Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need a Little Patience, Yeeeaah...
Just a Little Patience, Yeeeaah

Hello my dear friends -

Knowing that I'd previously stated my Mother of All Posts would be done by the end of June, I thought long and hard about how to inform you that it's still going to be a while before I publish it ("it" being my Lost series finale write-up, in case you're not following me). Seeing as how there are only five days left in the month and I haven't even started pulling anything together, it clearly ain't gonna happen. What's more, with my summer commitments heating up and a trip to the east coast planned in the near future, I don't think I'll get a chance to make any headway on it for a while.

You might be thinking that this delay stemmed from me needing to finish my manuscript, but that was actually only part of the hold-up. (And yes, thank you Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, as of June 15 it was ALL turned in, and now I'm nervously awaiting my first round of edits from my publisher.) The full story is that my tardiness has more to do with a long list of crappy things that I've been having to deal with over the past few weeks, and since they're pretty personal and private, you're just going to have to trust me when I say that I've been in no shape or mood to tackle what I really want to be my best Lost post of all time. If I don't have fun writing it, you're not going to have fun reading it -- that much I know.

So, there's some good news and some bad news. Bad news first, always!

Bad news:
1) I think it's gonna be another month before I can finish my exhaustive take on "The End," since I haven't even started it and I'm going to be tied up with other things until mid-July. And that means that those of you who were annoyed at me for taking this long are going to be even more annoyed at me now. Sorry! I'll buy you a Dharma Beer to make up for it if you're ever in Chicago.

Good news:
1) Lost isn't coming back. (Hmm, actually, that should've gone in the Bad News camp, huh?) My point is, the series isn't going anywhere, so it's not like there's a new episode looming in the distance that I need to get in front of. In a weird way, I'm glad I've had so much time to digest what I thought about the finale -- my piece is bound to be better now than it would've been had I attempted to sift through my emotions a month ago.

2) Mentally, I finally feel like I'm getting ready to jump in with both feet and write this bad boy. There is NO WAY I could've done it immediately after my book was completed -- I don't know what I was thinking before when I figured I could crank it out so shortly afterward, even if all of the other personal stuff hadn't gone awry. I was totally drained, and the last place I wanted to be was in front of my laptop. It's a weird thing, writing. For something like this final Lost post, I have to be in just the right mood. I think I'm getting there, because last week I rewatched the finale for the first time since it aired. And I've been leaving myself little audio recordings (thanks, iPhone) with ideas of concepts to cover and song lyrics to use for section headings. So the wheels, they are a-turnin'...

3) By the time I post the finale recap I will definitely be able to (finally) spill some details about my book. And then I think you'll realize the scope of what I was dealing with and why the writing process made me lose ten pounds and age ten years. (I'm rapidly gaining the weight back by eating every high-fat thing in sight, rest assured. For example, just two hours ago I had a World Class Chocolate waffle cone from Dunkin' Donuts -- and it was awesome.)

The bottom line is that there is TOTALLY more good news than bad news in what I wrote above, right? RIGHT?

Seriously, though, I really want to thank you guys for being so patient. June 2010 will go down as one of the worst -- if not THE worst -- months of my life, and I am ready for it to be over and for things to get back to semi-normal. Thanks for sticking with me. And please do not holler at me about the fact that I will be writing several times a week over at 'According to e' before I get my final Lost post up. As I alluded to above, writing about Lost is a different process for me than writing about other things: I'll crank out 'A to e' stuff in the morning (whereas I've never written about Lost in the AM) and those posts are going to be really short and will take me zero time to think through, whereas we all know that's not going to be the case with my Long Live Locke masterpiece.

So I hope you'll join me over at 'A to e' in the meantime -- I have a new post up talking about what I intend to cover there going forward.

Have a great July... and if all goes well, I'll be back with "The End" before it's over.

Until then,
- e

PS - I hope this post didn't come off like I think that anyone's sitting on pins and needles and holding themselves and rocking back and forth and drooling, anxiously awaiting my final post. I know you all have other things going on, too, and are out enjoying your summers. But I have received quite a number of emails asking me "WHERE IS IT????", so I felt like I should at least address the delay.


Matt in Dallas said...


Unknown said...

Hi e, Just wanted to give you some encouragement during your tough month! I hope and pray that everything will take a turn for the better for you. I know I understand when there are things you plan to do but life interfers. The way I see it when you do write about the Lost finale it will be something to look forward to because we can then relive it again and that will be thanks to you! Hang in there :-) Can't wait to hear about your book or even better read it!

Jacob's Film Cabin said...

Hey E - hope everything improves for you. No worries about the wait, it gives me something to look forward to. Best of luck with everything,


Anonymous said...

You have to have the crappy times in order to appreciate the good times!..behind every cloud there's a silver, good things come to those who wait. Hang in there E.

MsBlueKatt said...

Your final Lost post will be so worth the wait. Your writing style is so delicious -- some things just can't be hurried.

Hope your life settles down the way you want.

I'll be mozying over to A of E in the meantime.

Namaste, baby!!

Life Is A Road Trip said...

I know it will be worth the wait. I hope things are getting better for you. Life happens. I'm looking forward to the post and the book. Take care.

Mair said...

I am grateful for all of your LOST recaps. Seriously....very grateful...take as much time as you will be a labor of love. We'll be here ready to read (and weep?) when the time comes....

And the waiting...the events in the last eps seem to evolve in meaning in my mind and heart as time goes I can only assume it has with other fans...

xox Mair

Sherylm said...

Thanks, e, for letting us know what's happening with a way, I'm glad (not about your difficulties, obviously) because as long as you have not written your final synopsis, it is not really over, is it? I have not even gotten up the courage yet to rewatch the finale and to admit to myself that Lost is not just on summer hiatus. Keep your chin up and I hope things will get better for you really soon. "Bon courage and à bientôt" as we say here in New Caledonia! And you can drop by any time for Magic Shell :-)

Anonymous said...


I have always read your analysis over the years and never commented. First of all, thank you very much ! They were written in a great style and humorous way what makes me think that your book will be great, too !

We have waited for months when Lost was off, so we can also wait for you analysis, take all the time you need !

I wish you the best of luck with your book and hope that all your private problems dissolve eventually.

Looking forward to your book and analysis,

Chris from Aachen, GER

Unknown said...

No worries E, I will be waiting for the wrap-up anytime you can get to it. You have been and continue to be one of my all time favorite writers and all around great people. You have caused me to think, but more importantly to laugh. Thanks for that!!! Sorry your having a tough time. My prayers are with you my friend. You deserve pure joy and I am sending some now. Feel it? Good!!! Thinking and praying for ya!!!!

geomistress said...

Thank you for letting us know. Whatever it is you've been dealing with, I am sending prayers of strength and supportive hugs your direction. Do what you gotta do, and know that we'll be here when you are ready.

Anonymous said...

Hey e,
Just hang in there, lots of us are sending good thoughts your way.
I'll be taking this opportunity to reread your posts, all of them, from the beginning.
Your writing always puts a smile on my face :)

Anonymous said...

Like you said, " If I don't have fun writing it, you're not going to have fun reading it -- that much I know."
We can wait!

Unknown said...

'ello e
Annoyed @ e? no there is plenty of other stuff to pay attention too. But thanks for the update. Like I said before your a bonus. We appreciate your reviews. _Besides since I now reside in Illinois also, my answer to my annoyance is: I'm an "Illi-noy-n! It's your right.

CathyFitz said...

e: Sending you good thoughts for getting through a tought time. I, and I'm sure the rest on here, are grateful for all your past posts, can wait patiently (albeit a little anxiously) for your synopsis, and want to hear about your book! Thanks for thinking of us and updating us.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you-hoping for your wishes and wants to come true. I know it'll be worth the wait and it gives me something to still look forward to, especially since Tuesday nights are now a drag. If ever in Chicago, I will take you up on the beer offer! Best wishes-

Anonymous said...

Hi e! Absolutely no worries on the delayed finale post. We true LOST fans not only have cultivated an extraordinary measure of patience over the years, but are just fine with any reason to extend our obsession just a little bit longer! You are so right about the added perspective after having several weeks to digest "The End". BTW, I went to that NY Times interview event with Darlton at my local theatre, and was blown away with how great the LOST clips looked up on the big screen. Lightbulb! I know the story is complete, just sayin'! Hang in there on the personal stuff, and we'll be looking forward to your next...everything!


Unknown said...

Hi E - First of all I hope that you will get through this tough month with nothing else than happy feelings of success!
For me (and for a lot of people I guess) LOST isn't finish till your last post...So, in a very strange and selfish way, I am happy that there will be a slight delay because I still have something LOST related to wait!!

LinnyM said...

When I came into work this morning and saw an email from LLL-I opened it before any job related ones :)not to worry I am all about patience-the wait just extends the excitement of reading your take of the final episode. Everyone in my office is a fan of Lost, but everyone hated the ending- I loved it! Looking forward to your post- thanks for all of your good work.

Nicky said...

Of course we are sitting around waiting for your post. Call me a nerd but I check LLL once a week. I was so excited to see your new post this am, then sad when I realized how short it was. Oh well, I guess good things are worth waiting for.
On another note, I hope all your personal stuff works out. We are all rooting for you.

GARRY UK said...

No worries - e

Once a week!!! I check in here once a day at least :-)

Its almost like waiting for a new episode.

We can wait - e, we will be ready when you are.

Katie Hazelitt said...

Actually, I'm glad you'll have more time to think about it, and I wouldn't want it to be something you weren't totally proud of or "into!" I've actually found that I got a little LOST burnout feeling after the finale. It was so emotional, I just needed a break! It will be nice to have something to read about it after a hiatus (we're used to those from the show anyhow)!

Sorry to hear you had a crappy month! We're all sending good karma your way... :)

Anonymous said...


as far as I'm concerned, the disappointment of the finale ruined six years of watching the show. In a church, for god sakes! I should have knowned when we first saw that annoying Jacob that it would en that way. Don't tell me religion has nothing to do with it: in a CHURCH! Typically American! Sorry!

Anonymous said...


By the way I didn't mean to be insulting to you: I like your recaps! But its gonna be a long time before I can watch Lost again. And when I see the producers videos, so self-satisfied, I only wish that I could wipe up that silly smile off their face...

Silvio said...

Hi E, I'm Italian and I'm writing you from Genova, so please excuse me for my bad use of english.
I've been reading your posts since almost 4 years ago and I'm looking forward to the next one, confident that it will be awesome as every other.
Greetings from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi E,

Def cant wait.. thanks for the update..

Anonymous said...

you need to hurry up and finish this so seanieB can copy it and publish it in video form.

Sandra Gillanders said...

Don't mind waiting as I know I will thoroughly enjoy your take on the final lost episode. Husband and I were a little disappointed as we were expecting more answers but we have resigned ourselves and accepted it for what it was-great entertainment!

hatch-man said...

no worries - I can wait. I won't send prayers, since I don't go for that sort of stuff....I'll just sit here in my drool puddle, rocking slowly back and forth and moaning while electromagnetic waves burst over my head.

And, of course I'll send over plenty of karmic goodness for your personal life!

markjs415 said...

It seems to me that one would only have to sit on pins needles while rocking back and forth and drooling, pins and needles seems like overkill.Looking forward to your final Locke post as it will probably be my final Lost cotenancy.Peace.

Kelly, UK said...

I enjoy everything you write, so take your time. Have been reading According to e, and I wanted to comment there but the option to just enter my name without getting a Google account has disappeared, so I can't. :(

Anonymous said...

E, Take your time. Do not apologize any more. I am sorry that you have had a rotten month. Get it done when you feel up to it. None of us are going anywhere either.

lvpurpl said...

Take youe time. We aren't going anywhere either.

dadu said...

I've never commented before but really enjoy your recaps. The waiting will be worth it I'm sure and I totally get that you have to be in the right mood to do it.

Hope all the bad things decrease and life gets back to a good level for you.

Niaomi said...

While sad that your post isn't done, I love your writing so much that I know this one will certainly be worth the wait. e, thank you so much for your insightful, smart and often hilarious analyses over the years. You have helped make LOST even better through your commitment to the show and the fans. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the finale, and for that matter, your book too!

Unknown said...

in your recap can you give us an example of how you would have liked the character of Locke to end? I was always torn between whether Locke was a blind follower looking for some purpose in life or a man with real purpose who would be vindicated in the finale. I say vindicated and not redeemed. I feel like at some point a writer must have used the word redeemed when discussing the characters and from that point forward everyone debates whether the characters are redeemed or not. Im my opinion Locke turned out to be a follower who would do anything to stay on the island and to find some purpose. But I'm not sure if he was special. He was used my MIB and Ben for their own purposes and whenever someone would tell him something he would change his direction and go off his path. It could be said that Jack was right when he said "Maybe you are just a lonely old man that crashed on an Island." I think Locke had all determination and heart you could ask for. And thats ok if you're just a follower. But he was a follower who was also trying to lead. The only time we really saw him lead by himself was in season 4 in the barracks. But he didn't really have a plan and was asking Sawyer if he trusted him. He even had to ask for Bens help. I think he should have just been happy walking and lived on the Island in rose and bernard did. But I think even if he would have made it back to the island alive he would have had a trajic end. Mainly because he would have continued to say "what do we now". Knowing the ending now I can't believe they killed him off that early in the series. And I'm not sure why he didn't just tell everybody he was crippled from the beginning. Hes still one of my favorite characters but i'm just surprised he was used as more of an instrument for Jacks personal growth.

Erika (aka "e") said...

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for their nice messages of support. Unfortunately things got a little worse for me before they got better... but the good news is that they are now officially better and I'm really looking forward to getting started on the post.

Phillip - Rest assured that I will definitely dedicate a section to my thoughts on Locke! How could I not, right?

- e

GeoffUK. said...

We can all wait for your final Blog e, To part paraphrase, a very wise man once said, remember

"There is no now, here, everone will read your blog, some of them before me, some long after me"

"This is a place you all made together so you could find one another"

"Nobody Blogs alone e, you needed all of them and they needed you"

For what you may ask?

"To remember and let go!"

Take your time e, can't wait for it to be here, now!!

GARRY UK said...

Hello - e,

I have just started reading your DVD reviews on Redbox. Just so I can see what to expect here in the UK soon.

When I read the review regarding Don Mckay I was slightly taken aback.

I am new to the website so I may be missing something but this is what I read -

"Locke recently compared Don McKay to a Coen brothers’ film, and I’d agree"

Locke is reviewing DVDs? Please tell me I'm not going ca ca ca crazy :-)

By the way I hope Don McKay is released in the UK it sounds like my kind of film, oh and Elizabeth Shue is in it ;-)

Kelly, UK said...

GARRY UK, Yep, Erika writes reviews for Redbox along with a guy called Locke. A happy coincidence!

This blog entry starts with "Need a little patience, yeeeah". You haven't said where this quote is from. Could it be e quoting English band Take That? Please say it is!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Kelly - nope, it's from Guns n' Roses, "Patience."
: )

GARRY UK said...

Thanks Kelly UK.

Hey we have the same surname...UK


Anonymous said...

Where is it E????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mair said...



GARRY UK said...

Mair - so do I.

I am reliving the experience watching it all again from the start with my son who was too young to watch it first time round.

Maybe I am stuck in a loop? I need to find a loophole to get me out of watching it over and over :-)

Half way through season three now and I think at the moment it is the best season of all of them. Expose, Man from Talahassee(sp?), etc

I even posted something on - e's blog regarding Expose the other day and then realised not many people go back and read that far back.

However it is interesting to read the blogs from back then when we were none the wiser to the mysteries.

e.g. Hearing the monster sounds just before Nikki gets bitten by the spider (Well spotted - e) and now we know that one of the spiders was MIB himself WOW!!

Garry UK

Unknown said...

I had my first LOST dream last night,and it couldn't have been more random. Horace was the only character in my dream. How weird...he was staring into his bowl of soup and them boom he was in the other reality.

GARRY UK said...


My son, as some of you know, is watching lost for the first time.

His favourite Character is Charlie!

He has three episodes to go in season three.

He asked me this "Desmond cannot save Charlie forever, can he?"

Do I put him through it or deny him? To save him the heartache!


Anonymous said...


Tell your son that his questions will only lead to more questions :)

Anyway,I think you should prepare him for the shock of Charlie's dead ... and the shock for the end of season 6

Room 7 said...

No way Garry. You've gotta let him take the journey like we did. Saying that though, I'm wondering if I show my young son the Star Wars movies in order of episode or start with Ep 4 like I did growing up with them. What do you think?

By the way E, thanks very much for your work on helping us all understand Lost. I'm looking forward to your finale post.

Auckland, New Zealand

GARRY UK said...

Room 7 - you have to let your son watch ep 4 first then Empire then Jedi.

Its the only way, can you remember when it was revealed that Vader was Luke's Father? If you watched it from ep 1 then all that would be spoiled.

BTW I want to visit New Zealand!!


GARRY UK said...

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I'm as far as "The Brig" and I am struggling with a minor issue.

How did the others get Anthony Cooper on to the island?

The submarine was destroyed by this point wasn't it? And he knew Oceanic 815 was supposed to be at the bottom of the sea(new news).

Or am I getting muddled up!

Unknown said...

tick tick tick...

Imani said...


Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi everyone -

I haven't even started the finale post yet. My book comes out three months from yesterday and my publisher is throwing urgent deadline after urgent deadline my way, so I must focus on that (and my redbox job so I don't get the boot).

I can't say when I'll be able to get to the finale post, but I will give you this teaser: I should post SOMETHING next week, but it probably won't be about the finale. But it is about Lost and you will get a kick out of it.

Stay tuned and thanks for your continued patience

- e

GARRY UK said...

Sorry one and all, I just watched "The man from Tallahasee" again and I should have paid more attention.

Really looking forward to next week now - e.


Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

I discovered your blog very late in the game (after the finale, actually) when I was missing Lost so much and finally thought of looking it up on the internet. I wish I had thought of that sooner, as it would have been fun to follow the show along with you and some other people I've discovered.

I've been following a site that is rewatching the show, which is a lot of fun for me because I just accessed it on Netflix, and this will be my first rewatch. The only thing that kind of bugs me is that they are all in agreement that John Locke was being either manipulated or completely taken over by MIB from the Walkabout episode when he sees what we assume is the Smoke Monster. So all his supposed Island wisdom is nothing more than MIB trying to set traps for the candidates. Since John Locke was one of my very favorite characters, and apparently was yours as well, I wonder what you think about this theory.

Marc said...

Garry UK,

The sub was not blown up yet when he was brought to the island. They show anthony cooper to john after he blows up the sub though.. some of richards first eps.. however it is assumed cooper was there waiting for him before he even got the camp to blow up the sub.. they never actually reveal how he got there. ben claims magic box..

Anonymous said...

I love the humility at the end about us on pins and needles, but to tell the truth, I was counting down days to the end of June, looking forward to your take and I'm sure I'm not the only one! I'm sorry to hear about your bad month. We've had a record seven of those in a row this year, so I totally get it. Also I know what you mean about writing certain things and having to be in exactly the right mood, and being unable to cultivate that on a dime at will. Still looking forward to your recap, as long as it takes to get it! - Tina Nettles

GARRY UK said...

Thanks Marc,

Yeah I watched it again and realised, can't believe I'd been so dumb........DOH!

Anonymous said...

Taking an awfully long time to write your review. Not real interested anymore.

Unknown said...

Hi e, just wanted to let you know that if you are feeling any bit of pressure from fans and readers - just PAY NO ATTENTION TO THEM!! You have to do what you have to do, and you know that you can't finish this until you are ready to do so. I can wait patiently as long as need be, even if it is December (I will look at it as a Christmas gift from you to me). Don't worry about us, we are already forever indebted to you for all of your hard work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

GARRY UK said...

Here here or hear hear to Jeanna!

I totally agree!

The last anonymous is anonymous for a reason and that reason is they are not a Jedi!!

We can wait - e

I can't wait but that is a figure of speech to say that when it arrives we will be enlightened!

Basically I can wait! And so can most of your proper peeps! :-)

Unknown said...

I can wait and am still totally interested! Good luck with your deadlines! Everybody's got a boss.

Kelly, UK said...

I still have patience. :)

Nicky said...

June came and went without a post, then July came and went without a post. I hope you book is going well, but we MISS YOU!!! I almost forgot what happened in "The End." I can't wait for the last season DVD to come out this month. I check your website daily and can't wait to see that day's date. Good luck with everything!!
Your friend

dana said...

Hi e, can't wait to hear what your book is about. i love reading. hang in there you will get it all done and before you know it be back to whatever normal really is. i also look so forward to your writting about lost. it has been worth waiting for. good luck.

Shelley said...

Soon? I hope?

Anonymous said...

Sure it's cool to go on vacations and write DVD reviews(?) and all (lost), but who has time for things like that (lost)? I mean we all have busy lives (lost), and rarely have time to stop and smell the roses (lost). In closing (lost), good for you for finding that kind of spare time (LOST!!).

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the write up will come?

Erika (aka "e") said...

Guys - Sorry, but I haven't even started it... very, very swamped with book and personal stuff.

However, within the next two days I will be publishing a different Lost-related post that I think you'll all enjoy, so check back over the weekend for sure!

- e

Anonymous said...

It's been a long wait for your review of "The End" but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait and I still can't wait to read it. Keep up the good work! Pete, Nottingham, England.