Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Call for Submissions: First Round of The LLL LOST Mailbag

Hello my dear friends -

How have you been? How has 2011 been treating you all so far? Good, I hope. For those of you checking in for the first time in a long time, my finale recap can be found here.

Things continue to be nutty on this end, but I'm determined to follow through on my plans to post at least monthly here on Long Live Locke. While I know this realization probably hit all of you quite a while ago, for me it was just last Tuesday when I finally came to terms with the fact that Lost isn't coming back. The depression sank in while I was watching V, which of course stars Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet. It was like all of a sudden it dawned on me that I'm not going to see her doing anything new as Juliet ever again -- I'm not going to see any of the Lost cast doing anything new as their characters ever again. There aren't going to be any episodes I haven't already watched. There aren't going to be any new mysteries. There's not going to be that thrill of anticipation every week before the show comes on... because the show's not coming on again.


If you're sitting there thinking, "Geez, e, why'd it take you so long?", my response would be that we're actually just now entering the time period when Lost would usually return. In fact, the one-year anniversary of my trip to Oahu for the Season Six Sunset on the Beach premiere is about a week away. So perhaps, for me, the reality of Lost's conclusion didn't sink in because the series would normally not be back on the air yet anyway. At this time last year, however, we would have already been bombarded with "spoiler alerts" and promo photos and episode titles to ponder over and dissect... and man, do I miss all of that. I miss it horribly. Many of you have written to me asking if I've found another show to take Lost's place. The answer is no. The answer is I don't think that will ever happen.

Over the past few months it's become clear that nothing motivates me to write quite like Lost did. I freaked out during Season Six because my manuscript was due right as Lost was coming to an end, and I didn't know how I'd be able to juggle both this blog and my responsibilities to my publisher. But now I realize that if Lost hadn't been on during that time, I probably wouldn't be as pleased with how my book turned out. The show got me in The Zone -- the writing zone. And it just hasn't been the same since.

On that note, I'm hoping that by starting to discuss Lost again on a regular basis, I'll be more inspired to write about other topics, too. I'm assuming there won't be nearly as many people as there were before who are still up for reminiscing and debating, but quite frankly I don't care. All it takes to ignite the spark on my end is one other person who is willing to send in a question or theory they'd like to discuss. (Though I have a feeling -- and hope -- there are more mega-fans out there than that.)

Speaking of mega-fans, I was psyched to be able to meet up with three other Losties last week. Here we are, in the midst of drinks and dinner in Chicago:

You've got me, ObFuSc8, Lottery Ticket, and Anna in Indiana (from the Jacob's Cabin podcast). Yes, Ob is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt. Lotto and I were also sporting Lost tees (mine was actually made by Lotto), but you can't see them in the picture. Does that mean Anna wins the Least Nerdy award for choosing a Normal Person shirt?

During dinner we discussed how it was going with my book. Truth be told, it's been extremely tough. I am so, so, so incredibly proud of the book and thrilled that everyone who reads it seems to enjoy it, but I've been running myself ragged trying to get the word out. And so I am going to do something that is against my nature (remember how I revealed in my finale post that I most closely associate with Jack?) and ask for your help. It would mean so much to me if you (yes, you) would buy a copy of my book. But only if you've got about $20 (or $14.99 for the e-version) to spare -- I don't want anyone going into debt on my account!

In the two months the book's been out I realized that I was wrong about who I thought would like it. I have heard from students, veterinarians, homemakers, health-care workers, church officials, lawyers, consultants, auto assembly plant workers, and tons of other people who don't ever deal with the financial services world -- but who have all followed my pop-culture-related writing for some time -- and the feedback has blown me away. They liked it, they really liked it!

At the risk of sounding desperate, I'm bringing this up because I know that I owe it to myself -- after trying to get this freakin' thing published for three years -- to not sell Zero-Sum Game short. It's a story, from my perspective, about my totally bizarre final year working for The Man. It mostly revolves around a historic merger (one that affects all of us... which I explain in the book) that I was lucky enough to have a front-row seat for, and it's also very much about the people I worked with, who I dare say are just as interesting as many of the characters on Lost. Definitely more compelling than Nikki and Paulo... and only slightly less fascinating than Ben or Locke.

So there. I've shown my vulnerable side and confessed that I really want you to buy my book if you have the means. While the links I provided above are for the US Amazon site, it is also in most bookstores in the US and also available on Amazon in other countries. If you do buy it, remember that my personalized bookplate offer still stands. I've got a fun little Lost-related message that I'll mail to you if you let me know you're a LLL reader. Details about all that can be found here. And by the way, to all of you who already bought Zero-Sum Game -- you ROCK. Thank you thank you thank you!

OK, enough begging. So now what?

Oh yeah, the entire point of this post was to ask you to send in questions, ideas, topics, or anything else you'd like me to cover in my first official LLL Lost Mailbag post. (Should I call it the L4 Mailbag? Is there some other, obvious name for this thing I'm missing?)

My goal is to look over what's on everyone's minds until January 28. Then I'm hoping to have a post up during the February 4th weekend, as that will be the one-year anniversary of the Season Six premiere on ABC. Right now I have no idea if I'll just cover one question, or multiple topics, or what. We'll just see how it goes.

Sound good? OK -- let's hear it! What burning questions do you have?

And one more thing -- THANK YOU for sticking with me! What would I do without you?

- e


Brian said...

As happy as I am to see an LLL post up, I'll admit that the finale left me quite disenfranchised. So, one topic I wouldn't mind be discussed is how people feel about the entire off-island plot line of Season 6. I felt that it began as a promise to explain what the bomb did and ended as a completely superfluous plot line that didn't help explain anything. Like it or not, I think it wasted 20 minutes of every episode that could have been better spent now that I know where they were headed with it...

Unknown said...

Sadly I agree with Brian. I had a dream a short while ago that they where working on a spinoff of Lost which explained how the off island storyline was just a epilogue for those characters that didn't make it, but there was an actual point to the show that explained everything and included possible clones and saving the world and time travelling loops.

Sadly it wasn't to be.

Jackie W. - Kansas said...

Every time I see an Off The Map commercial I think LOST !

marie said...

I'm definitively somebody who was happy with the finale and appreciates the show for all that it gave us.

That is not to say that some little things did not bug me or left me wondering:
-How will Richard (and everybody else who left for that matter) be able to re-integrate the real world? Do you think they ever went back to the island under Hurley's reign?
-Shannon and Sayid in the finale as 'soulmates' or whatever. I mean, I'm pretty sure Nadia should have been there in my opinion.
-Why were some of Desmond's visions in season 3 real, but the one of Claire getting in the helicopter not (which lead to Charlie's death)? That never really made sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I miss it too, especially realising that there is no serie like it, there is no other serie that let's you think together with the characters (and I don't mean finding a murderer :p)

I liked the ending a lot, I don't understand how people can think like Brian (sorry Brian :p), I started to cry the moment I realised they were dead, I was like: f*ck, don't... :'(
In the end it was a story about characters, about people who've been through a rough time, but fix it by coming together and living together. And the mysteries were the things that bounded it to the greatest serie ever imo.

So no offence Erika, but I think all the questions were solved, I can't imagine one thing that wasn't solved by
a) the serie itself
b) logicall thinking (in one episode there was a fish with the dharma initiative, they didn't say how that comes, but we know that they did experiences on animals, and will have marked them with they're sign, so imo solves that 'mysterie')
but I'm thrilled to see if there are people who've made a list with questions I didn't think about, and especially seeing you writing again :D

About your book, any chance it gets translated?

Sharon said...

So glad you're back! My major annoyance with The End was basically that it was just that...the end of contemplating, the end of morning-after discussions over Starbucks, the end of experiencing these characters' lives. Right now, after the dust has settled, after I've accepted that LOST is over (not going to tell you how long it took me to type THAT statement), my biggest questions are how to sit back and be a casual viewer or reader of anything ever again and how to not constantly compare everything out there to the amazing ride that was LOST.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to this potential LLL mailbag thing quite a bit.

I am still really moved by the way the series emphasized letting go at the end. It's interesting to look back at early episodes that deal directly with this.
- Susan convincing Michael to let go of his rights to Walt.
- Sawyer letting go of his obsession with the boar that stole his tarp.
- Locke's refusal to let go of his obsession with his father.
- Sun letting go of Jin when he leaves on the raft.
- Boone letting go of his sister.

There are better and way more than I can list here, but I'd love to hear other examples that people can find.

Unknown said...

I feel that I could talk Lost till the cows come home!! For me, I think it would be interesting to look at the first 3 seasons and compare them to the final 3 in that for 4-6, they had an ending to plan. There are absolutely ideas planted in seasons 1-3 that never came to fruition, at least in my opinion. I love to believe that Darlton has all of the answers, and perhaps planted them within the show. We have to find them. The cynic in my thinks that it's nearly impossible for them to really have that perfect map. Anyway, I think looking at the show in 2 halves would be interesting.

Jennifer said...

Hi Erika! I saw a link to your LLL post on Facebook, and had to do a double take! I so miss reading your LOST posts and pouring over anything LOST related. Like Sharon mentioned, I miss the morning after discussions with friends, the random tweets, the emails throughout the week, the viewing parties- I miss the entire LOST experience. You mentioned watching "V" last week. I watch, too, because I love EM and I was a fan of the show in the 80s. But when this week's episode showed Erica Evans fighting with her partner, it so reminded me of how tough Juliet was, and how much I loved and rooted for her character. And, sadly, how much I miss LOST. Fortunately, I am one of the people who really, really loved the ending of the series, and even though I was stunned and emotional at first, the more time that passed the more I loved it!

Tammi said...

Thinking about a show that might be similar in nature; that is a conversation piece the morning after or the mystery you can't wait to have solved is The Event for me right now with V being a close second... although a little more predictable. I would love to hear ur take on The Event when it returns to TV.

Erin W said...

Ordered, happily. And I found the finale an amazing tribute to the characters and the fans. We were given closure for the characters, and those who love theories and fan fiction can continue with their obsessions unabated. What a wonderful gift. Not to mention the heartstopping production values. So great to see you back, E!

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled after reading this post and am looking forward to some great discussions. As for topics, I'm at a loss, but I know that you and some fabulous LLL followers will provide some great insight in what could be discussed. Yay!

bill wilson said...

I think that a lot of us needed the time since last May to digest the show, I've spent much of the past year reflecting on what its major themes were. I'd love to share some of those thoughts with the other fans in this forum.

I'm wondering if there are any plans at all for Lost novels. There would surely be a large market for them. Perhaps you'll find yourself writing one in the near future.

Sarah Mulrooney said...

Good to see your update on Facebook to alert us to your return to the world of Lost bloggery...
I wish I could give you an amazing idea for the L4 blog, but I feel stuck. A good friend of mine at work, one of those people who "hates TV because I can't stand sitting for that long" recently gave Lost a try after a lot of my poking and prodding. She told me over drinks after work at the end of the week that she and her boyfriend watched the Pilot and it was pretty cool! Then, two days later, she texted me that they had been watching season 1 all weekend and she's totally addicted. Now, I get to live vicariously through her each day and check in with her as to what's happening. "That Ethan is CRreeeePY!" "Oh, my gosh, Walt burned the raft!" I keep telling her how lucky she is that when that camera zooms down the hatch, she gets to pop season two in ASAP to find out just what the heck is down there!! Ugh. I'd kill to experience it all over again for the first time. But I'm worried that it's impossible to get back to the place we all were when mysteries were really mysteries...
I hope someone comes up with a great topic, as you'll no doubt write something that is great fun to read.
Anyway, good to see you again!

Katie Kat said...

I'm thrilled that you are still posting in LLL... I DO miss it! I think it would be cool to start at the beginning of the show and work our way through the storyline of Jack (since I think that's what the show was really about). Or maybe trying to figure out the mysteries that they never answered (bastards!). Were they just production errors, or on purpose? And lastly (Lostly), do you really think Damon and Carlton knew what they were doing all along, or were they winging it based on fan reactions, etc. First question: Did the show actually start out to be about the Island being Purgatory, but people figured it out too fast, so they changed it up? Thanks e!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back in the land of the living! Like some of the others, I miss the morning after. Heck, I think I was smarter when the show was on as it constantly kept me on my toes and thinking. There really isn't anything on TV right now (or ever) that really challenged or dared the viewers to become fans of such a wierd and wacky show. I MISS IT but life goes on! My biggest pet piv is that there was so much time spent on certain things that never got answered. I know we only had a certain amount of time but can you give a girl a break and explain how WAAALLLTTTT was special or things like that. Oh, well...glad to have you back and can't wait to lost with you again!

notWalt said...

Thanks for coming back to continue the discussion. I too miss the morning after discussions and the way the show challenged me.

Some random questions:

I may have missed this, but what happened to the kids that the Others had taken?

Any theories on what post-Island life looked for the folks that flew off on Aljira on the end?

Do you think they had something else in mind for Widmore in earlier seasons, but had to change course or ran out of time?

Unknown said...

First, Erica, welcome back. I am still going through stages of grief with Lost too, and since it's not EVER coming back on (still processing that), I'm over-excited that you will continue commentary on it.

Second, I'm going to buy your book on Amazon right now. I have no interest in finance (or non-fiction for that matter), but Losties have to stand by one another, right?!

As far as future topics, all I want to say is that what I don't want, and won't read, is complaint about the ending, the afterlife, etc., and how people thought the show should have been. It's over now. It was what it was. I personally loved it, and those who didn't should let it go and move on. There's no point in discussing things like whether the after-life scenes were a waste of precious time, whether Nadia should have been with Sayid in the end instead of Shannon. It's moot.

I am interested in going back over old mysteries and taking what information we were given to work out our final theories. I am also interested in speculation about the future of those Losties that left The Island. I find myself thinking about where they landed 316, Guam or Fiji? I imagine that Claire had to have that nasty hair shaved off her head, and it probably grew in super-cute. I imagine Frank had to take on a new identity, cause there was no way to explain how he came back with his plane and none of the passengers. I think he might have followed Richard back to the Canary Island, and ran a puddle jumper service in the tropical client. I wonder if Richard ever fell in love again, and perhaps had children. I really wonder how Kate and Claire worked out the transition of mothering roles, and what became of Aaron. I could go on and on about this, obviously.

So that's my two cents. But whatever you write, I'll be here to read it!

lisa said...

Thank you! I'm so happy to be discussing LOST again. I'm still not ready to let go! :)

So wasn't there a 'rule' that prevented Ben and Widmore from hurting the other? Why was Ben able to just shoot Widmore like that? How was it that Jacob could travel off island but the Man in Black couldn't? Why couldn't women carry their babies to term on the island? Why was Dharma experimenting with Walt's powers? Why did he have these powers? Why wasn't Claire supposed to let anyone else raise Aaron? What had Ilana done before her appearance on the island for Jacob that landed her in that hospital.

I can go on and on and on! and for the record, I did really enjoy the finale. But I sure wish they would've committed to one more season to wrap up a few more of these mysteries.

Marc said...


You are the best. You always have been and you have provided me countless hours of lost incite which I truly appreciate. For those reasons alone im glad to spend the twenty on your book. And because i enjoy your writing so much I will read it as well. Can't wait for the mailbag stuff. I think the group of episodes in season 3 where locke is with the others is an interesting thing to look at. There is so much there which can speak to whether or not things were planned out or not. The whole sawyer locke connection seemed to have started in season 2 when locke asks sawyer why he uses the name sawyer to say one thing.. another thing is all the stuff ben tells locke and all of the others for that matter. was any of it true? or should i say did ben think of any of it was true.

Kat G said...

Even 9 months later, I'm still disappointed in The End and really with the majority of Season 6. But, I still love Lost and will probably still watch the last season on DVD (although I haven't yet).

I would love to hear theories on the unanswered mysteries and I like the idea that someone earlier had mentioned about comparing the 2 halves of the series (1-3 vs. 4-6). I haven't had the time yet, but I think it would also be a good idea to re-watch the entire series from The Pilot to The End and talk about what we all may have missed, especially since we know how it ended.

Sadly, I don't think we will ever see another series like Lost again. And now I feel like I can't even begin watching other similar dramas (like The Event) without thinking that I'll end up disappointed.

Jovatov said...

Great to see another post up on LLL, I've always enjoyed your posts.

I don't have a specific question for your mailbag.
However I would love to read your take on the whole series in religious context.

To me the series is all about faith, hope and, well, religion, and I would love to read your take on it.

Ernie said...

Long Live Lost (and Locke)!

A coworker of mine and her son just started watching Lost for the 1st time on DVD. They are up to season 3, so getting to talk to them about the show, will be fun to hear what they think is happening.

Some questions to ponder, now that it's over, what's your overall take on Man in Black & Jacob? Were they needed? Did you like where the show went once they were introduced as real characters? or would you have rathered Jacob stay a mystery character and have no Man in Black (besides Smokey)?

and ... Jacob's Cabin. It seemed so important at the beginning, then was left unclear. Was Jacob ever in it? or was it a prison for Man in Black? Seems like we would have gotten something about the cabin in their backstory.

Ann said...

Much like you, e, I have been really missing the ramp-up to a new season of "Lost." For the past few years, when it's been cold outside here in Pa., I've had a virtual escape to a tropical island to look forward to--not to mention "day after" discussions with friends who watched, and of course, a weekly dose of your wonderful blog. To work through this "mourning period," I'm re-watching the series for the second time since Christmas (as I said, it's cold outside!).

At this point I have one burning question that might generate some interesting discussion: What was the significance of the Korean language? We know, of course, that Jin and Sun spoke Korean because they were from Korea. But what about the man in the men's room at the end of season one who told Jin he worked for Sun's father and was following him (this man definitely wasn't Asian, but his nationality was unclear). And then, of course, there was Charlotte, who spoke Korean even though she was British. It's not a foreign language that's offered in most high schools that I know of, so I'm still curious about it. I wonder if maybe the writers originally had plans to make Mr. Paik (Sun's dad) involved with the island somehow and then changed their minds.

Another question: What exactly made Walt so special? Someone else mentioned that in a comment, and I think that would be interesting to explore as well.

Thanks again for your blog, e. I'm so glad you're planning to continue!

Spanio said...

Marie mentioned that it didn't make sense that Desmond's vision of Clare boarding the helicopter never happened, but I always figured that was a lie Desmond told Charlie to make him feel better about sacrificing himself.
If memory serves, we never actually see that vision on the show. And if you don't see it on Lost, you have to assume (at least in part) that it was a lie.

On to my mailbag suggestion: More than anything, I think I'd really like to get to the bottom of Whidmore as a character. His true motives seem obscured by lie after lie and it's been difficult for me to determine what he was really up to.
1 ) What was his plan for Smokey?
2 ) What was his plan for the 815ers? (really)
3 ) What was his plan for the island? And what did he even really know about its history and power?
I only say this because it seems like the leader of the Others was rarely ever in the know about much of anything. Ben and Richard both lied about knowing things they really did not, and Whidmore is no exception.
4 ) If no one really understood the power or role of the island, why was everyone out to possess it?

Just a few thoughts here to get us started..

Linnym said...

My five children bought me the complete series for Christmas as I was hoping they would- wonderful kids they are :)And I am savoring every episode. I am going very slow and hoping to make my time lost with the characters I have come to love last for the entire year. I am sure I will have some questions as I see things I missed before. I love the show and I loved the ending and I love your blog.

Nick said...

How about these (personal opinion) topics?...

(1) Most under-utilized or disappointing storyline or character? My first instinct is that your answer would be "Walt," so maybe discuss some other stuff, too.

(2) Storyline or character that you initially disliked (or, rather, "didn't love") but grew to be one of your favorites?

Brian said...

IN a quick response to anonymous who cried when realizing everyone was dead...the way I understood it, they all died one at a time at some point for some reason, potentially of old age. This wasn't prsented as a tragedy.

I agree that it's not productive to complain. Also, I'm not one who is upset about a specific question I wanted answered. I acknowledge they couldn't explain everything. I am left wondering what was gained by that entire "afterlife" plot line, however. All of the time seeing Jin and Sun held up at the airport and in trouble, Miles and Sawyer as the time it was cool because we expected it to have something to do with the aftermath of the bomb. Looking back, it had nothing to do with any of the present time events.

So, I'd like to hear positive opinions about all of that stuff that doesn't have to do with the final scenes. In my opinion, you didn't need all of those stories that we saw just to show that they all met up after they died. I don't believe those altverse flashes will have the same impact upon second viewing now that we know none of it has to do with the bomb. ESPECIALLY the opening sequence of the season where they show the island underwater. Now that we know that sequence is completely unrelated to the bomb, do we watch it and wonder "why is this kicking off the season?"

SOrry E...I've waited months to get this off my chest.

mph2373 said...

Hey e, it's good to know that others out there still feel like talking about this show!

I'm curious what you and others feel about the alt world/"not purgatory" purgatory. If the main group of the island were the ones that created the world, then why were there characters that did not "move on"? Like Ana Lucia, Dan "not Widmore" Faraday.

Also, what about the other people that populated this world, such as Nadia, that were never on the island. Were they "real" or just figments of the island groups imaginations?

I've often found that endings in general never fully satisfy me (with some exceptions of course), but I think that's more likely the expectations I bring to the story, and of course, that it has to end.

Much like Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Lost left many people to feel that the whole journey was a waste of time.

I think, like my reaction to the Dark Tower series, changed almost on a daily basis. But it always comes back to that first reaction.

Lost, even if I did not like the ending (which I did), would never have been a waste of time. Anything that fires people up the way this show did can never truly be a waste. I started to feel disappointed, but then I watched it again. Now that I had seen it already, I was able to really let go, and the tears were-a-fallin!

I'm still curious why certain people were more in touch with the island, and of course, why was Waaaaaaaaaaaaaalt so special.

Also, I had meant to check out your book, and I think this plea of yours finally will motivate me to do so. You have given me years of fun reading, and deep thinking, so I'm going to Kindle the first chapter tonight!

Don't feel bad about spreading the word. You worked hard on it and should be proud.

Thanks for the fun times, past and hopefully future!


Kelly, UK said...

It's the characters I miss more than the mysteries. So I would like to reflect on the journeys of key characters from flashbacks to the end (definitely NOT including the flash sideways purgatory world). In particular, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Desmond, Daniel Faraday (my favourites).

But if we are looking at the mysteries, I would love to explore Faraday's mother and how she 'knew' things like why Desmond was needed and where the island had moved to.

Marc said...

One more suggestion E. Jacobs shack jacobs shack jacobs shack.. there was so much theorizing that came out of season 4 eep 1 when hurly sees christian and mystery eyes inside the shack. What was really happening? Then and always with the shack. Personally I'd like to think that it was some kind of pow wow between mib and jacobo that hurley ran into but i would love to hear some more theories. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I watched Lost faithfully from Season one, but only watched each episode once and never thought to check out the internet for blogs or websites about it. Only when the show was over and I was missing it did I discover this rich world of Lost fans and wonderful blogs, not to mention Lostpedia! I am currently doing a rewatch of the whole show with the folks over at, and because it's only my second time seeing everything it's almost like seeing it for the first time.

One confusion I'm having, though, is that some of the people are seeing Locke in the earlier seasons colored by the MIB of the later seasons, as if somehow from the get go Locke was being manipulated or even possessed by MIB. To me these were two separate characters. Locke was one of my favorite characters and I"d love to see what you have to say about him as regards to MIB, especially in the early seasons.

Also, some have said the only people allowed in the church were those who had a constant (another person to love). But John Locke was alone in the church. Do you have any thoughts about that?

Finally, the sideways world was a place they made for themselves so they could find each other. My question is, how and when did they make this place? Obviously when they went to this place after they died they didn't know they had made it to find each other (otherwise we wouldn't have needed the wake-up scenes), but how could they make it while they were alive? I'd love your thoughts about this.

I have put your book on my Amazon wish list and will buy it when I've paid off Christmas bills! Good luck with it.

Aunt J-ha said...

Hi there Erica & Lost fans! Reading your post and all of your comments brought back happy memories.

While I LOVED the final episode, I can kind of relate to Brian's statement. I really wanted the LA stuff to mean something about how Jughead worked- and made everything as it should be. Especially since Juliet's final message to Sawyer was- "It worked" But, It wasn't Damon and Carlton's vision. I can accept that. 6 years of drama, speculation, intrigue, laughs along with tears- It was damn good television and won't be replaced.

My left over question, the one that haunts me, is Why the infertility problems? Was it kharmic justice for the way Jacob's mother was murdered by the guardian of light way back when? But seems like the problems only started after the purge- Did Jacob not approve of Ben's leadership and want to punish him? Was it just a way to bring Juliet to the island? I can't stop wondering. Hope you might have some insight.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't miss about Lost is the anxiety I felt every week until the next episode started. It would be OK at first, because after the show, I would check out all of the message boards and blogs (LLL 1st of course!) for opinions and things I missed, then the next day, watch the episode again. Then, it was constantly, "this many days until Lost, this many minutes until Lost". As hard as I tried, I could not get it out of my head. My tears at the end of the series were as much for the mourning I was already doing as they were for the end of the story, which I loved.

I would like to hear ideas about what happened to those that left the island. Were they able to move on and lead successful lives? How did they explain their reappearance? Did they keep in touch with each other? What about the children?

No, I am definitely not ready to let go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erica so much! i love coming back and checking in every once in a while. There a gazillion topics that i think we can all discuss, but one thing i've always wondered is WALT!!!! Lets talk about him.
I am truly lost without LOST.
I havent read your book, but some of friends have and they love it! So i will pick it up soon!

Good luck in everything and cant wait to read your new posts.

GARRY UK said...

Hello sorry this is late, hope it can make it in time -

The mystery that gets me mostly is to do with MIB.

There are lots of things related to MIB that I could mention here but in the first mail bag is, in what forms did he appear?

Obviously Smoke and the original MIB.

But also -
Medusa Spider
Kate's Horse
Sawyers Boar


Dr. Gorila Zombie said...

Hi! So happy to read you again! I was definitely happy with the end (although i feel that "new man in charge" is more like a real end to the plots of the series). There´s something i´ve been asking myself for a while...

Do you remember that envelop that Ben had in Lostville that Juliet was afraid of? What do you think was all that about?

Best wishes from Spain and good luck with your book!!!