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S6Ep8 - Recon

Hello my dear friends -

Remember when I mentioned in early February that I'm working on a book and that my Lost posts would have to be significantly shorter this season... and then I proceeded to still spend hours on them? Unfortunately, "e's Bite-Sized Recaps" are now going to have to kick into effect. Not only am I in the thick of interviewing people about stuff that will be in my manuscript (which is due in May), but I also saw the draft of my book's jacket for the first time yesterday.


For those of you who watch Saturday Night Live, once I laid eyes on the cover I felt like shouting, "'Cause this here's REAL!" There's no turning back now, I MUST finish this book.

So... here are my short and sweet thoughts on Recon -- hope you still find them insightful! And to any new Long Live Locke readers... if you roll your mouse over the pictures in my posts secret messages will pop up -- ooohhh, ahhhh.

Flashes first...



That hussy messing around with Sawyer wasn't the only one fooled by his undercover brotha-ness. As I stated in my "LAX Part 1" post, I was absolutely positive that in the sideways timeline, Sawyer was still a con man and had set his sights on the gullible, happy-go-lucky multimillionaire otherwise known as Hurley. I love it when I am wrong (only with things related to this show) -- I totally didn't see it coming that Mr. James Ford was a cop. My favorite part of the episode happened very early on when he uttered the code word "LaFleur" and that chick was like, "Le What?!?"

I was also very happy to see Miles as Sawyer's partner -- they make a good team. So good, in fact, that Miles could sense Sawyer had been hiding something from him. Maybe in the alt timeline Miles can read more than just corpses? Anyway, even though Sawyer was on the right side of the law in this version of events, he still was hunting the man who scammed his parents. Meaning, the main issue he needs to find peace with in his life has not been resolved in the alt timeline -- unlike Jack's daddy issues and Locke's acceptance of his paralysis and Ben's quest for power.

Sawyer knew the guy he was looking for was "Anthony Cooper" and had been making calls in his spare time to try and track the con man down. Eventually in the last flash he spilled the whole story to Miles and admitted that he went to Sydney because he thought he had a hot lead on Original Sawyer... but alas, it was a dead end.

The problem now is that we know Locke is the son of the man Sawyer's after, and that he's currently in LA and enjoying an apparently healthy father-son relationship. It may even be possible that Cooper changed his way years ago, maybe right after what happened with the Ford family. But who wants to bet we're going to see Locke's happy world get blown to hell when Sawyer finally realizes that the revenge he's been seeking can be carried out just a few miles away? (Oh Lord, what if it's at Locke's WEDDING?) That's the way I'm leaning... of course the other possibility is that Sawyer gets ready to kill Cooper, Locke intervenes and convinces Sawyer that his father's a changed man, and then Sawyer can finally put it all behind him and everyone lives happily ever after. It could happen. It's the alt timeline -- anything could happen!


In the midst of Sawyer and Miles' bickering about what Sawyer was hiding, Miles set his partner up on a date. We all thought it was going to be Juliet, didn't we? Yes. So once again I was blindsided when it ended up being Charlotte -- though since Miles did indicate the woman was a colleague of his father's "at the museum," maybe I shouldn't have been as surprised. Regardless, there was Charlotte all dolled up and RAAWWWRRR-looking at the restaurant, and it was only a matter of like two seconds before she and Sawyer decided they needed to take a roll in the hay. That part kind of freaked me out, to be honest. They did not seem right together. I wish I could erase it from my mind.

Then Charlotte had to get all snoopy (it's in her blood... she's a digger), find the forbidden portfolio and get kicked out of Sawyer's place wearing nothing but a blanket. Later Sawyer regrets reacting so harshly and, classy guy that he is, shows up at her door with a six-pack (of beer... 'cause he had his shirt on). My brother wrote me that he was positive Faraday was going to pop up behind Charlotte at her place -- skinny tie in full effect -- and taunt Sawyer. "Don't hate the playa, hate the game!" That would've been AWESOME. You missed a huge opportunity there, writers. I didn't think about the possibility of Faraday making an appearance, but I WAS 100% positive that Sawyer would end up running into Juliet as he walked down the hall of Charlotte's building. I think I'm still in denial that Juliet wasn't in this episode. Aren't they going to meet for coffee and go dutch, like her dying words hinted? I just don't get when that's going to happen now. I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN, dammit!

One more thing about Charlotte -- it did enter my mind that she might've been looking a little too hard in that drawer for a t-shirt. I mean, why would she be digging furiously underneath all of his other clothes? It was kind of like she was hurrying to try and find something before he came back in the room, which doesn't really jibe with the situation. But... I might be grasping for straws -- it's probably too late in the season to think that she, Miles and Miles' dad are part of some sort of conspiracy revolving around Alt Sawyer. So let's turn to the bigger story line -- the one about how all of the 815ers just can't seem to stay away from each other in LA.


In the final flash segment, right after Sawyer hands Cooper's file over to Miles and tells him about his plot to kill the man he holds responsible for his parents' death, a car crashes into them from out of nowhere, and since it was nearing the end of the episode I was thinking "Oh, here we go again, who in the hell is THIS going to be?" I was not counting on anyone obvious. Since we already had Charlotte and Charlie's brother Liam make cameos, I figured it would have to be another semi-random. Like Abaddon or Claire's psychic or Mr. Eko or somebody crazy like that. But once we saw a person bust out of the car, then I knew it was Kate with the po-po after her yet again.

She fell into Sawyer's trap and when he slammed her up against the fence they were both like, "Hey... I know you, I know you!" I have to admire these characters' memories. There is no way I would recognize anyone I spent a matter of seconds with on an elevator days earlier. But then again, maybe if I shared an elevator with the likes of Sawyer it would be a different story.

Before we flip over to the Island events, can I just say that I used to freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE Little House on the Prairie and really got a kick out of seeing Sawyer watch it? I read all of those books and watched the show like a maniac growing up, and that series is why I continue to love Jason Bateman to this day, thank you very much. Ah, the memories. Well, I'm actually still trying to forget the memories of people calling me "Nellie" back in grade and middle school (you know, 'cause of my last name), but there's no need for me to get into that right now.

Enough reminiscing... on to the Island!


Finally, it's revealed where Sawyer's been... he's been helping nurse Jin back to health at Camp Crazy Claire. But they've soon got company; Fake Locke returns with Claire, Sayid, Kate and all of the Others who decided to tag along. Cindy and The Kids are there, too, and when they ask what happened to everyone who stayed behind, Fake Locke had to break it down for them like this: they're all dead. Sorry in advance for the nightmares, little boy who looks like a girl because he has hairbands in his hair.

Then Sawyer and Fake Locke go off to have a private chat and Fake Locke tells Sawyer straight-up that he is Smokey. THANK YOU writers for finally squashing any remaining doubt left in those who didn't want to accept this until they saw Fake Locke physically transform into a puff of blackness. (Remember the FX budget? That scene was never gonna happen.) Sawyer strangely took this news in stride. I guess after all he's seen on the Island nothing would be that shocking, but a dude who can morph into a giant killing machine made of clouds seems like it should still rank pretty high on the WTF-o-meter. But I digress.

Their walk-n-talk leads them to the beach, where Fake Locke tells Sawyer that he needs him to bust over to Hydra to scope out the situation. Of course I then thought Sawyer was going to be shot on his way there... by time-traveling Juliet, of all people. (Some of you wrote me after I mentioned this in my last post, asking what I was talking about. I'm talking about the scene in "The Little Prince" where the time-traveling Losties are in the outrigger and are shot at by an unseen group of people, also in an outrigger. Juliet fires back -- and appears to hit one of them. But then another time flash whips them into a different year, so we never saw who was in the other canoe.)

Sawyer agrees to Fake Locke's plan and sets out for the other island.


Fake Locke rejoins everyone else just in time to save Kate from Crazy Claire. Maybe this is awful, but 1) I thought it was HILARIOUS how Sayid just sat there all bored-looking while Claire jumped Kate and had a knife at her throat and, 2) I thought it was even better when Locke up and slapped Claire across the face. Snap out of it, woman! Kate's reaction was priceless -- she realized she was with a bunch of really messed up peeps and was kicking herself for her new No Tagging Along policy. She could've been chilling with Hurley and Jack instead of coming face to face with the evil Squirrel Baby and then being attacked by a weave with a life of its own while Dead-Eye Sayid was off in la-la land replaying some of his all-time greatest ninja-breakdancing moves in his head. (He decided his best was still the twist-kick-neck-snapper he used on an Other in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1.")

After calming Claire down, Fake Locke took Kate to the beach, told her what he'd asked Sawyer to do, and then revealed that he knew how she must be feeling after seeing Crazy Claire, because his mother was cuckoo, too. His exact words were, "Because... my mother was crazy. A long time ago, before I... looked like this... I had a mother, just like everyone. She was a very disturbed woman. And, as a result of that, I had some growing pains. Problems that I'm still trying to work my way through. Problems that could have been avoided had things been different."

Now, as I've said too many times to count, I don't think they're ever going to reveal the Man in Black's name. And I'm still leaning toward thinking that he's some sort of devilish figure. But many Lost fans started calling the Man in Black "Esau" from the first moment we saw him in the Season Five finale, because in the Bible Jacob and Esau were warring brothers. Esau was supposedly a kinda hairy hunter dude, and Jacob was "a simple man." And guess what? Their momma had some issues. I'm not going to go much further than that except to provide this link I found which gives a quick overview of how their mother (Rebecca/Rebekah) helped screw over Esau. There are SO MANY parallels between this story and the Jacob/Man in Black subplot on Lost that someone could write a book about it... but that person's not gonna be me. Though I thought I'd at least bring the Jacob/Esau story up at this point as some food for thought.

However, since I must always try to play devil's advocate (pun intended) wherever possible, I think that another valid theory is that Real Locke's memories are still inside of Fake Locke (the Man in Black knew Real Locke's dying thoughts, and we've heard him used Locke's trademarked "Don't tell me what I can't do!" line, too). Locke's birth mother was kind of nutso -- remember that she told her son he was immaculately conceived and then proceeded to sell him out to Anthony Cooper, his birth father, who was badly in need of a kidney. I think that qualifies for crazy. And I think I just convinced myself that Fake Locke is drawing from Real Locke's memories, despite the fact that he said "before I looked like this" in his speech to Kate. Keepin' hope alive, yes I am!


Sawyer makes it safely to Hydra, fondles Kate's old dress at the cages, and then comes across a nasty stinkin' heap of dead bodies. One chick named Zoe is still alive, and immediately 1) I thought she was Grown-Up Annie... but then reconsidered because she was asking Sawyer SO many questions, and 2) My husband yelled, "Hey, that girl was the roommate in Singles!" (He was right.)

Zoe was on Widmore's team, and soon Sawyer was face to face with the man himself in the depths of the submarine. Widmore seemed surprised that the Man in Black had taken Locke's form, but nonetheless, he wanted him delivered on a platter, and Sawyer said he'd do just that if it ensured he and his friends could take leave of the Island once and for all. It was a deal. Then Sawyer went back (without getting shot at, phew... but you KNOW that scene is just around the corner...) and spilled everything to Fake Locke. No one should've been surprised that Sawyer was going to try and play both sides. He said as much to Kate, and then told her that he planned to use the sub to escape. Did anyone else think the last scene was a little anticlimactic? "We're not takin' the plane... we're takin' THE SUB." As if that was some huge twist or something? I was like, "Huh? Why is that how this episode ended?" But whatever. We'll see how well Sawyer's plan works. Won't he need to know the exact coordinates to follow in order to be able to break free from the Island's grip, though?


Last week I ended with my thoughts on Widmore, so I'm going to close out that same way this time around. I still think Widmore's up to no good, although it's becoming a little clearer that he is not on the same "side" as the Man in Black. Since we know that the Man in Black is also Smokey and Widmore's team was putting up a sonar fence -- pretty much the only thing (besides Magic Ash + Alive Dogen) that can keep Smokey at bay... AND since Widmore seems eager for Sawyer to bring the Man in Black to Hydra, it seems like he intends to fight, kill and/or capture him.

But that doesn't mean Widmore is on Team Jacob. He could just be out for himself -- he's always been driven by wanting to regain control of the Island. He was so insulted and blinded by rage when Ben banished him that he's pretty much dedicated the rest of his life to finding a way back. While Ben recently learned how pointless this sort of quest for power can be, Widmore isn't quite there yet.

Even though I am no fan of Widmore's, there's something that makes me very sad about the thought of Fake Locke/Smokey killing him. I hope that doesn't happen. And I hope he has Desmond hidden away in that locked room in the submarine, for God's sake. We've seen Des for only a matter of minutes this season, and it was waaay back in the premiere, at that. It's been too long. Lost fans demand to hear "brotha!"


SAWYER: LaFleur.


[Kate looks at Squirrel Baby in horror.]

KATE: What is THAT?

SAWYER: What happened back at the temple? How'd you know to rescue everybody from that smoke thing?

LOCKE: I didn't rescue them. I am the smoke thing.

KATE: Sayid, are you alright?



This is a gentle reminder because I know those of you who spoiled me on next week's episode (a full week before we saw the preview for it) only did so because you thought I would be excited. But I really, REALLY don't want to know what's coming up in future installments, so please -- even if I wonder about something in a post that you have intel on, don't share it. I'd like to continue to be blissfully ignorant about the ten hours we have left. Thank you!

And I didn't get to it this past weekend, but I definitely will be posting the March contest this coming weekend, so stay tuned for a chance to win another cool Lost t-shirt.

Until then,
- e


Erika (aka "e") said...

The songs from this post are:

I Fought the Law - The Bobby Fuller Four (original by Sonny Curtis and The Crickets)

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Thanks for reading!

- e

Shiv Narayan Gautam said...

I'm talking about the scene in "The Little Prince" where the time-traveling Losties are in the outrigger and are shot at by an unseen group of people, also in an outrigger. Juliet fires back -- and appears to hit one of them. But then another time flash whips them into a different year, so we never saw who was in the other canoe.)

I now think it was Zoe and her friends (Widmore's people).

Sherylm said...

I don't know how you do it but no matter how concise your write-ups may be, you always manage to get us laughing like madmen...the section "Smack That" was hilarious!! Thanks, e.

Locke's mother may have been crazy when she was older, perhaps as a delayed result of being run down when she was a pregnant teenager, but she didn't hang around long enough to cause Locke any issues growing up. I thought that whole speech was MIB's way of enticing Kate through the "Aaron should really be your cute little blond-haired angel given that he has a ratty hair and bonkers mom who will warp him in the future. Follow me and you will get your heart's desire and even get to feel good about stealing another woman's child." But I don't think Kate was taken in by that or at least I hope she wasn't.

And yes, I did think Sawyer was going to meet Juliet and get shot at in the outrigger but as you said, that latter scene will certainly be coming up soon.

Thanks again and good luck on work on your book.

Marc said...

Ur the best.. flat and i like the fact that no matter how many times u say ur write ups are gonna be really sure they always seem just long enough.. Thanks

millar74 said...

"AND since Widmore seems eager for Sawyer to bring the Man in Black to Hydra, it seems like he intends to fight, kill and/or capture him."

i'm not disagreeing, but did Widmore really seem eager. it seemed to me like Sawyer did all the talking and Widmore just nodded and agreed. he didn't disagree but it definitely wasn't his idea. right?

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your recaps for the past couple seasons...and I totally get your love of Jason Bateman springing from Little House on the Prairie!!! :)
Keep up the great work and best wishes with your book!

RobPerrin said...

I had the same reaction to Charlotte's shirt search. Seemed way too eager and frantic, as if she were looking for something more important than a T. (Unless Sawyer keeps the heat waaay down at this pad.) The balance of the episode didn't seem to support the bad-Charlotte hypothesis, though.

Jan said...

Have Kate ever cried before this season? Or this often?

Marshall said...

Just a thought but you know how the writers seems to talk to the viewers through character lines? Well I had that feeling after Sawyer said "God's got nothing to do with it." are they trying to tell us something?

The fifth toe said...

If you watch the scene between widmore and Sawyer closely, widmore never intimates he wants to do harm to Esau. Sawyer just assumes that mainly because of the sonic fence. What if it is as simple as this - widmore has been doing esaus bidding all along. He helped Locke get the oceanic six and dead Locke back to the island, so Esau could take his form. Now widmore is there to take Esau off the island. Sometimes the truth is right there, and we try to make something more complicated out of it. And I too am completely spoiler-free and hoping to stay that way.

Em Tsuj said...

I thought the "chick" who was arrested in the LaFleur scene was Zoe??

Anonymous said...

Yay e! You're the best - so glad your recaps are TOO much shorter! : )

amanda said...

i agree about charlotte scrabbling madly for a t-shirt. my husband turned to me and said "what is she doing?" bad acting, or devious plot?

buiu said...

jan, kate has cried before, yes. but never this much.. but if i were her i would be crying too... she's surrounded by people she thought were her friends and they are all insane (sawyer excluded)... she specifically came back to reunite claire with aaron but claire's crazy and tried to kill her. there's also the sawyer issue, which some people might not like, but after this week's episode seems a bit hard to deny, which is that they both have strong feelings for each other, and she felt guilty/sad for sawyer after juliet died, and probably regretted leaving the island and not staying with him when he asked her to.

other times where i remember kate crying

- when she thought charlie was dead
- when ana lucia and libby died
- when she saw the horse and thought she was going crazy and was having trouble dealing with her feelings for sawyer
- when she thought they were going to kill sawyer
- everything that had to do with leaving aaron with his grandmother

nice recap, e! the little house on the prairie thing was a call back, sawyer mentioned watching the show as a kid to kate when they were coming back from the hydra island back in season 3 (i have been rewatching the show the last couple of weeks)

i loved sawyer as a cop.

buiu said...

oh, and i think charlotte shirt search was just bad acting on rebecca mader's part.

Kia said...

Hey E! Congrats again on the book! I actually LOVED your write-up! I like the episode a lot too except for that last line (I actually threw my hands in the air), and when Locke says, "I know just how you feel Kate. My mother was crazy...." or whatever. That was SO awkward!

DissentingCalm said...

That Esau (sp?) story seems to have a lot in common. if it's related it makes sense cuz the first time is shows jacob and smokie, smokie got angry after jacob offered him fish!

DissentingCalm said...

oh, also that outrigger scene doesn't happen until after the fire arrows people take over that original camp. i'm pretty sure we're gonna have to wait for fake locke to take his group over there.

Eloise said...

Thanks, E. Great recap, and I'm glad you had some fun with the episode. So far, all I've read are complaints. I didn't notice any "shrinkage" compared to your earlier recaps - the quality was right up there.

Emily Locke did a few stints at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute as a diagnosed schizophrenic (Deus Ex Machina), which definitely places her in crazy mama territory. There does seem to be some real Locke bleeding into fake Locke. I hope it doesn't work in reverse, and Sideways Locke becomes influenced by MIB.

Anonymous said...

Love your recaps.

Really don't love the cutesy paraphrasing.

R.P. McMurphy said...

Very satisfying for a "Bite-Sized Recap." Here's my song line for you, "Nobody does it better."

Julie said...

I know you are trying for these recaps to be shorter but wanted to get any thoughts you had on what was on Widmore's sub (in the room with the lock on it).

Guesses I came up with: bomb/dynamite/other explosive device

And when I saw Zoe I thought - that's the girl from LA Law! :)

Erika (aka "e") said...

Julie - Right at the end I said, "And I hope he has Desmond hidden away in that locked room in the submarine, for God's sake."... so that's my guess!

Em Tsuj - Nope, different actresses. Chick's name in the transcript is "Ava."

DissentingCalm - Good point about the beach camp timing. Right now it's Ilana and crew who are at the original Oceanic 815 beach camp so I guess they're going to have to clear out first.

Millar and Fifth Toe - VERY good point about Widmore not actually being the one to suggest the plan. Hmmm...

Marshall - That could definitely be the case.

- e

Sharon said...

Thanks again for a great recap... the perfect length to enjoy over lunch at school. I am right by your side with denying that Juliet wasn't there. Maybe Walt could help us "will" it into being?

As for Sawyer's "companion" at the beginning...she played Cassidy on Nash Bridges. Has anyone else noticed how many characters have been showing up from Carlton's old gig? We've counted at least 6!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really understand how Widmore could get to the Island. Supposedly he's been trying to get back since he was exiled and now he can suddenly cruise right there in the sub? That's why I think Desmond is in the locked door in the sub as well. Since Eloise said the Island 'isn't done with him yet,' maybe that's why Widmore was able to reach the island: Desmond was in tow.

Ann said...

I loved this episode, and felt like the writers were rewarding long-time viewers with tidbits like Sawyer watching "Little House," which, as somebody else said here, he had mentioned to Kate a few seasons ago.

My favorite line came near the beginning when Sawyer seemed less than enthusiastic about going on the blind date Miles had arranged for him. In response to Sawyer's giving him some 'tude, Miles asked something like, "What, do you want to die alone?" I took that as a nod to Jack's famous line in the pilot episode about needing to choose between living together or dying alone. My other favorite reprise of that line came at the end of season 4 when Sawyer reluctantly followed Jack into the jungle saying, "OK Doc, you don't get to die alone."

I also enjoyed seeing Sawyer as a cop. I'm loving that the characters seem to be making more "noble" choices in the flash sideways -- like Ben did last week -- and seeing how that plays out.

Thanks for continuing to write your recaps even while working on your book. "Lost" just wouldn't be as much fun without them! :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon - I've noticed that too, although so far they've been fairly inconspicuous castings. But I've only got Hurley's dad, Arzt, Frank Duckett, Phil, and Ava. Who is the other one? Please, oh please, don't let Don Johnson be locked up in that room.

e - As always, love the photo captions, especially any that espouse eating chocolate whenever you want!


Sharon said...

Rebecca -I had forgotten about Artz...Hurley's fake psychic/lady at employment agency was a similarly "unique" secretary for Nash and Joe off and on, the blonde woman who presided over Juliet's trial back in season 3 appeared as a double agent type on at least one episode, and I think I remember Lapidus having a spot once as well.

Don Johnson in the sub....eeek!!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for contiuing the write ups, I look forward to them every week :)

Someone has probably pointed this out but I think it's very LOST related. Esua and Jacob's mother Rebbeca had fertilty issues! From what I remember she was barren for a long time before miracuously conceving. Just thought I'd throw that our there.

And I agree, bring back the Brotha!

Unknown said...

Hi E,

Just turned on not too long ago to your
awesome recaps!! I've followed Nik at
Night since the summer & have seen
your name several times! It's so hard for
me to read more than one blog but I'm
so glad I can 'squeeze u in'! This seemed
like a big spoonful to me, not a bite size!

I never put together Sawyer locating AC
thru John & the possible ensuing trouble!
Love that! Not the trouble, the theory!

Charlotte had the same look of delight on
her face when she found Sawyer's notebook
as when she found the Dharma collar on the
polar bear in Tunisia! She was so on a

Love the idea of Sawyer

Unknown said...

I agree that the end of Recon was very lame. It was an okay episode overall, but when Sawyer said they're going to escape on a sub and then bam end of episode....I was like..ugh what happened to the writers?
It's sad that such a great episode had to end with that line.

Unknown said...

Erica- Love the website!

Regrding Sawyer and Kate sharing the elevator at that we know Sawyer is a cop in the sideways world, doesn't it seem odd that he helped Kate escape from the people (FBI) chasing her? Shouldn't he have stepped in to either protect her from the danger that's chasing her or to find out if she needed to be detained?

Hanan said...

I actually disagree with you regarding the bible/rebecca connection. Nothing in the bible implies that she was crazy for what she did. The bible implies she did what she had to do to get the right man what he needed. She is nothing like demented Claire

Rachel said...

Awesome recap as usual, e!
This one didn't seem like it was much shorter than usual, so that's good :D

I was totally GUTTED when ickle Daniel didn't pop his head around Charlotte's door. All through the steamy Charlotte/Sawyer scene I was like 'It should be Dan. It should be Dan. It should be Dan.'

I also agree about Desmond! We need to see some more 'BROTHA!'-ness around! Yay!

Lorraine Be said...

Have just watched Saw (the first one - not my choice but gave in to my teenage son's demands) and as I'm sure everyone knows, Michael Emerson was in it. But so too was Ken Leung, who plays Miles in Lost - and in Saw he is ... a cop, who encourages his partner to get a girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

You are really funny

nberger said...

Did anyone find it odd that when Kate was telling Claire all about Aaron....and how he is doing great, etc.....that she never mentioned HE IS NOW WITH YOUR MOM!!

That sounds like a life saving line to me!

I just dont think anyone has shared this little tidbit with

Luv your of luck with the book!

Charlotte K said...

You're the only recapper I've read so far who saw the same thing I did--Charlotte deliberately searching in Sawyer's drawer. And she had a reaction when she found the photo--wonder what's going on there?

Sharon Rose said...

I totally agree: Claire knifing Kate while sadsack Sayid watches is the best screencap ever!

Anonymous said...

Completely missed that Miles' father is alive - Pierre Chang lives! Also that working with Charlotte and of course the Dharma Initiative definitely existed in the alternative timeline... c.f. Roger Linus saying so last week.

Also good to see that Miles doesn't appear to have daddy issues in the alternative timeline (hence guess why he's a cop - why didn't Sawyer arrest Kate at the airport? Plus I guess Ana Lucia was also on the plane - there must have been more cops than passengers! - and not a cynical psychic), plus think we now have definite confirmation the island didn't sink straightaway after Jughead and the start of the alternative timeline - you could just about rationalise Ben and his dad somehow getting on the sub, but not Pierre Chang, unless of course Miles' 'dad' is somebody else i.e. he has a stepfather, which would be rather sad given what I've just written.

Smoke Machine Jr. said...

Could the outrigger's attempted Sawyer shooter be... Sawyer???

Hanan, while I agree that the Bible's Rebekah account doesn't show anything inherently crazy about her actions (just manipulative, controlling and underhanded), the Bible's Esau would most certainly have said the same kind of things about her as the Smoke Machine did, don't you think?

Thanks for great posts, e!

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone else think the last scene was a little anticlimactic? "We're not takin' the plane... we're takin' THE SUB." As if that was some huge twist or something? I was like, "Huh? Why is that how this episode ended?" But whatever. We'll see how well Sawyer's plan works. Won't he need to know the exact coordinates to follow in order to be able to break free from the Island's grip, though?"

Maybe wrongly, but, I immediately assumed that deciding to stay with Juliet was his 'purpose' and having lived on the island for 3 years in Dharmaville, he would have some knowledge of submarines/coordinates???

"AND since Widmore seems eager for Sawyer to bring the Man in Black to Hydra, it seems like he intends to fight, kill and/or capture him."

Did Widmore's smile not creep you out? It made me wonder whether Widmore's (main) motive is to get Smokey Locke to the Hydra island to fight/kill/capture him at all? Maybe he is doing a long con on Sawyer? THAT would be a twist and a half!?

Julian said...

"...should still rank pretty high on the WTF-o-meter." Funniest shyt I've read in a very long time. I guffawed at work and my students looked at me like I was crazy.

nberger, I agree. Should've been the first thing out her mouth.

Richard Alpert's Barber said...

Thought a good song for this episode (for Claire's attempted knifing of Kate's neck) would be the Chili's BabyBack Ribs jingle:

"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back... I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..."

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this blog most of the time, but it tends to focus on insignificant things...such as the scene you keep refering to in "The Little Prince".

I guarantee that scene will never play out again and was only there to keep you guessing...Please move on.

Anonymous said...

Hanan, no one is trying to tie Rebecca, Esua and Jacobs mother, to Claire...

Anonymous said...

@ Richard Alpert's Barber- I LOLed :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Recap!

I'm talking about the scene in "The Little Prince" where the time-traveling Losties are in the outrigger and are shot at by an unseen group of people, also in an outrigger. Juliet fires back -- and appears to hit one of them. But then another time flash whips them into a different year, so we never saw who was in the other canoe.)

I just want to say, this persecution was from Losties' beach (main island) to the Hydra, not the inverse. The time travelers found two canoes, and since their raft dissapeared, they took one of the canoes and went to the Hydra.


Garry from UK said...

Keep up the fantastic recaps please - e, we need them!

A mixture of funny, serious, in-depth, sometimes mind boggling writing.

When I watch the new episode on a Friday night, the first thing I do when it has finished is to go to Longlivelocke.

I suppose the on eadvantage to having to wait until Friday for the next episode is that we(in the UK) don't need to wait a couple of days for the update.

As for LOST, my head hurts :-)

Thank you :-)

GeoffUK said...

I hate the Sawyer episodes, takes days to get my wife back to normal!

Mark S. said...

Okay, 2 things:
1. Cleaned-up Charlotte is reeeaaallly hot.
2. Your posts are not any shorter. :-)

Mrs. Watermelon's Kitchen said...

THought it was interesting that he left Charlotte a sunflower and he gave Juliet one in a previous episode, Lefleur I think!

SDS said...

One of my top 100 Lost links of the month :)

Continually you are AWESOME Erika!

Unknown said...

Erika, I think this last season is going to be double hard to deal with once it gets to an end. I don't know wether I will miss the episodes or your comments on them more!!!!
Thanks for the great job.

SDS said...

As I touched upon in my Substitute recap:

Jacob and Smokey, IN MY OPINION, aren't two seperate people, nor two aspects of the same person (in a Fight Club way) but a mixture of both - the "Dragonball Z Picollo theory".

In the famous anime "Dragonball Z", the character Kami was trying to become GOD but, as he had evil inside of him, he cast his evil off to become purely good.

However, his evil became a new entity called Picollo, who became the villian of Dragonball Z.

Later, the two parts must merge to become strong, whole and protect the world.

That's the basis of my theory - Smokey and Jacob were previously one person, but are now two.

Unknown said...

I was also thinking that the writers made super use of 2 of the actors ability to speak Spanish....
loved it!