Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Hear That Singing?

Need I tell you it's the fat lady?

As I'm sure you've heard by now, the writers' strike is over. Aaaahhhh, I haven't gotten through all of the magazines and books I wanted to read!

What the end of the strike means for Lost is the following:
- After tonight's episode, we will get four more back-to-back episodes, ending with the seventh installment on March 13th. They consulted with me about this schedule, and they picked March 13th because I will be out of the country and will need extra time for my mini-finale write-up. So considerate of them, don't you agree?
- Then there will be a six-week break.
- Season Four will conclude with a six-episode run beginning on April 24th. On that date, the show will still air at 9 PM EST.
- However, the following week (May 1), the show will move one hour later, to take the 10 PM EST time slot following Grey's Anatomy.
- The Season Four finale will be on May 29th, and it looks like it will only be one hour.

While I am of course happy that we will get more of our favorite show this spring, I'm kind of freaking out because I am going to be traveling a lot during May. But I'll worry about that when the time comes.

As you may remember, there were eight episodes that had been produced before the strike. The Powers That Be determined that the seventh episode (which I hear rocks) would make a good "mini-cliffhanger" for the first part of the show's run, and the eighth episode would therefore make an appropriate "mini-premiere" for the second. Now they are feverishly working to fit everything that was supposed to happen in the remaining eight episodes of the season into only five hours.

Executive Producer Damon Lindelof was interviewed by Kristin from E! Online, and he had this to say about the new schedule: "We are going to execute our full story plan for Season Four... this simply requires a shift from high-octane storytelling to super-high-octane storytelling. It requires no cramming, only a slightly heavier foot on the gas, hold on to your hats. Those of you waiting for the long-anticipated Jin and Hurley Ping-Pong tournament, however, will be very disappointed."

I love Damon.

As far as tonight's episode goes, I am rejoicing about my complete and utter in-the-dark-ness. It seems hard to believe that the pace could be as quick as that of "Confirmed Dead," but you never know. And you will be glad to hear that I have spoken to my family about their possible plans for an intervention after they arrive tonight, and they assured me that when they get to Chicago, all they want to do is watch Lost. Now that, I can deal with. But I still won't get my write-up done until some time next week.

Enjoy tonight,
- e


Anonymous said...

E-No worries about travel. That's what Tivo/DVR is for! And since you are good about remaining unspoiled, it shouldn't make a difference if you don't see it the day it airs. I will have the same problem in May, but I have no fear. And don't forget, if something goes awry with your Tivo, you can watch the full epi on Can't wait for your next write-up. And, thanks for finally sharing photos of yourself on "according to e." Nice to put a face with typed words. Now I can come to Chicago and stalk you....ha-just kidding of course.

Anonymous said...

Happy "Valentimes" Day to Us!!!! A new episode of Lost...what could be better?

Do I take this too far or what? Who cares??? Take all the time you need for the recap post...and by that I mean, "I know you'll need extra time and I'm trying to be nice, but please have it up before next Thursday. Please!" Ha.

Tori said...

I love that my husband was absolutely on board with the fact that our first priority tonight is Lost, second is Valentine's Day.... of course it is more of a holiday for me....!

The_Other_Other said...

Its crazy to me to think how far Locke has come since that picture you have up there with the orange peel ... who would have thought we were in for such a ride.

I have one request, I was wondering if you could get a screen cap or translation of what was in German on the sign when Sayid crossed the road, I doubt it will be anything other than a road sign .... but you never know.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the write-up! My head is spinnig and I am so tempted to go hunting for spoilers!

The_Other_Other said...

It was just a road sign *sigh*.

It said something along the lines of: Residents with parking permit only, for zone 29 free.

Nothing special there.

Jenni said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Not even sure how I found it, but I've had it bookmarked for a while and love to read your Lost commentary. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi the_other_other,

yes, it is a road sign, but one that makes no sense. As you already found out the sign is an exception for residents. An exception to a parking restriction. But the sign above is not a parking restriction but a "caution pedestrians"-sign. The combination makes no sense.
The flag on the building on the opposite site seems to be the bavarian flag. Yet, this is not the bavarian office in Berlin, so I think it is a fake. I don't believe that the location is Berlin.
I don't think this is important, just making the production cheaper.

More interesting is the guy in the background, when Sayid leaves the cafe. Seems that he was already followed at this moment.