Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The February contest winner is...

... Marianne!

This just proves that it's never too late to enter a contest, as our lucky winner was actually the last one to submit her comment before the deadline yet was still the one chosen at random. She liked this Widmore Industries shirt best:

Congrats, Marianne... get a hold of me by Thursday night to claim your prize!

And thanks to everyone else for entering. There are new shirts being added all the time at the CafePress Lost store, and their design contest ends tomorrow, so keep on the lookout for cool items you might want to get before the series finale.

In semi-related news, this is a crazy week for me so all I can promise is that my write-up for "The Substitute" will be up by Tuesday.

Until then,
- e


Murat said...

Congratulations, Marianne!

Lisa11171 said...

Love your writeup e!!! I too freaked when the little kid showed up. I screamed "who is this Children of the Corn kid". I loved every moment of this episode and if this is what I can expect from the remainder of the show, I don't know how my neighbors are going to live with me because I screamed so much at this episode I gave myself a sore throat.

Julian said...

Could the bodies in the cave have changed positions because of the time skips?