Friday, February 22, 2008

The Hatch Lives

Hello my dear friends -

Nope, sorry, I didn't find a way to manipulate time (yet) and get my write-up for "Eggtown" done already. I expect that I will have it posted by Monday morning; believe it or not I actually have somewhat of a social life this weekend.

Here's what may come as a surprise to you in the meantime--I LOVED a Kate-centric episode for once!

I thought some readers would get a kick out of seeing pictures from the party I hosted for my peeps last night, so here they are. My friends didn't want their faces posted for thousands to view (can you believe that?), so I'm sticking to shots of our decorations. If you click on any of the pictures, you can see a larger version.

Below are the other shirt choices I considered. I also considered trying to put the larger one on my dog, but he would have none of it.

As guests rounded the corner to go down into The Hatch, they were reminded of who all the characters are by a little display on the piano (shout-out to CM for these pics she brought to a previous party).

We've had this table set up for years now (we do take it down when the season is over, but during the season it is used as a station for pizza, popcorn, etc.), and the list of characters and mysteries I add to it keeps growing and growing. Since people have asked for close-up pictures of this table in the past, I've included two of the top of the table below. Hauling it out again for last night's party made me realize how many characters have bitten the dust!

Around the corner reside my action figures. They only come alive when I am alone with them, though.

Our TV area was the center of nerdy Lost shout-outs. Can you find nods to: Jack, Hurley, Frank, Kate and Charlie?

Little Trump, Dwight, Agent Mulder (hidden from view), Gollum and Pirate Head have the best seats in the house.

You know your husband loves you when he agrees to RECREATE THE HATCH MAP (yes, it is an exact replica, complete with glow-in-the-dark paint, and some secret messages thrown in for friends).

He even made a helicopter! Rousseau's map of the Island is in the background on the door (this came with one of the action figures).

And finally, my most creative contribution of the night was these cookies. This is about as domestic as I get (no, they were not even from scratch).

If you have enjoyed these pictures, then you might also want to take a look at my Season Two finale party pictures. Have you now fully comprehended the extent of my insanity?

- e


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your AMAZING blog...such dedication for all us fans that just sit there and watch, while you do all the work. I think your decorations are cool and its nice to see your husband so supportive!!! Thank you for your insight.

Anonymous said...

Woah, and I thought *I* love this show!

Only monday morning? that means I'll have to wait two weeks of army stuff to read it. :(

Well, what the hell, at least when I get back I'll get 2 episodes of lost and 2 e's in a row.

Have a nice weekend

- e...ast

Surly said...

Could you at least give us a preview of your thoughts re the Locke-Miles-grenade scene? Inquiring minds wanna know.... Seemed like an awfully big deal scene to me...

Anonymous said...

Oh... How I wish I could be back at your Hatch to watch the show! Those cookies are fantastic, and good old Lil' Trump is still kicking it :-). Miss you guys! Can't wait for the write-up. Last night's episode was a DOOZY!

Anonymous said...

nice pictures, cool looking party! The hatch map is awesome. Love the blog. rock on!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your Lost blog for a long time and really look forward to your insight. I know you are a fanatic but... wow!

Keep up the great work!


porchmouse said...

Fantastic! Love seeing the atmosphere you watch the show in. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey e,

Those chairs look comfy. I like how they come complete with blankets AND neck pillows! You and your Hatch-mates are definitely watching the show in style.

Looking forward to your next write-up!

Another e

Anonymous said...

The piano thing with the little heads is pretty creepy...

BUT keep up the good rehash!

Wanders said...

Wow. You really know how to party like it's 1999. What a blast you must have had.


Lula! said...

My peeps make fun of me for wearing my various Lost shirts, including "The Hanso Foundation" and "Sawyer is my Spike!" It's comforting to know I am not the only crazed Lost fan out there...strength in numbers!!!!!

SpOOky (Mark) said...

I Just read your post @ DarkUFO and followed the link to your pics.
and they are awesome pics, :)

I soo wanna watch Lost @ your house ;)


PenguinJosh said...

Same here, Spooky, great pics!

I thought I was obsessed... haha!

Anonymous said...

very admirable. love the blog.

mom 2 kids said...

Fantasic blog; incredible epi outlines on DarkUFO. Good work! Thanks! Also... your dog and mine are surely long lost brothers... my daughter saw the pic of yours and thinks it's ours. Labs rule! Take care.

BBMPigBob said...

Stumbled on this on DarkUFO and now found your site. You are cool. And I like your style of writing.
I just wish I could find some of the cool LOST toys, etc that you have. :)
I know you spend a lot of time on this -- but thanks! It rocks!!!

Craig said...

Ok, you don't know me, I don't know you and I just ended up here because google reader recommended it based on the other feeds I subscribe to, but after seeing this post, I have decided that we need to be great friends so that I can get invited to watch Lost with you. :) These are awesome pics.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Charlie 1 of the 8 who did not make it since Penny saw/spoke to him

Anonymous said...

I found this blog a few weeks ago and I have been coming back every week. You do a great job of writing up each episode with extra stuff to think about. Thanks for the pics of your party, it looks like you had fun. I held a party for the season premier but alas I don't have that much lost stuff to decorate like you did. Keep up the good work.

Time to defend the Island!

MinnaPoo said...

e! Now I realize why I enjoy your recaps so much! We have so much in common! Our dogs could be twins, and I love LOTR, Star Wars and the Office. I gotta get me one of those bobbleheads, though...
Thursdays at my house are referred to as 'Lostmas'. My family even surprised me a few weeks ago with dinner by the tv, flowers and a sign that read, "Happy Lostmas!" I didn't get home that night til ~8pm and was afraid I'd miss it. They know the way to my heart!

SDS said...

Okay, wow! I TOTALLY forgot how much I love your hatch :D such awesome dedication to fandom.

You rock!

- Chris