Tuesday, December 11, 2007

e Finally Sees the Lost Season Four Trailer...

Last night I went to The Golden Compass (my review is here). My husband was still ordering snacks in the lobby and I had *just* sat down when the Lost Season Four trailer aired. It was still twenty minutes before the movie started?!?! I am soooo glad I got there early like a big nerd.

Thanks to Ernie who let me know that someone had taped it in a movie theater and uploaded it to YouTube (fight the power!). That version is below (LOTS of background noise, though), and then my boy DarkUFO slowed down the same video here.

Anyway, as others had reported to me and as you can now see for yourself, it was really quick. I don't consider any of this stuff spoilers, by the way. We've waited too damn long for something, anything related to the show for me to worry about these brief glimpses possibly giving plot points away (which I don't feel they do in the first place). I personally wanted to focus in on what, if anything, I could hear the characters saying. The only things I heard were Kate announcing something like, "They're on their way," and Locke (be still my heart!) with an ominous line that sounded like, "Whatever they came for, it isn't us." There were several quick flashes of scenes, and I caught: Hurley (possibly underwater--looking for Charlie maybe?), Sawyer pointing a gun at Ben's head, Locke crouching down at Ben on the ground, a skull, the Hydra logo on some sort of medallion, Kate looking extremely scared and like she had a clear mask over the top half of her face, a random brown cow, a knife sticking out of someone's leg, and Charlie. Clearly a flash of Charlie at the very end (of course this could be from a flashback or whatever). The flash of Kate with the mask thingy freaked me out the most because that didn't look like it was on the Island at all. They also replayed the scene from the Season Three finale where Benry tells the Mad Doctor that every single person on the Island will be killed if he calls for rescue.

All I have to say is that February better get here right quick! I am officially sick of waiting--a girl can only take so much!

I'm sure as February nears they will release another promo for television-viewing audiences. I'll keep you posted...

- e


Anonymous said...

Hi e,

All I can say is, "Your husband was in the concession line?!" He must have been pissed! :) I would have never heard the end of it from my husband if he had missed the trailer.

Thanks for the slo-mo link, though I must admit, the slo-mo audio scared the crap out of me! It reminded me of when were kids and we used to listen to our Black Sabbath and Zepplin records backwards for devil messages (did I just date myself?). I guess I've turned into a wimp.

Another e

Lula! said...

Hey e!
My very own copy of Season 3 arrived today--hooray!--and I immediately popped TTLG into my player. When Locke appeared onscreen (in that pitiful pit), I instantly thought of YOU! Looking forward to Season 4 in February and to your weekly recap--the best on the net, in my opinion!
Thanks for all your hard work!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Another e - Yes, the slo-mo sounds were freaky... like dying cows or something. My husband was OK with missing the Lost preview as I'm pretty sure he's relishing a Lost-free household for the next few months... I get pretty stressed when I'm doing the write-ups, so while he enjoys the show and my write-ups, he does NOT necessarily enjoy my mood while I pull together the post. So I think this hiatus from the show has been just fine with him...

Lula - I decided to ask for the DVDs for Christmas so I will get mine in a few weeks, I am excited to watch all of the extras. Thanks for thinking of me during my man's scene, and for your kind words as well. I am anxious to begin the REAL posts in February!

- e

Anonymous said...

There is a better version of this now on youtube:


Check it out!