Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Making Like the Oceanic 6
and Going BACK!
(Details on the Oahu Premiere Meet-Up)

Those of you who've been reading my posts since Season One might remember that in the early years of the show, I often found myself writing my episode recaps while on a flight -- or while camped out on the floor outside of a gate at O'Hare or LaGuardia (ah, soft pretzel/smoothie stand, you were so good to me...).

Yes, in my days of working for The Man, I traveled often. I'm very thankful for all of that time spent on the road, however, because it earned me enough frequent flyer miles to be able to make a quick trip out to Oahu for the LOST premiere this coming weekend. As you may know, "Sunset on the Beach" was held on the Waikiki waterfront for the Season One, Two and Three premieres, and it will be back again January 30, three days before the show returns on ABC. After my trip to the Island in October 2008, I honestly never thought I would return while the show was still on the air -- much less for such a cool event.

The main reason I decided to go is because -- as crazy as this may seem -- I prefer Hawaii's 80-degree, sunny weather to Chicago's 30-degree, crappy weather. No, honestly, I'm making the trek in order to finally meet fellow LOST bloggers and fans of the show who I feel like I've gotten to know online over the past few years.

That's why I was really excited when Jo of Get LOST with JOpinionated organized a meet-up for anyone who's flying in for the premiere. So... if you will also be in Oahu this weekend, please join us at Rumfire on Friday night from 8 - 10 PM. Or pass along the following information to anyone else you may know who plans to be in Honolulu:

From Jo's site:

"Please join me, along with special guest Erika ('e') from Long Live Locke, on Friday (1/29) from 8pm-10pm; I have reserved the Upper Ewa patio of RumFire at the Sheraton Waikiki. You're on your own for food and beverage, but they have created a special $5 LOST cocktail just for us!

Be among the first 100 people to arrive and participate in a trivia contest for a chance to win a commemorative LOST tote bag! And, of course, everyone who attends will receive a custom LOST Fan pin.

There is an official invite on Facebook, and you may also RSVP via email [jo at jopinionated dot com]. Feel free to pass this on to fellow LOST fans who will also be on the island for the big event.

For those of you who are unable to join us, you can follow the weekend festivities through our Twitter feeds (@jopinionated and @ErikaOlson). I will post details soon about how YOU can win one of the custom tote bags too!"

OK, now it's me again. Don't you love how I'm the "special guest"? Hee, hee. *I* love it. For anyone who's able to make it, I am 99% sure I'll be in a black and white Locke Lives shirt, so that's how you'll know which nerd is me.

Since my intention is to do nothing but max and relax in Oahu -- as in, I'm NOT planning to brave the crowd of 15,000+ people just to be able to snap a few blurry pictures of any of the cast on the red carpet -- I'm not sure whether I'll be posting about my experience here on Long Live Locke or not. And I certainly have no intention of mentioning anything about the premiere itself, so rest assured you'll read no spoilers from me. But, as Jo mentioned above, I will be sending out a few updates about the premiere activities via Twitter, and you don't have to have a Twitter account in order to read them. Just go to and since my feed is public you'll be able to follow along.

That's it... now the question is, will the Island let me head back to Chicago come Sunday the 31st? (I hope not.)

- e


Matt in Dallas said...

Have Fun!!!

Mair said...

I am jealous! LOL But, alas, in my current unemployed state, I have decided against flying from Philly to HI. I did, however, seriously consider it a few weeks ago...but my common sense took over. Plane fare, hotel, food...

I will look for your tweets, e.

Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read stories like that. Just add more pics :)

Unknown said...

Lucky you Erika! Can't wait to see the prem myself. It's been way too long. Going to watch series 5 again over the next week in preparation. Good luck in Hawaii and have a great time.

Jennifer in Ireland

olala said...

Enjoy yourself e.

Alisha Rene' said...

SSSSoooooo jealous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Wish I could be there and meet you. Since I've been following you since Season 1, I feel like I know you! Enjoy the sunshine and I'll be looking forward to the tweets...7 days and counting!!!

Denise Schimmoeller said...

Have a wonderful time! So jealous!

Anonymous said...

Just read the Lost artice in the Sun Times.....Look at you!!! Have a blast in Hawaii!! I cannot wait until next Tuesday!!!

BethMO said...

oh man! My bf and I just got back from Oahu on sunday. The day before (saturday) we trekked out to the beach where the LOST gang has the beach camp set-up and were ecstatically surprised with the crew mingling around the trees filming! We hung out for a couple hours relishing the sounds of production and checking out the sets and just as they wrapped filming for the day we got an incredible surprise as both Locke and Desmond come strolling over to chat us up!

Now, we were in Hawaii for a friends wedding but meeting those guys was by far and away the best part of our trip!(don't tell our friends I said that!!) Wish we could have stayed for the premier!!!
here's the pic:

Cheryl from Lakeview said...

Have a great time, try to get a little bit of a tan!

Anonymous said...

Kyle Amato said...

You're gonna have a great time!
Say hi to Smokey for me!

Tori said...

Dying. DYING. DYING!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm going to miss your episode recaps when the show is over.

AlpertsEyeShadow said...

Dear Erika:

(Scarlett voice on)
I hope you can help. I have no fingernails left at all, and I still have one day and one hour to go before LOST starts up again. Whatever shall I do?
(Scarlett voice off)

Anonymous said...

Been checking often- when is your next write-up????