Friday, May 16, 2008

Hola! Debrief of the Latest Official Audio Podcast

Hello my dear friends -

Greetings from Mexico! I am very bummed right now because I just tried to watch "There's No Place Like Home" on, and got the error message: "Only viewers in the United States can watch these full-length episodes." D'oh! Oh well, I tried. Looks like I'll be watching it on Sunday upon my return. I won't be moderating any comments left for me until then, just in case they are referencing something from the first hour of the finale.

I did get a chance to listen to the latest podcast, and then was annoyed when they announced that the producers were swamped cutting the final version of the finale, so instead of talking with them, the host was going to talk with the actress who plays Charlotte, Rebecca Mader.

The podcast was only seven minutes long, and truth be told, kind of lame, but I transcribed it below nonetheless. There are no spoilers in what they talked about.

Q. When you first auditioned for this role, Charlotte was supposed to be an American. How did that end up changing?
A. I think my accent knocked their socks off completely. I was the only English person auditioning for it, so I thought that even though the role was supposed to be for an American, I asked them if I could read for it both ways, I thought that would be how I could differentiate myself. I guess they liked it!

Q. How difficult is it to do an American accent?
A. It's very easy for me... I've been mimicking different accents ever since I was a young child, and can slip in and out of it instantly.

Q. How much of a fan of Lost were you before you got the part?
A. I hate to admit it, but I wasn't. I saw the pilot, but then I had been traveling and figured I would be able to catch up on DVDs eventually.

Q. How big of a fan did you become once you watched the DVDs?
I felt really silly because I got Seasons One and Two on DVD, before I even got the role, and Season Three wasn't out on DVD yet. Then I was calling all my friends who watch it and they said, "WE TOLD YOU!" I became a huge fan.

Q. How much do you know about Charlotte?
A. Not a lot.

Q. Can you tell us if we'll learn more over the season finale?
A. A little bit, but not a lot. Enough to be intriguing. I have a few good moments in the season finale.

Q. What has been the best part about being on the show so far?
A. I have a list! The writing is the best there is. I like not really knowing about my character, kind of winging it. The cast, the crew... I love not having to wear a lot of makeup and getting to roll around in the mud and not do my hair.

Q. How would you describe your character's relationship with Faraday?
A. I think it's quite sweet. As time goes on I think we'll see more, but right now it's the only time the audience gets to see a softer side of her. I have not been told about the exact nature of their relationship, though.

Q. You don't think she's manipulating him?
A. I don't know!

Q. What hidden talents do you have?
A. I'm very flexible... I can do the splits... I did it on set once and everyone was like "Who are you and why are you here?"

That's it! See what I mean... kind of lame. But anyway, the good news is that there WILL be one more podcast with the producers before the rest of the finale airs on May 29th. I am not sure exactly when they will air it, but I'll keep checking.

I hope those of you who watched the first hour of "There's No Place Like Home" enjoyed it... I can't wait to see it! Wish me luck on remaining unspoiled until then.

Remember that I will be posting my next write-up a little bit later than usual because of my trip. But since there is no episode this coming week on May 22nd, that helps!

Hasta la vista,
- e


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Torbutton for Firefox (add on at
would help you get to No Place Like Home? I don't totally understand it - but I know it kinda "masks" where you're coming from. It might be worth a try, though...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too have run into "only in the U.S." I've been lucky enough to have Location Free. Lets you reach your DVR when you're not at home. (Just like Slingbox)

SKID said...


I am not one for wackadoo theories, but I will throw this out in short form for you to ponder, flesh out, or discard. Maybe with a week break you will have time to read:

IF there were TWO Rabbit 15's . . . COULD there be two Ben's????

MIGHT he even have been communicating with HIMSELF with the mirror at the Orchid??? and needed to WARN the "other" him that he was coming since like the rabbits (and Marty McFly) he cannot risk running into or coming into contact with "himself"???

I KNOW this sounds WAY twisted but maybe one Ben knew to be waiting to hear from himself at a certain time and place and was there to wait for him. I had to wonder how someone just happened to be waiting by the cliff to look for a mirror message.

Maybe one Ben is in the coffin and Jack knows that was his chance to get back to the island, but he knows there is another one on the island????

I really have NO idea where this leads but it would be the biggest twist I could imagine.

Again, the TWO rabbits who are identical from the Orchid video are what open this door in my mind.

There is more to flesh out, but might there be something to this???

( . . . oh and I still want to have a day of celebration when Farraday takes off that tie.)

Keep up the great writing. Wow, do you do a nice job. I'd love a one sentence answer to the "Twin Ben Theory"

Anonymous said...

hello ericka,

hope you're enjoying your time in Mexico! it does suck that is for the States only. I was not happy when I found out myself.

I'm in Canada and a local network here just added Lost to their online viewing - yay! I don't know if it can be viewed outside of Canada, but it's worth a try:

looking forward to your next post!

Anonymous said...

The dueling Benjos does make sense in a way. It might be a clue as to how Ben always has a plan that works out in his favor and perfectly. Maybe that's why he thougt Keamy wouldn't kill his daughter but somehow Widmore changed the rules on Ben. It's like the movie Primer where they end up having multiples of themselves.

Leave the box alone said...

e, LOVE the blog!

skid, I thought Ben was communicating w/ ageless Richard, which is why he captures Kate and Sayid later?

SKID said...

to "leave the box alone"

Yes that makes sense especially considering that someone has said thatthe mirror message was a form of the command "sieze".

So I am not necessarily arguiing that Ben was on both ends of the mirror but that there might be TWO of him OR two of someone else.

Maybe that is why Marvin Candle has so many names??? I really do wonder why he has to use so many aliases. It's not like if someone got a hold of multiple orientation films, they would not recognize him? I DO hope he is in the finale or at least appears next season. I think he plays a key role in this.

Again, my theory comes from the twin language often employed on the show and the fact of those TWO rabbits from the Orchid video.

(anonymous) Love the "dueling Benjos" moniker. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when Ben found the pile of rocks that had the hidden box that he just stood there for a few moments before digging in. He almost seemed hesitant but then decided to do it and move the rocks.

Was he afraid that John would find out something?

SKID said...

I imagine he stood there reflecting on the day he put them there . . . maybe something significant happened and he simply reflected on the sacredness of that moment. He seemed to be 'remembering' something.

Any chance "Annie" (Ben's little girlfriend) figures into the finale?

Anonymous said...

Are you home yet? Can't wait to read your write-up!

Anonymous said...

It's funny isn't it? Although I watched the show twice and discussed it many times on other forums I still look forward to reading E's Lost recap. Darn addicting show isn't it?

Anonymous said...

E, can you please update your page so that the first thing I have to see isn't Shar-Lottes mug each time. It makes my skin crawl.


klueless kj said...

Erika, I saw this somewhere.. Might help.

"If you wanna see the video get this software, you can also use it to see LOST episodes from

Brian said...

Perhaps this has already be covered somewhere, but as I was looking through the maze of wiki entries starting with the Casimir Effect (see Orchid video), I came across the definition of the "twin paradox." "In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in Special Relativity, in which a person who makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket will return home to find he or she has aged less than an identical twin who stayed on Earth."

Could this be an explanation for the age-less Richard?

PS - I hope there aren't 2 Bens because that would move Lost into a Days of Our Lives category I think.

Anonymous said...

First off, e, this is the best Lost blog around - I will miss it this summer!

I just happened to be poking around the site's Easter Eggs, Season 2. There's a screen shot of the the map that Locke saw on the blast walls in "Lockdown", and on the lower left, it references "systemwide failure of Darmatel intranet" on 3 dates - one of which appears to be 01/06/05???

Does this tie in with the rescue date?