Friday, April 09, 2010

S6Ep11 - Happily Ever After

Hello my dear friends -

Well, I had a good run... but it's come to an end. While I was able to keep up with my Lost recaps much more than I thought I would at the beginning of the season, my project-juggling skills have finally reached their limits. From here on out, until the finale, I'm going to have to keep things especially short and sweet. In case you missed this post, I have a book manuscript due in mid-May, and at this point it needs 99% of my energy.

So... here are my overall thoughts on and random remarks about "Happily Ever After."

- When Des woke up and Widmore was explaining where he was, did you catch that little twitch on Des's face near his mouth? I was like, "Oh, lord, he is going to UNLEASH!" And that's of course what happened.

- For once I was semi-right about something... last week I guessed that Des was needed because he'd turned the failsafe key and had absorbed some sort of electromagnetic property within himself. And that does look to be the reason Widmore needs him. This week we only saw them testing Desmond to see if he could still withstand an EM surge... so it's still not clear exactly what else Zoe and her team are trying to accomplish with Desmond's help. Since Widmore mentioned "sacrifice," the obvious guess is that whatever they intend to use Desmond for will kill him. I'm envisioning dropping him down into one of the Island's other electromagnetic pockets or something like that. But I still don't really understand why... I don't understand what doing something like that would achieve... unless Widmore needs everyone to go back in time AGAIN and either 1) not detonate Jughead, 2) not ever let Charlie turn off the blocking signal and/or not ever let Jack make contact with the freighter, or 3) something else. But since Widmore controlled the freighter, #2 doesn't really make sense. Hell, NONE of it makes sense. Anyone have any ideas as to what exactly Widmore is trying to use Desmond for and more importantly, why? If it doesn't have to do with "undoing" something, what could he be up to? Is there something related to the electromagnetic energy that Widmore suspects will rid the Island of the MIB once and for all?

- Once Des went into the EM surge I knew we'd see Alt Flight 815 again. But the weird thing was that when Des paused at the arrival board, Flight 815 was the only flight showing no status. In light of everything else that happened in this episode, I found that odd -- like maybe it's a clue that this timeline is still in "flux" status -- more on that later. (And remember in my premiere write-up I mentioned that Des had a wedding ring? Well, clearly he's not married in the Alt. So either that was just a production error or something SO bizarre is going on that it is totally beyond my abilities to decipher.)

- I also was not surprised to see Des working for Widmore. Did you notice that in Widmore's office there was no longer a painting of a polar bear but rather one of what looked to be Jacob and the MIB's stone scale?

- So Des and Widmore are all lovey-dovey and Widmore is sharing drinks of MacCutcheon's with his favorite employee... even though in the original timeline he said Des wasn't worthy. Then he gives him the assignment of looking after Charlie. I immediately thought something bizarre was going on when, after his release from jail, Charlie just walked right into traffic. Knowing what we know now, I'm figuring that he was either trying to have another near-death experience in order to have a vision of (presumably) Claire again, OR he didn't think he could be killed.

- Des ended up having his two flashes of Penny (within the sideways-flashes of the overall episode) when 1) he, like Charlie choking on the plane, was also in a life-or-death situation -- nearly drowning in order to save Charlie, and 2) he was experiencing another form of radiation in the MRI machine.

- After his talks with Charlie, Des figured out that something odd was going on. He became determined to find Penny, and when he got thisclose, Eloise (who's married to Widmore in this version of events) told him to "stop looking." Very similar to how she tried to prevent him from buying the engagement ring in the original timeline. Did you notice how she had a mini panic attack when Des first showed up, too? So obviously Eloise knows what's going on and might be the only character who always knows what's up, no matter what timeline it is. (It's not clear that Widmore has any clue that something strange is afoot.) And since in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" she wore the telling Ouroboros broach, I figured her pins this time meant something... so thanks to LLL reader David E J for suggesting that they might represent parallel timelines.

- Drumroll, please... and a big round of applause for The Return of the Skinny Tie (and its owner, Faraday, of course)! While I was thrilled to see him again, I did think his conversation with Des was a little far-fetched (which I realize is kind of silly for me to say in the context of this show). I mean, connecting his out-of-nowhere journal scribblings with quantum mechanics is one thing... but then connecting that to the fact that he probably set off a nuclear bomb in another timeline?!? That is a bit of a stretch, no? Whatever, I don't mind, but it kind of bugged me at the time. I'll chalk his ability to piece together the puzzle up to his overall brilliance... or the possibility that maybe he knows more than he let on to Des.

- Faraday gave Des the deets on where to find Penny, and I gotta say that I started welling up just seeing Penny running up and down the stadium, before she and Des even interacted. I also gotta say that if I were her and all of a sudden some dude appears alone with me in a gigantic, empty stadium and asks me out, I would be worried. Even if he was a gorgeous Scotsman. But I guess love at first sight has a strange effect on people, huh? The important part, however, is that once Des and Penny shook hands, he fainted. And from that point on, it seemed pretty clear to me that he started REMEMBERING what was going on between the two timelines. This might be because Penny is his Constant. Regardless, when he awoke in the Electromagnetic Chamber of Doom, he was all dazed... but smiley. And continued to be that way, even when Dead-Eye Sayid took out Widmore's team and asked Des to come with him.

- When Des flashed back to the Alt timeline, he was still all dazed and smiley, and it wasn't just because he had finally found Penny. It was because he knew what he had to do... and his knowledge of the Island timeline carried over. That's why he knew he needed the 815 manifest (shout-out to driver Minkowski, by the way! Who knew he was such a skeezeball with all that talk about prostitutes and whatnot?).

- The only thing I can't figure out is exactly what Des is going to do once he finds the 815ers. Is he going to try to nearly kill them so that they, too, can experience visions of the other world? And for the record, I don't think this is all coming down to a "love conquering all" thing. That's certainly a possibility, but it really doesn't apply for all of the characters. I especially can't figure out how Des would convince Jack, who has a SON in the Alt timeline but not in the original, that they were meant to live other lives. Speaking of that...

- What I think is going on is that both timelines we've seen this season are like two outcomes of a Schrodinger's Cat experiment. I can't remember if the Cat paradox was ever directly referenced on the show, but I know it was by Dom Monaghan's character on FlashForward, ironically enough. Basically I think that until the characters make some sort of final choice... or until the MIB either succeeds or fails in what he's trying to do, BOTH timelines exist. Then, depending on the outcome of people's choices, one timeline will eventually go POOF.

- I still have absolutely no idea how everything will all come together, though. Seriously. NO IDEA.

- What I DO know, and perhaps what is way more important anyway, is that I counted THREE instances of "brotha" in this episode. YESSSSSS. I also threw up a fist-pump when "You All Everybody" played. So many great moments in this episode, huh?

That's all I can do this time, guys. Hope it was better than nothing. And a HUGE shout-out to Hawaii-based LLL reader Jenna M, who sent me these pictures she snapped of Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) running the Tag the World Triathalon in Waikiki last fall. I told her I absolutely had to "share the lusciousness" with you all.

Until next time,
- e


Kristin said...

Oh yes - a huge shout out to Jenna M - thank you for sharing the yumminess of Henry with the rest of us!

I am so excited to finally understand a scientific comparison to Lost (and that is a GREAT theory e)! Thank you Big Bang Theory for teaching me all about Schrodinger's Cat.

And e - you know any post you do about Lost is always welcome, no matter how short!

ToniR said...

I'm first! You're recaps are always great! Thanks!

tierdear said...

I'm so torn between being sad and happy! I'm sad I don't get to read more, but so so happy that you're doing so well with your writing!

I used to take hours and try to dissect absolutely everything that happened in every episode, but at this point, I'm just enjoying the final few hours of the ride. :)

Unknown said...

I think the clue was something Eloise said to Desmond, about him having everything he wanted in the Alt-Timeline (ie. Widmore's approval). Does that apply to all the other characters? Jack (son) and Locke (Helen) almost certainly. How about everyone else? I'll have to think about it.

Sean said...

I noted the lip twitch as well, and declared, "He's going to SNAP". How good do you think it felt for Des beating Widmore with that IV Stand.

Great recap still, Erika. You focus on your book, we'll take whatever we can's still the best read out there.

Alexistran said...

Hey e

Good luck with the manuscript!

When Dan said he set off the nuclear bomb my thought was that he somehow knew he did in the same way that Charlie knew he was meant to be with Claire. Rather than he was making some wild logical leaps. It definitely seemed like there was more to what he remembered than simply 'I love Charlotte'

Doug said...

E - my sister ran in that same triathalon as Desmond in Hawaii last fall, and got a picture with him too. She had it up as her facebook profile pic for a while. Awesome to see that you have other Hawaii based readers than my sister and her husband.

Good luck with the book!
Doug Fry

Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking that the famous words of Desmond "see you in another live... brotha" will have something to do to connect all this timeline thing that is going on...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alexistran.

Daniel could have had many flashes of his island life, similar to what Desmond experienced in the hospital. Perhaps the writings in his journal triggered even more visions, enough for him to conclude that he may have set off a nuclear bomb (or at least was planning it).

To me, this lines up with Charlie feeling love for Claire, and Desmond being drawn to Penny, then discovering his "mission".

It wasn't too far-fetched as far as I'm concerned. Faraday's pretty brilliant, as we all know. :-)

Amazing episode. One of the best ever!

Unknown said...

I definitely agree with comments re: Daniel and his seeming knowledge of the "alternate" alternate (i.e., real) timeline, even though I was wrong about previous guesses regarding his link with Charlotte in the new timeline.

And yes, there were several parts of Fiona's conversation with Desmond that suggest she's still some sort of "time cop", but I also think it has something to do with simply wanting to protect *her* son -- after all, in this new timeline Daniel is a successful musician whereas in the previous timeline his years of sacrifice only led him to death at her hands.

Also, I think there's something to your "love conquers all" observation, especially as the sneak peek at next week's episode strongly hints at a Hurley-Libby reunion in the alternate timeline.

Sadly, the final thing I take away from this episode is the unfortunate sense of the end arriving, and the realization that there will be so many things left unanswered or unexplored... I'm girding myself for some serious fallout after the series ends.

Unknown said...

Best episode of the season by far!
Right up there with "The Constant" in best episodes ever. I always knew since Desmond said "see you in another life brotha" that there might be some silmutaenous realities going on..and what do you know..I was right!
This episode redeemed this lackluster season.

R.P. McMurphy said...

1% of E is better than 99% of the analysts out there! Great pick up on the Eloise's pins. Didn't catch that. I did jump at the double entendre she stated when Desmond arrived, "It's about time."

Tosh said...

Great recap E! Thank you so much!

OK guys here's my theory. Before I begin, please recall Jacob’s metaphor using the bottle of wine that we see in “Ab Aeterno.” Jacob makes the analogy between the wine in the bottle to the MIB and the cork (the Island) keeping the wine (the MIB) from leaking to the outside world. I propose that when the MIB shattered the bottle of wine, he was symbolically representing his plan to escape the Island by having it blown up by an atomic bomb (Jughead) which of course does happen. Indeed he must have set the whole thing up. So if the MIB escaped, where is he? I say the MIB in the ALT timeline is the limo driver! (from the most recent episode—“Happily Ever After”). The limo driver was George Minkowski in the original timeline who was the communications officer aboard the freighter. He was linked to Desmond because they both at the same time on the freighter were experiencing time-transported consciousness. This is the talent that Widmore covets in Desmond and it could also be one that the MIB would want if he took over Minkowski’s body in the ALT. Other clues: why does limo man try to “tempt” Desmond with women, that lil’ devil! Is he trying to keep him from Penny? And you can’t fool a Lost lover with that “that’s why I’m the limo driver and you’re the bosses right hand man” line. Come on, soooo corny! And why he is so interested in 1) what Des was doing in Australia, 2) if Des has met Eloise, and later 3) why Des wants the flight manifest? He seems awfully interested in things linked to the original timeline. How is that he and Desmond have both worked for Widmore all those years but they don’t know each other? Desmond didn’t recognize limo man when he got off the plain but I’ll bet a black rock that ole limo man was only pretending not to recognize Des. Finally, according to Wiki, Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909) was a German mathematician and a space is named for him based upon a mathematical construct in which Einstein's equations for special relativity are perfectly solvable. And here’s the kicker: What profession always wears black??? Paleeeese!

I’ll end with a question and prediction. On the freighter while experiencing the adverse effects of time-transported consciousness, Minkowski - just before he dies in Desmond's arms - says, "I can't get back." If the MIB is indeed Minkowski in the ALT, could this have been the moment when the MIB takes over Minkowski's body?

The prediction: Widmore was testing Desmond's ability to tolerate the effects of time transportation so he could send him back to past and stop the nuclear explosion that started the ALT and let the MIB loose. And I’ll bet that whatever Desmond in the original timeline on the Island is going to do with Sayid, Flocke and the gang will parallel what he needs the 815ers in the ALT to do.

hatch-man said...

your recaps, no matter how condensed, still make my day!

I've been championing a type of Schrodinger's Cat explanation for some time. Remember, though, that in the experiment the cat is neither alive or dead until we open the box and find out.

Going a step further, the Copenhagen Interpretation, or multiple worlds theory, says that the cat is both alive and dead, but in separate realities. Opening the box does not determine the fate of the cat, rather it reveals in which of the realities our consciouness resides.

So, you can eat your cake and still have it, too.

Ho said...

Love Live MIB

Anonymous said...

My comments that I posted elsewhere

o far we have seen the alt lives of those that were on the island whether alive of dead when the Jughead went off. This caused a shift to an alt world where 815 landed. The mirror represented a look into what there live should have been as opposed to the present. They all seem to have had what they wished for but no one seems to have had the perfect life that they wanted.

Desmond was not on the Island when jughead went off and Widmore knew that he had to blast Desmond to change his alt life. That's why Des was on the plane briefly but disappeared and Jack wondered if he really saw him. Des needed to be blasted with the electo magnetism to officially change his alt life because he avoided it before. That's why after getting blasted Hurley and Clair remember seeing him on the plane even though he really was on it until after he got blasted. Widmore knew that Charlie would be the key into showing him what his life will be like if things have changed. Somehow the bomb going off created a tangent in their lives and if MIB wins he will destroy the Island life they should have and they'll be permanently stuck in the alt world. Widmore knew that blasting Desmond would get him to the alt world and allow him to see Charlie and speak with his constant Daniel. When Desmond woke up in island world and past out in alt life this was the official meeting of the two tangents where Desmond can now alternate between the two worlds and knows that he can alter either one.
Eloise knows that Desmond changing the alt world is a violation of this and doesn't want him to change what has happened and to leave it alone, but widmore doesn't agree and wants Des to change it.
From what I gather, Widmore is going to set off another grand explosion in one of the pockets of energy to course correct what has happened.

One other note. Remember when Ben brought the Lockes dad to the island and said that the island had a magic box that we all though was a metaphor? Could it be that this box Desmond was zapped in is the actual box?

Bearister said...

Here are my two cents on the potential significance of Desmond being able to withstand a massive EM field....
Both the Dharma initiative and Widmore's current group use those large "cones" to create what appears to be an invisible fence, but which is probably just a very strong EM field. Clearly, the MIB is affected by the EM field since he cannot cross the "fence." (Likewise, the strong EM field has effects on regular people similar to what we have seen in past episodes) By releasing the EM energy from one of the pockets on the island, Widmore hopes to permanently disable the MIB to remove him as a threat so good can prevail - thus permitting all of our heroes to experience the full lives they hoped for - which Des will learn by visiting all of them (the manifest) in the Alt timeline. So in a weird paradox, Des learns his purpose for the main timeline while being in the Alt timeline, and by releasing the EM energy in the main timeline he actually makes the Alt timeline possible. This would also explain why the island is on the bottom of the ocean, since with the MIB disposed of, the cork is no longer necessary.

My head hurts.

Best of luck with the book, e!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your recaps, e! It's very possible I missed this since I'm a relatively new groupie but what is your book going to be about? The best with that!

Just rewatched - great pick up about the non-existent status of 815! Hmm, you're probably right - it's status has not been determined yet. Depends on what choices are made on the island!

Is Eloise's brooch the design that was burned into Juliet's back after she was a bad girl and killed Danny?

Yep, Minkowski is so playing the game. I wonder if him asking Dez about needing a 'companion' is less sleazy and more of a very subtle seed planted to reinforce Charlie's claim that Dez isn't truly happy without that special someone.

I agree with Michael, too many things are going to be left unexplained! But maybe that's better than having things spelled out for us and cheapening the mystery and wtf-ness of the show!

Ric said...

I'm sticking to my original story...which i cant really explain right now as I have no idea what it is but!.......

I think Widmore is seeking the secrets of time travel , not for any other reason other than for his own profit & power. But I reckon the losties will infact be the ones who travel through time to the past eventually & will somehow be involved in creating the whole island....No idea just some thoughts. Lovin the series, Thanks e!!!

Amanda said...

Well first off, yummy :)
Second, not sure if someone already pointed this out but did you catch that Micheal's wife (Walt's mom) was the lawyer that got Charlie out. I thought that was cool. Oh and I totally thought it was cool that they didn't show a "previously on LOST" maybe they realize how much we fans hate spoilers :)

Anonymous said...

Bet you Jacob took the photo of Brother Campbell and Ms Hawking at Desmond's monastery, and why she knows so much about what's going to happen and has happened.

Diane in ri said...

I had a quick panic attack b/c I thought you were about to say this was your last post. When I continued reading and realized hat was not the case, I felt a huge sense of relief! We need your humorous insight even if it is short and sweet! thanks,e!!!

GeoffUK. said...

Well then what a great episode. But as the series progresses I, like many others I'm sure, am finding it harder not easier to fathom out what the hell is going on and how it will all end.

Before this series aired I was hoping for a continuous set of answers culminating in a finale where all was cleared up during the episode and we and the Losties (most of them) all ended up living happily ever after.

I think now the ending I really want is a "Sixth sense" "The Others" style ending, ie. we remain completely confused until about 10 minutes from the end when they pull an absolute stunner out of the bag, all Jaws drop heavily to the floor and we spend the next six months re-watching every episode uttering the immortal line "Of course" every 15 minutes or so!

Garry UK said...

Tosh - Fantastic spots

GeoffUK - that is what I have wanted all along, when that happened in 6th sense I got a weird "Hairs on the back of my neck feeling" when we found out Bruce was a ghost.

- e

Again totally selfish again, I/we will miss longer recaps but if duty calls, well duty calls. Hope you can hang on in till the end.

And as we say in some parts of the UK "Proper" good luck with the book.

Is it something we, in the UK, will want to read, if so I will buy it!!

Can't wait till next Friday I think it is Everyone Loves Hugo and lets face it surely we all everybody do love the Hurlster!

Garry M xx

drallabg said...

Thanks for your recaps and congratulations on your skill as a writer. On March 23rd I suffered an aortic dissection. Horrible, and yet I survived. I am recoving at home with the grafts and artificial valve. Funny thing is during my ER time before surgery, I was saying LOST is on tonight and damn it all...... I may never learn the ending. When I found out how serious my condition was, I said farewell to my family and several friends. I am 43 and may expect 2-3 more decades of life now. So I may really find the ending I am hoping for in both life and LOST. Great work and wishing you the very best. GB

Brasco said...

I think when Widmore referred to "go get the package" last week, we all assumed Desmond was the package. There may have been a day when being called "the package" may have been a compliment for many guys, but I think the package was the electromagnetic outhouse/shed. Desmond just happened to be revealed at the end, and of course is important, but it looks to me like Widmore brought that shed on the sub (with all the pylons too I guess) cuz it doesn't look like Dharma original stuff to me. Just a side point, don't think it changes the plot :-).
I am waiting to see Desmond and Penny meet at the coffee shop and run into Juliet and Sawyer... that would be cool!!!
Really, Minkowski guys, come on:-)
I am hoping the same ending as Geoff, mind blowing holy crap stuff.

JAR said...

I agree with the Juliet brand being the same as the brooch Eloise was wearing. Maybe being branded confines Juliet to a particular timeline? Anyone think that the last episode will involve a very late Desmond finally arriving at the coffee shop and meeting Penny after he does what he needed to do on the island. I also think that whatever Desmond does unites Jacob and the MIB back together as one and ends the threat as the good can overrule the bad ie Star Trek episode when Kirk gets split in two. Remember Richard could not kill himself, therefore if Jacob and MIB were one person at one time ( MIB says he lost his humanity) perhaps the magnetic energy split them apart , so MIB could not kill Jacolb and yes Jacob would understand how much MIB wanted to kill him because he was part of himself. Perhaps a huge magnetic energy pocket release will bring them back together. Then Widmore could exploit the island. I also agree with the person who said it appears many of the islanders now are leading the life they want in the alternative timeline.
And so glad to see Daniel again!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I missed the "scale" painting first time through...I was focused on the replica of the black rock!

It is possible that the Losties will all end up at that coffee shop...but Juliet (and Ben, for that matter) won't be on the if she/they get there it won't be directly by Des.

I really, really loved this was so satisfying, and so full of series references. I think the writers want us now to feel like we're very smart, and that the ending will make sense, and not be something out of the blue. It needs to reek of closure.

Sarah M. in MI

Anonymous said...

Elosie's broaches are the same symbol the Juliett was 'marked'/'branded' with, after she was taken to court by the Others for helping Jack.

Joe said...


i know you've been super busy and everything but your posts have been very lackluster this season, especially since its the last season of lost. I've been a reader for the past 4 years and used to love your posts and found it hard to wait the days after the latest episode just for your recap. Seriously, can we have the old e back?!

Anonymous said...

and 2) he was experiencing another form of radiation in the MRI machine.

If it helps, MRI's don't give off radiation

Julian said...

I am sort of where Alexander is; however, I am not sure what the characters truly want. I think Jack's want is to not be his dad (as opposed to just wanting a son).

e, I think "love conquers all" will likely be the thing that saves all. If not with all characters, at least for the ones that can save the world.

Julian said...

I forgot to add that I think that MIB is behind the alt time line because key people are getting what their hearts want.

Kyvyny said...

Had to watch that scene of Desmond at the flight status again.

Flight 815 is there, and it's flashing "Arrived" but there is no number 4 on the baggage claim as Hurley pointed out.

HappyNat said...


e has more important thing to do than entertain you. We are lucky she still spends some time entertaining all of us with her writing.

One question I had is why would Sayid not kill Zoe? He "has no feelings" and is a killing machine so he lets one of the people go? That doesn't add up, unless it's to further the plot by making sure Widemore knows where Des is?

Great episode and great recap e!

Anonymous said...

There is one thing that I can not get out of my mind.... I do not believe that Ben killed Jacob. Watch it again. Ben only stabbed Jacob. MIB/FakeLocke/SmokeMonster was impatient and HE pushed Jacob into the fire to kill him. Hope this isn't considered a spoiler?? I think it is something that will pop up in the end because it will potentially be a loophole or a game changer in the up coming "war" and the rules that jacob and MIB follow. If MIB could not be the one to kill jacob for some reason...... something is currently off because HE DID.

Unknown said...

Your recap is showing signs of time travel. You have many lives Sista!! Someone get this women some 60 year old scotch.
But we still "LOVE" you.

Ellie sure is the mystery women. It wouldn't surprise me if she was in league with Evil_Incarnate. She seems to have an agenda of her own.
She's thisclose to the island. And as a former leader of the others I hope she isn't Like..MIB's Mother or something.
Every episode from here on out is going to hurt us all.
Hang in there e your almost home.

Imani said...


I was hoping you would be able to continue juggling projects until the Series Finale (reverent head bow), but I guess you're needed for bigger and better things. It's been a great run, thanks for everything you've done over the years - of all the Lost recaps out there (and there are a LOT), I enjoy yours the most. Good luck with where this leads you!

Sherylm said...

I also wondered how Daniel figured out that his drawing meant that he had blown up an H bomb but I suppose more could have written in his notebook than just the pages we saw. I was actually expecting him to whip the page over and say "Look, brother, you're my constant!"

What a wild hair show LOST is from the great mat of Claire to Eloise's rich older lady white cloud do :-)

I now think that the Charlie who visited Hurley at Santa Rosa is the Charlie from the ALT (which sadly must mean there is no hope for him and Claire and Aaron living happily ever after in the island time line). I suppose that Desmond is going to contact all the other passengers to somehow make them aware of the fact that they are in out-of-sync with the way things should be.

Did you ever wonder if those scenes showing Sarah so obviously pregnant have something to do with David existing in the island time line?

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us in spite of your time constraints.

Unknown said...

Hi, Just re-rewatched, for the third time, and this time on a real tv screen and I was coming on, e, to let you know that on the arrivals board 815 has arrived, it's just flashing. But I see that Kyvyny already mentioned it!! And don't let the Joes of the world get you down!!

Unknown said...

Dearest e,
I'm always delighted with your LOST reviews.

Maybe you can get your money back!
Oh, wait.....

GeoffUK. said...

Firstly Garry Uk, thanks for the nod, hope our ideal ending isn't just a Brit thing!

I also agree with many of the viewpoints that there is every chance that Dan could know what his sketch signified, lets face it look who his parents are! It would be impossible to believe they hadn't discussed the island with him in this timeline or any other for that matter.

Also find Denny's comments spot on, Eloise really is even more now the woman of mystery and perhaps a very, very long history. However Denny I hope she is MIB's Mother. Now that would be an awesome turn of events. Or at least play a significant part in the very early history of the island.

My Brain really hurts now, life would have been so much easier if I'd have got addicted to "Americas next top model"!!

Morey Altman said...

First post (Whoooooooohooooo)

It seems to me the multiple timelines exist regardless of the events on the island. If quantum mechanics is correct, all possible scenarios exist simultaneously. But, the nuclear detonation seems, in my opinion, to have two consequences: one is a breakdown between the timelines. Clearly, characters right since Juliet's death are becoming aware of the alt timeline. But, the other issue, I think, is the viability of timeline #1. They should all be dead. The only reason they're still alive is Jacob's intervention, just as the only reason there were survivors of the plane crash was Jacob's ability to prevent some characters from dying. Does MIB want them removed from the island so the timeline will collapse? Does he believe this will free him from being trapped in a timeline that is essentially artificial? Would this have happened previously when the Oceanic Six left but without one of the candidates (Jin)?

Unknown said...

Last time I checked, e wasn't charging money for you to read her recaps, so your commentary and criticism are unnecessary. If you don't like her posts don't read them.

I am very glad that she is willing to post even a short recap considering how busy she is and that she gets nothing in return except our thanks. So, thanks e for continuing to entertain us! Short or not, your recaps are always well-written and interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your posts, but will be eagerly awaiting your book.

Good "Locke" In All Your Future Endeavors!

Neil Richard said...

I'll leave the "luscious" and "yummy" parts to the ladies. I'm just glad to see he's a runner! Awesome!

L.Didi said...

Thanks E for all you do!! You so enhance the show!

two notes:
We dont think that Desmond has to die to be a sacrifice. We were thinking maybe his sacrifice was that he had to give up a life with Penny and his son Charlie, and live out as maybe Jacob or a Richard on the island.

Also, we noticed that both Hurley and Desmond are wearing RED. We dont think this means they are going to die, but it connects them with all the people that have died, like they are clued into the otherside.

Hope that gets you thinking!

Thanks!! Happy Writing!

Anonymous said...

Hi... MRI's don't use radiation they use a VERY strong magnet to work. Hope this is of some use.

Anonymous said...

After this episode I started thinking that the impending "war" coming is not really good vs. evil, or jacob vs. MIB/Flocke, or black vs. white...

Perhaps it's a battle between the timelines. Jacob and MIB and all of the other opposing forces we have seen (Ben vs. Widmore, etc.) represent one side of the two different timelines and the war will determine which timeline gets to be "reality."

I could just be oversimplifying this, and I haven't fully thought through all of the details and how to tie it in with everything in the past, but it seems viable.

Would love to hear from all of you with feedback. Thanks.

SDS said...

Shameless self-promotion time, but for anyone interested in parallel worlds, Schrodigner's cat and general quantum physics with a LOST twist, please check out my extensive LOST blog post on it all:

Thanks :)

Back to LLL though - E, you did a great job with your guessing last week :) did anyone else think that, when Daniel was about to show Desmond his book, that what he wrote down was "If anything goes wrong, DESMOND HUME will be my constant"? I know I did! :) =D

Mark S. said...

I'm pretty sure that Charlie mentioned something about not being able to die - not in those words, but I think that's why he walked out into traffic.