Sunday, November 15, 2009

"2010: The Year Of..." October Contest Winner

Hello my dear friends -

I have to admit that I'm starting to regret running these contests because it is SO hard for me to pick a winner. Last month it was easy since that one was completely luck-based. The month prior (for the caption contest), my trusty board of advisors was able to come to the same conclusion, thankfully. But this time everyone had a different favorite, which left the final decision up to me.

So before I announce who won, let me encourage you to scroll through all of the entries -- there were some extremely creative and funny submissions -- proving once again that Lost fans are the smartest and wittiest people on the the planet.

To refresh your memory, I asked people to submit a Lost-related ending to this sentence:

2010: The Year _____________ .

And the winner is... DIRTE, who said:

"2010: The Year Someone Finally Tells Locke Something That He Actually CAN'T Do."

When I read this, I laughed out loud because I immediately had this vision of Locke throwing one of his, "Don't tell me what I can't do... EVER!!!!" fits and then suddenly pausing, looking all sheepish and adding, "Crap, you're right. I can't do that. My bad."

So congrats, Dirte, please send me a message through the site or email (my address is linked from my blogger profile page) and we'll go from there in order to get you your 2010 Lost Calendar.

To everyone else who played -- thank you so much for your submissions, I had a ball reading them. You made this decision very hard for me, but I can't say I'm surprised!

I will be posting the November contest shortly, and it will be luck-based once again so that I don't get all stressed out about choosing a winner. So stay tuned...

- e

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Wanders said...

Congrats Drite. And all the entrants. Very funny stuff. Great contest.