode and the finale below.

5/16 - Greatest Hits (previously called 'The Truth About Lying')
5/17 - Lost: The Answers (previously this was thought to air on finale night). This will be at 10:15 PM EST and run for 45 minutes. It is a recap of the show to date, and covers which major questions have been answered and which still remain. It features the executive producers who do the podcasts.
5/23 - Through the Looking Glass - TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE. Note that the show will begin one hour earlier than usual - 9 PM EST.


I'm going to make a call right now - and no, I did NOT read any spoilers whatsoever about this topic. I don't think Charlie is going to die. I think they're trying to fake us out. I think that Desmond will LET whatever he foresees that leads to Charlie's death actually happen this time, but something/one will intervene and Charlie will be saved. We shall see tomorrow...

- e