Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Start Praying NOW!

Thanks to Nerdy P for ruining my day with this bit of news from TV Guide about how the strike in Hollywood could adversely affect Lost:

"If the strike extends into the new year and beyond, there is a chance ABC may opt to delay the new season until the fall. Or worse yet, February 2009. Another scenario has the network simply airing the eight episodes already in the can this February as originally planned — something Team Darlton would not be in favor of. Says Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse, "Damon [Lindelof] and my concern about running the [eight] episodes we will have made is that it will feel a little like reading half a Harry Potter novel, then having to put it down. There is a mini-cliff-hanger at the end of Episode 8, but it's like the end of an exciting book chapter; it's not the end of the novel. Damon and I didn't write [the ending of Episode 8] differently [with the looming strike in mind]. We wrote it to be the ending of Episode 8." In any case, he concedes that the decision to hold or air the episodes isn't ultimately theirs. "It's really [ABC honcho Steve MacPherson's] call," Cuse notes, adding, "No one was happy with the six-episode run last season.""

D'ahhhhh!!!!! Seriously, I'm going to contact the producers and offer up my writing services for free. In return, I will ask for a guest spot on the show, opposite Locke, of course. Do you think they would go for it?

For the love of all that is holy, please start praying, sending vibes, burning incense, building shrines, meditating, and doing whatever else you can think of so that the above scenario does NOT become a reality!

I just can't take it.

Here's something to tide us over a bit, though... the first "mobisode" has been released - check it out at DarkUFO's site. When a few more of these have been released I will post my analysis of them.

Until then I need to get going on my prayers.

- e


Anonymous said...

hey e! here's a link I just got. I wanted to send it to you, but it looks like you already got all the poop. thanks.;title;0&om_act=convert&om_clk=gumballs

Anonymous said...

What would your storyline involve e? I would imagine it would revolve around locke, the girls would not be mentioned, some pirates would somehow end up on the island, the hoarding of certain pumpkin flavoured dharma cheese, and a best buy would be blown up? have I missed anything?

Erika (aka "e") said...

There would also definitely be a dragon and an invisible force field, but you've pretty much nailed what I had in mind. ; )

- e

Anonymous said...

i really doubt they will only air it in 2009. specially since they have 8 episodes written, i think that they would loose a good chunk of their audience if they keep fans on hold for almost 2 years.

but i would love to see a lost episode written by you.

Anonymous said...

hey e! another link for you. looks like the 8 Lost episodes already in the can will air in Feb as planned. But that may be it!!

Anonymous said...

hey e, you're almost as hardcore a lost fan as I am.. keep up the good work. hahahahaa