Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Koozie Winners

As always, I had such fun reading through everyone's comments. I highly recommend you take a look through all of LOST toasts, too. They can be found here.

I'll keep this short as I intend to post again tomorrow with the rules for a new Twitter-based contest.... and then I'll be back a few days after that to run another contest here on the blog for the same prizes -- LOCKE LIVES t-shirts. (I'm rushing through these contests because it takes two weeks for overseas delivery and I'd like to ensure everyone, no matter where they are, has their prizes before the season premiere. That's how considerate I am, you're welcome.)

So give a round of applause to the Dharma Beer can koozie winners:


Cheryl from Lakeview




Aunt J-ha

Lori Fish



Congrats to all of the winners... you can leave me a comment below with your email address and mailing address (I won't publish them), or if you're connected to me on Facebook you can send me a message there or DM me through Twitter.

Everyone else, sit tight -- more chances to win other LOST goodies soon!

- e


Murat said...

Once again, congratulations to all the winners! Getting really pumped for the season premiere now, with all of this new info (which I obviously won't repeat here, since this is a spoiler-free zone :P)!

Kyle Amato said...

I haven't looked at any spoilers! I'm so proud of myself!

aquaboy1976 said...

Hooray for no spoilers! I'm thinking about going through this season without watching previews for the following episodes.