Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Win a Copy of LOST Thought!


Hello my dear friends -

As I mentioned in my last post, I was totally honored to contribute a chapter (which was a joint effort with my good friend and fellow LOST blogger JOpinionated) to Pearson Moore's LOST Thought. Our chapter, entitled "Disguised Culture," takes the form of an instant-message chat, and we had a blast doing it. We rip on The Haters of the Finale and The People Who Just Didn't Get It, have a debate over just how much Desmond knew during Season Six, complain about how Sayid got shafted in the afterlife... etc, etc. Trust me, you will laugh. It'll be just like old times.

The book was published a few days ago, and the copies I ordered to give away to 10 lucky LOST fans just arrived. Even though Pearson had forewarned me about how big the book was, I was absolutely blown away when I saw it. I mean, this cover shot to the right does not do it justice. This thing is like a college text book (only in paperback). It is freakin' HUGE, and it is full to the brim with LOST goodness. I'd meant to just quickly flip through it right as my little Des was waking up, but when I saw the chapter that Andy Page (aka DarkUFO) had written about the incredible history of his most-popular-of-all LOST fan site (which, as many of you know, I contributed to for the last half of the series' run), I was totally sucked in. Don't call Child Services on me, please.

And then of course there are equally awesome chapters written by my man Ryan Ozawa from The Transmission podcast (remember that Ryan was the one responsible for me getting to meet "Locke" (Terry O'Quinn)!), the esteemed Nikki Stafford of the Finding LOST book series, Lostpedia administrator extraordinaire (and overall cool dude) Sam McPherson, and a second chapter (in the form of a thought-provoking essay) from Jo. And that's in ADDITION to approximately ten bazillion more chapters from other leading LOST scholars and writers. I am not exaggerating--this book is amazing.

I asked Pearson to sign 10 paperback copies for me to give away (I'll add my signature and a little note as well, if the winners would like that), and then I'll also give away 10 eBook versions (through Amazon) to those who prefer that format. Why? Because I miss LOST tremendously and I miss all of you terribly, dammit.

Here are The Rules to enter. Please make sure you read them carefully!

1) I will pick the winners at random, but I'm still gonna make you work a little bit. In the comments section below this post, tell me about something that's made you think of LOST in the past few years since the series has ended. I'm not talking about a direct LOST reference in another show or anything like that. I mean something like, "I saw some dude with a ridiculous facial hair at the grocery store and immediately thought of Mr. Friendly and his fake hillbilly beard." You get what I mean.
2) Along with what's reminded you of LOST in the recent past, please also include your first and last name (but NOT your email address--I'll ask for that if you win) AND whether you'd like a paperback version or the eBook version. You have to pick one format or the other--if you say "either is fine" I can't count it.
3) I can send the paperback copies anywhere that I'm allowed to ship to from the U.S. And I can gift a Kindle version through Amazon to anyone with an email address.
4) Just like "it only ends once," you can ONLY ENTER ONCE. Any scammers will be disqualified.

That's it! Remember, you MUST indicate whether you would want a paperback or Kindle version.

I'm going to keep the contest open until midnight Central Time on Sunday, March 11. I'll do my best to post the winners shortly after that, but bear with me because Little Des is kind of running the show in my condo right about now. When I return to announce the winners I will also comment on all of the new series I'm watching (or attempted to watch and then gave up on) this year, including: Once Upon a Time (though I already wrote a bit on that here), Alcatraz, Person of Interest, Hawaii 5.0, Awake, Touch, The River, Smash, and probably a few others I'm forgetting because I'm sleep-deprived.

I review all comments before publishing them, so if you don't see what you submitted for a while after you send it in, don't worry. It'll eventually be there.

That's it for now. I can't wait to hear what's reminded you of LOST!

Oh, and if you wanna just buy the book for yourself or another LOST nerd, you can do so through CreateSpace or Amazon. And a whole bunch more information on what the book covers can be found here.

Good luck and I'll see you back here at some point shortly after March 11. I promise.

- e

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. ANY SUBMISSIONS LEFT AFTER 10 AM MONDAY 3/12/12 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Thanks to all who entered -- be sure to check back shortly for the winners!


Christina said...

I think of Lost SO often...at least daily!
Every time a plane flies overhead, every time I see one of 'the numbers' in a random spot...but most recently was when I went to visit a friend at her new house. The house number? 108!

Thanks for a great giveaway!
Christina Boulard
And I'd love a paperback!

tierdear said...

Yay! So proud of you for your book writing AND baby making goodness!

My name is Tierney Kain, and I'm old-school and love paperbacks! (Easier to read while soaking in the tub!)

And, obvi, I want you to scribble sweet nothings on the inside if I win. :)

OH! And a few things that make me think of Lost:

1.) Yellow labs. Whenever I see one, I think of Vincent, and then I remember the last scene of Lost and get teary eyed.

2.) Anytime anyone says Charlie or Baby, I sometimes automatically say it back like Clare. (CHAW-LEE, AH KINT FIND MAH BAYBEE.)

3.) I really like Walking Dead, and really, that show could be totally recast with all the Lost people!

Miss reading your recaps!



Sammy Jean said...

Hi E!! So happy to see a post from you! Many happy congratulations on your own little Des!
My most recent real-life lost experience...A few months ago, we had a "substitute" janitor in my office. He came in wearing a full jumpsuit- and his name was Horace! I swear that if he had had long hair, I might have sh*t a brick. But then I remembered how nasty it is that Doug Hutchinson married such a young girl....and I quickly came back to reality- haha.

As I do not have an e-reader, I much prefer a paperback :)
This is Samantha Myers

locke1up said...

On the Band of Horses album Infinite Arms, there is a song entitled "Older," and every time I hear it I think about Lost. Probably because the chorus contains the following lines:

"And after all my plans
They melt into the sand
Yeah you will be there on my mind through all
Don't want to understand why you never get older"

The album came out around the time the show was ending, and in my head I always associated the line about getting older with Richard Alpert. To me, those lines perfectly described that bittersweet feeling during the last season of finally getting answers but knowing it was all ending.

A big thanks to you and all the other contributors of this book for keeping the Lost conversation and community alive in the time since the show has ended. (PS my cousin named their newborn baby Desmond too :))

-Justin White (paperback)

Anonymous said...

I created my own little "Dharma Van". I have a blue VW Routan for whichI got a Dharma sticker for the back window. Every time I drive I am reminded of LOST!
My name is Shauna O'Reilly and I would prefer a paperback please. Thanks!

J.R. Gordon said...

E! I miss you.

1) While fighting my urges to write ridiculous LOST fan-fiction, I went over to a friend's house to play some video games and hang out. Full of mountain dew, I got up and went to the bathroom; a room that I visited regularly while at my friend's house. I took care of my business, washed my hands and looked up - That's when I saw it.......The medicine cabinet had octagon shaped door handles. My mind instantly exploded with LOSTdom. "Was I in a Dharma Station? The Barracks? And off-island station like the Lamp Post? What year was it? The 70's? 80's? The future?!?!" - This carried on for the remainder of the day/week/month.

I also often consider the possibility that I'm dead and I'm waiting to gather all of my dead-buddies in order to move on.

I haven't moved on. Not by a long shot.

2) Josh R. Gordon! (Paperback is fine with me!!)

Lostylady said...

Every time my toddler tells her big brother to not tell her what she can't do I smile ;)
Laura Lwin (paper version please)

maven said...

Hi, Erika! Thanks for the change to get a copy of this book!

I think about Lost often (especially when I see Lost actors in new series...catching up on Justified with a hillbilly Daniel Faraday). I know that doesn't count in your contest.

I think I see the numbers in everything. When I'm playing a Wordscraper game and my score says 108...I think "that's a Lost number". Any of the numbers trigger fond memories of such a great television series.

Moreover, the show brought so many of us together from all over the world, and I cherish the on-line friends I continue to stay in touch with. I have loved meeting a lot of them at various Lost events (including meeting you in Hawaii for the Season 6 premiere, too). That is an everlasting legacy of Lost.

My name is Bonnie Green (aka Maven) and I'd like a Kindle version if I'm lucky to win!

amy Johnson said...

A guy playing Wonderwall on his guitar in downtown Oak Park this past summer look eerily like a scruffy Charlie, and made me long for the mysteries of lost.

My name is Amy Johnson and I'd love a paperback.

Congrats on the turnip head!

G. Foley said...

I can't help but think of "Lost" when I watch Jorge on "Alcatraz" because of the time travel implications and the music & editing remind a lot of "Lost".Thanks JJ!
"Person of Interest" is a close second because I always thing on Ben Linus when I see Michael Emerson!

I prefer a Kindle version if it will work with the Nook.

Meg said...

My name is Meg Donhauser and I'm an English teacher from NJ. My Brit Lit class is inquiry based, meaning students develop their own curriculum around an essential question. As one of my students struggled with developing a specific question, he complained that he just had too many questions! And of course, I responded, "Any question you ask will just lead to more questions!" He didn't get it, unfortunately. If I win, I'd love the paperback copy, so I can keep spreading the gospel of Lost!

Nathan usmc20032002 Hunt said...

I freakin love Lost. I miss it a lot dude. I'm struggling to find a replacement show and the closest I cab find is Alcatrez. Michael Giaccino is truly a remarkable composer and I begin tearing up thinking about what he did for Lost. I work in the jail and every time an inmate leaves for prison, I can't help but say "See ya in another life brother." I know its kind of otherish but I get a small chuckle out of it. Mean, I know. If only I can get a computer to type in the numbers constantly. I still know the freakin numbers...4 8 15 16 23 42. Ahhhh! Send me a hard copy please!? Nathan Hunt

fletch1313 said...

I'm reminded of 'Lost' every day that I go to work, pleasantly enough. There is a little protector on the wall near the entry door, to make sure the door doesn't slam into the wall. It's in the shape of the Dharma insignia - octagonal, with the little rubber doodad in the middle. Sometimes it's the little things...

A.J. Minton

I love the feel of a book in my hands, so if I am chosen I'd love to have a paperback version.

Thanks, E!

P.S. I didn't see my original post, so am trying again. Not trying to cheat, I swear!

Rob said...

This book sounds awesome! I have to have a copy.

My wife and I reference LOST all the time, actually. Any time one of us says, "I have to go to the store" or something like that, the other automatically replies with, "We have to go back, Kate!"

We're weird.

Anyway, my name is Rob Lammle and I'd actually prefer an ebook version should I happen to win.

Mair said...

Like Christina, I think about LOST almost daily...

When I was thisclose to buying a place at the beach last year I bought a set of candlestick holders in the shape of Palm Trees...I was so drawn to them...couldn't figure it out at the time...then ::duh::....anyway, now that the house has gone by the wayside, they sit proudly on my suburban Philly entertainment shelves...beckoning to me....

And sometimes when talking death and the afterlife with people LOST comes up and we chat about it...like it is truly a valid option along with all the religious and not-so-religious answers to the question "what happens after we die?"

Would love a hard back copy!


Anna said...

THis is so exciting!

My favorite moment happened pretty recently after the finale, like maybe the week or two afterwards . . . I was walking into Target with my kids and my oldest boy happened to notice a bald, sort of buff, 50-ish gentleman in sunglasses walking in just ahead of us. He watched many of the episodes with me, including the finale and (without any sort of filter or reduction in the volume of his voice) asked excitedly, "MOM! IS THAT JOHN LOCKE? IS THAT JOHN LOCKE, MOM?"

The guy not only heard, but was obviously a LOST fan as he turned around and smiled at us.

Kat said...

Gosh, I'm always seeing things that make me think of LOST! My worst is the numbers. Just today I was riding with my hubby through a neighborhood and I was looking for houses with the LOST numbers. 815, 108, etc...

I'd love a paperback copy of the book!

My name is Kat Sullivan.

StBan said...

I was in my Chemistry class and the professor was talking about electromagnetism and how it is basically electrically charged particles traveling from one place to another. Some classmates had some trouble understanding the subject, so it got me thinking about Lost. I jokingly tweeted "why do people have trouble believing in the electromagnetic influence on interdimensional travel?" making a reference to Desmond. I thought it was funny that one of my friends (who didn't watch Lost) replied saying "I know, right?".

Esteban Rios (paperback)

Anonymous said...

I played the lost numbers in powerball recently and hit 4 numbers, so now everytime I play I use them because you know. Bill Salvatore , paperback :)

Anna said...

ugh, forgot to mention, (paperback)
Anna Adams

Cory said...

I was reminded of Lost when watching this week's episode of The Walking Dead. In it, the group has a stranger, Randall, captive and are deciding what to do with him. It immediately reminded me of Ben Linus' epic introduction in Lost, where the group has him and he poses as "Henry Gale from Minnesota". A few short hours later, the folks on "The Talking Dead" referred to Randall as "a Ben Linus". Needless to say, that put a smile on my face.

Cory Lukito, Paperback

Maram said...

Hi e :)

I don't have any funny incident or a strange encounter that reminds me of LOST .. For it is always on my mind for one reason, it used to take me away from my problems and heartbreaks .. These days I wish there were more seasons of lost to get lost in and forget all about my troubles and all the reasons that make me sad .. I don't want to sound unrealistic but It used to make the day go easier ...

Thanks e and my love to your sweet little Des ..
Maram Abdulla

Paperback ...

Sherylm said...

Hi, e,
I don't know if this counts but last week my six-year-old granddaughter (who was way too young to watch the show except as a baby) suddenly announced out of nowhere:"I know all about LOST!" And when I replied, "Oh yeah, then tell me about it", she replied, "It was LOST because they were lost...on island, like us!"
That should tell you which version of the book I would like (if I was chosen, of course)...the Kindle one so it can fly through space to my iPad. :-)
Sheryl Mellor from New Caledonia

DanKempner said...

I had a minor surgery a month ago, which resulted in a big band-aid on my forehead. Coincidentally enough, I was sporting the closest thing I could grow to a beard. Only a handful of people understood why I was yelling "We have to go back!"

Being drunk didn't help, either.

Dan Kempner
Paperback cover, please!

Dustin N. said...

I have been following you for so long now! I would love a copy of the book, preferably the kindle edition.

A lot of things remind me of Lost, yet most prevalent was this summer when I was on Phish tour. As you may know, or not, Phish has a song called 'Wolfman's Brother'. The lot scene has created a great t-shirt that has Desmond on it and it names the song title.. Great way to be a Lost geek and be into the scene as well. Whenever I wear it I constantly find myself saying "Aye luv yah Pennaah..."

My name is Dustin Noel and I'm living life in New Jersey!

ruandvin said...

Hey Erika
I am constantly reminded of one of my fav Lost scenes by my hubby & son. I cried soooooo hard in the scene where Sun & Jin died that my boys teased me for weeks...now every time I get choked up about something else they will lock hands and then slowly pull them apart...yes they are punks...lol. My name is Ruth Nieves & if I win I'd love the paperback version. Thx!

Anonymous said...

I'm always thinking of lost but the one that I remember the most is there's a golfing place that I occasionally go to and there's an airport near there so everytime I'm there a plane passes over our heads and it reminds me of jack season 1 episode one and the final episode. I love lost so much.
My name is Josh Morris
I would really like paper back version please!

Nicole said...

"We HAVE to go BACK!!" has become well-worn for our favorite restaurants and other haunts.

My name is Nicole Netherton and I'd prefer Kindle. Love your stuff, E!

shar said...

HI, I still think of LOST constantly (ha constant!!) when I'm out walking in a park and see a dog like Vincent I call the dog Vincent. Whenever I play the lottery, which isn't that often I look to see if I have any LOST numbers. My favorite though was earlier in the school year during an art lesson one of my students (4th grade) made a plane that was breaking apart, and I instantly thought of LOST. My name is Sharon Carlos and would love a paperback of your book, should I win.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Ker~ said...

Congratulations! Desmond is beautiful!!

Your timing in amazing. This recent Lost moment of mine just happened less than a week ago. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my partner, Meg, was in the family room with our yellow lab, Bodhi. I could hear them playing tug-o-war with a toy for awhile and it must have worn them both out. After I finished the dishes, I went into the family room to find Meg laying on her back on the floor with Bodhi laying next to her with his head on the ground and my immediate thought was of Jack and Vincent at the end. It literally made me want to cry! The worst part? Meg was never a fan of Lost so I couldn't even make her understand the moment I was having. Thanks for giving me that opportunity!

Keri Wilk (paperback)

Anonymous said...

I went to the Bahamas this past winter, when at the airport I couldn't help but turn my head Every so often to see people who I sought to imagine resembled each character from lost. This was to the point where I almost wanted to stand next to this girl who looked freakishly Simlar to Elizibeth Mitchell anyways i didn't.. Anyways aside from that being a bit creepy I tend to still from the day I started watching lost I will always look at a clock that says 8:15 :) coincidence??

I would like a PaperBack copy if I do win.

Brian Scherff

1sawyerfan said...

A couple of summers ago, while in Sants Cruz with my son, we saw this guy in the grocery store who looked so much like Jorge Garcia I thought I was gonna faint! My son, who was 7, sees this guy also and is jabbing me saying" Mom!! Look who it is!! I'm totally trying to calm my son down, he says" Mom .... It's that guy from LOST!! What's he doing here? How did he get off the island? Maybe Sawyers here with him too!!". He knew who my favorite was !! Lol. We had to go outside , just in case he got into the "cool van thing" as my son put it. It still puts a smile on my face thinking of it, and I never thought he really paid attention to the show when I was watching it. Haha, he had me fooled! Thanks for the contest, it's great reading everyone's stories : )

Sincerely. Tammy McDowell

Since I know we all miss LOST in our own ways I'm sure this will be a hard choice for you E : )

Ker~ said...

Congratulations! Desmond is beautiful!!

Your timing in amazing. This recent Lost moment of mine just happened less than a week ago. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my partner, Meg, was in the family room with our yellow lab, Bodhi. I could hear them playing tug-o-war with a toy for awhile and it must have worn them both out. After I finished the dishes, I went into the family room to find Meg laying on her back on the floor with Bodhi laying next to her with his head on the ground and my immediate thought was of Jack and Vincent at the end. It literally made me want to cry! The worst part? Meg was never a fan of Lost so I couldn't even make her understand the moment I was having. Thanks for giving me that opportunity!

Keri Wilk (paperback)

Anonymous said...

My name is Jeff "Paperback" Shelton and many things have reminded me of Lost since it went off the air. Just recently someone asked if I started watching a show they recommended and I replied "not yet," which immediately reminded me of the bomb in the freighter.

Cathy Fitz said...

1st: Congrats on the new addition, fellow Chi-gal!

Today, while babysitting my 18-mo-old grandbaby, she said "no" (her new word) several times - during lunch, during dinner, when asked for her coat so it could be hung up, and at one point, hubby and I looked at each other, laughed and said "Don't tell me what I can't do!" I had that little twinge of missing Locke.

I'm Cathy Fitzgibbon, and I would love a paperback to hold in my hands (it's on my Amazon wishlist and I was just waiting to place an order). I would sooo love to have one that came from you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think of Lost every time I watch Modern Family because the actress who plays Claire Dunphy is Sarah Morgan, who played Jack's ex wife!

But what really reminds me of Lost every week is when I pick up my 16 year old daughter after lacrosse practice. She wreaks after working out hard for two hours! I tell her "You stink!" and I am immediately reminded of the scene when Jack met his wife for the first time in the hospital. He had just run a tour de star (which makes me think of lovely Desmond) and Sarah proclaims in deadpan: You stink! Yeah, I know this is weird, but it doesn't take much for me to remember all the wonderful details of this great show.

I'm so excited about your book! Crossing my fingers !
I would love the e-version!
Barb Halaburt

Frank Hernandez said...

My children were Lost destiny come to fruition. My daughter was born 8 pounds 8 ounces and although the official weight of my son is 8 pounds 14 ounces, I like to point out that he peed on the nurse just before being weighed so I'd say he was actually born 8 pounds and 15 ounces :-)

Frank Hernandez - Paperback.

Denise said...

I'm constantly looking for actors from LOST showing up in other shows...and the often do. That ALWAYS gets me thinking about LOST.

I'd like a paperback.

Denise Stempien

sparklejunkey said...

I miss LOST a lot, too! Everyday things remind of LOST all the time. I see Hurley's numbers EVERYWHERE!
The new TV shows like Alcatraz and Person of Interest are fun because you get to see Hurley and Ben Linus (and yes, I still call them by their LOST character and have no idea what their new character names are). Also, Once Upon A Time - I LOVED the references in the pilot episode! That was GREAT!

Just this weekend, my friend who is very anti-scifi/fiction finally gave in and watched the pilot of LOST with me. Now she's addicted and its fun reliving it as she watches it for the first time!

If I win, I'd like a paperback copy, please!
Thanks! ~Helen Peterson

Anonymous said...

I've never enjoyed a TV series more than I did Lost. Like most fans, I was obsessed and scoured the blogs weekly. I really miss all of your thoughts and updates. It made me really appreciate JJ Abrams and all who were involved in the production. What REALLY reminds me lately of Lost though is the musical score on Alcatraz. Of course Jorge Garcia is a good visual reminder but that music is soooo much like the music on Lost. If I should be selected, I would like the paperback version. My name is Linda Zoslocki.

doug... said...

Thanks for the opportunity :)
Seeing different LOST actors now in different shows always distracts me and constantly takes me back to LOST every time I see them. All of them are excellent actors in their own right, but I can't let it go :)

Paperback, please.
Doug Smith

MsBlueKatt said...

e ~

I am amazed how often I think of the numbers. Anytime I have to wait (dr. office, red light) the numbers seem to jump out to me!

And everytime I open a jar of peanut butter, I think of Charlie and his imaginary jar.

Judi Mark
Kindle - eReader

Joshua said...

I'm reminded of LOST all the time, but never moreso than when my flight number last year was 815 - I was very paranoid about boarding!

I'd love a Kindle copy. Thanks for this!
Joshua Bower

Unknown said...

My name is Vikas Tewari and I'd like the paperback version if I win. I last thought of Lost yesterday evening, as I was flipping through TV channels with nothing interesting to watch. I sighed and told myself "oh how I miss Lost!"

Lt. Goose said...

Last week we had a network issue with a provider at work. When investigating the problem, the tecnician on the phone told me that the program licence had expired and they were using an evaluation one while the new one arrived. So he had to reenter the temporal licence EVERY 60 minutes... That brought a smile to our faces as we imagined that guy rushing to the computer to enter the right code. Could it have been 4 8 15 16 23 42, perchance?

Thanks for your time, and congrats for little Des!
Gustavo Bonis
I'd prefer the ebook version.

Nico said...

I am thinking of Lost every morning when my mobile wakes me up with Downtown by Petula Clark. I love this song so much since Lost and i get heave goose skin when lissening this song very loud.

Thanks a lot for all your recaps. I miss them and for sure lost soooooo much.

Ragards from germany,
Nico Lindau

CBB said...

so many Lost correlations, most recent though... I was holding my son when my wife walks into the kitchen and says, "im gonna have to take the boy". Immediately you know I was seeing walt getting dragged of the raft in my mind.

Anyway would love a paperback
Brick Burtleson

Anonymous said...

While some friends and I still talk about LOST at work and things we did and didn't like about the show (more specifically the ending), the last time I actually referenced it personally was when I got on a plane last week. I have to fly over water and I always have this tiny little fear in my stomach about ending up on an island ala Oceanic Flight 815. Unless of course, I'm ditched with Jack to take care of me when I'm hurt, Locke to protect me, and Sawyer, well, to just look at :-)

Congrats on the baby, too!!

I have Kindle downloaded on my iPad and would love that version!!

Kelly Jones

Conor Jones said...

Getting excited everytime i go past Faraday Road near me! Every plane, every gust of wind (which im sure is Smokey).
I also noticed my ex housemate gossiping about me on her facebook page, using the alius Charlie (which i can only assume is a reference to how i dont annoy anyone..). Stupid chose of names and obv a lost reference isnt going to go unnoticed! I liked the status. She bloked me.

To get over this tragic loss, i would be thrilled with a paperback copy! Thank you! - Conor Jones

Elizabeth said...

I saw a listing for a tent that looked like a VW Microbus, and looked to see if it came in blue. It did! I pictured myself inside it, drinking Dharma beer with Jin and Sawyer. *sigh*

I would prefer the Kindle version, as I'm trying to cut back on the clutter. ;)

Elizabeth Koelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,
I would like a paperback if I win. I had a rare occurance that made me think of Lost. I was visiting LA and walking in their shopping district. I could have SWORN I saw Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) shopping in one of the store. I literally screamed "Juliet"..and the woman turned around and it....was..n't her haha! I was so embarrassed!
Marlie Harper

Stacy said...

I took my kids to the skating rink and when we were leaving, my daughter said she wanted to go back. In my best tear-y Jack impression, I yelled- we HAVE to got BACK!!!

I would like the paperback.
Thanks for doing this and congrats on the baby!

Stacy Brown

Outbck844 said...

I think of Lost mainly when watching the actors in their new shows. Something will happen that triggers a memory. Paperback for me. Darin Hensley

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but any time I get Chinese food and get to the fortune cookie, I always scan the "lucky numbers" expecting to see 4,8,15,16,23,42!!!! Unfortunately, I never get all of them, but chuckle at the sight of any - most recently 42.

As with your recaps, I look forward to reading the book with great anticipation....


Doug Lang

DSalv said...

My name is Dorota Salvail and I would like a paperback.

I think of LOST every time I'm at the grocery store and the sales person is scanning through my purchases. The Beep...Beep...Beep...gives me the uncontrollable urge to go push the button.
>: 4 8 15 16 23 42 [execute]

Jez In Dallas said...

Anytime I hear a Michael Giacchino score I think of Lost! I think the most recent time was seeing MI:GP but it happens to my fairly often.

Also, just last night I saw a guy at the bus stop that looked a LOT like Jorge Garcia and I couldn't help but think "Aww, Hurley!" I'm so glad he's on Alcatraz!

My name is Jessica Tribell and I would love a Kindle version!

Noemi said...

Hi E, Wow so happy for you and thanks so much for the great giveaway!! So here goes;

1. Not stop thinking about LOST since it ended, but recent things that remind me of Lost, is my son he has grown a Jack beard, he keeps telling me to move on "Come on mom the show has ended," yet he goes and does this so I can't help but be reminded every day :) Asides from that my box number just so happens to be 108...

2. Noemi Peruyera - and I would prefer paperback, thank you.

elaines630 said...

I was at a pool hall not too long ago and there was a guy that looked just like Daniel Faraday! He had on a long sleeve white shirt and a long tie... his hair was all over the place too. I also think of him when I watch Justified!

Congrats on your little Des!

I'd love a kindle version!
Elaine Hussain

Marebabe said...

I am CONSTANTLY reminded of LOST. Every day on Facebook, many of my chattiest friends are fellow Losties, people I’ve never met face-to-face but who share an enormous love of LOST. Your first commenter here, Christina, is one of those. (Hi, Christina!)

Y’know how, if you have a daily commute over the same roads/highways, you eventually notice and get familiar with some of your fellow motorists? Very often, I find I’m sharing the road with a bright yellow Hummer, just like Hurley’s! Makes me smile every time.

My name is Mary Evans, and I would love to get the paperback edition of “LOST Thought”. Thanks so much for doing this contest!

Amanda Hogan said...

Hey Erika, it's Amanda Hogan from FaceBook and Twitter!!! :D The book looks amazing!!! :D

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about LOST. I have since the show started and miss it all the time. I also love hearing from my Losties who are still friends to this day, and from the other actors, athletes, musicians, and writers who are fans too!!! :D

But to me the thing that most reminds me of LOST everyday is the name similarties in my family and friends. One of my Dad Michael's best friends in high school was named Vincent and Vince married a Korean woman named Sun when I was about 8 or 9-years-old. Then one of my Grandma's good friends is a French woman named Danielle who came to the US when she married her Air Force husband. Then I have uncles named Michael, James, and Jack, and have cousins named Jacob and Katie. And my cousin Jacob's dad is named Michael and his late grandpa's name was Walt. I'm sure there are more, but that is the most striking ones to me. :D

Barmat said...

Hey E...its Matt Frye in Houston:-)

I am always seeing someone on a flight that reminds me of the characters on Lost. Especially when I hit turbulence, I am looking around for the characters, and often see a Kate or Hurley or others nearby, and I feel an odd comfort...

So if you (slightly) resemble any of our favorite doomed passengers on Flight 815 and are getting a goofy stare on the weekly flight from IAH to SFO...its me!


hromaki said...

Hi! I was reminded of LOST just yesterday. I was reading about a blind item reveal poster on the Crazy Days and Nights gossip blog. He mentioned that a book written by a Hollywood socialite was the Rosetta Stone of all Hollywood blind items. The name of the book? "Room 23"

Of course I thought of LOST! And how weird that both references are marked by mystery.

Anyway, my name is Kim Hromatka & I'd like a paperback copy if I were so lucky to win. Thanks E!

Anonymous said...

I think of LOST every time I walk down my street because one of the cross-streets about 20 yards from my house is "Hugo Way", which of course makes me think of Hurley. And a good friend of mine lived (until recently) on Juliet Street. And - a friend of mine lives of St. Clair Street, which always reminds me of that trippy dream w/ Clare from the show. Some people can't escape the numbers...I can't escape the names! :)

My name is Julie Ransom and I'd love a paperback version

R.P. McMurphy said...

Often times when I'm on a forum or message board, I think back to LOST and all the great connections and community that came about in discussing the greatest of shows. Finding people like you was an incredible unexpected bonus to LOST.

I'd love an autographed paperback with a note from you!

Thanks for doing this.

Jim Woods

Hattori Hanzo said...

Hey E!

Ah, so many

Every time I play the lottery, I use the numbers and think of LOST

Every time someone tells me or someone else not to do something I hear Locke say "Don't tell me what I can't do"

Every time I see a little girl climbing a tree I think of Kate. (yes, I see quite a few little girls climbing trees, maybe it's a Texas thing)

Anytime I hear someone call someone else by a demeaning nickname, I think of Sawyer

I could go on and on.

Mark Judge- Paperback if I am chosen


chopster said...

My name is Tina Chopee. I loved your blog on Lost and miss it still..
My neighbours have a yellow lab named 'Charlie'. Every time I see him I think 'what? his name is wrong and I think of Charlie..'. Sad, eh?
I would love a paperback. Thanks for having this contest!

Frank said...

Congrats on the baby! That makes me think of Aaron, everytime I see lottery numbers I check which LOST numbers are on it.
Thanks, Frank Edwards

Frank said...

Sorry I messed up, paperback
Forgive me, Frank Edwards

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the numbers are ironed in my brain and I notice them all the time.

Or often I'll be watching other shows, and then little bits will remind me of lost like bank robberies (when Kate robbed the bank to get the little plane out of the safety deposit box) or anything with an island.

My name is Marie Castonguay & I'd also like the paperback.

synchrobrarian said...

i've been running into Lemuria and hollow earth lately in my readings so of course i think about Lost


notWalt said...

Congrats on baby Desmond; best choice from any Lost name... can't be the association with belief in miracles.

(1) When watching Walking Dead a couple weeks ago, it really struck me that Daryl was seeming like Sawyer, and then he goes and drops a great nickname (Olive Oyl) on Lori. And then I read the same thought on Alan Sepinwall's site -- which shouldn't have been a surprise because I think I first found his site reading Lost recaps/reviews.

(2) Mark Robinson, and I'd go with the paperpback if I am that lucky.

Thanks, and look forward to your thoughts on some of the shows that you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

This just happened the other day!

While taking a break outside my work, I noticed a little old lady. She was wearing a lime green sweater, brown pants and bright blue shoes.

Before I even realized I was saying it, I heard myself saying (in my best Eloise Hawkings imitation) "That lady is wearing blue shoes."

Yes, I know it was red shoes in Flashes Before Your Eyes but still it came out just like Eloise said it.

After I said it, I giggled and looked around to see if anyone heard me. I found it so funny that it just came out of my mouth without even thinking what I was saying until it was said.

I love LOST and miss it. Things remind me of it all the time.

Kimberly White (paperback)

notWalt said...

forgive the typo that totally changed intention! "can't BEAT the association with belief in miracles"

Tim said...

Congrats on the baby.

Submarines and turbulence on a plane reminded me of Lost.

I was reading about a scene on a submarine in a book and that reminded me of the submarine on Lost. And in January, when I flew on a small plane and hit some turbulence, I was hoping we might crash on a mysterious island.

-Tim Vaduva (Kindle)

Dóra Tonka said...

To be honest there is like something every day remindig me Lost. Either passing by a van (reminding me the one Hurley drove), or I see some of the magic numbers and waiting for a miracle to happen. Joking :) And I once met Matthew Fox when he was visiting Hungary. :) And I'm soon 23!

I hope to be lucky to have a paperback! Thanks for the chance!

Dora Tonka

Sally Hunt said...

My husband and I were flying out of NYC after visiting our son (and the city). I sighed as the plane looped over the city and absently said, "We've got to go back." He immediately said "Kate" and we both burst out laughing. A guy across the aisle looked over at us and said, "God I miss that show." We nodded in LOST camaraderie.

Sally Hunt (ebook)

Arjun said...

I have been sharing this with my friends all day and would love nothing more than to read this book (a paperback would be the perfect gift for me and my wife)!

Anyway, I've been thinking all evening about what story to choose, there are so many! Like the time Carrie and Doug (King of Queens) are lost in a forest on an island, until Carrie stumbles onto a highway and sees a car approaching. I immediately said to me wife - that better be Horace Goodspeed in the car! Though she thinks I overdo it with the LOST references all the time.

But for me, one of the things that made LOST so iconic was the background score. I was in a hotel lobby once and there was an artist playing music by tapping his palms on dozens of beautifully coloured wine glasses filled with different levels of water (like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULiNR-k4m70).

I stood there watching for 10 minutes, because for some reason, it reminded me of the Giacchino soundtrack 'There's No Place Like Home'.

Three weeks later, that man was playing 'There's No Place Like Home' in the ballroom of the same hotel, at my wedding.

Rob Schroeter said...

I think about LOST every day- I see the time at exactly 8:15, 1:08, and 3:15 every single day. I don't know what it is, but it's like the clock beckons my eyes, and what do I think when I see those times? My favorite show LOST.

During this past season of the Bachelor, there was a date where the couple flew out to a tropical island in a helicopter, and as they traveled there, I thought about when the Oceanic-Six were being choppered away from the Island, and Sawyer had to bail out... sure enough the date-by-chopper was also part of a stunt to have the couple jump out of the Helicopter into the Ocean, just like Sawyer.

I would love to win a hard copy of the book.

Thanks for the great site!

Anonymous said...

I miss Lost :( I most recently was reminded of the Lost void when a friend of mine, who never watched the show, decided that she may want to watch to see what the hype was about. YES! I agreed ( w/o her final decision) to watch it with her, explain as we went and even showed her some Lost fansites to go to (yours on the top of my list). She got over whelmed by my excitement. She still hasn't started watching yet.

If chosen I would like the paperback. Thanks! Stephanie Carter

Anonymous said...


I was watching The Jane Austen Book Club on DVD last year and who pops out onto the screen but none other than Maggie Grace (Shannon - but then you know that). I would have to call this a double lost reference because besides Shannon the movie revolves around the use of books. That was one of the things I admired and appreciated about Lost was all the fascinating literature references that were literally and figuratively (even slyly) woven into the great story arc of Lost. Yep - I'm waiting for the movie version of the Lost Book Club written/produced by the Lindelof/Cuse pair.

Clyde Devins - Paperback ! Because Sawyer had a book not a kindle.

Jen Barbati said...

I hate to kind of copy off of your suggestion, but I really did see a man who reminded me of a LOST character. I saw Ethan Rom's doppleganger at a bar after a networking event last month. He bore such a crazy resemblance that I had to google Ethan's face on my smartphone just to show my husband that I wasn't crazy for staring at this guy. He agreed!

I SO miss your recaps. Wish you did them for The Walking Dead on AMC!

I'd like the paperback.
Jen Barbati

Sam W said...

Every time the movie "Hugo" was announced at the Oscars, I couldn't help but think of Hurley, that wonderful man! Also this morning, my friend's mother mentioned that up to 40 surgeries a week have complications and I immediately said "Jack Shephard would never mess a surgery up like that!"
I would love a paperback copy. Thanks so much!
Sam Witter

RobPerrin said...

Hi, my name is Rob Perrin and I am a LOSToholic.

Not long ago our family traveled to Hong Kong and during that trip we were inundated with LOST references. My two favorites are probably the ferry stop to "Jin Island" and a cable that stretched across the beach into the water that looked amazingly like the Looking Glass station's cable.

If I am fortunate enough to win I would prefer a paperback.

Aunt J-ha said...

Hi Erica! Since Lost concluded so long ago, I have found my self looking for smokey on random TV shows- expecting to here those rattles and bangs that preceded him. Typically it is a jungle scene like on that short lived ABC drama Off the Map, or when Live with Kelly was shooting in Hawaii. But also when I see a Lost Cast member on another show- like Ian Sommerhaulder on Vampire Diaries or Michael Emerson on Person of Interest...I suddenly realize I am waiting, wishing smokey would jump into the scene. It makes me smile and remember the best TV of all time. It will never get old for me. Never.
Congratulations on your beautiful son, It has been wonderful to get to know you through LOST.
Jennifer Woiccak, I would love a copy for Kindle. Thank you!

ElsieM said...

I have 2 things that recently reminded me of Lost, but I'm not sure if they fall into the "direct reference" category or not:

1. Last night while watching "The River" a dog ran through the jungley underbrush up to the missing husband and, even though it turned out, at closer inspection, to be more of a Great Dane looking dog, for just a moment there I thought "Vincent!" Then said to myself with a sigh, "I miss Vincent." I hadn't thought about him in a while.

2. I was cleaning out some old files at work and came across an old employee list that had the name Kristen Peterson on it. She worked her before I did, and had moved away to Hawaii before I started working here. When I saw her name, I was reminded that her baby was one of the babies who played Aaron in Season 6. One of his scenes was when Claire disappeared and the group of Losties found Aaron alone in the jungle.

My name's Linda Manning and I'd love a paperback if I'm chosen.

Thanks, E!

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of two babies and i "escape" to the gym every morning for some QUIET TIME ...last week as I was starting to run on the treadmill, "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass came on the loud speaker and I got a huge smile on my face remembering Desmond riding on his exercise bike ! I loved it ! Made my day !

Thank you for doing this contest - I would love the Kindle version ! Thank you - and Congratulations on your Baby Desmond :)

Unknown said...

Pretty much any beach reminds me of Lost

Debbie LaGreca - paperback :)

Kristy said...

Hey e-

Thanks for the contest! LOST has made me more critical of everything I watch now because I'm always looking for clues or hidden meanings in each story.

One of my favorite LOST memories occurred well after the show had left the air ... my family and I were on a long road trip and stopped at a hotel for a break ... hubby went to grab some dinner while I put the boys in the tub, and I turned on the TV to find some station running a marathon of old LOST episodes! Although I had seen them enough to almost recite the dialogue word for word, I was still caught up in what was going on and enjoyed the unexpected treat.

Love reading everyone else's comments. Hoping for a paperback! :D

Kristy Stevenson

Kim-the-girl said...

My son is just starting to get a smattering of freckles across his nose and it made me think of Kate and Sawyer! Also, everytime I where my Locke Lives shirt (that I won here!) I go down memory lane (and get lots of funny looks). :)

Congrats on your baby Des! The sleep deprivation will get better, I promise. :)

My name is Kim Woodbury and I prefer a paperback as well. Thanks SO MUCH for your generosity! You are so great!

Colby said...

Hello e! As a loyal Lost fan from your home state of Michigan (Clarkston, to be exact), imagine my amazement 6 months ago when after I took cash out at the newly repaired (and software replaced) ATM of my local credit union, I heard a noise that made the hair of my arms stand on end - the hatch computer beeping! The ATM made this sound when it ejected my card back to me, and it was the EXACT SAME TONE and timing between beeps! I remember shaking my head and mumbling something like "holy $%#&!" Now about once a week I get to hear that sound, and just 5 days ago when I did some more business at that ATM, I remarked to the person waiting behind me, "man, every time I hear that beeping it gives me goosebumps because it reminds me of the hatch!" This got me a very strange look to say the least, to which I responded, "you didn't watch Lost, did you?" She said no. But I was not embarrassed, because when it comes to Lost, I am an unabashed fan, and will be forever.
So, if you should choose me, I would like the real book version of "Lost Thought," please!
Thank you and Namaste!

jeff said...

What reminded me of Lost was i saw this large wooden stick or staff with lots of writing on it and it reminded me of Mr Eko and his staff with verus on it .. Thanks Erika ,
Book version please Jeff Ferrara

Unknown said...

My birthday is April 23rd, so every time I think of when my birthday is coming around, I think of 4-23 which makes me so happy.

Any time the name Ben comes up in my life, I have to deprogram myself from being defensive mentally toward that person.

Paperback all the way!

James Cape

Jim said...

Whenever I hear the name Walt, I think of Michael floating around in the ocean screaming, "WAAAAAALT!!"

Thanks for a chance to win what looks like a real cool book. I'd prefer the analog version (a/k/a paperback).

Jim Eisenmann

P.S. Like everyone else, I miss the heck out of this show, but Alcatraz is helping to fill the hole, and Fringe has really taken it up a notch this season!

flo_is_lost said...

As I was watching The Walking Dead on Sunday I realized that I will never, ever root for or trust a mysterious captive. Courtesy of Michael Emerson's brilliance as Ben Linus, of course!

(context: Norman Reedus was beating the crap out of a stranger held captive in the former zombie-barn to decide whether they could trust said stranger and integrate him into their post-apocalypse survivor group)

Now if only I could transfer that six years' worth of Lost facts, trivia, and analysis into some sort of paid gig I'd be set. Next best thing would be a copy of LOST Thought, of course!

Laurel Trotter, craving paperback

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

About two years ago in the summer of 09, I started an Occupational Therapy program. I was let go from my job in Radio and decided to switch careers.

Anyway, the first class we had to take was Regional Anatomy and I was scared. I never dissected anything before (frog, pig-I always used diagrams) and I didn’t know how I was going to dissect a human. On the first day of lab I was so scared and I thought I was going to pass out. As I walked over to our cadaver, I remembered Jack’s story about his first surgery as a resident. So I counted to 5, let the fear in, and then focused. I ended up finishing the class with an A. I think about that story all the time and it helps me get through the difficult moments. That is my LOST moment.

If chosen, I would like a paperback copy.

Karen Bartlett

jason said...

Congrats on the baby!

I'm a Grad Student and we just discussed Hume in class this week, so of course I was picturing Desmond...

Jason Williamson
Paperback, please!

trevor said...

We live near an airport and sometimes a plane will have a certain sound as its flying overhead. I'll look up and hold my breath thinking LOST and wish the plane a safe journey.
Trevor Davies

Mr. Philip Piazza said...

So many LOST references...most recent...a substitute teacher in my building ended every sentence with "Brotha" - example: "I'll see you next period, brotha!"

I'd love the paperback.
Phil Piazza


Unknown said...

I have it happen a lot, but most recently was this: Dr. Seuss' birthday this year would have been his 108th. When I realized that I spent all day trying to connect Dr. Seuss to Lost!

~ Randy Crane (paperback)

1sawyerfan said...

Hi again Erika... I saw my post, realized that I was so excited to share my Lost story that I forgot to submit that I would like it in paperback if I get picked. Sorry about that. Thanks again - Tammy McDowell

S said...

Tonight I was watching "Revenge for Real" and the guy who was arrested for murder in the Hamptons looked SO MUCH like creepy Ethan.

Would love paperback!

Shellie Byrum

Matthew said...

My girlfriend and I had bee going through a rough patch and in the middle of the conversation, she had said "I won’t give up" which reminded me of the phone call between Des and Penny.
paperback version please :)
Matthew Doty

Kelly, UK said...

I never stopped thinking about Lost! I am working my way through the series again (currently Jin has just turned up on the beach and met Rousseau in a time travel flash of season 5).
What makes me think of Lost most is my Lost t-shirt that I wear frequently to bed - one of which says Long Live Locke and I won from you! Thanks again for that!!

Kelly Virgo

GymJudgeMom said...

My dad and I were the only 2 people in my family addicted to LOST. We loved to watch each week then discuss the episode. One year for Christmas I bought him a Staff Station shirt as my dad was a pharmacist. My dad passed away 1-1/2 years ago and some of his things were packed up for me. I recently went through that bag and came across the Staff Station shirt. It reminded me of something so special that just the 2 of us shared which was our mutual love for the show. And I've been sleeping in the shirt regularly since, which makes me think of LOST on a regular basis!!

My name is Kristi Aguilar and I'd love to have the paperback version. Thanks for all that you contributed to my love of LOST and congrat's on baby Des!

Mitchell Perry said...

Congratulations on Des!

Every time I speak to someone who doesn't think I'm making sense (which is way too often), I picture Hugo in the flash-sideways world talking to his Lostmates as if they know everything that he knows. They look dumbfounded and Hugo just rolls with it. More specifically, it's his smiling mug when he gathers Charlie from the hotel before the last Driveshaft show.

Speaking of which, my son watches a cartoon with music that reminds me of "You All Everybody". It's ridiculous how often that song is in my head.

Lastly, it's impossible to watch the Alcatraz pilot and not think of Lost after hearing the score and the sounds the cell doors make.

Trying to keep it short, but I could go on, and on, and on...

Paperback for me!


gpulver said...

I am Gary Pulver. When we hired a new counselor for my school, she was standing behind me once and started giggling. She was looking at my lost wallpaper and confessed that she was a lostie too. Now I think of Lost every day because she bought me a mug that says "Yes, as a matter of fact all I ever talk about is Lost". I would like the ebook version.

helkatmat said...

Last month when I received an email from Long Live Locke after a long absence I thought "loop dude, I'm still in the loop!"  Always good to know I'm not alone with memories of LOST.

Congrats on baby boy Desmond!  Very happy for you!

Kathy Mathews

I love my iPad but like Sawyer, I would prefer a book.

Tracy Hlavaty said...

Congrats on your book and your baby! I think about Lost all the time. Every time I see a dog wandering around without a person I think of Vincent. Not too long ago a youngish (way younger than me but not a kid) blond girl came in and she has such an annoying attitude that it reminded me of Shannon. Then, it turned out her name was Shannon! I was waiting to hear the Lost bong noise.

I would love a paperback of your book.

Tracy Hlavaty

Anonymous said...

I think of LOST often but every few months I like to tease my 3 boys that I'm going to start watching the series from the beginning again. I get groans and moans and I love it! I actually said something about it this past weekend and they all left the room. This is my favorite show of my adult life and they know once I start I don't move off the couch. And since I have a husband and 3 boys, I'm the woman, I rule the remote! Congrats on your son! I've been waiting for the announcement.

My name is Erin Lengerich and I prefer paperback. Thanks!

Ian E said...

Just a couple of weeks ago I was on an elliptical at the gym, and a local Oldies station was on. Out of nowhere Make Your Own Kind of Music came on while I was sweating on the machine. I may have momentarily been in the hatch....That's just the most recent of many!

Paperback por favor!

Anonymous said...

Hi e,
Congrats on little Desmond!!

Quite frequently I'll see one of the lotto numbers and think of LOST, including one of our hotel room numbers (108...so weird). But whenever I'm watching a movie and see that the composer is Michael Giacchino, I freak out, because I know the music is going to be epic, like LOST, except very few other people ever understand my excitement...

I loved reading your blog, it was a great addition to the show...and I'd love a paperback (signed, of course). :-)

Thanks e,

jantje_lover said...

Something that has made me think of Lost...

Surely the numbers still pop up to me everywhere, and whenever there's a lottery drawing I'll be playing the 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 numbers.
Car accidents on tv remind me of Lost. As did the music of John Carter, which I got te see in a special premier event. Turns out the music was by Michael Giachino himself.
Volkswagen vans remind me of Lost too. And whenever a friend that movd out of the country pops up on
Facebook, I think of Lost, as I always watched Lost with him.
Í could go on, Lost is the best. Good times.

My name is Jonathan Bergmann, and I'd like a paperback.

Trev N. said...

My 9-month, daily reminder of LOST this past year is as follows:

My wife and I were expecting a new bundle of joy at the end of January 2012, and for the first time in years, we decided not to find out the baby's gender ahead of time (although my wife was convinced we were having a girl).

She chose the name Mercy Evangeline for the girl name, and I told her that would be a constant reminder of "Kate" from LOST (Evangeline Lilly), and asked her if she was cool with that. She was undeterred; and when the big day came on January 27, 2012, we welcomed .......... a boy. (No more constant thoughts of Kate anymore, at least not as many now.)

I don't know if we hold the record amongst your followers, but our little boy is our 8th child and 7th boy! (No, we're not Amish!)

It would be an honor to receive a paperback copy.

Tim Alexander

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm still as attached to LOST as the rest of you! Daily reminders? Could it be the jar of Dharma peanut butter (made them as finale party give-aways) on my desk? Perhaps the stack of LOST-themed books on my coffee table? The Saywer figure on top of my TV? Or, even better, random moments such as the tiger I saw just yesterday on a live web-cam feed whose facial stripes looked just like the Dharma logo! Love to get the new paperback! Thanks, e, and congrats on little Des! Carrie Brooke

Jenni said...

We read "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" at naptime and bedtime quite often, and I think of LOST every time my 2-year-old son picks it out to read.

Paperback would be great.

Congrats again on your new little man!

Jenni McKay

Ernie said...

Some friends of ours are pregnant with their 2nd child and plan to name her Evangeline and call her Evy. The husband is a Lost fan, but I don't think that's why they picked that name but I'll never be able to look at that baby and not think of Kate.

Ernie Ballard

Heidi Roger said...

I miss LOST. A friend at work was pregnant and her dad's name is Kelvin so I tried to talk her into naming the baby Kelvin. She chose differently but I still refer to him as Baby Kelvin. I talk to her often so I think of LOST everytime!
I'm really glad you are still blogging about LOST! I would love a paperback! Your little Des is adorable! Thanks Heidi Roger

GARRY UK said...

Hello, Garry Brotha Miller here.

Where do I start? There are so many things that remind me of LOST I couldn't write them all down.

The obvious ones are that my Son (11yrs) loves LOST and he is called Josh, did I already mention that.

I am an Admin on a non official Facebook LOST page, we have a Fan of the Week, Character of the Week and I do a Thought of the day, therefore I am always thinking about the show.

I have friends all over the world thanks to LOST, Argentina, Italy, Espania, USA and even Scotland.

However the thing that sticks in my memory, that is a bizarre happening, is that I recently came second in an Italian language LOST quiz and I don't understand Italian. However I am now learning ha ha

If I am lucky enough to be a winner here, I would like a paperback version please.

Really miss LOST and really miss Long Live Locke.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Erika!

First of all, thanks for this fun contest!

1) Wow, what made me think of Lost? There are so many things, but here's what I remember first: it was my first night in New York ever and I was driving in a taxi from JFK and we drove past this bar with THE NUMBERS written on its window blinds. And my trained Lost eye caught it! But what were the odds to pass by this place in a city as big as New York in a speeding taxi on the first night?! And it turned out our apartment was 15 minutes walk from it! Fate? Coincidence? I know, I know, Mr Eko would tell me not to mistake coincidence for fate. But still...
That was in summer 2010 while wee were on our road trip through the USA. We also got married in Las Vegas (I know I know, it's a cliche :)), together with our two friends, a couple, and we had a double wedding. This isn't really a Lost reference but while we were driving from San Francisco to LA, I saw the sigh that said Santa Rosa. Of course, it reminded me of the infamous Mental Insititution. I also took a picture of a bumper sticker which said GUAM (and shouted We're not going to Guam, are we? everyone looked at me wit that look) Also, when we were on Coney Island, they have something called Polar Bear Club, which, of course, reminded me of polar bears on another Island. That reminds me, my Lost friends and I, we always greet each other with *polarbearhug* at the end of aour messages.

2) My name is Danijela Uradin Biljan (I have two last names)

3) I would like a paperback copy.

Even if I don't win a copy, I'll buy it for myself and for my friend who's also a Lost fan and will have birthday next month :)

Thanks again,



Anonymous said...

My laptop makes a weird sound that sounds exactly like the smoke monster. It is both scary and reminds me of Lost.

I'd love a paperback.
- Milla Räsänen

toby said...

I think of LOST all the time - I did just a couple of days ago when my daughter realized she had forgotten something at home just after we left in the morning, and I said "We have to go back!!" But really, almost anything will set me off. I'm also subscribed to Jorge's blog, so that helps keep my LOST radar up.
I'd love a paperback! But I'll still read your posts even if I don't win :)
Have a great day!
-Toby Curwin

Anna R said...

I've only lived in a big city for a year and change, so the thing that gets me every time is the smoke monster sound that I hear coming from the taxis! I'll be walking to work, strolling past the Ritz Carlton and the usual lineup of taxis there, and suddenly - chiggidy chiggidy skreee! I find myself looking over my shoulder for the smoke monster.

--Anna Roberts (paperback)

Julia Bird said...

Hi e,
I think of lost every time I write a text message about my son with my crappy old style phone. My son is called Edson, but the predictive text always puts Desmo... at which point I invariably think of Mr Hume and smile :)
I'd love it if you could send me the paperback version of the book.
Thanks so much for setting up the comp and for all the reminiscing as I read the other comments.
Julia Bird

Alison said...

hi E congratulations Desmond is gorgeous!

we live in the UK but went to New York last February for my partners 40TH birthday. we were on the subway and stopped at 42nd street, we both saw the number at the same time right outside our window and grinned at each other. we then spent a lot of time travelling up and down the subway taking photos of the rest of the numbers lol

i also turned 42 last year and my eldest son handed me 9 small parcels as i unwrapped them all they were all happy birthday number badges that had 4 8 1 5 1 6 2 3 4 2 on them lol and yes i wore them all day lol

id love the paper back version if u can post to the UK so i can share it with my partner (but i do have a kindle if not)

thanks E

alison priestley xx

Brett Imbemba said...

Ahhh LOST. 2 years later and we are still talking about it - success! (I prefer paperback.)

While reading the rules I immediately thought of the reference I would use, but first a little background: I have a walking and hiking trail by my house that goes through a pretty thick forest. This past summer, I was running on the trail with a friend, and out of nowhere, we heard that familiar chain-pulling sound smokey made! There was construction going on near the edge of the forest, and we immediately looked around to see what the startling noise was. After seeing the construction, we had the same thought: it was the smoke monster! It's hard to describe the exact feeling of hearing that noise, in the woods no less, but it was easy to imagine how the Losties felt on our favorite island. What an experience that was, and I will definitely remember it forever.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for this contest!
As for what reminds me of LOST I have so many things. I'm such a big LOST fan that I can literally see anything and relate it back to the show. Like the other day my mom took out a wine bottle and I thought to myself everything from the wine bottle metaphor to Desmond in "Flashes Before Your Eyes!"

But I think of LOST everyday in school as well when I go to my Latin class (it's others 101!") Yesterday we were doing vocab and one of the words was "via" and I thought of the LOST:via domus video game!

Again thanks for the contest, and congrats on your little turnip head,Desmond Fox (I love the name by the way!!) :)
-Katie Barnwell (paperback)

Elisa said...

Last summer I met a guy with blonde long hair who calls everybody by nicknames. Unfortunately, he doesn't look like Sawyer.

My name is Elisa Marchesi and I'd love a paperback. (Oh, and thanks for the giveaway!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your little Desmond! I have a 9 month old and he's already sporting Lost onesies and fishbiscuit bibs. It's so much fun, isn't it?!

Oh my goodness, I think about Lost daily...whenever I see one of the numbers, whenever I travel, whenever I hear one of the lines from the show (don't tell me what I can't do!), whenever I hear a song from the show (I recently heard Damien Rice's Delicate and it made me so sad and nostalgic). Some other specific examples: I gave birth on May 31 but there was a high possibility that I'd give birth on May 23...the one year anniversary of the Lost finale.
I also had to give up nuts and peanuts (among other foods) because my little one had a protein allergy. My favorite food is peanut butter so this was VERY difficult. I kept thinking about Charlie giving Claire invisible peanut butter and it kept me going! ;)
Speaking of Claire, as a new mother, don't you often wonder how Claire was able to raise a baby on the island without all of our modern conveniences???

I truly miss Lost...and I truly love being a mother. I can't wait to introduce my son to the show one day!

My name is Julie Masteller and I would love a paperback.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My best friend and I are planning a short vacation to an island. Anytime we talk about going to "The Island," we inevitably giggle. And it is ALWAYS capitalized. It's just in our blood. Even simple words like "island" will always bring up Lost talk.

Thanks for the contest!
Briana Raimondo

Barbara said...

Hi! Nothing specific, but there are many everyday reminders of LOST for me. From something that has me saying "We Have To Go Back" or "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do" to pausing for a second because I recognize a LOST number or eating a scoop of peanut butter. Oh, and whenever I hear the name Charlie I think of the way Claire said it! Thanks for the chance to win a book. I'd love it in paperback.

Barbara Marowski

Barbara Marowski

Unknown said...

I just heard recently that a friend would be naming her soon to be born son Sawyer and I knew I would worship him forever.

Kir Gallo
Kindle or Nook version is fine with me!

comixguru said...

Oh E- work took over my life and i didnt enter your contest in time. But know that I am so happy for you and this new book! I would have loved an E-book edition.

I am reminded of LOST everyday. Whenever I hear or see any of the numbers. Everytime i look up and see one of my LOST prints.

It is always on my mind.
Congrats! :)


Noemi said...

Hi just wondering if I missed the announcement on the winners, I keep coming back but do not see anything...BTW I know how busy it can be with a new wee one at home so do not worry, I am not trying to hurry things along, but just wanting to make sure I did not miss the announcement :)
♥ Noemi
Twitter: @wegottogoback
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Travel: Across The Sea

Kathleen said...

Have you all seen that a few LOST cast members are going to be in a movie released THIS Friday?! Blue Like Jazz was a New York Times Best Seller and was a really great book! The movie is supposed to be AMAZING!

LOST cast members in Blue Like Jazz (opening Friday April 13):
*Tania Raymonde, who played Alex Rousseau (Ben's daughter) *Eric Lange, who played Stuart Radzinsky (a member of the DHARMA Initiative who worked at the Flame station in 1977 as Head of Research... who committed suicide)

Oh how I miss LOST! I wish we could just start all over again at the (first) plane crash! :)"

check it out here: www.bluelikejazzmovie.com