Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On The Flip Side

Notice anything strange about the new promo picture for Season Four?

As blog reader Lula caught at the end of the promo spots running on ABC, there is indeed a city skyline reflecting up from the water. This obviously ties in to the theme of the Season Three finale, "Through the Looking Glass," where we saw what had happened to a few of the Lostaways on "the other side" of their time on the Island--meaning, we saw a glimpse into their futures. All I have to say is, "Damn, girl! Good eyes, Lula!" The skyline was not obvious in the TV spots!

A few other important things to note as we head into the final two weeks before the premiere...

- The premiere is NOT, I repeat not, two hours, despite what ABC's Promo Monkeys are claiming. There is a one-hour recap of all three seasons that will run from 8-9 EST, and then the premiere itself is from 9-10:02. So of the eight new hours they filmed before the writers' strike began, we will just see one on January 31st. You really didn't think they wouldn't stretch out those eight hours as long as they could, did you? Two words: advertising dollars.
- Did you notice above how the premiere goes until 10:02 EST? Those of you recording the show, take heed.
- I mentioned this a while back, but in case you forgot, the premiere is entitled, "The Beginning of the End." So ominous! (On top of being part of Benry's speech to the Mad Doctor in the Season Three finale: "Making that call is the beginning of the end.")
- I accidentally read the second episode's title, which is a little bit of a spoiler. So I thought I would reiterate that there are a ton of information leaks out there, and if you want to remain in the dark, don't go trolling on any show-related message boards.
- Don't remember what in the hell happened in the last episode, oh so many months ago? Re-read my original Season Three finale write-up, and my Things I Noticed Upon Second Viewing post.
- Finally, for those of you needing a J.J. Abrams (creator of Lost) fix before January 31st, may I remind you that his new movie, Cloverfield, comes out this weekend, and has earned rave reviews. I will be seeing it Friday night and then posting a review over on According to e this Saturday. There are apparently a few different tongue-in-cheek Lost references in it, so keep your eyes and ears open if you go see it. But fear not, J.J. swears that no Lost references in Cloverfield are any "clues" for obsessed fans. The question is, can we believe him?

Even though I am anti-spoiler, I couldn't help but take a look at a 1.5-minute clip that seg brought to my attention over on my boy DarkUFO's site. I think that it is safe viewing for all, but if you want the entire premiere to remain unspoiled, then obviously do not press play below.

After seeing it, all I can say is, "Them's fightin' words, Jack!"


I'm not anticipating that there's too much more I can/will post on before the premiere arrives, but definitely check back once again before January 31st (or sign up for the RSS feed or emails to the right), because I'm sure that as it finally truly sinks in to me that LOST IS STARTING AGAIN, I will work myself up into a tizzy and will have a few comments before the premiere.

In the meantime, I will be doing some hand and finger exercises to get myself back into shape for writing my long-ass posts...

- e


Anonymous said...

yaaayyy! at long last...i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the city skyline in the reflection too! I've been telling my fellow LOST fans about it for a couple of weeks now. Maybe it's some kind of weird Atlantis thing, which would explain why no one can find the island, the airline being named "Oceanic", and tie-in with the Find815 game revolving around the deep oceanic trenches. ooooooh

Thierry said...

Hello there e !

Do you actually consider the "Lost Missing Pieces" Spoliers?

Because there's some words i can't really understand on the 3rd Missing pieces where we see well ...That could be spoiler hehe

If you have already seen theses can you help ? ;)

Ernie said...

thierry, for Lost Missing Pieces, DarkUFO posts transcripts of the episodes

Anonymous said...


Just checked out this interview with Jorge Garcia/"Hurley" talking about Season 4. No spoilers, just fun to get back into things.


Counting down the days until Lost!

I read your posts every week religiously (I've got it bookmarked)...Please don't stop - it's become part of my weekly "Lost" experience!

Unknown said...

Did anybody also notice the number 6 in the water? It's pretty hidden, but it's there in the center. Also, in the preview the number 6 pops up really fast.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Courtney -

Yes, I saw the number 6 before in the trailer video... and the producers have said that a clue is embedded in every single promo piece they've made for the season. Some people seem to think it's actually a 9 though. I haven't been reading the analysis of what either of these numbers could mean, though, because I didn't want to run across any spoilers. All I could figure is that that's perhaps the number of people who either choose to leave or stay on the island...

- e

Unknown said...

Sorry, let me clarify -- the 6 is on the larger picture. The one with the abc logo at the bottom.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Rowan -

Thanks for your comment... glad you like the posts. And thanks for passing along the interview link.

Not much longer now...
- e

Anonymous said...

Must be a 9 since its a reflection? But I never saw that. Cool!