Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The T-Shirt Winners

Yet another incredible display of creativity from LOST fans with this contest! If you have a few minutes, definitely scroll through the 155 award categories submitted here. I guarantee you will be entertained. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.

And now, the twelve winners, who were picked at random.

***We had a few entries from different people who actually had the same username, so I'm including the submissions and (where applicable) blogger profile links for the winners just so there's no confusion:

NobleLawyer - Best Death Scene: Charlie

Arwengreenleaf - Most Easily Misled: John Locke

MonkeyFace - Most Episodes Performed without a Shirt: James "Sawyer" Ford

Kim-the-girl - Best Cry Scene: Juliet

Luis - Best Anti-Aging Make-up: Richard Alpert

Alexistran - Most Invisible: Jacob

Amber - Best Overreactor: Doc Arzt

Fiona - Aaand the award for Best T-Shirt worn throughout the whole series of LOST goes tooooo.... HURLEY! ...for the "I ♥ My Shih Tzu" Tee.

Brandon - Most Honorable (has never told a lie): Jin

Lisa - Most Wishy-Washy: Kate.

Kelly,UK - Least lucky in love: Sayid

Josh - Best Use Of "SONOFAB*TCH": Juliet :(
(This one was actually one of my favorite entries because you'd THINK the winner would be Sawyer, but I agree with Josh that Juliet put his infamous line to better use when banging on Jughead at the end of Season Five.)

There you have it!

WINNERS: I need you to contact me either through Facebook (if we're connected) or this blog. I must have your email address as well as your mailing address. I will not publish any comments with your personal information that you send in through the blog. I must get your information by Tuesday, January 26 -- otherwise your shirt's going with me to Hawaii to be given away at the premiere.

Thanks and congrats!

To everyone else, I intend to have two very short posts up between now and the premiere on February 2 that are not contest-related -- woo hoo!

- e


Murat said...

Congratulations to all the winners and a big THANK YOU to e for running all these contests. Season 6 is almost here, guys, I'm so excited! Let's hope we can all enjoy the very last season of our favourite show. =)

Kelly, UK said...

Cool! Thanks very much E!

Alexistran said...

Awesome E! Thanks for running such amazing contests (as well as brilliant recaps / dissections and cool photos)

Here's to E and Season 6!

rachie said...

you do come up with some outstanding and fun contests. always great prizes too! and congrats to all the winners. some of those entries had me laughing out loud.

Ernie said...

wait, e, you post stuff that's not contest related? I kid, I kid. Looking forward to your thoughts heading into season 6.

MonkeyFace said...

Wow! Thank you so much, E! I am excited to have won a great t-shirt. My email address is and my mailing address is 1107 North Main Street, High Point, NC 27262.

Thank you again!

Lyn Turner-Bush (MonkeyFace)

Kia said...

I am not even finished reading yet, but WHY do people assume that Penny would have never been born. Penny looks way older than the 30 or so that Daniel was. Why are we assuming that Widmore never left the island before Faraday was conceived???? I believe that Penny would have still been born off island.

PS... I missed this SOOO much :)