Friday, November 27, 2009

e on Video: The November Contest Winner & the December Contest Prize Revealed

Hello my dear friends -

I thought I would take advantage of my beautiful Island-like vacation surroundings and conduct the drawing for the November contest winner on video. (Something about doing it from my condo once I'm back to cold, dreary Chicago didn't seem quite as fun.) I didn't venture too close to the camera because I'm giving Kate a running for the nickname of "Freckles" right about now. Actually, Sawyer would probably call me something like "Bugbites" or "Weird Sunburn Pattern Chick" instead, but I digress.

I announce what's up for grabs in the December contest (which I will post on December 1) as well, so press play below for the details. It's a very large file, so it might take a while to load.

I'll be back soon with the details for the next contest. Congrats again to the latest winner!

- e


The_Other_Other said...

Hey E!

As for the December contest when will it be closing? Will it be Pre-Christmas or post-Christmas?

Keep up the awesome work on the site!


Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi Mike -

I anticipate closing it either Dec 5 or 6 so that people will still have time to order the Dharma Kit if they don't win (I believe it is released on either Dec 7 or 8)...

- e

Anonymous said...

Hi E,
Karen brought the goodies home for me over Thanksgiving. Thank you so much. It was like an early Christmas in NJ!

Nathan said...

Did you like the Turks Head brew?