Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S6Ep16 - What They Died For

Hello my dear friends -

Those of you who've been reading my ramblings since Season One might remember that I always used to moan and groan about working for The Man. So I guess it's only fitting that as the series winds down, I start grumbling about The Man once more. This time my grievances have to do with the fact that I am being forced to watch Lost's penultimate episode ALONE because The Man is keeping my husband working very late tonight. Can you believe that? Not cool, not cool at all. I mean, my dog's here... but he's not much for theories.

Anyway, for the past week, I avoided all forms of social media, as doing so helped me to be a lot more productive (duh). But another reason I'd been steering clear of Twitter and Facebook is that I didn't want to stumble across any spoilers about this episode -- especially since it aired at the Lost Live event in LA last Thursday. But now I feel very out of touch with everything and everyone in the Lost fandom world. Hell, I didn't even know what this episode was called until I just pulled it up on the ol' DVR menu. Hmm, "What They Died For." To me that title sounds like it's promising some MAJOR, major, major answers. Answers that might tie back to that Glowing Light Cave, since one of the points of the previous episode seemed to be that Jacob must protect the Island's source of light at all costs. We'll see...


The episode opened with a zoom-in on Jack's eye... which is how a lot of people think the series will end. But now I doubt that will be the final scene. The cut Jack noticed on his neck when he was on Bizarro Flight 815 is open again. I thought that maybe he got that cut in "The Candidate," but since they just showed a close-up of Island Jack's un-nicked neck in the "Previously on Lost" clips, I guess not. But you know something's up with that cut and that it WILL tie back to the Island events somehow...

Jack's planning to go to his son's concert later that night, and it looks like we'll finally learn who the mysterious ex-wife is. If it's Sarah, they'd have to explain how he met her long enough ago to have David... since in the original timeline they hadn't met until she had her accident, which was either 2000 or 2001, I believe. The only major character we haven't seen in the sideways flashes so far is Juliet... but I'm still rooting for her to end up with Sawyer in the Alt, so I would kind of NOT like it if she's Jack's ex. But I think I'm going to just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Claire accepted Jack's offer and stayed over and is having some half-aunt bonding time with David. Jack leaves the table to take a call, and it was Des, pretending to be someone from Oceanic, claiming that they've finally found Christian's coffin. Des clearly wants Jack back at the airport for some reason. But ideas as to why are escaping me... the Island's underwater, so there will be no chance of Jack crashing on it again if he takes another flight. Maybe Des is going to try to mow Jack down with his car like he did to Locke in order to induce the flashes to the Island timeline?


Now we're back on the Island. Kate ain't lookin' too good. Jack's sewing her up just like she sewed him up in the pilot. Oh, the circle of life. Or something like that. OK, it really has nothing to do with the circle of life.

THANK YOU KATE for mentioning Ji Yeon! Now she's out for Fake Locke's blood. Awww yeah -- bring on the war!

Kate, Hurley and Sawyer stare out to sea as the wreckage from the sub -- and ironically, a life vest -- floats ashore. Jack says that they better go find Desmond before Fake Locke does, and so off they go in search of the well Sayid told Jack about.


Uh-oh. We're back in the Alt, and Des looks to be gunning to run Locke over again. Wha--?? I seriously don't think I can bear to watch this. Ooh -- wait, Ben saves the day. Quite a brave move, banging on the hood, wouldn't you say? HOLY @#($*#( -- Des just gave Ben the BEATDOWN. But it brought on the flashes for our dear Dr. Linus. And I think Des said something about helping Locke to "let go."


Finally we see Ben, Miles and Richard on the Island again. They don't know where they are. They're still on the lookout for explosives. Ben says he has some in his secret room. Now they're back at Dharmaville, and Miles is freakin' out. Apparently they are standing over Alex's grave. I thought Miles would maybe have something else to say about Alex, but I guess not.

Now they're in the secret room. Ben kind of explains how he never was really able to summon the monster, that the monster was always "summoning him." They've -- AHHHHH!!! Widmore's on the scene! Awesomeness. I'm just happy these peeps are back on the main Island, if nothing else.


Ben's got a rifle on Widmore, but baldie tells that chick from Singles that he's confident Ben won't shoot him. He directs her to get stuff out of the outrigger and then sink it. (I don't think I need to mention that I'm still wondering about that outrigger shoot-out scene...). Ben asked how Widmore got to the Island, and Widmore said that Jacob visited him after the freighter was destroyed and told him everything he needed to know to come back to the Island and... do something that he didn't get to finish saying. That chick -- remembered her name! Zoe -- sees Fake Locke coming via outrigger (OK, still hope for the scene) and Widmore tells her she better bust outta there. The rest of them know they need to hide. Looks like Ben is going to trust his old foe for the time being. Especially since Widmore already thought to arm the plane with explosives. (Though WE know that Fake Locke is on to that plan.)


In the Alt, Ben is being stitched up. And yay! Real Locke is there. Locke's about to call the po-po on Des until Ben tells him about the "letting go" part. Locke hangs up his cell, and the scene switches over to the police station.

Des is there, and he's of course going to ask to see Sawyer, I'd bet. Miles is talking about the same concert that Jack's going to be at. So clearly a bunch of Island peeps are going to cross paths there.

I thought Des was going to be totally bold and also give Sawyer the smackdown, but instead he confessed to the hit-and-run and ends up in the back of the station... with Sayid and Kate. Ah... his plan is becoming clearer.


Back on the Island... Sawyer and Jack have a talk in the woods. Sawyer thinks he's responsible for killing everyone on the sub. Jack's like, "Uh-uh... still Fake Locke's fault." A little ways behind, Hurley spies Young Jacob. That little brat just stole the bag o' ashes from Hurley and ran off! Hurley chased him... and found Adult Jacob. He'd thrown the ashes in the fire and told Hurley that once the fire was out, that was it -- no more Jacob. Huh? Why even have the bag of ashes in the plot at all? I'm very confused. Jacob then speaks the obvious: "We're very close to the end." Yes, mister, we know -- there are only about three hours of the show left now. You better get on with explainin' things!


Fake Locke has arrived at the dock (unintentional rhyme). He takes in all of the containers on the other outrigger and keeps on walkin'. In the Barracks, everyone's spazzing out like they've never spazzed out before. Widmore wants to hide. Ben is done with the games. Miles is ready to go tearing through the jungle.

I am SERIOUSLY worried for Ben right about now. Lord help me if they kill Ben. LORD. HELP. ME. No, actually, Lord help them -- because I will find the writers responsible and it will get ugly!

Miles runs off (with a walkie-talkie, at least) and Richard says he thinks he might be able to stall for time by telling Fake Locke he'll join him. Somehow I think it's waaayy too late for Richard to do an about-face and have the MIB believe it, but who knows. Ben and Richard are venturing out into the open. Smokey sounds -- oh crap!

Please do not tell me Smokey just killed Richard. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME SMOKEY JUST KILLED RICHARD?!? I didn't think Richard COULD be killed?

Oh no... now Ben's just sitting there, totally exposed. And MIB's got a big ol' knife. WAIT -- what?? No no NO! Ben just ratted out Widmore and said he'd do MIB's dirty deeds! I wouldn't necessarily believe the last part if he hadn't just ratted out Widmore! This is too crazy.


Back in the Alt, Ben's leaving school in a sling. And there's Alex. Are we gonna see Rousseau? Yay!!! And she's so pretty -- wow! That was a very cool surprise. They invite him over for dinner, "Even if we have to kidnap you." That's great. I love it.

Wow, is there gonna be a love connection between Rousseau and Ben? I actually would approve and think that's really sweet. I think Ben's Alt story is definitely my favorite. Holy holy googly eyes! There IS gonna be a love connection!


On the Island, Ben led Fake Locke to the secret room, and there's Zoe (looking really afraid) and Widmore. I am very, very disappointed in Ben. Yikes, bye-bye Zoe! Now MIB's threatening to kill Penny.

OK... a few minutes just passed because I was wrapped up in things. Widmore started spilling his guts to MIB and Ben stone-cold shot him! Like, multiple times! "He doesn't get to save his daughter." Shocking indeed... but what happened to "the rules"? I didn't think those two could kill each other? Or was that only off-Island? Widmore seemed pretty confident Ben wouldn't hurt him a half-hour ago...

Fake Locke said that Widmore had already told him what he needed to know. Ben's all, "Good, who else do I get to kill?" WHAT is going on? At this point I absolutely must chalk this up to really good acting on Ben's part. But I hope he knows what he's doing. And I just remembered that I think Smokey killed Richard. If that's how Richard goes out, I'm going to cry foul. Lame death for one of the best characters...


Now it's night and we're back with Hurley and crew. And Jacob appears to them! Now he's claiming he's going to tell them EVERYTHING. Somehow I have a feeling we're not going to be privy to that entire conversation. All that matters is that by the time the fire's out, one of them has to take Jacob's place.


And... here we go. Locke is in Jack's office in the Alt.

* * *

I wasn't going to type during that part, fools! Did you like Jack's shout-out to Mister Eko, "I think you're mistaking coincidence for fate." Terry O'Quinn was awesome in this scene, no? I'll admit, I got a bit teary. Maybe I can live with the Alt timeline being the surviving one. Maybe I can live with it!


Fireside chat with Jacob time. Oh, I guess they are showing us the conversation. He's saying he made a huge mistake way back in the day. By making the smoke monster.

I wasn't going to type during that part either, fools! I was a tad worried that they were just going to have Jacob rattle off a bunch of forced, convenient answers to about 100 mysteries, but they didn't. The reason Jacob gave for picking the 815ers (and for crossing Kate's name off) made sense, and was pretty much in line with what everyone had always figured... these were people who were "lost" and needing redemption. (I would argue that Hurley wasn't alone, however... he always had a close relationship with his mother.)

Then Jack steps up to the plate to take over as Protector of the Light, like I'm pretty sure we all thought he would. For a moment I thought there'd be a surprise and either Sawyer or Hurley would challenge him, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Does Jack get to drink the Immortal Wine now?

Actually... while we're here at the commercial break -- it seems like Jacob's not really asking them to stay on the Island forever. He's asking them to kill the MIB. I think once the MIB is gone, maybe the Island won't need a protector? Maybe my sister-in-law's theory I wrote about last week was right -- if they kill the MIB, that is "the end" and then the Island timeline goes poof because they all redeemed themselves and they get to live out happy existences in the Alt?


We're back. I think Jacob's taking them to the Glowing Cave of Light. Uh-oh. Hurley just said, "I'm just glad it's not me." That gives me the sinking feeling that something's going to happen to Jack and it WILL be Hurley who has to take over. That line was way too out of place for it to not eventually have meaning.

Jacob and Jack are off to the side. Jacob's chanting over the stream. I guess it doesn't have to be wine. Sucks to be Jack -- he's gotta drink nasty stream water instead of wine. Yikes -- Jack's gonna become immortal!!!! "How long am I gonna have to do this job?" HA! That's great. Apparently now Jack will be able to find the secret field where the light is. "Now you're like me." Freaky.


Back in the Alt... Kate's pleading with Sawyer to let her go free. It didn't work. Now Des, Sayid and Kate are all in the prison van. Des is telling them a plan. The driver is Ana Lucia -- LOVE IT! She's letting them go free. I've never been so happy to see Ana Lucia. (Truth be told, I've never been happy at all to see Ana Lucia.) And Hurley's in on the gig... this is hilarious. He must have experienced Total Recall by this point, because he knows who Miss Thang is.

Hmm... I guess they are ALL going to end up at the concert. Not sure why Locke would be there, though. Or Sun and Jin.


Fake Locke and Ben arrive at the well. Desmond's not there. Locke claims that now he's going to use Desmond to destroy the entire Island.

And... it's over.



The next-to-last episode of the season is usually always a "putting the chess pieces in play" sort of an hour, and "What They Died For" was no exception. I was expecting a little more background on "the light" from Jacob to really add some oomph to the meaning behind everyone's deaths -- to reiterate WHY it's so important to protect -- but we weren't lucky enough to get that this time around.

I called my brother after the episode was over, and he is pretty sure that Richard was probably just knocked out by Smokey, and that Richard and Miles will end up finding each other and heading out to Hydra in the outrigger just to get the hell away from the Island. He also felt there was a chance they might come across a still-alive Lapidus (since we technically never got a "death scene" for him)... but I think that's stretching it a bit. My brother thinks it'll have to be Miles that gets shot in the outrigger.

Now my bro and I are kind of on the same page whereas we weren't before... he thinks both timelines will continue to exist, while I think only one will win out. But we agree that the Losties will succeed in killing the MIB, and that will be "the end," and the fact that their happy Alt lives exist at all is their reward for the roles they played in saving the Island from its ultimate enemy. I used to not understand how this theory could apply to characters like Locke, who are dead in the current timeline. However, now my thought is that Locke did of course play a huge role -- he turned Jack into a Man of Faith, and if it weren't for Locke, Jack wouldn't have finally been able to accept that it was his destiny to take over for Jacob and save the world from destruction.

That's all I've got, folks! I intend to publish a very short post the morning after the finale, just to give people a place to leave their thoughts. There's no way I will have up my real finale post until mid-June, though. But I promise you that it will be worth the wait.


(It really hasn't hit me that Lost is ending. But I'm sure I'll be a wreck come Sunday night.)

EDITED TO ADD: Please do not send me information about what cast members or the writers or producers have said will or will not be addressed in the show's final hours -- I've already received several comments of this nature today. I consider knowing what WON'T happen just as much of a spoiler as knowing what will -- it takes some of the mystery away. So I will not be approving any comments containing tidbits from interviews, etc. Thanks.

- e


Bill said...

Don't let the fact that Jack is the new Jacob discourage you from thinking that Locke will be the next Jacob.

Jason said...

Wow ... excellent, Erica!

Sherri said...

I unfortunately think that Richard is dead. Or at least dieing. I am hoping I am wrong. I think since the ashes will be gone and Jacob will no longer be even a presence, that his "spell" on Richard will be over, allowing him to die.

I am wondering about Ben shooting Widmore. I don't think they can kill each other, on island or off. I don't think Fake Locke knows this though. So Ben can shoot Widmore to show his loyalty, knowing that he will survive. I think Ben is playing Fake Locke.

With the alt timeline, I am thinking that maybe they will all exist in the alt time, except Jack. Because he took Jacob's job, I think he will be "erased" from that timeline.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed in Jack being the one. That just seems so predictable. I am hoping there is a twist to this part of the story.

Mellis said...

Love all your insights, as usual. I think that your call about Juliette being Jack's ex will be spot on. It would explain how his son got those beautiful blue eyes. But just because she's Jack's ex doesn't mean she and Sawyer can't still get together. I mean, it HAS to happen, right? They have to make a date to meet for coffee.

And I can't believe it, but like you, I'm rooting for the alt timeline, too, now.

Anonymous said...

I miss your methodical recaps with images and all. Bummed to see you go this route to end such a great show and great blog.

Sean said...

Great Recap Erika...I love this format you've been doing the last couple of weeks, and still so happy to see something from you amid your writing for your book.

Julio Zuletta said...

I absolutely loved every second of this episode, and I'm a bit of an FS hater. After last week's episode (which, unlike most of the hard core fans, I didn't think was that bad) I was worried the focus would be entirely on the mythology, and not on the characters I've spent six years getting to know. After this episode I have all the faith in the world that the finale won't disappoint... As long as they kill off Kate the awful, that is.

Kelly, UK said...

Hey e,
I do believe Richard is dead. I don't think Smokey would do anything by half measures now. He is evil, out and proud now, no more pretending.
Not sure what Ben is up to. He is playing some kind of game. Okay, he never liked Widmore, but surely he will not help Fake Locke kill the others?
The end is nigh. Can't wait, but also don't want it to finish. This has been the best TV show ever.

Unknown said...

Your are excellent

Unknown said...

Erika, as always you are excellent. I cannot wait for the finale and I will admit I am really looking forward to your last Lost write-up. Good Luck with the book and thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that Jacob taking his ashes and using them for the fire was symbolic for the "light" that is in every man. Once this "light" or fire would go out, Jacob would be no more and his replacement takes over.

majortomm said...

Just a thought I had about two things that seem to have been reiterated on this show recently. Firstly we now know that Desmond is the failsafe and is able to withstand copious amounts of electromagnetism (can't remember the exact line from this episode). Add to that the fact that the light on the island is a massive source of EM (amongst other things). Could it be that if the twain ever met, that the island would cease to be (or sink)?

So excited about the finale now, I was just smiling so much when the band of brothas (as they shall now be known) came together at the end and Hurley was all, "Hey Anna". :D

Aunt J-ha said...

I love it when a plan comes together & it looks like Desmond's plan is coming together.

Now I am equal parts dreading and crazy with anticipation for the grand finale. Happy Last Lost Week!

Glen said...

Thanks for your 'live' recaps e I still love reading them. My heart sinks when I think this is the end of Lost. I also heard the season 6 DVD will have an extra 20 mins for the finale (not deleted scenes). I hope your book gets finished soon so I can buy it on Amazon (will it be released in the U.K?)
Take care!

drallabg said...

Can hardly wait til Sunday! However; Monday, it's gonna sink in it's all over. Oh well gonna be a better ending than we got from a canceled Heroes!!!!!

Steve S. said...

I liked this episode, much more than the one last week. I actually think it would have worked better had they not done Across the Sea at all, and just worked it in to this episode and the next. Some complained that last week's episode didn't tell enough -- I actually think it told too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping someone has some insight...It's always been said that Jack was supposed to die in the pilot episode. The writers also say that they new all along how the show would end. How are both of these things possible? I mean if Jack was supposed to die and they always new the end, how does Jack play such a large role in it?

Tarah said...

I was not happy with this episode. More happy than I was last week, but not happy. Whiplash! The swiftness with which they dispatched two major factors took my breath away. (Richard and Widmore) Just like that, both gone. Richard's death bordered on ridiculous, I actually almost laughed out loud. I mean, it's Richard the immortal one! And just like that, he's gone. Widmore too....just like that, a major player gone. With no explanation about how these two previously unkillable (Richard b/c of the deal with Jacob and Widmore b/c of the "rules") people could die that way. Although, I do see how possibly Jacob's spell was over once he was gone. I do think Richard is intended to be dead now, though.

Also, I felt the candidate campfire scene resolved a major question way too fast. "So, who wants to do it. You do? OK, great!" And thus ends a six season process of selection that the whole show revolved around.

I have whiplash. I think they waited too long to start developing answers, and now it's happening too fast with not enough gravity and attention. Not to say that I'm not dying to watch the finale. I'm just not real happy with the quality of the wrap-up. It feels rushed.

I too am hoping that Ben is faking in order to get MIB in the end. Would that not be awesome if it's BEN that kills him?

Anonymous said...

Only one thing I didn't like about this which was one min MIB promising Ben the island then telling him he's going to destory it the next.

Anonymous said...

I think Hurley's line about how he was glad it wasn't him replacing Jacob was intended to assure the audience that nobody else wanted Jacob's job, and so Jack was the only one; Until this point, we didn't really know if Hurley wanted it or not, and he did seem like a fairly good fit. Now that we know he doesn't want it, I think we can be sure Jack will be keeping it--I doubt they'll have Jack die and Hurley replace him so close to the end.

R.P. McMurphy said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Hurley's "I'm glad it's not me line." I turned to my wife and said, "That strikes me as foreshadowing that it will indeed by Hurley in the end."

Anonymous said...

As someone that works around physician "specialists" all day, I absolutely loved Sawyers' "thought that guy had a God complex before..." line. Just fantastic.

solmaz said...

I agree with Sherri who left the comment about Ben "killing" Whidmore. I think that the reason Ben shot him was to protect Whidmore bc he knew that Flocke would kill him. It appears that he had on a bullet proof vest.
Also to anonymous who was asking the question about how the writers knew from the beginning how the series would end, Jorge was on The View yesterday and explained this to the viewers. He explained that the writers knew what the final scene of the show would be and once we see it on the finale we will understand, but they did not know all the other things in between. I hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, first time poster. I theorize that the fail safe mechanism will involve Des going into the light cave. Being that he is immune from EM effects, perhaps they kill Smokey by Des luring him back into the light cave. Desmond's "immunity" could protect him from turning into smokey and cause the island to be destroyed.

Darthregis said...

My favourite part was Hurley saying to Desmond, "Oh, you didn't tell me that Ana Lucia was going to be the driver." I thought that was pretty clever detail/line thrown in.

SF said...

I think the end will be des sacrificing himself and moving the island and "dying" (on the island world) and Jack will still be alive on it protecting it from MIB. And the sideways wold will be the real world and all the people will be there at the concert together when the island shifts. They're following Des's lead cause Des knows the timing. He is jumping back and forward from to the two timelines.

After the whole thing is over Sawyer and Juleit (Jack's Ex) will go for coffee.

Anonymous said...

Richard can die, he just can't kill himself. Remember why he wanted Jack to light the fuse for him

Petros said...

I agree completely with Tarah. This is getting more rushed by the minute.It's starting to get on my nerves. I've always supported the writers' decisions, because I believe we have ourselves created a huge mythology, when it is just a very good TV show. Nothing more than that. But to start killing off people like that, so easily, characters that have stayed with us all these seasons, is completely thoughtless. It seems that ending the show now was not well thought out and one more season was essential to bring the show to a satisfactory conclusion. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Wildmore killed Ben's daughter after all. No wonder Ben shot him.

Unknown said...

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DI in RI said...

Great recap, e! No spoilers here, just some of my own thoughts...
I agree with your bro, I don't think Richard is dead... just really hurt somewhere. I just don't think we've seen the last of him. Also, I still don't think Ben can kill Widmore... I think it's all an act. I think he pretended to kill Widmore so the MIB wouldn't. How is that possible? Not sure. I'm just hoping the rule are still in place somehow b/c I think Ben's pretending to go along with MIB, but will surprise us in the end.
I still don't think Jack will really take over for Jacob. That just seemed too easy. I loved Jack's face after he drank the water... what did he see/learn about by becoming like Jacob?
There are so many questions and mysteries still out there... How did Jacob come and go all those years? Who was shot in the outrigger shooting? Why did Locke think the smoke monster was beautiful? How did Locke know so much while he was on the island (rain, etc.)? Why did Locke have to kill his dad? Why did the smoke monster spare Richard? Whose directions was Ben following all those years? Who was in the cabin? What happened with the circle of ash being broken? What was the deal with the ash in the first place? What was with that pool of water? What was up with the purge? Did Jacob do that or was Ben actually following MIB all those years? ARGH! I am really starting to worry we aren't going to get a lot of answers. In fact I think it's a very, very real possibility that they are going to try to shock us with the ending instead of wrapping it up. I have no doubt that it will be an awesome ending, but I will not be surprised if it really leaves us hanging!

Anonymous said...

my friend had this theory: the two timelines will cross in the final scene of the show. the final 2 left on the island will be jack and flocke. after 3 years, jack and flocke will be sitting on the beach talking to eachother (ala last season's finale with jacob and mib) and the losties from the alternate timeline will be seen coming in either on boat or plane. since there can't be 2 jacks at once when the two timelines combine, jack needs to die in the alternate timeline somehow, hence his neck cuts indicating something may happen to him. this makes pretty good sense to me. i mean, what else can the alternate timeline people do when they come together in the final episode? the only thing that doesn't make sense is that it was shown that the island is underwater in the alternate timeline. however, we have seen that its possible for the island to disappear last season, so perhaps it can also reappear?

Josh said...

I'll stick to my theory from last week. I'm sure there will be a zinger though. Jack (Jacob) vs Claire (MIB) - Flocke dies on the plane trying to leave. Claire is set over the edge by the final abandonment. Attacks (maybe kills) the losties that are left - certainly Kate anyway...

Then the island ends up sunken by Desmond somehow.

Anonymous said...

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SuperTomo said...

Oh My God, just started watching the epidode again in the background while reading your blog, like a brick wall it hit me when Jacob Said to Jack "now you're like me".

What if Jacob can exist in both timelines/realities? This is why/how we saw Jacob off the island touching the losties.

This is why we've seen the cuts on jack as he starts to take over the role & eventually at the big concert where Sawer will turn up as miles's date & nutso Daniel will be playing some kind of piano song with penny & widmores there.... Then juliet will meet jack, give him a kiss & he'll "get wierd" and remember everyone & see everything from both times, oooww gawd, can't wait to see how this plays out, but think i'm close on this one...



SuperTomo said...

Oh, also guessing that Hurley & Sayid will get Jin/Sun to join the party as Jin will remember Sayid...

uke player said...

I think when the MIB dies we will see a resurrection of the whisperers/dead on the island, and a return to where they were immediately before they arrived on the island. Even if Richard is dead, he will have been reunited with Isabella. The ATL will at that point come into existence.

Supertomo said...

Oooh, hang on, can Jacob be in sideways world, i'm not sure?/??

But wait a minute, we did get told that Jacob visited Widmore after the freighter blew up, so maybe i am stil sane!

Oh & the red head chick charlotte will be at the party too!

SuperTomo said...

Oooow & the comment from Desmond about Annalucia that she's not ready yet.... maybe a spin off series till she's ready & not corrupt!

Joe said...

Agree with Tarah - wrapup seems rushed.

My theory - Jack is the New Jacob and Ben is the New MIB. MIB is killed but somehow Ben becomes new MIB. The struggle between light/dark, black/white, good/evil continues. Circle of life.

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly, UK said...

Loving all the theories on here!

Sherylm said...

That episode was GREAT! Such a bummer that you had to watch it with just your faithful doggie by your side (where's Vincent, by the way?) We had such fun during the episode. I'm definitely with your sister-in-law on the direction this all is taking. I was very opposed to the Alt timeline at the start but it is all so right now. Maybe Jack is going to "wake up" when he meets Kate in her slinky black dress at the concert ;-)) I'm so happy Locke is Locke again in the ALT and Desmond and Hurley as the Mod Squad! And Ana Lucia with her:" It's been great not knowing you."
I like the "Widmore is not really dead" theory though I think Ben totally meant to kill him. And Ben is proving to be very brave in both timelines. I just loved the Ben and Danielle hook-up (during that scene my daughter said: Well, at least Danielle used her time away to improve her French accent :p

I hope that is not the last time we see Richard, even though we know he would be happy to be dead and together with his Isabelle once more.

My daughter has decreed that we all have to wear black to watch the finale some 36 hours after you all (no Internet during that time since we don't want to be spoiled at all) And throw confetti, though I'm not sure why. For my part, I think that for the occasion, we'll fork out the US$6 it costs here to get one small bottle of the Aussie version of Magic Shell to eat some in your honor - it would be fitting, right, since it all started in Sydney. Thanks again for having made this all so fun right to the end.

LinnyM said...

I LOVE Lost and I LOVE "LongLiveLocke" I will be so sad when the show is over and I will miss reading your posts. I looked forward to them as much as I looked forward to the show. Thanks for your time and commitment-Best to you in the future- Namaste e

Cloots said...

A lot of people don't like Ana Lucia.
Is it because she was such a negative pill? Is it because she was basically the same character in Avatar?

I don't know but I fully admit to having a girl crush on her and
thinking she is AWESOME:)

just saying.

Dr. Adam Norten said...

I am wondering if they are ever going to explain all the Egyptian stuff on the island, the statue and carvings and other stuff. Or was there already an explanation and I missed it?

Unknown said...

So Flocke offers Ben the island if Ben will do some killing. Than in the last scene he tells Ben he is going to destroy the island. So what is Ben's motivation now to help Flocke?

Unknown said...

Just a comment on your theory that the island won't need a protector when the MIB is dead...wasn't the women who passed the task to Jacob the protector? That was before the MIB so it would seem to me that the island needs a protector regardless.

GeoffUK. said...

Phew!!! Great news just heard that we in the UK will not have to suffer a 5 day News and Media Blackout. Sky 1 are simulcasting the Finale here (and most of Europe too)at 5am on Monday 24th. Now we can follow your comments e along with the rest of the civilised world!!!

Bearister said...

For what it is worth (what with 2 hours to go!), here is my final theory....

Jack, et.al., find Desmond, who uses his 'powers' to cause them to time travel, much like we saw before. But now, with Des' ability to control the EM, he can steer the time travel to before MIB became Smokey. It is only in this time when it is possible to undue Jacob's mistake by either stopping the former events or just killing MIB before he is thrown into the light. Having taken care of that, Des leads the survivors back to the future, which has now been changed by the change they made eons ago, thus also altering their conscious perception and memories. So, the "alt" timeline is really just a continuance of the original timeline, with a twist, since Whatever Happened, Happened. At the end, all of them will meet at the concert, have a grand awakening, and realize what they accomplished to reach where they are. Happily Ever After!

GaryMcG said...

Hahahaha Can we call Jack, Jackob! It seems fitting. great recap e!

Dee said...

Bearister - you just gave me chills! I dont know if I agree with everything you said, but if they are ALL alive at the concert, AND they all remember what they have been through,and can rejoice together...well, that would be a VERY satisfying ending to me!

I am confused about the who can die/cannot die business. Here is an example of confusing...Michael couldnt die, remember that? WHo made him that way? He couldnt kill himself either. But, when things were resolved on the freighter, Chistian (who we know was MIB) said "OK, you can go now Michael"...boom, Michael dead. Why was MIB able to change his inability to die?

Oh, the confusion! Here's the hoping it all makes sense in the end, friends!

OH, and last but not least - Thanks for everything e, I sure will be buying your book when it comes out, in GREAT APPRECIATION for all of your time you have given us over the years!

Anonymous said...

This is a really random question that has nothing to do with this episode. A nagging unresolved question has been, did we ever find out why kate, jack and hurley went back to 1977, and sun and the others didnt?

FaradayRocks said...

Dee, I don't think that the "Rule" for the candidates is that they can't die... I think it is that 1) they cannot kill themselves, and 2) MIB cannot kill them. that would be true for Michael, because he was killed by the dynamite that KEAMY blew up - not by his own hand or MIB's. Likewise, Richard & Jack could not blow themselves up, nor was MIB permitted to kill Sawyer in the jungle. Sun, Jin, and (maybe) Frank were killed NOT by MIB, but by Sawyer pulling out the wire, which started the bomb's countdown. The latter is splitting hairs, yes, since MIB actually built the bomb. But still, Sawyer took the final action to result in their deaths. :0(

Steve H. said...

Am I the only one who was hugely disappointed by the about face Ben did on his road to redemption? The "Dr. Linus" episode was perhaps my most emotional episode this season (sans Sun & Jin) when Ben was broken before everyone and received back into "the good guys" team.


Sherylm said...

GaryMcG: I loved your comment and, actually, in French, that's exactly how Jacob is pronounced, i.e. Jack - ob ;-)

Anonymous said...

WHere are Cindy and the kids? WHERE ARE CIDY AND THE KIDS?????

bill said...


bill said...

How's this for a new series: it's twenty years after Lapidus and company escaped the island. Walt is now a scientific researcher and leads an expedition to the island to plumb its mysteries.

He and his team soon find that a new group, formed those now in control of Widmore's financial empire, has already established a facility there, and is seeking a way to harness the island's powers for military purposes.

Meanwhile, Hurley has become increasingly concerned about the world outside the island, and is tempted to use his new power to try to prevent humanity from starting wars or polluting the earth. Ben realizes that, due to the "butterfly effect," this could have horrific consequences. But Hurley is increasingly unwilling to listen to his counsel.

Sounds good to me anyway. Maybe I should pitch it to ABC.