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S2Ep8: Collision (Ana Lucia's flashback) - 11/23/05

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There was something I wanted to say in last week's write-up but I forgot, so I'll say it now... someone on the boards pointed out how there was only a one week span of time between Boone dying and the present episode, which really put it all in perspective. A heck of a lot has happened in the past week on the island!

Now, on to Collision.

While I thought this was a great episode, there wasn't really a lot of new"theory fodder" in it, so that, combined with the fact that I think I have the bird flu, will make this write-up a short one. You can blame any incoherent ramblings on the Sudafed Severe Cold.

Our hunch was right, she was a cop and also was pregnant, explaining her weird reaction to the question about kids in the last episode. And her mom was her boss. I don't think anyone is sure if she and "Danny" were married or not, however.

And we still don't know why she was in Australia, or how much time passed between this flashback and the flight, thus guaranteeing another AL flashback at some point. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that. I would guess that she did end up losing her badge because she said to Sayid, "I am a cop. I WAS a cop."

While she's not annoying me quite as much anymore, she's clearly still unstable. I was happy that Bernard and Libby finally stood up to her and left. I am actually surprised that Bernard waited that long?!!? It will be interesting to see the other Lostaways' reactions to AL once they are all at camp together and find out exactly what happened. I thought the interaction
with Sayid was extremely interesting - they actually do have a lot in common. They both feel that they are "already dead" and "better off alone." I don't think we've seen the last of their conflict.

Some people noticed that the guy that shot AL was picked up in "Echo Park," and wondered if that was meant to be a connection to Eko. Not sure about that one.

Everyone thought the final scene with Jack and Ana Lucia standing at opposite ends of the screen from each other was cool.

But I don't care, I just do NOT see any "connection" (to use a term from The Bachelor) between Jack and Ana Lucia developing - it seems like that would be really forced. Even when they had their little flirting scene in the airport prior to the flight, I thought it seemed fake. Time will tell.

SAYID: Who is that woman?
MICHAEL: Her name is Ana-Lucia. She was on the plane -- tail section -- they all were. We were bringing them back.
SAYID: Where is Walt?
MICHAEL: They took him -- the others.
SAYID: What do you mean they took him?
MICHAEL: From the raft -- the night we left.

So why didn't Sayid say that he *just* saw Walt a few seconds ago? Probably because he was still doubting what he had seen, or he knew that Michael would go berzerker. I think it was a smart move. It will be interesting if he tells him later, after everyone calms down, or if Walt ever appears again in that way.

So we all know what a rough 48 days Eko has had on the island, and now he is carrying Sawyer through the jungle on his back, after another member of his group was just taken by the Others and then another member of his group killed an innocent person. And who does he stumble upon in the jungle? Oh, that would be Jack and Kate, playing GOLF. Classic.

Right before Jack, Kate and Eko enter the hatch with Sawyer, Locke is shown completing a crossword puzzle. According to the transcripts, here's what was important to notice: [Locke in the hatch doing a crossword puzzle. The clue he's looking at is 42 down: Enkidu's friend. Locke fills in Gilgamesh. Jack and Kate enter.]

Ah, the Epic of Gilgamesh, supposedly "the oldest story." It brings me back to the University of Michigan circa 1992, freshman year, chillin' in the MLB (Modern Languages Building) for my "Great Books" class. Do I remember the book? Uh, I can barely remember yesterday. But after reading a quick recap, it came back to me. If you are interested, read the Cliff Notes version here:

And on that note, some people feel that the writers of Lost are throwing in all of these literary references (there have been at least 6 throughout the series so far) for no other reason than their own personal quest to make America more well-read. Bravo, I say!

Drumroll, please...
LOCKE: Hello.
EKO: Hello.
Hurray! I was screaming out loud, I loved that scene. So simple and yet so powerful because they both rock the house. I cannot wait for them to talk further - but already it seems that they are on the same page.

Imagine this scene: I stand in the kitchen of my childhood home in Michigan, peeling apples for the only thing I know how to cook - apple crisp. It is Thanksgiving morning. I did not get to watch Lost the night before, we arrived back in Michigan too late. I slowly peel the apples while watching Lost across the room. My mom makes small talk behind me and my dad continues to ask me questions now and then until finally I break and half-shout 'PLEASE! This is my favorite show!!!!! I just want to watch it!!!!!' They know about my little write-up hobby and distribution list, so they comply. And then, the 'reunion scene' starts rolling. I slowly put down the apple, the tears start streaming. I put down the knife, and walk away from the kitchen after grabbing several kleenex and then settle into the couch in the family room. I SOB and I sob and I sob. My parents come in and out of the room and they realize the extent of my addiction. They are scared for me.

I think I cried hardest at the Michael and Vincent reunion, even above Sun/Jin and Bernard/Rose. That's because I'm a sucker for dogs, as you already know. But I thought the scene was incredible, and they always play just the right music. Speaking of which, I am currently sitting here watching old episodes that I'm taping off of Tivo (yeah, you owe me JC) and I still can't get over how incredible the music on this show is. I was going to add the soundtrack to my Christmas List, but guess what, it doesn't appear that they have one?!?!?! Hello, missed marketing opportunity!!! Good lord, they're selling everything else imaginable related to the show, and they don't have a soundtrack??? If someone finds out differently, please let me know.

I repeat:
LOCKE: Hello.
EKO: Hello.

After Kate succeeds in getting Sawyer to swallow the pill:
JACK: Nice job. I never learned the whole whisper-in-the-ear thing in med school.

JACK: Shannon's dead! I'm not... [to Eko] You're going to take me back out there, right now.
LOCKE: This man isn't the problem. He brought Sawyer back.
JACK: Half-dead with a bullet hole in his shoulder, John. [to Eko] Are you going to talk to me or are you just going to sit there?
EKO: Anything I say will only make you angry. So, yes, I will sit here.

Brace yourselves. I have not one, but TWO upsetting things to report, are you ready?
1) The next episode is Kate-centric yet again. Entitled "What Kate Did," which should be self-explanatory. I must admit that I don't have nearly the intensity of Kate Hate that I had last season, and I am really curious to know why the Marshal was following her all those years and why her mom was so terrified of her, etc., etc. It better not be something lame, so help me God!!!!! Keep your eyes peeled during the episode. That's a hint.

Here's something else wacky - the Canucks got a DIFFERENT preview than we did! This often is the case, actually, but this time they got a much better preview. While ours was filled with Kate, the Canadian preview for this week's episode showed Locke and Eko watching the Orientation tape and the infamous doomsday counter hitting zero...!!!
2) Here's the most disturbing information I have for you. After this week's episode, Lost is ON HIATUS again until mid-January?!?! Are they trying to KILL ME? I already get depressed enough as it is in the winter. It's just rude. The episode that they will return with in January is being closely guarded. Even though I'm avoiding spoilers, I unfortunately read about two different things it could be about, both of which I think are plausible. It will be interesting to see if they give us previews for it or not. That episode will air January 11th. Sigh.

A big, belated thanks to MB for trying to stalk the cast of Lost for me while she was recently home in Hawaii. She even carried around her "Free Walt" t-shirt from my premiere party for someone to sign, but alas, the cast was elusive. Maybe next time, right?

Shout-out to newlyweds KA and BR. They met at the University of Michigan (participants in the Dharma Initiative, no doubt), and my sources tell me that Lost was even mentioned during Maid of Honor EA's toast! Here's to a long and happy marriage, filled with many more seasons of Lost! Congrats!

Until next time,
- e

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