Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The REAL Countdown Begins

Do you know what today is, my dear friends?

It is the "only two more months!" point until Lost returns! While the premiere hasn't officially been announced, I read an article recently in which the producers mentioned February 6th as the air date of Season Four's first episode. As the writers' strike continues, there have been no changes to the plan of only airing the first eight episodes (half of the season) before going on another hiatus. Rest assured that as soon as the date is set in stone, I will post! But for now I'd like to believe that in early February we will be reunited with the Lostaways.

The very encouraging news is that the ABC peeps are feeling extraordinarily happy with how awesome Season Four is looking so far. So much so that they've gone all out to promote it in front of movies at certain theaters! Throughout the month of December, the trailer will run "at all Screenvision and NCM employed theater chains across the country in front of all movies with a PG rating or higher." DAH!!!! NCM and Screenvision are the companies behind the commercials (not movie trailers, but commercials) that have started to grace theaters more and more. Those companies are not theater chains in and of themselves. So I don't know how to ensure that any one given theater uses either of these specific companies' services. I am going to The Golden Compass at some point this weekend, and so help me Lord if the trailer isn't before that one. I will jump out of my seat and scream in protest. And then I'll get kicked out and not get to see TGC (which I'm a little worried about in the first place as the reviews have been mixed).

So... If anyone DOES SEE or HAS SEEN the Lost Season Four promo before a movie, you must write me right away and give me the scoop! I haven't seen anything uploaded online yet (that is the real thing, that is--there are many fake Season Four promos out there).

What is online, however, are five "missing pieces"--short video clips of never-before-seen scenes. None of them are that great, but it was nice to see some of the ol' crew in action again. I may have to break down and watch the Season Three finale one more time very soon- life without Locke is wearing me down!

In other show news, you probably heard that a few months ago, Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) was arrested for drunk driving. There's something in the water out there in Hawaii, I tell you! If Jin kicks the bucket in Season Four, we really shouldn't be surprised. Rumor also has it that Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Dominic Monaghan (Dead Charlie) have broken up (they'd been dating for three years). He sacrifices himself for the rest of the gang and this is the thanks he gets? COLD!

In these remaining two months, remember to check out According to e..., or else you will miss all of my posts about my recent trip to Antarctica where I was on one of the rescue ships for the boat that crashed into an iceberg and sank!

Finally, don't forget that the Lost Season Three DVD set comes out in the U.S. (finally) on December 11th - next week!

- e


Ernie said...

Watched Boewulf in 3-D last night at a Rave Theatre and the Lost promo was shown before it. Lots of quick cuts with Ben talking (lines from the final, I think, about how Jack's screwing up). I'd like to see it again.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Ernie -

THANKS! Yeah, I'm pretty sure now that if I see it in a theater I'm going to cause a commotion by standing up and yelling to the projection room to play it over, and then to play it over again in slo-mo. : ) I sincerely hope that they eventually show it on TV or online so we can all analyze it! Maybe it's better if I don't see it because I will just be driven mad wondering about the quick clips that flash by.

Thanks a ton for filling us in!

- e

Anonymous said...

Hi e,

I saw the trailer today before "The Golden Compass." It was sooo short and soooo quick. It was definitely one of those ones where you need super slo-mo as there were many images that flashed by on the screen. My husband and watched intently, and then asked each other what we just saw. "I have no frickin' clue!" was both of our answers.

But it was cool anyway, just to see something Lost-related. The main thing we walked away with was that it looks like things are going to go bad with the ship people right away based on something that Locke says and the action that they show. But who really knows? We'll just have to wait and see!

another e

Erika (aka "e") said...

Another e -

Thanks for the info... I am planning to go see TGC tonight so the trailer better be there! I will let you know my assessment after seeing it, but I'm now even more sure that I'm going to go nuts...

- e

Ernie said...

here's the trailer on DarkUFO: