Friday, December 14, 2007

Clear Version of the Season Four Trailer...

HUGE props to "seg" who left a comment alerting me that this had been uploaded--it's perfect!

Upon repeated viewing (and pausing), I saw the following things (in addition to the stuff I mentioned in the last post)(if I'm right, then these scenes could be considered slight spoilers--you've been forewarned not to continue reading if you want to be totally surprised by everything!).

What I saw included:
- A room with tattered cloth blowing over a window and a bright light shining in, and then the same flash of JACOB in the chair that we saw before!
- Someone with blond curly hair crashing into Benry and knocking him to the ground (this person was dressed exactly like Benry, as well)
- A control panel on a wall with three round buttons (or perhaps they were lights)
- Hurley, running through the jungle or somewhere dark
- Sawyer pointing a gun at Benry with most of the group (Kate, Locke, Hurley) in the background (meaning that the two groups must reunite--remember that Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley and a few others are on the beach and Jack/Kate/Locke are at the radio tower at the end of Season Three. What, you don't remember all this???),
- Hurley peeking through what appeared to be the same window in the initial flash (listed above) and then an eye peeking back out at him! Could Hurley possibly meet Jacob? That would rock! He'd be like, "Dude, why are you so shifty?"
- Kate looking like she's in pain,
- Jack shooting a gun and looking pissed off (what's new),
- A very bizarre small hill of what looks like either yellow, round rocks or tennis balls (who knows with this show?) that gets blown up,
- Hurley, definitely underwater,
- A knife sticking out of someone's back (but I'm fairly positive that's Naomi, as she was left at the end of the finale)
- A shot from above of Kate looking in shock (but she doesn't have on a clear mask like I thought before, she is just be really, really shiny, and it's STILL scary upon multiple viewings! It makes me think she's being experimented upon or something)
- Someone looking at a brown cow (looks like it could be Desmond's hair, but I'm not sure)
- Locke on the ground looking at a woman who appeared to be dead who I did NOT recognize, but who could've been the same person who knocked Benry over,
- A skull that looks to be that of a small dinosaur or something with fangs (?!?!),
- The number "6" flashing quickly,
- Blood dripping on someone's battered limb,
- What looked to be one of the "rescue" guys with goggles and a helmet on, but the view seemed to be from underwater,
- The Hydra station logo on a metal coin or medallion that seemed like it was attached to perhaps a sword that someone finds on the ground,
- and... Charlie is clearly seen at the end (and it looks like he's talking to Hurley in a room with yellow paint - reminded me of the mental institution).

I needed to pause it ten million times to see all of this stuff. And I'm still not sure about some of it.

If any of you find other flashes that I totally missed, please post them! But remember to stick to things from this video and not other spoilers... I still don't know any of the new cast members and I really want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

There has been some discussion in the chat rooms about the fact that the Lost producers would only like the first SIX episodes to run in 2008 because there is a natural cliffhanger at the end of that grouping. Whereas, ABC wants all eight episodes that have been filmed to air in 2008 because they are so desperate for new shows as the strike isn't going to be over any time soon. Could the "6" in the trailer be the producers' attempt at a subliminal message to TPTB at ABC? I'm not sure... I think I remember other people seeing that number in other clips during Season Three, so it may mean something that's actually plot-related.

Oh, and no Golden Globe nominations for Lost. Where's the love?

- e

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