Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Breaking Tradition

I can't wait until next Tuesday night to let you all know:

"NO, I'M *NOT* FRICKIN' OK!!!?!?!"

If there's no write-up for "The Man Behind The Curtain," I'm sure you'll all understand. My heart is heavy as I attempt to go to sleep tonight, and I don't expect it will get any better throughout the next seven days.

: (

- e


Anonymous said...

ooh. me too. and i have to be up in 4 hours. but i cant sleep.

im thinking that maybe jacob is locke. people have posted pictures of him. and that forehead! oh its the same forehead. and the chin too.

i think ben couldnt see him or talk to him. he was just pretending. and locke heard him.

oh my. i cant sleep. that whole scene in that strange house was way too creepy for me.

and why oh why doesnt richard age? who are these people?

Merlin said...

You'll be okay. I always look forward to your blogs. They make my day. Like a gift waiting for me every Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

sorry e, i know how you feel. Locke is my favorite character as well. dont worry the island will heal him. he still has secrets to find.

Anonymous said...

e-I had a feeling you would break tradition and post early. Do not fret-they made a point in "The Brig" to show us how quickly Locke's hand healed from Poppa Locke's bite. I believe it was a foreshadow that he will "heal". He had better.

Anonymous said...

poor e! i thought of you while watching last night's episode and how much you must have been freaking out.

i think locke will be ok. and not just because it would make you feel better.

Unknown said...

Locke is too crafty to have gone down like that. You know this, E!

Anonymous said...

ok first let me say that I read your blog VERY regularly. I thought of you as soon as Ben shot Locke!

I just want to say that I am CONVINCED Locke isn't dead. Not only is he one of the best actors on the show, but the darlton team said that those words would change his course. I think it just means that he is going to become a new peson. I really don't think he's dead though.

I hope you're ok and you still do your write up! You're the best!!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's ok.

-kelly t.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Kelly T - I'm not sure what you're referring to when you said "the darlton team said those words would change his course." Who is the Darlton team and what exact words were they referring to? The "Help me" or something else? And where did they make that statement, because I haven't come across that before?

To everyone else - thanks for writing in. I was met with a disaster at work this AM, so it was just like salt in the wound. I still have a bad feeling about everything...

- e

ayama said...

oh duh!
you were upset about locke. how silly of me. its just that i was so sure he wouldnt die that i didnt even think about it.

i think if locke was to die they would kill him more dramatically.

im pretty sure he wont die.

ayama said...

oh, i signed it as maya, well, its similar, so i guess you know.


Erika (aka "e") said...

Kelly T - I just found an article on where the producers do state that Locke will hear two words ("Help me"), and those words, and the fact that he heard them, will change his course on the Island forever.

To me, that could mean that he IS Jacob. It could also mean that he IS dead because Benry shot Locke because he's jealous that Locke heard Jacob speak and Benry didn't.

I just don't know!!! It's killing me!!!

Anonymous said...

E - First off, I know you must be torn up about this!!!! Locke has such depth and dimension and I can't imagine Lost w/o him.

I absolutely love your blog. I faithfully read your blogs and logged in first thing to see if you'd posted. You are a very cool writer: witty, insightful, fun.

This is from EW/Doc Jensen:

''Locke will hear two words tonight,'' says Lindelof. ''Those words, and the fact that he hears them, will change his course on the island forever.''

That seems to tell me that he's going to stick around and to get ready for the turbulence. Maybe Ben is going to cause what he fears the most to happen; losing command -- by shooting Locke. Locke is starting to mean something to his "people" and Locke was spoken to by Jacob (which Ben couldn't hear). If Jacob pops over to heal him...imagine the uproar....

I still want to know what the heck is going on with Richard-the-Ageless? Why isn't he in charge if he never gets older?

And yeah, this is really long....

Anonymous said...

OMG - e, I don't know you personally, but last nite my first thought was of you. I strongly believe the island will heal John (remember it brought Patchie back from the brink, and we all know he was dead, right?!?)

Anonymous said...

Hi e,
I, too, thought of you right away when Locke was shot. Never fear,
I know that he is not dead. Your
blog is great, and I look forward to it every week. Be strong, John
is going to be fine.

Anonymous said...


Get well soon, and keep the faith. Didn't Locke die already - hatch imposion?

CW in NY

Anonymous said...

hi e the first thing i thought about last night was u i quickly thought sux for e.....and i think that jacob is locke u know time loop thingy and ben did say that locke and jacob had the same feelings about technology and such.. please dont stop ur wtie-ups

Anonymous said...

JW and I were thinking of you last night...we couldn't believe the ending! However, I agree with many other posts that Locke really isn't dead...the island seems to have mystical healing properties where Locke is concerned and I wonder if that is somehow tied to the 'hostiles' who don't seem to be aging. It's almost as if the island is determined to keep some people alive, and equally determined to kill some (pregnant women, Charlie).
Looking forward to the last two episodes! Hang in there, e!

Unknown said...

Locke isn't dead; usually when a bullet passes through you and misses all major organs and arteries it's not life-threatening. Wait, didn't he got shot in his left side right where his.....kidney.....should be? The real problem is how is he going to climb out of the death pit in time for the season finale?

Anonymous said...

e, Locke is NOT dead. I just saw an interview on YouTube with the actor that plays Ben, and he intimated that Locke's missing kidney will save him because the bullet passes right through that spot. So, we're in the clear with this!! Keep up the good work on you blog.

Signed, another E

Anonymous said...

Hi e -

you have so many comments - exciting = ) maybe he will dig a tunnel to my favorite brazilian and they will both come back from the dead!


Anonymous said...

I turned to my husband when Locke got shot and said, that blog girl is probably flippin' out! That's why I checked early! I hope to see more- I look forwad to this post ALMOST as much as to the show!
BTW, Good kidney theory posted by some peeps... even though it is totally a SPOILER!

Anonymous said...

don't be crazy!
If Locke died, for who would we watch the show? Charlie or Claire? Come on!
The producers aren't so self-destructive!
They just did that to have something to worry until the next episode, which probably will rock our world and all the things we though.

Nick said...

As e's brother, I can assure you all that regardless of Locke's status/fate, e is always "not OK." Zing!

Ernie said...

Locke will be OK, there's no way they kill off the most important character to the island.

Anonymous said...

Hey E

Locke is definitly not dead, it would make no sense to take him out now after all that's happened with him, we still need answers that has to do with him (i.e submarine?)

If you'll notice on this show whenever someone important dies it shows them die dramatically and it actually shows them die. Did we see that with Locke? no.

My prediction is that Jacob will either save Locke or the island will save him.
John Locke is a Tank! Keep writing the posts E.....

Anonymous said...

Yo e, locke isnt dead, stop whining, ge some sleep, and write the next post woman

Anonymous said...

omg E!! PLEASE put up the posts tonight, i've been looking forward to it all week! Alot of stuff happened and Locke is not dead! how can't you realize that! Hurry and finish the post!

James said...

fret not, Locke is alive and well. For now.