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S1Ep23 - Exodus Part 1 (Season One finale, part one)

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Hello my dear, dear friends -

Lost is BACK in full effect, and so is The Love! All Ye Bow to the Throne of King JJ Abrams!

Exodus Part 1 was definitely the best episode in a long time, if not of the whole season. People are flipping out on the boards, and there was pretty much not one negative comment about anything. I've edited very little in the message board section so you can experience The Love yourself, even though it's extremely repetitive. Needless to say, my faith has been renewed in the show, and in humanity as a whole. Yes, I'm being dramatic.

So I begin writing this on a teeny tiny plane going from Houston to Chicago late Tuesday night. My laptop screen appears to be on the verge of becoming unhinged, and is vibrating endlessly so I hope I can make it through this write-up without experiencing some sort of motion sickness.
I'm already feeling quite ill after a day of watching usability tests from behind a one-way mirror and eating M&Ms and pizza all day. So the next 2.25 hours of this flight are probably going to be a little precarious.

Before I get into this write-up, I just need to make sure everyone understands the importance of last week and this week in terms of the World of Nerds. You've got an awesome Lost episode last week, you've got Revenge of the Sith opening the day after, you've got the two-hour finale of 24 on Monday, you've got the Lost finale tonight, it's just crazy. I really, really hope the rest of the finale is just as good as the first part was, and that they go out on a high note for the summer. I guess we shall soon see.

Exodus - Part 1

The brilliance of the writers of this show was truly displayed in this episode. Everyone loved the episode and felt like they finally got some "answers," but in reality not a whole heck of a lot was revealed. But there was enough to renew the faith, and that's all that was needed.

I will preface all of this with the fact that I have amazingly REMAINED spoiler-free for the past month, so I have truly no clue as to what's going to happen during the finale. So I will finally offer up some of my own theories, and you can rest assured that they are just my own hunches and I'm not going to ruin anything. I've already put some of them past a few of you and have been shot down, so take them for what they're worth - the ramblings of an overly-tired Lost-obsessed fan on a turbulent flight back to the Midwest.

1) Assorted Flashbacks

This is what I was hoping and praying for with the finale. I either wanted flashbacks of all of the major characters, or I wanted it to just focus on Hurley. I am guessing that Exodus Parts 2 and 3 will continue to show assorted flashbacks, as technically they are part of the same overall
episode. Thus, the best is yet to come... Locke and Hurley! I can
barely contain myself. The ones we did see yielded relatively little new
- Walt was still a brat before the plane crash
- The time was 5:23 on the clock in Michael/Walt's hotel room
- No new information on Jin and Sun. However maybe that rude couple in their flashback will turn up on the show eventually
- Kate was still lame, but good news! We got one small answer and now know how the toy plane got in the safety deposit box, thus saving us another full-fledged flashback episode on this topic. However, we still need to know What in the Heck She Did That Was SOOoooo Bad, so that's annoying. But seriously, unless that toy plane is MAGICAL, it is ridiculous that it is apparently the only thing she cares about in the world. I'm sure everyone reading this has had someone they cared about and lost, but have you risked life and limb and gotten people killed over some little trinket of theirs? If you have, don't tell me, for I would surely turn you in.
- Shannon was still annoying. Though many liked Boone's ominous "One day you'll appreciate everything I do for you" comment.
- Michelle Rodriguez (from the movie Girlfight... I'm not a big fan of hers, she's kind of a loser in real life) played Ana Lucia, who was hitting on Jack in the bar, and I was bitter. Because now surely next season she will somehow reappear and then we will have not one, but count 'em, TWO annoying women vying for Jack's attention. Since they made sure they had Ana Lucia mention that she was in the doomed Back Of The Plane, I am nearly positive she will show up with Rose's Husband (African American woman from the beginning of the season who insisted to Jack that her husband, who was in the back of the plane, isn't dead...). In Jack's flashback we got another small answer - he is no longer married. And Jack was in row 23 (which we already knew), but Ana Lucia was in 42 (another one of the numbers).

2) The Action Begins

Here I was thinking that the "You have three options: Run, hide, or die" scene was going to be the last scene of this episode, and it was pretty much the first! And the action didn't slow down from there. Truly a LOT happened in this episode and most people preferred the format of maximum island action and minimal flashbacks. Although I do agree with the general comment that it seems like once Danielle comes out of nowhere and starts warning everyone about The Others and all this other crap, that someone should've been like, "Hold up, wait a minute, who are "the others?" What are you TALKING about?", etc., etc. But then all of a sudden they're flashing to the next scene of finishing up the raft?!?!?! And if I was Claire and just heard this rant about Danielle getting her baby stolen and pretty much being in the EXACT SAME SITUATION as Claire is now... I would've been planning my hideout with Turniphead before Danielle was even done talking.

And Jack is quickly losing credibility as he just simply thinks EVERYONE is crazy and blows off important information left and right. Hello Jack, but didn't some dude try to hang and kill Charlie, kidnap Claire, break all the bones in the body of poor Scott/Steve and kill him, and then beat your ass down in the jungle just a mere few weeks ago? Did you not then travel into the jungle and witness Danielle blowing up her own camp? Did she not have maps of the island and give Hurley a battery and predict the coming of the Black Smoke? Why are you not believing this woman, or at least appearing a tad concerned?

3) The Others Have Not Elected a Pope

The Black Smoke... chilling, no? And I must give a shout out to MB for his "black/white Pope smoke" observation during the viewing at my place. It was much needed comic relief in an hour that was otherwise very tense for me. : )

But back to the issue - where is this smoke coming from? How did Danielle know that it was going to happen right before it happened? What exactly is its significance? I mean, why can't The Others just bust in to the camp without blowing black smoke up in the air? Is it some sort of sacrifice, are they burning something in order to make something else out of it?

4) Danielle

Many theories abound: Is she good and trying to help them? Were maybe BOTH she and Ethan good and actually trying to save/protect Claire's baby from The Others (this is my guess, 'cause there's GOT to be an "unexpected twist" about those two somehow). Is she bad and trying to help The Others and leading Jack, Locke et al into a trap? Is she bad and working alone to try to steal Claire's baby to make up for her losing her own (Alex - who we now know was/is a girl)? What was up with the scratches on her arm, eerily similar to those that Ethan had in the episode in which Charlie took him out? Does Locke know what's up with Danielle like he knows the deal about everyone else? Clearly he's on to her in some sense as he asked about her scratches and replied, "Mighty mean bush," with that crazy Locke half-smile and glint in his eye...

Also, I was actually surprised that Danielle had no idea what the hatch was.

5) The Others

OK, we need to make some bets right here and right now. I want you to write down on a piece of paper if you think The Others are a) human b) aliens c) not a physical lifeform d) machines/robots/computers/artificial intelligence e) alternate reality versions of the Lostaways themselves or f) something else. And then you can let me know after the finale if you were right (that is, if we even learn what/who The Others are). Scout's Honor for all of you! If you have other ideas and want to email me today before the end of the day, then I will give you credit in front of this whole forum if you turn out to be right. I think that they are some combination of C and D.

Danielle said in Sayid's first flashback that she's NEVER seen them, but she's heard them, and that "they whisper." I have always thought that the whispers were either some sort of radio transmission interference, or something from each Lostaway's psyche (evidence: Sawyer heard the whispers and they were saying things from his past). So I'm not so sure there are actual humans out there. It is confusing that she said she's never seen them, yet she also said that "they're coming," and that this whole black smoke thing is exactly what happened before they came the last time. Maybe they're some sort of crazy whirlwind that sweeps through the camp and everyone hears a bunch of whispers from their past and then some of them get the sickness and when it's all over Claire's baby is gone? Now you can really tell I'm spoiler-free because as you can see, I got nuthin' and am going nowhere with this theory.

6) The Black Rock

Big answer: the black rock is not a stupid rock but is apparently either a set prop from The Goonies or Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I think the conclusion we were supposed to draw is that The Island has been collecting people for quite a long time, arrrrrgh matey! Some were wondering why it is in the middle of the island, but others said we're not sure of that, because it could be on the other end of the island near the opposite shore... it could've gotten washed in during a typhoon, who knows. But I'm sure we'll see more of it. Still not sure what Danielle's "here is where it all began" means (unless she is literally saying that this is where the first victims of the island landed), not sure what the sickness is still, and not sure how that one guy in her group lost his arm... that was the first we'd heard of that.

7) The "Monster"

So how many of you have seen 28 Days Later and thought that Artz/Arzt/Arnzt/whateverhisnameis was an infected zombie when he was all huffing and puffing and running crazy through the woods? Because I did, and many other people did, too. But alas, it was just the monster...

Another pseudo-answer... the Monster is a "security system that protects the island" according to Danielle. However, why did she run from it then?
Apparently it can still do some damage (ask the pilot, rest his soul). Was there meaning behind the fact that Hurley was the only one who didn't run and stayed with Locke? Locke has supposedly seen it before... so is it that he a) figured out you just need to stand still and then it goes away or b) did he actually see it and does he now have some "relationship" with it in that it will leave him alone? My guess here is that it is some sort of machine and that Locke did actually see it, and then he realized everything that is going on with the island somehow. Like it all clicked when he saw the monster. If any of you have seen The Village, this all kind of reminds me of that. Having a security system to prevent people from either leaving, or from finding things that someone/something wants
left alone. If you haven't seen The Village, don't believe the naysayers
- go rent it, it was really good, I saw it twice in the theater. And I didn't just ruin it, trust me.

7) Jin and Sun Make Up, The Raft Sets Sail, Vincent Swims Out... otherwise known as “e Bawls Her Eyes Out Repeatedly”

I want to make a statement here: If you did not get even a tad choked up, teary-eyed, verklempt, somber, or any related reaction to any of the three above-mentioned scenes, then I feel really sorry for you because you are either a) an actor from Episodes I-III of Star Wars and have no range of emotions, b) a robot or c) are just a heartless person who doesn't care about or believe in love, hope, or the utter awesomeness and unselfishness of dogs.

But for real, I was a mess during these scenes, at least I was when I re-watched them with no one around me and blubbered like a baby. You will see from the message board posts that nearly ALL posters admit to shedding a tear or two. For me it was the Vincent scene. I thought the launch of the raft was an awesome scene, and everyone was cheering and the rafters were acting all victorious and the musical score is soaring and then the damn dog starts swimming out because labs are ever-faithful (and because Shannon is so lame that she dropped the leash the second Walt left) and I was just like, "Oh good lord, Vincent is a goner... I am going to stop watching this show if they hurt the dog!" But alas, Walt used his Power Over Animals to make Vincent turn back. Phew. Even if you didn't cry, you must admit that scene, how it was shot, the music, everything about it was perfect. Bravo, I say, BRAVO!

While we're on Vincent... there has been growing speculation on the boards that Vincent himself will at some point have a flashback. Now before you have the knee-jerk reaction that I had, which was "LAME!" ... just think about it... Vincent was in the cargo hold of the plane, was missing after the landing, and has come and gone amongst the Lostaways throughout the season. Think about how much he has witnessed and heard and seen that NO ONE ELSE knows. Therefore, I am rooting for a Vincent flashback next season.

8) Possible Goners

I know several of you agree with me that someone's going to be a goner because there's no more use for them. I am especially worried now about Jin and Sawyer, as they both seem to have "redeemed themselves" and have no more major "issues." Jin and Sun made up, he even admitted that he thought they were on the island as a punishment for his actions, and that he was leaving in order to be able to save her. If that doesn't sound like the Death Knell, I don't know what does. They better be prepared for some major protesters as there is an established Cult of Jin Worshippers out there who are loud and proud and will unleash their fury should he die.

Then Sawyer goes on and tells Jack about his meeting with his father (another tear-jerking scene - Matthew Fox (Jack) has officially been voted Best Male Crier on the boards), and so I'm not so sure what's left to say about him now. Except that he didn't get to say good-bye to Kate, so perhaps there's some hope for him? Michael could also be in danger... he's now completed his mission in launching the raft, doesn't really have any other issues, and you know that all is not going to go well out at sea....

Some people think Walt will die, which I agree with, eventually... 'cause he's going to age too much. But not for now - we still don't know exactly what the deal is with his powers.

9) Theories

So what in the heck is going on overall? I will assume you all watched the previews so I won't recap them here but rather just speculate on what I think may happen tonight:

The rafters are going to find SOMETHING, and it's going to be related to the island, it's not going to be anything from the outside/normal world.
My guesses are: a) they bump up against a barrier and realize they are in some sort of bubble/ecosphere and can't go any further, b) they run into another island or get blown to another side of the current island, and they find the Back Of The Plane crew, or c) they find something in the water that is controlling events on the island (remember that the cord ran into the ocean?). And once again, I would be shocked if everyone on the raft survives.

On the island, I think they will blow open the hatch, but I honestly have no idea what to expect in there. I am confused because Locke saw the light come on in it, but did he SEE anything? Does he know what's in it? If it's bad, why wouldn't he tell everyone? And what is UP with the preview clip of him getting dragged through the jungle - they better not hurt my Locke!?!?!

Someone's going to take Claire's baby, but I'm not sure it's going to be for evil purposes like everyone's assuming. The clip in which Charlie hits Sayid I think happens because the abduction will either take place during Sayid's "watch," or maybe it's Danielle who took the baby and Charlie blames Sayid as he was the first one to meet Danielle and let her know they were all out there. Claire did scream "SHE took my baby!"

I believe Sayid will leave the beach and go try to find the other crew in the jungle. I was wondering why he didn't go with them originally and why Hurley of all people did. Or he goes in search of whoever took the baby.
Either way, he's leaving the beach.

Not sure what to make of the skeleton in chains, I'm assuming that was in the Black Rock.

The voice-over of Locke said, "We were all brought to the island for a reason, each of us has a purpose" or something like that. And then at the very end Jack goes, "Locke, WHO brought us here" and Locke replies, "The Island." So, I still think it could be some sort of virtual reality game.

Not sure how the numbers play into any of this. Hurley nor Danielle has seen them on the hatch, which I find odd.

10) Best Lines

Sawyer at the beginning: "That's GOTTA be the French chick."
Charlie explaining what to write in the Messages in a Bottle to Locke:
"...all's great here, unless the Black Smoke people show up. Love, your name here."
Locke back to Charlie: "That's sweet." Walks away.
Hurley to Locke when monster is coming: "Dude, we gotta book."
Hurley to Arzt: "Dude, I thought you were dead."
Michael to Jin: "No, no... this one goes here, that one goes there!" (that was a shout-out to Star Wars... same thing said by Han Solo to Chewie in Empire Strikes Back)

My battery is running low and my eyes are growing weary, so I'm wrapping this up. Enjoy the message board posts below, and ENJOY THE FINALE. While I'm really excited for it, I'm also sad for it to come to an end for the year. If you never hear from me again, you can assume that I freaked out so much while watching it that I just flipped and they had to put me away for a while...


- Now THIS is why I've been watching this show!
- Dude! *speechless*
- Ahh, Walt giving Shannon Vincent was the sweetest thing ever. And he just kept saying goodbye to his dog. All tears. That was just awesome; I can't wait for next week.
- Oh, my gah. I cried so hard watching Jin and Sun, and then Jin looking at Sun from the raft. It's official; they are my favorite couple EVER. But since they are, something bad's bound to happen to one of them. I also cried my eyes out when Vincent swam towards the raft, so maybe I'm just a big softie. This has been the best episode in ages, in my opinion. Sawyer telling Jack about his dad? Good, but also had me screaming "Don't tell him, keep at least one secret!!!!" because you know what happens to characters who tell all...
- Jack: Please stop assuming that everyone is crazy but you. I’d hate to walk into your ER with a broken arm. “Oh, you think you have a broken arm, but you’re probably just crazy. Here’s a sedative.” Also, put down the Sharpie, and stop coloring in your tattoo in between eps.Locke and Danielle, sittin’ in a tree….
- Wow. I was a mess at the end. The dog running into the ocean there and the gorgeous music didn't help matters either.
- Ok, I was holding it together. The bottle, the hugs, Jin and Sun, and Sawyer being part of the team. The music. I was a little choked up, a little misty maybe, but that was it.
And then the dog started swimming.
- That's the Lost that I love. Sawyer, shirtless. Sun and Jin making up. Walt letting Shannon take care of Vincent. Then Vincent swimming after the raft. The moment between Sawyer and Jack was great and started my weeping for the rest of the episode.
- Was that some sort of pirate ship? Is this thing gonna turn into Goonies? Will Sean Astin appear for a hobbit reunion? Security system? I'm confused.
- Shannon, you're gonna have to take better care of that dog. I thought something was gonna ruin that touching ending like a shark eating Vincent or the boat falling apart five feet from the shore.
- So all this time it was a pirate ship. Goonies shout out? Will Jack save everybody by putting explosives in his marble sack before they're forced to walk the plank?
- I also want to say that I really don't trust Danielle. Not at all. I definitely felt like something was up with her. I think she's trouble.
- Liked the reveal of the Black Rock as a ship. Has the island been "collecting" people for centuries?
- I was disappointed that Kate still didn't die.
- Shouldn't that ship be called The Black Pearl? And where is Jack Sparrow?
- The three choices are run, hide, or die? What about stand there, cry for my Mommy, and wet myself? When Vincent was swimming for the raft I told my husband, "If the Lost Ness monster eats the dog, I am boycotting."
- And Jack's a bit of an idiot. The whole "we can't believe Danielle about the others because she is crazy" thing would be a lot more convincing if other people had not already kidnapped and killed members of your party. Between this and the "worst case scenario" he devised for the hatch...Jesus. This is Crazy Ass Island, Jack. You have, like, met before, haven't you?

- e

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