Thursday, January 07, 2010

Win a Dharma Beer Can Koozie... If You're on Twitter

Hello yet again -

As many of you know, back in Season Four, my Long Live Locke posts began to be republished on DarkUFO, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) LOST fan sites. (I was going to add "on the web" -- but is there really any other kind of fan site than one that's online? I think not.) In order to get our readers even more excited about the so-close-we-can-almost-taste-the-imaginary-peanut-butter Season Six premiere, we're joining forces to host a Twitter-based contest.

Here's what you have to do:

1) Follow both @erikaolson and @DarkUFO on Twitter. (You must have a Twitter account in order to follow someone.) Andy (who runs DarkUFO) has several spoilerphobes following him -- including myself -- and therefore you can rest assured that he does not tweet any spoilers. He will write something like "SPOILER -- Episode 6.11 Centricity" and then include a link if you want to know more, but that's it. You must be following both of us in order to be eligible to win.

2) At some point before 10PM EST on Friday 1/8/10, tweet:

I'm following @erikaolson & @DarkUFO in order to win a #DharmaBeer can koozie to help ring in the final season of LOST

(It'll probably work best just to cut and paste the previous sentence exactly as it is -- it's exactly 140 characters.)

3) Um, that's it. Anyone can enter from anywhere, as long as we can mail to you from the U.S. We will only accept one entry per Twitter ID. Andy will randomly select TEN winners on 1/9/10 and we'll announce them shortly thereafter.

The Dharma Beer can koozies were created by my husband as little party favors for this past fall's Zap2Locke Con, as well as for any LOST shindigs we host in the coming season (meaning, they're not available for purchase anywhere). They are collapsible white foam can holders that make any canned or bottled beverage look like a Dharma Beer. They even fit around some plastic and glass cups. You will be the envy of all your other Lostie friends (and Sawyer) if you have one, trust me.

At some point after we close this Twitter contest I will run a blog-based contest in order to give away ten more koozies to Long Live Locke readers, so if you are not on Twitter, just hang tight.

If you are on Twitter, then good luck!

- e


nikkimatt said...

hey e!
i entered, but had to turn Dharma Beer can into Dharma Beercan, it said i was over by one letter.. hope it still counts!
lostinslc/Nicole Custen

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi there Nikkimatt -

I would try again, as Dark is the one who will be handling the logistics and if you don't have the right hashtag (which is #DharmaBeer -- all together, no space), he won't be able to find you to count you.

If you copy and paste what I have in the post exactly as it is into Twitter, it is NOT over. Trust me, hundreds have done so already. Maybe you had some extra spaces at the beginning or the end that you didn't notice?

- e

HoboCode said...

Any way I can buy a koozie? I don't tweet.

Erika (aka "e") said...

HoboCode -

Per the note at the end of my post above, I will shortly be holding another contest with koozies as prizes that will be blog-based, so stay tuned.

I have no plans to sell them -- I'm almost out and prefer to give them free of charge to the lucky LLL readers who win the upcoming contest. :)

- e

Unknown said...

I sure hope to win e, but either way we are not far from the start of season 6 and your postings about it, so I'm already a winner because of your writings! Is this a great country or what? I'm so excited about both. Between you and Darkufo we are covered with all things LOST!!!! Thanks for all y'all do.

Neil Richard said...

I can't believe I wasn't already following @DarkUFO. Shame on me.

nikkimatt said...

hmmm.. i tried again. i've just been cutting and pasting but both times twitter says i'm one letter over.. very weird.. oh well!! thanks for the help though! glad to see you made it out of NoDak safely!

Erika (aka "e") said...

That IS weird. Well, the only things that matter are to have both my and Dark's TwitterIDs are they are and the hashtag as #DharmaBeer. Then he'll definitely find you even if you have to cut a letter or two somewhere else.

: )

- e

Nerding Out said...

Oh man, so sad I missed this contest...I just had the idea of "how cool would it be if they made dharma beer koozies" and wound up here. To prove my love of JL, check out my wallpaper. I can't take credit for the face, that was Eric Tan. I just loved the style so much, I had use it for a Locke wallpaper.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Andrew -

As I said in the post, I'm running another contest for the koozies here on shortly.

Check back soon!

- e

rebewebe said...

heres to finding Lost