Sunday, February 14, 2010

*NOW CLOSED* The February Contest: Win a Lost T-Shirt... or a Trip to Hawaii!

OK, so *I* am not giving away a trip to Hawaii.

But the fine folks over at CafePress are!

For you creative types out there, be sure you check out the ABC and CafePress Lost t-shirt design contest soon -- the deadline is this coming Thursday, February 18. The grand prize (picked by one of the show's producers) is a four-night stay for two on Oahu!?!?! WHAT!?! It's times like these that I wish I could draw something more impressive than stick figures. Ah, well.

They're also awarding five prize packages which include $200 gift certificates for, Seasons 1 - 5 on DVD, and a shirt signed by the majority of the cast. This is an INCREDIBLE contest for the artistically inclined. Get all of the details here. I would love it if a Long Live Locke reader won -- I know how crafty you guys can be. Good luck!

As for MY February contest, well, I'm not springing for an Island vacation for any of you -- I already used up all of my frequent flyer points doing that for myself for the Season Six premiere. While I was running around on the beach I actually had on a shirt I got from CafePress and tons of people asked me about it. Now you, too, have a shot at your own too-cool-for-school tee if you just do a few simple things by 8:30 PM EST this coming Tuesday, February 16th.

1) Look through the CafePress Lost store here, and find a tee that you like. Click onto its product page and copy the URL up top. There are lots of different items available (magnets, hats, bags, etc.), but let's keep it to the shirts for this contest, m'kay?

2) Let me know which shirt you liked the best by pasting its URL into a comment in the comments section for this post. While you don't have to put in any contact information, make sure I have some way to identify you if you win (as in, don't leave an anonymous post). And don't worry, if you win and you decide you like another shirt better, you can switch when the time comes for me to take your order.

3) Live in any country on earth. (Sorry, aliens. You know I love you, though.)

4) Enter only once. By 8:30 PM EST on Tuesday, February 16. As in, before the next episode airs on the east coast.

That's it! Good luck! I'll pick the winner at random and announce the lucky guy or gal at some point on Wednesday the 17th.

- e



Jennifer said...,430687091

My e mail is

Unknown said...

AWESOME TEE!,430999364

Alex said...,430999364

Jennifer said...,429284819

"Peace-Love-Lost"....that about sums it all up for me! Everything that's important in life!

Thanks for another fun contest, Erika!

Sherylm said...

I have to go for this one as it would make my daughter, who is on the other Team Jacob, wild :-),428432108

LOSTinSC said...,365063145

Anonymous said...,429454899

and you can contact me on twitter at bsilver55

Jen B. said...

I love them all, but I had to choose one...,237946416

Matt in Dallas said...

It's literally like a pair of 'Back Off' mud flaps.,246012691

Matt in Dallas

Anarkhan said...

There is really a lot of cool ones :),431276303

AJZehnder said...

Hi Erika,

Love the blog - first time contestant!! Keep up the great work writing about the show we all love! Here's my choice:,237946421

Kyle said...,430431482

Liat said...

Wow, it's amazing how hard a decision choosing a t-shirt can be haha =],354739283

MJCarp said...,431694095

Unknown said...,430857707

Its half past 42 O'Clock, I'm a little sleepy.

Brian McManus said...,365063145

Unknown said...,427408756

T-shirt, The numbers, Time Traveling bunnies: WIN WIN WIN

Dee said...

More like EPIC WIN,430431482

lorilooski said...,428225986

A more true statement has never been made...

BlastOff said...

Oops, This:,430999364

is my favorite shirt on the site. Forgot to put the link in my last comment.

Torigurl said...

Such a hard decision to make, and I only looked through about half of the shirts...,429883457

WanderChow said...

That is beyond awesome.,429454899

Unknown said...

the best lost shirt ever made.,429454899

Matthew said...,427692879

Unknown said...,394543539

thankies for the opportunity!
keep up the great work.


nirese said...,428725288

Rachel said...

really hard choice, but i think ill go with this one.,431043755

Kate said...,428284309
you can reach me on my twitter sweet1923

Robbie Freeman said...,431629496

Have a Cluckity day Mate

lindaz said...,428338846
Great contest! My email is:

jj said...,427408756

Shreyas Panse said...,430999364

Anonymous said...

Too many great shirts to choose from, but I was finally able to settle on this one:,361934213

Unknown said...,430999364

millar74 said...,428432108

this is easier than a friday freeze frame :)

Anonymous said...,107985446

The Althouse Family said...,428001801

Amy said...

Thanks for all your posts... my family can't wait until you post each week!

Choosing just one t-shirt design was almost as hard as waiting for season 6!,430465578

Shannon said...

Hurley's Dharma Diner!,430419028


Jennifer Isaac said...

we have to go back!!!!!,428133409

AC said...,147321107

Maram said...,372149881

highplains said...,428413066

great blog!

MsBlueKatt said...,429503062

Anna said...,361934217

Caz189 said...

Hi Erika!
This one rocks!!!,429883446
Cheers, Caz x

Anonymous said...,430376409

freckles said...,427918091

Unknown said...,431134200

Unknown said...,4283388642

Unknown said...,427415736

Chaopescado said...

so many too choose from,430416020

Unknown said...

I couldn't decide between the white and black but I think this is the one.,430376408


Julie said...

Oh my ! This is too hard!

This one!,428133409

Not the most exciting, but I love it! For obvious reasons, Lol.


Travis C. said...,428901893

my e-mail is

rtfarr1 said...,428284310

MollyFaraday said...,430512626

Lostie, loud and proud!!!!

Asya86 said...

Oh my God, there are so many! But this one got my vote:,428189646


Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't believe they had so many different designs. I'm happy you did a contest that didn't require Twitter. We'll know the fix is in if someone wins that picked the "Locke Lives" T-shirt!,427491501

Unknown said...,430431482

Lt. Goose said...,427433645

This is the Tee.

Rina said...

Desmond is my constant!,429538183

twitter: @rnkpy

Kelly, UK said...,429694268

Kelly Virgo on Facebook

Nico said...,429869876

Love your blogs!!!

jepz9 said...,430999364

Forrest13 said...

Thanks for this. My pick: href=",427491501"

Pudgo said...,427838955

jezz said...

thats a really tough choice!!

but i picked this one for my partner,431240242

Thanks e

CazzoidUK said...,431069897
It's classic, timeless, ageless - perfect description of LOST.

Engberg said...,431355988

Best I could find, didn't have time to look through them all though, so if I am to win, I might change my choise.

Thanks for the great contest Erika :D

Anonymous said...,430431482

'Glyphs=Epic Fail
LOST= Win!

druid said...,431134273

Fiona said...

Good luck everyone! There are some nice Tees!

I'm still <3'ing my LOCKE LIVES ONE :)

TimV said...,429817880

I LOL'ed when I saw this one :')

Unknown said...

It was really hard to pick a favourite, but here we go:,428524282

Thank you so much for running these contests, e, you're awesome!

tierdear said...,427408756

Bunnies and numbers. It don't get no better. <3

jtdials said...,241907546


Unknown said...,372149854

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...,428907881

Coolest. Blog. Ever.

Lakshmi Prabhu said...,430999376

i hope i win!!!!

Lloydy said...


Scott said...

Hey e, This may be illegal, but my son was born a week ago today so I'm entering by submitting a dharma onesie. If it doesn't count as a t-shirt, I can pick something else. Thanks e!,428399834

JetBoy said...

Long live Erika! Me likey this t-shirt:,285211760

Alfonso said...,428414970

Alfonso Ortuño.

Unknown said...,429284819

Just caught up with the last few postings - SO happy for you and your big news! A big WooHoo to you!!

R.P. McMurphy said...,425707291

Looking forward to learning more about the role of the Black Rock.

Julie said...

Love this t-shirt!,430530409

Unknown said...,295365373

jason said...

Thank you!,427433645

puzzle said...,429454899

My e-mail is

Unknown said...

Thank you!,430431482
(Epic Fail)

Shauna O'Reilly said...,428674917

BBMPigBob said...

Because I am from Florida, creator of this design orignally.. (?),430465578

Brian said...,428907895

RowanRaven said...

Hi, e!

Thanks for yet another fabulous contest! You rock, as always.

Here's the link to one I love (but there are SO many!!),427844104

Unknown said...

I would love to eat at Hurley's Diner so,430416020

Unknown said...,429790953

" I don't know where but she sends me there...I'm picking up good vibrations..."

Thanks for a contest that contemplates us lost obsessed foreigners!!!!

Anonymous said...

very generous of you Erika, thanks.

see you in another life brother,147321107

my twitter is

mrclean8 said...


geomistress said...,431235077
large, kelly green

Thank you for so many fun contests!

Lockman said...,147321107
See ya in another life, brotha.

Thanks for the contest Erika!!!

Lori Fish said...,431695273

Mellis said...

K, spent way too long trying to decide. :),428026920

Unknown said...,241907546


Tanyar said...,428209419

Tim said...,430431482

Aled Morris said...,430999364

Unknown said...

I love this "see you in another life brother" t-shirt.
Still my favorite line of all time from LOST.,147321117

-Susan from D.C

Unknown said...,430999364

mike seganos said...,427301375

ASPOV said...,430123123

ASPOV said...

Sorry Erika, I forgot to post my email:
I am so hooked on this show and all the blogs that I'm sure a deep depression awaits in June! I hope you and Vozzek and Dark offer something to help us Losties!,430123123

Anonymous said...,428200148

my contact info:

cndwelch said...

Because Smokey is my constant...,430465578

Murat said...,430267200

Unknown said...,428284309

Garagerator said...,427844091


Barb0201 said...,428189646

Cute, Cute, Cute! Thanks!

Sara said...

I just can't get enough Sawyer!,428189646


Termin8ter77 said...,430465578 I frickin' love this one!!

-Lostylady (aka Laura in Salt Lake)

Cheryl from Lakeview said...,428189646

I'm actually entering on my Mom's behalf. She was quite jealous of my Dharma beer koozie (however you spell it). She had flown up to watch the premier and next episode with us, and is on her way home now.

Alisha Rene' said...

I like another one better than this, but it wouldn't be appropriate around my kids LOL,80186560

Unknown said...,428432108

At the end of the day, this is the team I want to be on.

AmyW said...,361934217

We don't know much about him, but he is just cool -- goes with the flow and doesn't fight it, just works with it.

Julie said...

So many to choose from, but this one made me laugh the hardest:,429230593

I'm one of your facebook friends so you can get my contact info there.

Thanks! Julie

Uwe said...

For now:,429178924

Unknown said...,429454899

Memories of second season. Thanks erika.

-Nick Bruno (I'm friends with you on facebook)

elevatordance said...,430465578



Shelly said...,427966193

Ann said...,431069859

Ann W. from Pennsylvania

LisaCPhotography said...,57669960

Thanks E! for everything you do for the Losties!

Pittsburgh, PA

Unknown said...

Black Rock is the baddest:,427692879

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool!,429892879

It's Jenette P.

Zapboy27 said...,429454899
I'd Hot That!

Kathi said...,428915702

Peace, love and LOST, baby!
Thanks for the contest- you pretty much rock!

James said...,430431482

Bernie said...,430503634

Brasco said...

love most of them!!,427918077

Mrs. Watermelon's Kitchen said...,353734859

We have to go back!!! Love it!

Megalomegalodon said...

I like polar bears,431202873

Hannah N said...,427966928

chopster said...,147321117

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I have to have that WE HAVE TO GO BACK shirt! That is what my husband wrote in my Valentine's Day card! or this one:,428258971

pejafor3 said...,429869876

Jonathan said...,147321107

See you in another life brother, I'm not much of a believer in reincarnation. However, I believe in Desmond, and that's why I chose this shirt :D

toby said...,430999364

Thanks for doing this - what fun!

janneman said...,431629491


Linnym said...,428525580 said...,428432108

Unknown said...

Lapidus Air!!,361934216

Anonymous said...

My husband has taken to calling me fishbiscuit...sounds really odd to non-Lost fans!
So in that spirit, this is my fav:,237946416

You can contact me on twitter at AerynSun7

Attitude Hats said...,430999364

Unknown said...

I love these T-shirts!,431235111

Danelectro said...,431069877

Great contest, as always!

Thanks, e.

Sarah G - Chicago said...

Fun contest, thanks!,427966928

thisoldsoul said...,428704327

Amy said...

This one, XL -,429644323

MFriar said...,429844958

Unknown said...

oh man soooo manny tee's,427838955

valerie naas said...,428284309

Amy Bizzarri said...,430999364

I like the LOST numbers shirt. I am a high school teacher (in an urban area where most kids don't know what LOST even is...) and I would ask them to see if they could come up with some ideas, however crazy, to understand/explain the significance of these numbers. I'd eventually even use some clips from LOST in the classroom!

makeyourownkindofmusic said...

i love the more obscure this:,427710057

Anonymous said...

Only us LOSTies would get this shirt. Love it!,237946421

Anonymous said...,428189646

Cindy said...,428071486


Cherry said...

For my daughter:,428765178

Cherlynn said...

I don't care what the other boys say or do, I LOVE Jack!,430594331

Unknown said...,429503067


Terry said...,427229069

The McJunkin Family said...,135168565

love your blog!

Satyashankar said...,427433645


hatch-man said...,429454899

I almost spewed (dharma) cola on my computer when I saw this shirt.

P.S. I'm into geocaching, and have hidden a little LOST related stuff in a vn out in the jungle.
be sure to view the gallery of photos...

Katie Kat said...

Wish this one was true so I'd be stranded with Sawyer:,427491499

Thanks e!

Katie Kat

Shaun said...,427854427

Graneledone said...,430999364

Anonymous said...,429284817

Thanks and Congrats Erika!
Jay & Meridith Wardle

Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lotta shirts!,431322906

Thanks, e, for the best LOST write-ups around!

Flying Hot Pocket said...,237946421

only took the bears 2 hours! how many of them were there?

James (JRG1990) said...,429454899 <--- That one is AMAZING! I want it!!

*hopes he wins*.

You can contact me at:

DanielM said...,429196729

That's how I see it said...,430999364

email at

Heidi-Lynn said...,429067188

I love Sawyer's nicknames, mostly because I secretly have nicknames for everyone I meet too. =)

(on twitter as @indigoforest)

ObFuSc8 said...

Thanks E and Cafe Press for the chance at a free LOST T!,237946417

dunnthat said...,430999364

twitter logoballz


Will said...

Great site. Whatever happened to your plagiarizing buddy?,429454899

I'd hit that.

Anonymous said...,427854464

Thanks, E!

andiminga said...,427439651

Anonymous said...,427854464

Thanks, E!

Jason Seville said...,430999364

MsBoss said...,372117727

So hard to decide -- so many great tees! Picked this one because it matches my wedding colors. Perhaps I can justify wearing it to the rehersal?! Thanks E!

Unknown said...

My Favorite shirt!,241907546

Unknown said...,430723320

klost004 said...,372149895

there were so many shirts! lol thank you for these fun contests!

Jake N. said...,428901893

Love your posts!

Jake N.

Marianne said...

I like the "Widmore Industries" shirt. Love those inside jokes!,285211760

Erika (aka "e") said...

Thanks for entering, everyone!

This contest is now closed.

Any entries left after this one will not be considered.

Winner will be announced tomorrow!

- e