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S5Ep8 - LaFleur

Hello my dear friends -

As I mentioned at the end of my last entry, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow... so this post is going to be (relatively) short. Let me start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed "LaFleur." The character interaction in this episode was some of the best we've seen all season. And how much did that Sawyer and Ageless Richard convo rock?

Almost as much as finally getting a look at the four-toed statue...


The hour began with what transpired above ground once Locke descended into the well but before he turned the FDW. Namely, Sawyer, Jin, Miles and Juliet stared up in wonder at the back of the four-toed statue -- which was much more than just a foot back in the day.

This opening scene is -- by far -- what's been buzzed about the most across the Lost community over the past 24 hours or so. Shortly after "LaFleur" ended, reader ML from Greece sent me a link to the Wikipedia entry for Anubis (also known as Inpu), the Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife. Over the course of time, Anubis "became considered more the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld, the "Guardian of the veil" (of "death"). Consequently, he was said to protect souls as they journeyed there, and thus be the patron of lost souls."

souls, get it?

Then I came upon this picture from the wonderful Eric and Jeremy Headington at, which compares pictures of Anubis to what we saw on the show.

From what I've seen, pretty much everyone is jumping on the Anubis bandwagon, especially since he carries an ankh (the symbol for "eternal life" -- helloooo, Ageless Richard?) -- which was also featured on the show in the form of Dead Paul's necklace. (No, that was not the unpronounceable symbol that Prince used to go by, though that would've been awesome.)

And while I definitely agree that Anubis is a likely candidate for the statue... I think there's another possibility that warrants some serious consideration.

Enter Taweret.

Um, yeah... see the crown-thingy? The ears pointed back? And the FOUR TOES?

And guess what this babe is the Egyptian goddess of? Fertility. She's also the protector of pregnancy and childbirth.


So my vote is that the statue is Taweret, and (in addition to the stuff I wrote above) here's why:
- In "D.O.C.," Juliet told Sun that men were extra-fertile on the Island. (One might assume that women are, too.) Maybe the statue has "powers"?
- While we can't be sure whether or not the statue is still in its original form once the crew landed in 1974, we did see Juliet deliver a healthy baby three years afterward. Perhaps the moment that the statue was destroyed and/or crumbled was when the pregnancy problems began, and that was after 1977?
- Like Anubis, Taweret also carries an ankh (so the "eternal life" angle remains covered), and in her other hand was usually a sa (a symbol for "protection").
- My husband, who put up with me talking to myself, rewinding/pausing the show ten bazillion times and scribbling notes Wednesday night, said, "That statue is clearly a woman. Look at the hips on that thing!" Once I learned about Taweret, his comment made much more sense, as this deity is known to have a little junk in her trunk. Anubis, on the other hand, is a slender male.

For the record, some also think the statue could be yet another Egyptian god, Horus. However, I simply don't see that many connections to the show with Horus, so I'm not going to research that one any further.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what theory proves to be correct. Here's the funny thing, though (or sad thing, considering how much time us Lost fools have spent/will spend debating this): I'm not sure it even matters which particular god/goddess the statue represents. Perhaps all that's important for us to know is that a long, long time ago, the statue was most likely of an Egyptian deity and then it was eventually reduced to a four-toed foot.

Or maybe we're simply supposed to make a connection between this specific ancient civilization and the Island and stop batting about crazy ideas like "The statue is Sawyer!" or "It's Locke's foot in a cast!" (Both of which I previously bought into and which many people still believe.) After all, we've seen hieroglyphics in the FDW chamber, on Ben's secret-room's door, and on the Countdown Clock o' Doom. Heck, even Hurley was giving us a hint last episode by drawing the Sphinx.

In addition to the clue about Ancient Egypt's possible influence on the Island, I think it was critically important we learned that at the moment the group saw the statue in all of its towering glory, Locke was underground and the Frozen Donkey Wheel was still there at that time. So that bad boy is OLD. As in OLD old. Meaning (like I speculated about in my "Jughead" write-up), even the native Hostiles and Richard might not have known of the FDW's existence (or what it could do) until those pesky mortal humans started messing with it.

With all that in mind, maybe the question we should be asking about the statue and the FDW is: who built them?

On to the Island events of 1974.


Once Locke realigns the FDW and jets to the future, the flashes stop and the rest of the group comes to rest in 1974. They reunite with poor Daniel, who -- frozen in the spot where Charlotte died (though her body vanished) -- is mumbling to himself, "I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna tell her." We can only assume he means that he's going to try and stop himself from warning Little Charlotte about what will happen to her if she ever returns to the Island in the future. From the information Charlotte had shared with him before she passed on, Daniel most likely knew exactly when in time the group had landed.

Before too long, everyone heads out to the beach, but stops in their tracks at the sound of gunshots. We see two old-school Others in traditional Hostile garb, pulling the same head-bagging tricks that were used on some of our 815ers in earlier seasons. The Hostiles had killed a dude named Paul and were now dealing with his wife, Amy.

My guess is that the couple was picnicking in a forbidden territory and thereby broke the "truce" that existed between the Hostiles and Dharma. For that, Paul was shot and Lord only knows what they were going to do with Amy. But Sawyer and Juliet intervene and take out Amy's captors.

In return, Amy attempts to fry them with the sonic fence on their way back to the Barracks. Talk about pure evil, huh? I was like, "Oh no she didn't!" when she took out those earplugs as everyone else collapsed. Then I thought, "Really? You'd only need to stuff some cotton in your ears to get around the fence o' doom? Why hasn't Smokey thought of that?"

Anywhoo... thankfully, no one is seriously hurt by Amy's shenanigans, and Sawyer -- using his con man skillz -- is able to concoct a quick cover story when questioned by DI leader Horace Goodspeed (loved the Black Rock reference). In the meantime, the rest of the group is chatting out on the patio, and Daniel spies a tot who is most likely Little Charlotte. When she waved to him, my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

Speaking of Charlotte... here are two important things I gathered from this episode, which only apply if the young redhead Daniel saw was indeed Charlotte. And I must say, it would be pretty lame if it doesn't turn out to be her, right? So:
- The information Ben rattled off about Ms. Lewis in "Confirmed Dead" was incorrect. She's clearly well into toddler stage by 1974, so obviously she was not born in 1979 as Ben stated last season. This may just mean that Charlotte lied and/or Abaddon purposefully changed her background information in whatever file Michael read on the freighter -- which he then passed to Ben. (Yes, I'm assuming that's how Ben got his intel even though it was never explicitly shown. What would be the point of having Michael as a mole if he wasn't collecting info about those on board?)

- Once the group landed in 1974, Charlotte's body disappeared because a person cannot exist in two places at the same time -- dead or alive. Or should I say that this is my hope for the storyline of the show, and I'm sticking to it. Maybe it's because I really don't like all of the "This person is actually also THIS person" theories that have grown in intensity this season, but I strongly believe my reasoning explains what happened to Charlotte's body, and will also be why no 815er will ever "see his/herself" or be able to exist in two places at the same time. Watch, I'll probably be proven wrong in the next episode just because I'm so confident about this.


Little Charlotte runs off... and then the Othersville alarms start blaring. Richard -- who doesn't even need to bother with earplugs because that's how he rolls -- strides right through the sonic fence. Horace gets nowhere with him, so Sawyer is like, "Screw this, I'm going out there. Behold LaFleur!"

Richard's all, "And whooooo are you, tough guy?" and Sawyer goes, "Remember Jughead? Remember Baldy? Yeah, I said it! Do I have your attention now?" This was my favorite scene of the night, if for no other reason than it simply made sense for Sawyer to drop some knowledge on ol' Bushy Eyebrows. Isn't that what we're always wishing these characters would do -- share information? While we didn't get to see everything the two men discussed, we know that it ended with Richard asking for Paul's body, which was very, very disturbing and creepy.

Amy relents, removes her husband's ankh necklace, and Dead Paul becomes the property of the Hostiles. Horace gives Sawyer an "A" in Negotiations, and as a reward tells him that his group can stay for two more weeks.

A few important things about these scenes:
- I'm not going to have time to pull together all the Best Lines like I usually do, but hands down, the very best one was: "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner? Let me talk to him." Brilliant. Fans have been snarking about Alpert's penchant for makeup since his character was first seen on the show (I even referenced it once again in a picture caption last week), so I loved the sly shout-out to the audience.

- This was 1974, and Richard was looking as clean-cut as ever... similar to how he was in 1954. However, we know that before the decade is over, he's going to appear to Little Ben with long hair and wearing stankity threads. That's the only time we've ever seen Richard look fairly foul, so what's up with that? Was that whole get-up just part of an act to mystify Little Ben into working with him? Similar to how Mr. Friendly/Tom/Zeke had his Gorton's Fisherman outfit and prop beard when he took Waaaalt and later threatened the 815ers in the jungle?

- A big "thank you!" to reader DS, who messaged me with this idea about Ageless Richard and made me laugh out loud... until I realized he could be onto something: "With all the Egyptian mythology themes in the show I couldn't help but wonder if Richard Alpert (R.A.), with his Egyptian eyeliner eyes, is really RA the Sun God." Now, I don't want to go as far as to say that I agree Ageless Richard might actually BE an ancient deity in human form, but having Sawyer call out his eyeliner might have been meant to serve two purposes: 1) an in-joke for fans, and 2) a hint -- another connection to the Ancient Egyptian culture where both men and women were known to pretty up their peepers.

- Horace referred to Richard's people as "indigenous." While many of us had always assumed that the Hostiles were native to the Island, I don't believe (but don't have time to check for sure) it's actually been confirmed until this point. However, that still doesn't address whether or not the likes of Widmore and Ellie were also natives (and if so, why they have British accents while Alpert doesn't), or if Richard perhaps recruited them from the outside world.

Despite the fact that Horace told Sawyer that his group had only two more weeks before they'd be shipped off on a sub to Tahiti, we know that they ended up staying put. For three years they got their Dharma on, which brings us to... 1977.


While Horace is out getting trashed and setting off explosives (don't we all do that when we're having a bad day?), his partner Amy (the same woman who Sawyer saved in '74 and who used to be married to Paul) goes into labor. We learn that expectant mothers were normally sent back to the mainland as their due date neared, and therefore a doctor was NOT in the house. This leads Sawyer to blow Juliet's cover and insist that she perform a C-section on Amy. Much to Juliet's delight and surprise, she's successful. Amy and Hungover Horace are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Things of note for these scenes include:
- Amy and Horace got together at some point after 1974 but before 1977. Previously, we saw Horace with a different woman, Olivia, in "The Man Behind the Curtain." Those two pulled off the side of the road to help Ben's father after Emily Linus went into early labor with Ben in Oregon's woods. That must have been sometime in the early to mid-1960s, based on Ben's assumed age. Once Ben and his dad got to the Island over a decade later, we saw Olivia again -- she was one of Ben's teachers. So what's her story, and what is her relationship to Horace? Sister? Friend? Co-worker? Luv-ah?

- A child born in 1977 would be 27 by the time 815 crashed -- assuming he survived The Purge. I truly have no guesses as to who this kid could grow up to be or whether he'll even be significant. I've heard rumblings that some people think it's Karl, Alex's boyfriend, but that doesn't fit to me. Did he really look to be ten years older than Alex? Also, we know Horace was killed in The Purge, so why would his son be spared? And wasn't Karl a Hostile/Other in the first place? Anyway, I'll stop ripping on theories since I have none of my own for this topic!


I don't know about the rest of you, but I saw the Sawyer/Juliet hook-up coming from a mile away. As soon as we learned that they'd been stranded in the '70s for three years, I was like, "Yep, it's on." What I did not expect to see, however, was how truly happy the two of them looked. I mean really, Sawyer was killing me with that damn flower.

He even upgraded from Dharma Wine-in-a-Box with Kate to a classy bottle of Dharma Merlot for Juliet. If that's not livin' the high life, then I don't know what is.

And then we all braced for what was coming.

Jin, who'd apparently been scouting "grids" on the Island just in case Locke ever returned, finds that three of the Losties have finally made their way back. Just when Sawyer had declared that he'd forgotten all about his old flame... and immediately after what looked to be a saucy night of lovin' with Juliet... he gets the shock of his life.

I've said several times over the years that I couldn't care less about the whole Juliet-Jack-Sawyer-Kate love quadrangle, and my feelings haven't changed. But that doesn't mean I didn't choke up during the final scene of "LaFleur." Did Josh Holloway bring it or did Josh Holloway bring it in this episode? The look on his face when the Dharma van rolled up and Jack, Hurley and Kate climbed out was incredibly moving.

And so now we have two weeks to wait for the full-on reunion. Since Sawyer didn't inform Juliet of Jin's news, I can only imagine that he's worried she won't be very pleased... or that he's not quite as "over" Kate as he previously assumed. Can I also just ask what in the hell became of Rose, Bernard and Vincent? Are we meant to believe that Ajira 316 can make it to the Island, and that some of its passengers can be 'flashed' back to 1977, but that those three have been wandering around in the jungle for three years? Where is the love?!?

Anyway... I think that's about all I can do for this episode, folks. Please don't holler at me that I forgot something. I didn't forget it, I just chose not to include it because a tropical island is awaiting my arrival very shortly!

Enjoy resting your mind until the 18th... I know I will.

- e


Erika (aka "e") said...

The songs I used for the headings this time are:

“Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles

“Stuck in a Moment” by U2

“I Don’t Remember” by Peter Gabriel

“This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush

“If You Want Me” by Marketa Irglova & Glen Hansard (the “Once” soundtrack)

- e

Anonymous said...

Love your commentary! Just wanted to add to the Charlotte's body disappearance theories that it could simply be that, since the soul in her body left when she died and she was nothing more than organic material, she just stayed put with the trees, dirt, etc.

Alexistran said...

I think it would have been earlier in the decade, rather than later, that Ben came to the Island.
He was about 10 or 11 at the time and born early to mid 60's, which would put his arrival on the island 1970-1976 ish. In which case he would have already been on the island, and Olivia and Horace might have split (or even never have been a couple - is it ever confirmed that they're married and not just brother and sister?)

Anonymous said...

I love all the ancient Egypt research, but I gotta disagree with your hubby. Booty or not, that short "skirt" the statue is wearing is definitely masculine, at least in Egyptian terms. Egyptian women wear long skirts/dresses - never the short ones.

Anonymous said...

I think Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert)'s eyes naturally look like he's wearing eyeliner. I don't think the makeup artists put any eyeliner on him. His eyes are like that in all of his works.

I also loved how Sawyer took control of the conversation with Richard.

And, your commentaries are awesome---glad I discovered them!

Amanda said...

You are brillant as always! I just had a quick thought I wanted to share with you. What if Bernard and Rose died during the crazy flashes because they are older and their bodies couldn't handle it as well or something? Since we know they flashed back to acient times at least one point prehaps they were hidding out in the cave after the fire throwing and died in there. Maybe they are Adam and Eve?

ACadwallader said...

Thank you for the reminder of when we last saw Horace and Olivia. I have been racking my brain all day trying to remember what that episode was.

LostFan said...

"Once the group landed in 1974, Charlotte's body disappeared because a person cannot exist in two places at the same time -- dead or alive. "

This one sort a doesn't make sense. If this is true, how was Sawyer able to see Kate deliver Claire's baby? Original Sawyer is around in that time. It just wasn't there with Kate and Claire.

Maren Hansen said...

I totally thought the eyeliner thing hearkens back to the Egyptians as well. What I can't get over is how meticulous the writers have been with this! They think of EVERYTHING! Or as my husband says, they're scraping theories from the fan sites... ;)

Lady-in-Gray said...

Thanks for the speedy recap, Erika. Enjoy your vacation.

Any episode with a smiling, happy Sawyer is my favorite! Loved his new Dharma glasses, too.

Are we going to have a "leadership" struggle between Jack and Sawyer now?

Forget the quadrangle! Juliet and Sawyer looked genuinely happy.....yay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing some of your thoughts down! I was just going to echo the thoughts that both Sawyer and Locke seemed to exist in a time when they also existed (how confusing does that sound). Sawyer saw Kate deliver Aaron and Locke saw the light flashing up from the hatch. And since we saw both Locke's during that hatch moment (different episodes)....neither one of him vanished.

I think once you are dead, you no longer travel through time. Charlotte's body simply stayed put. That's kind of strange too though when you think about all the weird things that have happened to dead bodies on this island.

I like the eyeliner/Egyptian theory for Richard....and that picture you posted of him totally made it dawn on me even before I read it!

Have a great vacation, E!

Lula! said...

How much do I dig you for referencing Gabriel, Bush, and the "Once" soundtrack, all in the same post? A whole darn lot, I'll tell you. Simply brilliant!

And please don't kill me, but "eyeliner," the Statue, and some Sawyer/Juliet afterglow spooning were indeed the highlights of the episode for me. But for the win, I gotta go with the "hootenanny," scored with the truly marvelous stylings of Tony Orlando and Dawn. The second I heard "Candida" playing, I whooped and swooped right off my bed. Man, I love this show!

Have a blast on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Locke did not go to where the Locke was when the hatch light filled the darkness, but nothing happened to him either. I don't believe Charlotte had to leave because she was already there. She died. I think she was part of the earth as rosered said.

Have a wonderful vacation. I enjoyed your recap. I loved this episode, it was happy and fun like Season One.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Alexistran - Yeah, I don't know about the timing of when Ben arrived. I guess to be honest I'm assuming that there's no way he's there yet because that would've been too much drama for the Losties to find out that Lil Ben had already landed, you know? That's why I have to think that we'll actually SEE his arrival on the show from the Losties point of view.. OR that they'll already have jetted out by then. But who knows. And no, there has been no confirmation that Horace and Olivia were ever married or anything.

Megan - Ah, good call on the shorter skirt.

LostFan, Tarah and Anon - I guess what I was saying is that I don't think they'll ever have a character SEE another version of his or herself... because you're right, the "first Sawyer" was somewhere else on the Island when the second Sawyer saw Kate and Claire. Then again, I believe first Sawyer was alone in the jungle (he had given Kate all his alcohol to use for sterilization), so maybe he just vanished when second sawyer landed and then reappeared when he was gone. : ) (Same goes for Locke, alone at the hatch.) If a Sawyer vanishes in the jungle but there's no one around to witness it...

But no, seriously, I agree. Charlotte probably just vanished because she was dead and I was reading too much into it. I still hope they never see other versions of themselves then... I think that will be a Jump The Shark moment.

- e

Anonymous said...

They showed Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and even Miles in 1977. Where was Daniel? Maybe he hopped on a sub, went to LA and built the Lamppost?

Cohnhead said...

Here's something I noticed in the picture of Kate with Jack and Hurley getting out of the Darma van. Doesn't it seem like Kate is standing in a strange almost stiff position? It actually reminds me of the way the statue is positioned (both hands down by her side, etc.) Wacky thought, I know :-)


Unknown said...

I'd like to point out another similarity in favor of Taweret. Both the four-toed statue and the Taweret statue have a cane-like thing in each hand that they are supporting themselves with. I've looked up some different images of Anubis and none of the pictures have him in that type of pose. I don't think we can rely on the skirt as a distinguishing feature between male or female since the Taweret statue is actually naked.

MTH328 said...

I couldn't help but think about a possible connection between Horace blowing up trees and Smokey. We KNOW Smokey loves to blow up trees. Do you think there could be a connection?

Anonymous said...

do we yet know the timing of when Daniel was working as a Dharma worker in building the Orchid? would that be before or after 1974-77?

any tie ins to that scene?

Kevin Makins said...

as my wife and i have been reading through these theories we have been trying to clarify who does and who does not flash/time-warp

(if you have figured this out already... as most of you probably have... ignore this!)

the most obvious thing is that people who were on the island during the first flash (end of season 4) are jumping through time... except the hostiles!

obviously ben didnt warp because he is still technically a "hostile" (we know that he and locke are not in the same timezone as sawyer and crew because they are in the abandoned hydra station) but that juliette did warp because she gave up her hostile privileges when she went to join the losties

finally, we figure now that dead bodies do not warp: we have seen charlotte die and her corpse did not warp anymore. also, we had locke's corpes on the plane back to the island, but despite being a lostie (and previously a "time flasher") he did not warp. this leads us to believe that dead bodies dont warp.

(also, if bernard and rose end up being adam and eve... great theory by the by BBKiddo... that would make sense. perhaps they died during one of the way back flash-backs, and never had their bodies move on from there.)

im starting to think more and more that rose and bernard are adam and eve, and the show went silent on them in order to pop a big surprise on us later with it! however... what are the white and black stones???

Anonymous said...

hey e
soooo glad you mentioned rose and bernard! this episode in particular made me think, "wait a sec...just how many 815ers are even left on the island who need to be 'saved' anyway?" i mean, once locke fixed the wheel, the nose bleeds and headaches isn't juliet right? i mean, isn't that all the "saving" that needed to be done? and bringing mad jack, et. al, back wasn't actually necessary to "save" anyone...but jacob/zombie dad/the island just *want* them back?
enjoy your break!

nirese said...

After reading your recap, I googled Taweret. In addition to everything you wrote about her, I found this interesting tidbit: "Her representation was sometimes used on tomb walls or funerary equipment to protect the deceased during REBIRTH."

Anonymous said...

"a person cannot exist in two places at the same time" - we already know this is not the case. Two Lockes existed on the night that Boone died & Claire gave birth. Locke simply chose to avoid himself.
When Jin asks and Daniel confirms "no more flashes" -- I wonder if this a signal to the viewers that there will be no more flashbacks and flashforwards in the show.

Anonymous said...

If Richard Alpert is indeed a deity or a ghost for that matter, he might need the body or soul of someone dead to continue being immortal.

It was pretty creepy how requested Pauls body and remember he was also involved in the events that took place during the "Purge".

Who knows, he might even be using "Smokey" to kill people.

Nicole said...

Great recap. Enjoy your vacation.

I giggled my way through the Black Rock mention. I just cannot hear about the ship without thinking about the best line ever "You have a little Arzt on you."

The thing I noticed the most was how comfortable Sawyer was in this leadership role. More so then Jack has ever been. It's not fair to compare apples to apples during the initial crash because Jack certainly had more do deal with and under a lot more pressure. However since the "rescue", it is fair to point out that for a con-man Sawyer is doing a fairly good job of leading his little band. Where as Jack, completely abandoned his and lost control of himself.

Fiona said...

Love your recap review as always e :) Just wanted to throw a theory out there... could it be possible that Daniel is the baby being born to Amy and Horace? and Ellie/Eloise being part of the Others stole him, or someone else stole him and gave him to her.. and she brought him up as her own, just like Alex was taken?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I like the thought of the baby being Daniel - does the timing work out?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear e!!!!! You are SO inside my head when you write these analyses! I love it.

I really love the idea of Richard being RA - that rocks! And would be in perfect form for LOST. (Although I do think his eyes are just naturally that way, and I think they are SEXXXXXXXY!)

Also, I think Josh Holloway has done an OUTSTANDING job as Sawyer. I really feel his character has grown the most on the show. And I agree with you - I was SO moved by him with Juliet. It just felt "right." Even so, I'm a little afraid she'll turn out to be on the "bad" side and is just setting him up. I hope not! And I, too, got choked up when Sawyer saw Kate. Josh deserves an Emmy for that one (as well as the scene where he sees Kate delivering Aaron).

Anonymous said...

Hey E! Love your recaps!! Anyways just wanted to point out that the losties can in fact be in the same time period as their future/past self. When Sawyer flashes to see Kate delivering Claires baby, his past self was indeed in that time. We didnt see them in the same scene, but his past self was on the island at the time of the birth.

Roland said...

According to Lostpedia, Young Ben and Roger arrived on the Island around 1976/77. So ... it’s barely possible that Team James/Jack will get to witness the arrival of Young Ben.

Note, however, that in 508 Olivia is nowhere to be seen - which completely contradicts what we saw in “The Man Behind The Curtain” (Ep 320), in which Olivia and Horace were a couple from at least the time of Ben's 1962/63 birth through his 1976/77 Island arrival and at least into the time of his Quality Island Education

Olivia's absence in 508 cannot be explained away as a past or future relationship to the 1974-1977 events we saw in 508. To me, Olivia's 508 absence is clear proof that the 508 Iteration of 74-77 Island Events is very different from the 320 Iteration.

It may be that in this (508) Version, Ben doesn’t come to the Island at all. Maybe Ben doesn’t even survive childbirth!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi everyone -

In my earlier comment I gave my thoughts on Sawyer and Locke having duplicates during the Kate/Claire scene... (Also, Juliet was on the Island at that time, too... as an other), so please see above.

Definitely think Daniel could be Horace's kid.

The timeline in Lostpedia is definitely not always right... it's just fans that guess and edit it. So we can't take that for certain. Also, nowhere at all was it said/shown that Olivia and Horace were a romantic couple. They were simply seen together in the car in the 60s and she was scene as a teacher for Ben later...

- e

Anonymous said...

First, a shout out to e. I am in snowy Maine so I am extra jealous of you right now. I really appeciate your efforts!

Next, a couple responses to commenters: Matthew - Maybe Horrace was blowing up trees to make the cabin (pressures of the DI life and a baby on the way got him thinking of a little retreat).

For Kevin - IF Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve - I think the b+w stones were for Jack to find so he would know who they were. It was a hint, knowing that he would find their bodies in 2004, and Jack knowing they were an interracial couple.

rebecca said...

e -

amazing as always. i finally got my mom to read your recaps. her comment to me was "wow...that girl is very smart and detailed." so, nice work.

anyhow, i'm sure you've seen this idea floated around, and i'm not sure how much i believe in it at all but i think it's an interesting connection - Horace=Horus? names are important on this show, so this could be one of those connections.

enjoy the trip!

Jim said...

Erika, great find on Taweret! I think you're on to something here!

Anonymous said...


While all the new hype over the Egyptian dietes and Richard Alpert possibly being RA is beyond my feeble brains comprehension...I am still hung up on the whole I-CHING book and it's 8 Tri-Grams being the central figures used in the Dharma Initiatives logos. There has to be some sort of correlation going on there. If Anubis is the Egyptian god of the underworld and carrier of LOST souls, then the simple fact that the I-CHING predicts the end of the world to happen on Dec 20, 2012 (might be off by a day or two) is a fact that shouldn't go unmentioned.

Whatever the case may be, there is def some "end of the world/doomsday" rumblings going on inside of my gut.

Have fun on your vacation!


Anonymous said...

Without reading all the comments from your peeps (sorry y'all)... What if Rose & Bernard (& Vincent) running from the flaming arrows, ended up at the cave. Is it possible they did not survive all the time jumps and are the adam & eve skeletons? It adds a new twist to the black & white polished rocks found with the skeletons.

Anonymous said...

Hi e! Love your blog & look forward to your recaps every week. Taweret seems the most likely choice for the identity of the statue...however there are some compelling arguements for Ramses II. Here is a poem I ran across that was written by Horace Smith about Ramses II:

In Egypt’s sandy silence, all alone, Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws The only shadow that the Desert knows:
“I am the great OZYMANDIAS”,
“The King of Kings; this mighty city shows the wonders of my hand” The city’s gone, Naught but the leg remaining to disclose
The site of this forgotten Babylon

There are also some cool pictures of Ramses II online that show him missing both of his legs. Apparently though, he has 5 toes on each foot so who knows?

One thing LOST has taught me over the years is that our theories are usually all wrong anyway =)

I guess it's just part of what makes the show so amazing.

Have a great vacation e!

Marc said...


I just wanna mention in regards to the discovery of the frozen donkey wheel. As has been proven with many things this season, i think discovery of the frozen donkey wheel is due to sawyers group traveling through time. I.E. That well would have never been dug to begin with if sawyer wasn't holding on to that rope when the time jump occured and left it there sticking out of the ground. I say that the reason it was discovered is because somebody came across the rope sticking out of the ground and said hmm this is interesting, lets dig it out.


Sally said...

UNFORTUNATELY you dissapointed me "e"......your worst recap!!!for the best ep so far this season...

Anonymous said...

Check out the link. It's not eyeliner

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster...
I actually also wanted to point out the Horace/Horus thing. It could indeed be nothing more than a name like Klugh, meant to invoke something...but still...

I definitely do not think it is Anubis. Anubis always has very tall "jackal" ears that would be clearly seen from behind.

As for it being Taweret, even though it is clad more like a male deity, she is one of the only gods that I have come across who is shown holding 2 anhks, and she has a similar "crown" on top of her head.

But another point is that one of the most prevalent symbols of Horus is "The eye of Horus."

The EYE...

Plus there is the Hurley Bird...but that might be a stretch.

Jacob said...

Wow; you posted this recap quickly. I don't how you did it while packing for your trip but nicely done.

Now, what is up with Richard switching back between Hippy Richard and Suave Richard? Plus he's always wearing the same clothes whenever we see him as the Suave Richard which is very strange. Is there a possibility that we have never actually seen what Richard really looks like?
Now here's something else to chew on. Everytime we've seen Christian he has been the same clothes (or one of two outfits to be more specific).
Do you think it's just a coincidence or do Richard and Christian have a lot more in common than we know.

Anonymous said...

Hi again...long time reader..Second time poster.

I typed in Horus to Google and ended up with this link:

And some of the information on there is really interesting...Here are a few snippets:

*Horus was conceived magically by Isis following the murder of his father, Osiris. Horus was raised by his mother on the floating island of Chemmis near Buto. (Chemmis is said to be an island that floats wherever the wind blows.)

*He was said to be stunted from the waist down. (Locke?)

*As Harmakhis, "Horus in the Horizon", he personified the rising sun and was associated with Khepera as a symbol of resurrection or eternal life. The Great Sphinx at the Giza Plateau is an example of this form of Horus. (Rebirth and Hurley's painting)

*Horus survived though and avenged his father's death by ruling all of Egypt and exiling Seth to the desert for all time. (Ben sending Widmore to Tunisia?)

Also check out the pages on Nun and Seth, particularly the part about the battle for leadership between Seth and Horus.

And one final thing:
Richard Alpert - R.A. - Ra

Anonymous said...

I love reading your thoughts. I never post but I road the egypt train to Hathor and the description fits what happened on the island PERFECTLY. Firstly, Hathor was the goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She was considered the protectress of pregnant women and a midwife. She was the patron of all women, no matter their station in life. As the goddess of music and dancing her symbol was the sistrum. As a fertility goddess and a goddess of moisture, Hathor was associated with the inundation of the Nile. In this aspect she was associated with the Dog-star Sothis whose rising above the horizon heralded the annual flooding of the Nile. In the legend of Ra and Hathor she is called the "Eye of Ra." (I do believe R.A. is RA. But here is the kicker.....
. . . . .In later times, when the Osiris cults gained popularity, her role changed. She now welcomed the arrival of the deceased to the underworld, dispensing water to the souls of the dead from the branches of a sycamore and offering them food. Hathor was also represented as a cow suckling the soul of the dead, thus giving them sustenance during their mummification, their journey to the judgement hall, and the weighing of their soul. In the Late Period, dead women identified themselves with Hathor, as men identified with Osiris.

Amazing if at all close. (love reading on Facebook but gave it up for lent so im posting here!) -Sasha

Lani said...

To Sally,

I can't tell from your comment if you are joking or not. I certainly hope you were not serious! E does an amazing write-up every week. I can't imagine the massive amount of time she puts into it.

Thanks E - you do a fabulous job and there and we really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Great write up as usual, you pointed out a few theorys that make sense. I swear you go on vacation constantly, your writing gigs must be paying off ;)

The Creature Feature said...

Personally, I think just because we did not see Rose and Bernard or Vincent in the last episode does not mean they're aren't throwing back DI Merlot with Juliette and Sawyer. Their story may all be meant for a future episode, ending in the same spot but the creators didn't want to ruin the element of surprise when clearly the main focus of this episode was Sawyer and his crew.

Sean said...

I think you're all over-thinking it.

That statue is clearly Jar Jar Binks. :)

Have a great vacation, e.

Anonymous said...

Hey, E.

First of all, thanks for writing the recap although you were in a hurry.
My favourite scene in this episode was the Richard-Sawyer dialogue, too. And I was so happy that they actually SHARED info.
About Olivia. We can't be sure about her relationship to Horace and her last name was never mentioned on the show, but she was listed as Olivia Goodspeed on ABC's website, and I think that Darlton called her O. Goodspeed. But she could be his sister. Something is strange here though, but they always said that she would be important somehow.
A strange theory came to me as I read your recap, and it is probably wrong, but maybe, maybe Richard and co. were wearing these strange shabby clothes because they were travelling to some other timeline.

Anyway, have a great trip and I'm already looking forward to your next recap!

Julie said...

Hi e - marvelous post, as usual. V. good lyric selections, too!

It seems that this season is a big set up to the final conflict that has been teased out with various characters.

I think it will be something concerning Jughead and the conflict between the DI and hostiles. What if in this conflict Jughead accidentally goes off, sparking a global war?

Richard never answered Sawyer's question re: if Jughead was buried. Jughead had its own epi and has been mentioned in subsequent epi's so it's got to factor big into the overall storyline.

Have a great trip, e and keep up the great posts! Julie

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, don't forget to write off your expenses from your Hawaii trip since you used your research on your blog.

Now, let's talk about the statue from a storytelling perspective instead of an Egyptian history perspective. If I'm going to tell a story, a joke or do a magic trick I will break the components of that story (or trick) into 3 sections.

In the first section I will reveal a small part to capture your attention. Second, I will reveal an additional part to establish a consistent direction. Finally, I will reveal a part that breaks the paradigm, aka the punch line.

Section 1: We see the ruins of a statue with four toes. Great! You have my attention. It’s ancient. It’s weird. I want to know more.

Section 2: We see the ass-end of the rest of the same statue in an earlier incarnation. Wonderful! You still have my attention. It still appears to be ancient, and since there have been other nods in the show to Egypt it fits the established pattern.

Section 3: (The Punch Line) Here’s where they take us in the unexpected finale that breaks the paradigm, the “ta-da” moment. In the final show of the series, in a slow panning shot, the camera, starting at the back of the statue moving slowly around to the front, we see that the face is familiar (think Statue of Liberty in “Planet of the Apes”). As the camera moves closer and closer to that face we realize that it is familiar and unexpected. This statue has been built on the island to honor one of the time-traveling castaways that has spawned (or saved) its indigenous civilization. Whose face is it? At this very moment I’m guessing a prop guy in Hollywood is carving a Sawyer-statue model.

Joe W.

Anonymous said...

Could new baby boy be Hurley? I have always thought he may be adopted because he really doesn't look like his parents back in the states. Hurley has some sort of connection to the island, hence the numbers "finding" him. Also, earplug woman has similar hair.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is young Ben? The timeline would have put him with the Dharma Initiative by 1974-77. Even if he was just out of sight this ep, you'd think Juliet and Sawyer would have been affected by knowing who he was...

Melissa said...

You are totally right about Sawyer just bringin' it in this epi. He is, by far, my favorite good guy. Now the bad side, is definitely Ben. No one plays a bad guy like Michael Emerson.

I love the theory about RA. I'm gonna have to do some more research. What are we gonna do when this show is over? We are spending all this time exhausting our brains and then what? Oh it's gonna be a rough day.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it totally amazing the CONTRAST between Sawyer and Juliet, and Jack and Kate?
S & J aren't where they thought they wanted to be, but are happier than they could have expected.
J & K are exactly where they wanted to be, and are more miserable than they could have imagined.
I think that although Sawyer says he can't remember Kate, he idolizes his memory of her, and is afraid of what will happen when she's back.
So my advice to Sawyer is:
Don't DO it! Kate doesn't deserve you!


My dd is afraid that Sawyer is a goner (I even hate to say that outloud), because it seems when people have learned their "life lesson" and they are history.
[Shannon found true love, Charlie performed a selfless act, Danielle found her dd, I'm sure there's more I can't think of.]

I really, really hope she's wrong on that one.

Have a GREAT vacation!

Sarah M. in MI

Anonymous said...


Could there be two statues? Isn't the Orchid (where Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel, and Miles) somewhere kind of in the middle of the island (and is kind of north in relation to the other dharma stations), wheras the four toed statue we have seen before was located around the south/ south-west area of the island. This makes me think that there might be two. I just don't think the statue could be that big that they would see it from there, but I could be wrong.

Also, I was reading up about Anubis/Taweret and I read somewhere that the women were almost always depicted with robes, whereas the men had skirts. The statue we see from behind clearly is wearing a skirt. Also most pictures of Taweret I saw showed her naked, not wearing a skirt.

Love your posts! Have a great vacation!

- Kristen

Anonymous said...

e, thanks for brightening up a hungover Saturday morning with your recap - I am so hooked on your writeups.

A thought: could Charlotte's body have disappeared because Daniel was successful? I mean, realizing that his attempt to convince Baby Charlotte not to return to the island would prove futile, could he have found another way to prevent her from coming back? Maybe he visited her at a later point in his / her life, or maybe he went about warning her in a better way so that she wouldn't think he was just some "crazy man". That way, in this iteration of time, Charlotte never visited the island as an adult, and is still alive (somewhere) in the present tense. We've been told that no one but Desmond can change the past, but that doesn't seem to be written in stone . . . or, Desmond could be involved in altering Charlotte's choices and fate.

I'm not sure why this would affect her physical presence at that particular moment - when her still-warm body was in Daniel's arms - but otherwise, whether or not she was dead, shouldn't she have flashed because her body was being clutched by his, just like clothing, personal items, etc?

Just a thought - no doubt wrong! - but I wanted to put it out there.

Gypsy said...

Great recap, as always, Erika - that fertility god stuff blew my mind!
Have a great vacation!

Speed Racer said...

I wanted to comment on the time line discussion. I re-watched S3Ep20 for some historical perspective, particularly Ben's flashback scenes. In the flashback when Ben is grown up and it's his birthday, Uncle Rico (Roger/dad) offers to take Ben to the Mesa to drink some beers to celebrate his birthday. As they're driving, the song Shambala is playing on the radio in the background. That song came out in 1972. The "purge" took place on Ben's birthday. Is it possible it took place in 1972?

In addition, when I googled the lyrics of Shambala, this is what I found:

"The song is about the mythical kingdom of Shambhala, said to be hidden somewhere within or beyond the peaks of the Himalayas and mentioned in various ancient texts including the Kalachakra Tantra and ancient texts of Tibetan Buddhism. Shambhala (Tib. bde 'byung) is a Sanskrit term meaning "place of peace/tranquility/happiness". Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala; the teachings are also said to be preserved there. Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened, actually a Buddhist "Pure Land", centered by a capital city called Kalapa.
Ths song was written in 1972 by Daniel Moore of Three Dog Night. It was originally released by B.W. Stevenson, and then by Three Dog Night. It was on Billboard Magazines Top 100 at the same time for both artists.

Did the writers select Shambala on purpose? Does it give us a time perspective? Is the island like Shambala?

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi guys -

At the airport about to head out...

Just wanted to say to Speed Racer that The Purge took place in 1992:

Kathryn - Yes, hopefully we just haven't seen Rose/Bernard/Vincent in Othersville yet.

Sean - I agree, the statue is totally Jar Jar!

Some of the other question people left I had already addressed in the two other comments I posted.

Have a good weekend, everyone...

- e

Anonymous said...

I wanted to bounce back one episode regarding Sayid. The pic of him that Widmore showed Locke in Tunisia showed him working on a metal roof in Santa Domingo, when Locke visited Sayid, he was working on the same roof in the same position and at the same stage of repair. I did some research and DarkUFO had one link that stated that it was a production error. Do we have confirmation that it was an error, or is this important in regards to time travel, or has Widmore/Abaddon already experienced that moment to have that picture.
Ben said he had somebody watching each of the O6, did that person take the picture, will we find out who those people watching them are?
Love your posts "e"!!!
I'm sorry if Sally isn't satisfied with this week's write up. Make sure she gets a full refund!!! :-)

Makaha Studios said...

Possible timeline:
1964 – Ben Linus is born.
1974 – Ben (10 years old) arrives on the Island with his dad Roger.
1992 – Ben (28 years old) takes part in the Purge on his birthday.
2004 – Ben is 40 years old when Flight 815 crashes on the Island.

Anonymous said...

Did we ever see Daniel and Charlotte kiss? I have a weird theory that she is his daughter.

Love your recaps!

- Bonnie in Alaska

frgrsdhn said...

This was my FAVORITE Lost episode of all time.

It was great to see a functional Dharma! And the statue!!!! OMG, I am with you on your theory of that. And I think Richard is Ra, definitely.

I love SAWYER!!! And I think I will be really mad if he goes back to Kate. Poor Juliet, I don't think she deserves to lose 2 men to Kate.

Anonymous said...

Hi e! Great job!
Haven't seen anyone mention this yet...

When the flashes stopped, Daniel said that "the record" had stopped skipping, but that they were now on the "wrong side" flip side)of it.

So, rather than altering the past by saving Amy, maybe they were actually in an "alternate" past?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, men in ancient egyptian time wore eyeliner maybe Ageless Richard is from dem times and he never could resist the manlining habit...although, it is "IN" right now...

I agree, it's just Nestor's natural Kohly glow.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh...I just remembered a question we had over here...

If Juliet took the submarine to Tahiti wouldn't she end up in the Present day there or would she disappear from the submarined like the losties did from the plane?

Or are they "there forever" like Daniel said?

more questions, more questions...ugh!
but I love it!

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...

What puzzles me the most about the Losties being with the DI in the 70's is the fact that, eventually, they'll come across litlle Ben Linus, as some people have alrealdy observed. Now, they know that this little guy will grow up to kill everyone in the Barracks, so, what's with that? Will they try to stop him? Will they be convinced that killing off the DI is the right thing to do? Will there be a Dharma suit with "La Fleur" on it in the pit? Anyway, as Daniel said, "Whatever happened, happened", so now I'm thinking that what we will eventually learn is that everything that we have been watching since season 01 was actually triggered by these same guys and the things they did back in the 70's. Kind of a Terminator thing, although the statue and the nuclear bomb poit more to Planet of the Apes... Have a great vacation!

Jen said...

I love the insights that commenter Jacob pointed out about the similarities between Richard and Christian. It seems to ring true, yet I'd never considered it before.

If Richard is similar to Christian in being an apparition-type person, maybe that is why he the sonic fence didn't bother him. :)

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...

Oh, and one more thing I just remembered... (Sorry if this is something already discussed): Anyone remembers exactly who were the losties on Jacob's list? Could it be that their names were somehow "marked" because of the events ca. 1977 that we are currently witnessing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

Love your articles, really well written and funny too! Thought up some stuff after seeing the wonderful LaFleur episode, thought I'd mention it to you.

To add to the Horace/Horus thingy: the Egyptian hieroglyph for the god Horus is a bird (or a falcon), since he is the Sky God. This hieroglyph can be seen as the first red digit on the hatch-counter. And on top of that: could the bird screaming Hurley's name have been a falcon too?

And there's something else. According to wikipedia the God RA and Horus merged into some almighty being. So, the fact that the island in the 70's is ruled by both Horus and RA, albeit separately, could mean something (don't know what exactly, but something!)

One other small thing: I thought it was pretty funny to see Sawyer with a Dharma/Sheriff badge on his jumpsuit, reflecting the "There's a new sheriff in town boys!" comment he made in season two. Funny stuff.

Keep up the great articles!


Anonymous said...

Excellent work!
Really spending much effort on this and we appreciate this!

Two comments on the last review:
1) Concerning the fence, I believe that the frequency is changable. And we see Amy that she does something before she crosses to the other side. Perhaps she moves it from lethal to something less dangerous to the human body.
2) Goodspeed was the name one of the 2 guys Ben send to spy on the 815ers when they "arrived" on the island.I would tend to say that he looked over 27 years old, but I am not very good at these. Any ideas? Is this just a coincidence?

Keep up feeding our addiction!!

Unknown said...

Hi E, thanks again for another great recap.
I am another who believes the statue is Horus. Another reason for this is this text from Wikipedia "Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. It became said that the sun was his right eye and the moon his left"

Another mention of the dark/light, eyes, black/white, etc. Also the symbol for Horus is a falcon, if you look at the screen shot from when the hatch countdown clock goes red, there is definately a falcon symbol - not sure if I am reading too much into this, I think I am actually obsessed with Lost at the moment, very sad!!!!!

Hope you are having a great holiday.

Makaha Studios said...

Is Amy an Other in Dharma clothing? Like Ben?

I mean, why were Amy and Paul picnicking in Other Territory anyway? Did Amy insist on burying the bodies at the picnic site because she’s really an Other? Did Richard want Paul’s body because he was an Other, too? And what if Amy took Paul’s ankh necklace and kept it for years – not because she still loves him (like Horace thinks) – but as a symbol of her Otherness?

And when Amy insisted that Juliet perform the Caesarian section – “I want her. I want her to do it.” – I thought of Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Randy said...


"Once the group landed in 1974, Charlotte's body disappeared because a person cannot exist in two places at the same time -- dead or alive. Or should I say that this is my hope for the storyline of the show, and I'm sticking to it. Maybe it's because I really don't like all of the "This person is actually also THIS person" theories that have grown in intensity this season, but I strongly believe my reasoning explains what happened to Charlotte's body, and will also be why no 815er will ever "see his/herself" or be able to exist in two places at the same time. Watch, I'll probably be proven wrong in the next episode just because I'm so confident about this."

I don't think you can assume that the flashes prohibit people from existing at the same time as other iterations of themselves. We already saw Sawyer & the gang flash back to Aaron's birth, and we know that all of the people in Sawyer's gang existed on the Island at that time.

Therefore, if all time flashes operate on the same principle, then it wouldn't hold that the reason Charlotte's body wasn't flashed to the '70's was because she already existed there.

Just my humble opinion. Hope you have a great vacation! :-)

SKID said...


Quick questions:

1. Any truth to what I am told that ABC lists Olivia's last name as "Goodspeed"? I have seen this in a few places which means that she is his wife, sister (or other relative), or that Horace is a polygamist. (but this would imply that she is there when Ben is born, but out of the picture when Amy enters the scene and then is back as a schoolteacher . . . and that timeline does not make sense)

2. We are told (by the producers) that Vincent makes it to the end of the series. Who was been feeding him for three years? (Rose and Bernard?)

3. Didn't the #15 rabbit from the Orchid video appear in the same ROOM at the same time as its "twin" . . . though Dr. JohnJacobCandleSchmidt made it a point to let everyone know they could not TOUCH one another and seemd to try to keep them from even seeing one another. Was this foreshadowing?

4. Any chance that Ben was the one mirror signaling himself from the Orchid? I STILL feel like SOMEONE from this series has to be in cahoots with themselves to plot nefarious goings-on. (to carry out the BAD TWIN motif)

5. Since they gave the shout out to the eye-liner, WHEN will someone ask Daniel about his tie??!? Come on. It is time.

LisaCPhotography said...

I think that their bodies can be existing in two places at one time, and possibly in the same place at the same time because of the episode where Desmond goes to visit Daniel at Oxford... when he wakes up from the flashes, his body is still there, Daniel saw that he was gone... we saw that Minkowski was still on the boat, but was talking as if he were somewhere else, and the same with Teresa...

Anonymous said...

I liked the "circular" feel of this episode ... Sawyer's comment to Juliette that "Somethin' smells good" when she's cooking, which shows how far she's come from burning the muffins before the book club meeting, in the beginning of Season 3.

Also in Season 3, we see someone underneath Juliette's house, fixing the pipes ... turns out to be Ethan. In this episode, we see someone under a vehicle, fixing it ... turns out to be Juliette.

Sawyer taking the name LaFleur ... then giving Juliette the yellow flower.

Just curious ... anyone know of a philosopher with the last name LaFleur?

Wondering if it's symbolic that every other DI worker has their first name on their jumpsuit pocket, but LaFleur's last name is on his.

I think Faraday knows more than he's saying, when Charlotte dies. His mutterings, "I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna do it" sound pretty ominous. Might he know how to turn back time, wanting to bring Charlotte back, but knowing there are dire consequences and that things may "course correct"?

Even though it's short, great recap, as always!

Unknown said...

great recap, e!
Is it possible that what the losties are doing in the 70's is what makes the future happen? or have they made a new/alternate future?
As always, keep truckin... your positiveness about our show is needed. Have a good vacay!

Abby said...

I just returned from vacation and watched the episode. LOVED IT! I agree with rosered2318 that Charlotte's body didn't pass on because she died in the other timeline.

Anyway, the eyeliner line was one of my favorites, but that isn't eyeliner! I read this blog on a few weeks ago and almost posted it then, but it definitely needs posting now!!

Jim said...

On March 7, 2009, e wrote:
Just wanted to say to Speed Racer that The Purge took place in 1992:

But keep in mind that Lostpedia is not canon, and they base that on Ghost Horace telling Locke (in a dream, no less) that he had been "dead for 12 years."

Anonymous said...

Love the recaps, first time commenter. I think the toddler Charlotte is one of the true few screw ups the show has made - the timeline just doesn't work. If she's a toddler in 1974, then she's over 30 in 2004 when 815 crashes, and she clearly isn't that old. One of those things I think that just got lost in the details with the writers (it has to be hell trying to keep everything straight).

Anonymous said...

Just something interesting I discovered:

Anagram for Horace Goodspeed -

Escaped Good Hero.


Anonymous said...

Anubis, god of under world. Cerberus, the multi-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades (aka. known as the Monter).
Too many referances to the world of the dead in this show...

RebeccaZ said...

I wonder if Baby Boy is Desmond?

Anonymous said...

I'm torn on Suliet. I hate it with a passion, but I don't want Kate ruining their happiness, either, since I love Juliet and Sawyer as individual characters.

Kate needs to be on her own for awhile and grow as an individual.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible Rose and Bernard were captured by and subsequently joined the Others? They must have a big role to play in this since they have made it so far. Was it you or someone else I read who said they could be the Adam and Eve statues? I guess they are in the running, but I just do not feel like they are. No reasoning behind it; maybe I am just hoping they are not. I hope they come back soon. And I share your concern for Vincent. He was the first character we ever saw (aside from Jack's eye) so he also must be important. Plus he is just awesome.

Lady-in-Gray said...

While Rose and Bernard as Adam and Eve does sound plausible, I'm not yet ready to accept that either. Because Rose's cancer was cured by The Island, I can't help but feel that she is "special" and, therefore, has a bigger role to play in this story....

Anonymous said...

I am so happy someone besides me is wondering about Bernard and Rose!! What the heck?! Where did they go? And no matter how much I keep putting that question out there no one seems to know anything either.

It was a great episode.

I do think Jack, Kate and Hurley flashed to the island in 1977 and the others must have crashed. But how it could have been 3 years after they left and 3 years after the ones already on the island flashed to '77, I have no idea.

Great blog!

Makaha Studios said...

e –

Lots of folks are wondering why we didn’t see Daniel Faraday in any scenes in 1977.

What if he had already left the Island, perhaps in a desperate attempt to rescue Charlotte? At this point in time – 1974 – Daniel and Charlotte had not yet been born. But perhaps Daniel thought he could experiment with time travel, at least enough to prevent his current situation. Perhaps Daniel went to Oxford where he would experiment with time travel using Eloise the rat and the ill-fated Theresa… and also meet Desmond who would become his Constant.

At some point between 1977 and 1980, an Incident would take place on the Island, leading the Dharma Initiative to institute the protocols described in the Swan Orientation Video.

The Incident may have caused fertility issues on the island. But that’s not important right now.

More importantly, the Incident may have led to the Island becoming impossible to find again. But Daniel needed to go back, perhaps to warn young Charlotte and her mother to leave and never come back.

Lucky for the Dharma Initiative, Daniel is a clever fellow who may have devised mathematical formulas that allowed the pendulum in the Lamp Post to light the way.

Arriving on the Island after 1980, Daniel witnessed the drilling accident at the Orchid Station and went on to help Dr. Candle record and transmit the message revealed at Comic Con. Keep in mind now, for all this to happen, and for Daniel to survive the trip, Desmond needed to be with him. Perhaps they time traveled there together.

Would Daniel do all this just to save Charlotte? Maybe he was trying to prevent something greater than her demise. Something worse than the Incident or the Purge. Something that would lead Ms. Hawking to tell Desmond he must push the button or, “Every single one of us is dead.”

Anonymous said...

e -

I just finished reading "The Time Travelers Wife" on your reccomendation from a few weeks ago - thank you! What a fantastic book, I will not say more, so as not to spoil for others, but the end was SO MOVING!!! And, I just read that this is being made into a movie as we speak!

Anonymous said...

I just had to say, the Peter Gabriel heading was a nice touch!

I only discovered you last season, and I've already gotten several friends subscribed to your updates. I absolutely adore your writing style, the way you pull song lyrics into chapter headings... and the photo captions! I only found those this season - that'll teach me to start mousing over! The thought, the time and effort you put into these writeups is amazing - this is by far the best Lost companion to have. Thanks for all your work!

And I'm thrilled that you got to meet your main man! Your glee practically beamed off the screen :)

Julie said...

Horace could also be a reference to Horus, an ancient egyptian eye. the eye of horus is a symbol of power.

SKID said...

Best Moment of "NAMASTE" . . .

Radzinsky watching The MUPPET SHOW in the FLAME. (It was on the top left monitor.)


Mere shout out to a writer’s fave? . . . or symbolic of the fact that someone(s) on the show is being manipulated by a “puppeteer”???

. . . or could it be that this whole operation is a ruse?

“It’s time to put on make-up. It’s time to dress up right . . .”

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a repeate but - it is also said about Taweret that her representation was sometimes used on tomb walls or funerary equipment to protect the deceased during rebirth. !!!

Fatty Cahill said...


There's a few things we need to establish. *These are the facts:

Frank is flying Ajira Airways flight 316 at night, in Jan 2008 (What I will refer to as present time, the present time in the narrative of LOST) *A flash*occurs*sending Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid to 1977. *Post-Flash the plane is flying during the day, and the co-pilot has a WTF? moment, while Frank is simply trying to land the plane. *Once they have crash landed the co-pilot has been impaled by tree branch. *We see the title card "Thirty Years Earlier". *

This is why everyone is stuck on the idea that the Ajira Airways passengers are in present time, late Jan 2008. *But the title card really means to say "we are about to show you 30 years before this moment", not "when" they ended up.*I think it's completely rational to say that the flash from Night to Day insinuates that Flight 316 traveled through time, or , in even simpler terms, Ajira flight 316 is not "when" it was before the flash. *So I think it is false to assume that the Ajira passengers landed in Jan 2008. *

If you swallow that, then there are two ways we can go. *We are before 2008 or we are after 2008. *

Arguments for before Jan 2008:

-The dock and surrounding area is full of old dharma stuff, kinda like post-purge looking and note: no sub.
-The processing center's sign is swaying against the building while dharma signs are nailed to a few doors.
-This does not really resemble the 2004 Othersville days of yesteryear. The others used the sub and this area regularly, juliet came in the sub. I highly doubt they would have left up the pictures of the people they had just gassed and thrown into a giant ditch.

Arguments for after Jan 2008:

- The runway is finished which we assume was Ben's construction project, we see Sawyer and Kate working on it in season 3 when they were sleeping in polar bear cages.

The runway kinda seals the deal for me as a clear indication that we are post Jan 2008. How post? Damned if i know. A post where the dharma initiative was back in business or at least trying to appear that way. And Obviously from the look of things, it didn't work out...again.

Was someone trying to play dharma with old props to keep up a lie?

Keyser Söze said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with your theory of the statue being Taweret. Although, it appears that the 4 toed statue from the show has it's right foot sticking out in front of the left one, but the picture that you posted of the statue has it's left foot in front of the right. Not sure if that's even something that was supposed to be like that, but the 4 toed statue in the screenshot from LOST defintiely appears to have its right leg bent/extended/etc. :) Anyway, good call!!! can't wait for your next writeup!!!!