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S5Ep13 - Some Like It Hoth

Hello my dear friends -

Some people undoubtedly recalled the 1959 Marilyn Monroe film Some Like it Hot when they heard the title of Lost's 99th episode. Others probably had Power Station's 1985 song stuck in their head for the rest of the day. (FEEEeeeeeel the heeeatttt! Burnin' you up -- ready or not!) However, nerds like me could only think of four words: The Empire Strikes Back. Growing up in the '80s with a brother five years my junior, I had no choice but to "play Star Wars" throughout my childhood. I mean, who else was going to be Princess Leia?

So when I hear "Hoth," I don't actually associate the word with the planet Hoth, which is where the Rebel Alliance built its Echo Base in Episode V; instead, I immediately think "Hoth Wampa," because we had a pretty sweet action figure of that thing (see pic to the right -- yeah, you're jealous). The Wampa was a Yeti-like monster who almost did away with Luke Skywalker at the beginning of Empire. That's why I figured this installment of Lost was going to pick up right where "Dead is Dead" left off, and that we'd be learning more about the Island's very own monster, Smokey.

Um, OK... so I was wrong. I never would've expected such direct shout-outs to the Star Wars saga in this episode, and by Hurley, no less. And Miles-centric flashbacks on top of that? Yahoo!

Let's kick things off with the first of those flashbacks, shall we?

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The hour began with Lara—who's now most likely Pierre Chang’s ex-wife—considering an apartment to rent. From a check she wrote later in the scene, the year was revealed to be 1985; therefore, the newborn boy we saw in the season premiere must now be about eight years old. And guess what? It's Miles, just like everyone assumed it was after seeing this 2008 Comic-Con video.

The poor kid just wanted to get some freakin' Animal Crackers out of the vending machine, but nooooo. A dude who had keeled over in apartment #4 had to call out to him. We see that Miles doesn't like his ability to "hear the dead" in the slightest, and that this appears to be the first time his mom has learned of it.

But in the next flashback, which was probably at least ten years later, it's clear that Miles ended up fulling embracing his freakiness. Either that, or he was already preparing for his role in X-Men: The Last Stand. Anyway, he came home to visit his dying mother, and urged her to give him some answers about his childhood -- and particularly his father. At this point, I couldn't help but wonder if the Island was responsible not only for Miles' "gift," but also whatever illness befell his mom. I have a feeling we'll never find out, though.

Lara proceeded to tell Miles that his dad turned his back on the family when Miles was just a baby, that he had since died, and that his body was in a place that Miles must "never go." We all know how that worked out.


Next, we see Adult Miles in what's most likely 2004. He faked communing with a client's dead son in order to score some extra cash. Well, we learned that he was faking it later, but you get my point. What I thought was strange about this scene was that Miles said he needed a body in order to do his thing. Yet at the beginning of last season, we saw him find a hidden wad of cash in a room where there was definitely no dead person present (though he did have his dustbuster extraordinaire to assist him...). So I'm not sure why the writers had Miles make that point about needing a corpse... unless it will come into play later on.

Regardless, right after Miles was done scamming the guilt-ridden dad, Naomi (!!!) approached him with the promise of more business, and he followed her like an obedient puppy dog to... the back of a restaurant (?), where a most unorthodox interview went down. Miles had to tell Naomi as much as he could about Felix, who just so happened to be dead and lying in a body bag on a table where some unfortunate schmuck's chicken Marsala was probably prepared minutes later.

It turns out that Felix met his demise while en route to deliver papers about empty graves and an old airplane to none other than Charles Widmore. I'm sure some people are still debating this point, but I'm definitely convinced now that it was indeed Widmore who faked the Oceanic 815 wreckage, just like good ol' Zeke (sniff, I miss him!) explained to Michael in "Meet Kevin Johnson." [Note: I wrote most of this post before "The Story of the Oceanic Six" recap special aired. That recap confirmed that Widmore was behind the 815 wreckage.]

Naomi informed Miles that he'd passed her test, and offered him $1.6 million to travel to the Island, where he could put his skills to even better use. What was particularly interesting to me about their exchange was how Naomi worded her description of the Island: "This island has a number of deceased individuals... residing on it, and as this man [Ben] is the one responsible for their being deceased, we believe they can supply invaluable information as to his whereabouts."

At first I was just like, "Yeah, there are tons of dead people buried on the Island... all Miles would have to find is the Skeleton Pit to learn all he needed to know about Ben." But then I got hung up by how Naomi said that the deceased were "residing on" the Island. That made me think more along the lines of Zombie Dad... like the dead that Naomi was referring to were actually still functioning in some manner. But I wouldn't consider Ben to be the one responsible for Christian Shephard's death, so maybe I'm just reading too much into things... again. Of course, the eerie thing about all of this is that -- once on the Island -- Miles ended up having to "read" Naomi's body to ensure that the 815ers were telling the truth about how she died.


In perhaps the most unexpectedly funny scene of the night, in Miles' next flashback he gets swept into a van by hooded (again with the hoodies!), partially masked men, yet all he cares about is losing his tasty fish taco. Bram -- the same guy who ends up on Alcatraz and appears to be in cahoots with Ilana -- is in charge of the team in the van, and attempts to talk Miles out of going to the Island. But since Bram offers up absolutely no money, Miles is having none of his spiel, and summarily gets tossed back out onto the street.

There were two main things I took away from this flashback. The first was pretty obvious: Miles has assumed that Bram works for Ben. Why else would Bram want to dissuade him from going to the Island to catch Mr. Linus, right? So Miles asked Bram for $3.2 million in order to stay put -- double what Naomi offered him to board the Kahana. And because Miles thought Ben controlled Bram's Van o' Thugs, that's why he repeated his request for $3.2 million in "Eggtown" (in exchange for falsely reporting back to Keamy's team that Ben had been killed).

Now, Miles' thought process was a perfectly valid one -- you can't fault him for jumping to the conclusion that he did. Other reasons why it makes sense to believe that Ben is managing the likes of both Bram and Ilana (as they were definitely working together on Alcatraz when they captured Frank) include:

- They didn't stop Ben, Locke, Sun or Lapidus from leaving with the outriggers
- Ben and Ilana shared a quick but cryptic exchange about the mystery crate
- Ilana and Bram waited until it was fair to assume that Ben was safely over on the main Island before pulling out their guns and attempting to open the crate on Alcatraz
- It's kind of late in the series to introduce yet another group of people who want to control the Island

But then again... some of us watching the show (including myself) weren't quite as convinced as Miles was that Bram was a part of Ben's off-Island posse.

Which leads to the second thing I took away from the van scene: there may be a third party at work -- controlled by neither Widmore nor Ben. Actually, this isn't exactly the first time the idea of yet another mystery contingent has come up. In fact, in my "Ji Yeon" post in early Season Four I wrote: "I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a third party involved in the battle for the Island, and that this organization is playing Ben and Widmore against each other while advancing its own agenda in the process." At that point in time I thought that perhaps "the Economist" was heading up this other group. That still may be the case, but there are a few other interesting theories floating around about this group that deserve consideration.

But before I go any further, I have to name this possible third party that's aligned with neither Widmore nor Ben. Let's call it the SOTS group, for "Shadow of the Statue," since that seems to be what they like asking each other about. Right now, the only people we know are in this group are Bram, Ilana, the two other Ajira passengers helping them with the crate on Alcatraz, and the whoever else was in Bram's van.

Who could they possibly represent?


Here are the main theories floating around:

1) The New Dharma Initiative
This is the theory I'm subscribing to at the moment. I mentioned in my last post that at Comic-Con last year, the Dharma "recruiting centers" were most likely a hint that that the organization would reestablish itself (on the show). And when I heard all of Bram's sappy talk about how Miles could never "fill the empty hole inside" of him with money, the first thing I thought was, "those Dharma hippies are at it again!" Seriously, who says that sort of thing? Plus, Bram and Ilana have that big ol' crate they're working on opening... and we all know how much the old Dharma liked to drop supplies by the crate-load back in the day. Finally, Bram promised Miles information about his father... and Chang was of course a part of the original Dharma.

2) Friends of Richard
If anyone has the right to be pissed off about how things have turned out on the Island, it's Ageless Richard. He's like, "I'm sick of everyone ripping on my eyeliner, being jealous of my sweet outfits and time traveling all over the place! I need to bring in some reinforcements and wipe these idiots out once and for all." We know that Richard has left the Island before (to visit Locke throughout his life, to recruit Juliet, etc.), so who's to say that he hasn't been building an army to call in when he just couldn't stand dealing with those pesky humans anymore? Plus, who else would know "what lies in the shadow of the statue" besides the ageless guy who was probably one of the only people around when the statue was actually tall enough to have a shadow? (An offshoot of this theory is that the SOTS group is made up of other "original inhabitants" of the Island, like Richard.)

3) Team Hawking
Ellie's gone rogue! Think about it -- she was on the Island in 1954 and seemed to be one of the Hostiles, along with Richard and Widmore. She was still there in 1977 and apparently in some position of authority, as some of the Hostiles were worried because Richard didn't clear taking Little Ben to The Temple with either her or Charles. Somewhere along the way she gave birth to Faraday and left the Island (not sure in what order)... and now she's in an old (but still functioning) Dharma station, from which she helped Ben and the O5 return to the Island?!? She may just be the most mysterious character on this show behind Jacob. Perhaps she's assembled a team to recapture control of the Island for herself and show the men who's really boss? I consider this the least likely possibility, though; Eloise may be a somewhat solitary figure and not necessarily aligned with Ben or Widmore, but that doesn't mean she wants to rule the Island. However, stranger things have happened, and it's not like I would be disappointed if Hawking shoved her Grrl Power in everyone's faces... For the Win!

4) Other Randoms
Maybe The Economist is behind the SOTS crew? Or Jacob somehow organized a team of humans back on the mainland? Perhaps Abaddon didn't really die and he's behind this group? Let's see... what other names could we toss around? Annie? Waaalllt? Kate's stepfather? Cassidy? Claire's old boyfriend Thomas? I know... VINCENT is controlling the SOTS team!

Regardless of who is backing the SOTS group, I'm pretty certain about two things: 1) they're part of "the war that's coming to the Island" which Widmore warned Locke about, and 2) one of them will probably end up getting shot while chasing down the time travelers in the outriggers. So let's hope they don't take Frank out to sea with them...

OK, enough with the flashbacks. Time to return to 1977.


Sawyer and Kate made it to the outer limits of Dharmaville after leaving Little Ben with Richard somewhere in the middle of the jungle. Miles, who's at the Security HQ, helped them cover their tracks by erasing the videotape of Camera #4 (or so he thought). Shortly thereafter, Horace decided to bring Miles into the "circle of trust" (shout-out to Meet the Parents) as LaFleur was nowhere to be found. He gave Miles a package and instructed him to drive out to Hostile territory to meet Radzinsky... and then return with another package. So our suspicions have been confirmed: Radzinsky was freaked out about presumed-Hostile Sayid seeing his plans for The Swan because Dharma was being very naughty by building it in a forbidden area.

In addition to learning that Dharma is involved in some dubious activities outside the bounds of its truce-approved land, Miles discovered (once seeing that "the package" is a corpse) that workers are falling victim to really bizarre deaths at the construction site. A filling through the brain? I don't think that's how anyone would ever expect to meet his maker.

On that note, the first thing I thought when I saw Dead Alvarez with what looked to be a bullet through his skull (even though it wasn't) was that his was one of the skeletons Locke encountered in the Skeleton Pit. Remember, there was one that clearly looked to have a bullet hole above its eye socket? Many of us thought this was suspect back in Season Three; here's what I wrote about it in my "The Man Behind the Curtain" post: "One final comment about The Purge... all we saw were Dharma members being gassed. But how come one of the skulls in the Skeleton Pit had a gunshot wound in the forehead area?"

However, the holes don't appear to be in the same place... see for yourself:

So I'm not cooking up any weird theories about Alvarez being in the Skeleton Pit just yet.

However, it was supremely strange that Horace told Miles to take Dead Alvarez to Chang at The Orchid. That's not the first place you'd think of to bring a body, huh? Add to that Chang's response when Miles asked where the corpse was taken: "What body?"

What in the heck are Chang's people doing with anyone who dies at the work sites? Running experiments on them? Cremating them? Aren't friends and family members of the deceased getting suspicious? Something shady is going on!

The last errand Miles ran was to take Chang from The Orchid over to The Swan. There, we saw the infamous numbers (which showed up in a ton of other places in this episode, by the way) being branded onto the hatch's lid.

This scene raised two major questions in my mind:

1) Earlier in the episode we had already figured out that The Swan was being built on Hostile territory. But now that we actually saw what a huge construction site it was, I just don't know how we're expected to believe that Richard and crew somehow weren't aware of Dharma's intrusion onto their land? It's not like Radzinsky and two other guys were taking turns quietly digging a hole in the ground with a spoon or something. This was a major production. So all I can figure is that the Hostiles did in fact know what was going on, but let Dharma get away with it for a reason that will become clear in a later episode.

2) Are we going to get to see the first run of the Countdown Timer o' Doom? I really hope so. The prevailing theory is still that Jughead's buried somewhere around the construction site for The Swan, and that if Dharma goofs up and runs into it, they're going to have to build the timer to help control the extreme magnetic energy emanating from the site or else the world will end... or at the very least, planes will start crash-landing on the Island. (No, I don't know how any of that would technically/scientifically work, either, but I'm rolling with it.)


Despite Miles' protests, Hurley ended up joining him in the Dharma van and helped carry out Horace's orders. Hurley quickly discovered the dead body... and then learned (at the same time we did) that Miles knew that Pierre Chang is his father. I, for one, was seriously wondering if perhaps Miles would never become aware of this knowledge during his time spent with Dharma in the '70s. I'm glad the writers chose to fill him in... and particularly loved how he found out: "Third day we were here, I was in line at the cafeteria, and my mother got in line behind me. That was my first clue."

As soon as Hurley realized that Miles had no intention of spending time with his father, he became intent on convincing him what a mistake that would be. He shared how his dad ran off when he was only ten, and that he was happy he forgave him and ended up forging a tight bond with him in the three years after he returned from the Island. (As a side note, was this line ominous, or what: "...and although I may never see him again, I miss him." Hmm.)

Hurley warned Miles that he'd regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't attempt to make some connection with Daddy Chang before it was too late.


We have yet to see whether or not Miles will actually follow Hurley's advice... but I was so thankful that he at least got to see a few seconds of his father fawning over his three-month-old self. There's no shame in my game -- I definitely teared up at this scene. This was also the point in the episode where I realized that Miles has really grown on me. I couldn't stand his character during the first half of Season Four, so bravo to Ken Leung for pulling a Juliet/Elizabeth Mitchell on this unsuspecting viewer (I didn't like her until recently, either).

So here's the deal: never for one second did I think that Chang was a bad guy -- even before the touching scene with him reading a polar bear story to Baby Miles. From the same Comic-Con video I mentioned earlier in this post, I think it's clear that Chang is going to find out about The Purge -- most likely from Daniel -- and is going to do whatever he can to make sure his son and wife are nowhere near the Island when that craziness goes down. In fact, he's probably going to try and get them back to the mainland as soon as possible, even if that means acting like a complete jerk so that his wife voluntarily leaves him. Which of course makes the whole thing infinitely more tragic.

But last year's Comic-Con video isn't the only one that may be coming into play this season. Remember the Orchid video that debuted at the same event a year prior? The one with two number 15 bunnies? The one where Chang was freaking out about what would happen if two versions of the same living being touched each other? Yeah, that one. Well, Miles has now seen a younger version of himself (destroying my theory from earlier this season that this would never happen)... but will he go so far as to come into physical contact with Baby Miles? Will he, like Hurley suggested, change his own poopy diaper or feed himself a bottle? Though millions of us would probably die laughing if that transpired, I don't think we'll see it. (But, to be fair, I should probably mention that there is a theory floating around that perhaps the two versions of Miles will touch, and that will be "the incident" that wreaks havoc on the Island, causing the need for the Countdown Timer o' Doom.)


Elsewhere in Dharmaville, Ben's dad was getting wasted because his kid had disappeared and everyone else was like, "Hmm... no idea what happened. Sorry, bud." Well, except for Kate, who Roger was no longer googly-eyed over once she started acting all fishy (or fishbiscuity?) and saying things such as, "I just have a feeling he's gonna be OK."

Then Roger vented to Jack, who totally had the opportunity to squash Roger's suspicions...

JACK: I think, Roger, that, uh, that you've had a hell of a day, and that... it's given you a very good excuse to go out and get drunk. Maybe that's put some--some crazy ideas into your head.


Awww, crap...

JACK CONTINUES (now all up in Roger's face): I know that woman--Kate. She's my friend, and she would never do anything to hurt your son.
Yeah, that didn't help the situation. Roger stormed off, probably even more convinced of a conspiracy than he was before.

And he wasn't the only Dharmite who smelled a rat. Phil discovered that Sawyer had something to do with Little Ben's disappearance, and marched up to his home to confront him. I don't know about you guys, but as soon as Sawyer asked if Phil had told anyone else about the videotape evidence, I knew Phil was getting a beat-down. And sure enough, it came. Nighty-night, Phil.

The 815ers have gotten themselves into quite a mess, huh?


(If you don't care about Star Wars, you can skip down to the paragraph that begins, "OK, so back to Lost.")

I could've easily written an entire post about the parallels between the Star Wars saga and Lost... but in the interest of time I'm going to hold back. However, I must at least mention a few things on the subject. First off, my brother emailed me shortly after "Some Like it Hoth" ended and said, "Hurley got the timeline wrong. Luke didn’t get his hand cut off because of the “father” reveal. Luke got his hand cut off and then Vader revealed the truth to Luke as Luke was hanging on the pole thingy. Then Luke chose to fall and slid down the tube and was rescued by Leia and Lando in the Falcon."

So there, Hurley! Dude, how could you have messed that up?

Also, for the record... unlike Hurley, I liked the Ewoks. One of my most vivid memories is of my family standing in line for Return of the Jedi, and my brother and I each had our Ewok stuffed animals with us. He had Wicket, while I had the much lamer Princess Kneesaa. But dammit if I didn't love that thing when I was nine years old. And who can deny the awesomeness of the Ewok village playset?

Finally, I just have to mention one other Star Wars-related thought that has to do with the planet Hoth. Did anyone else have the Tauntaun action figures? The ones where the belly opened and you could stick Luke in there to defrost? Those were the best. And guess what? The uber-nerds over at ran an April Fool's joke this year and claimed to have a Tauntaun sleeping blanket, so that dorks' kids could "slumber in the belly of the beast." Well, they had such an overwhelming response that they're now actually trying to work with Lucasfilm to bring the product to a toystore near you. I would totally buy one... and would sleep in it myself.

OK, so back to Lost. The two Star Wars connections that might carry some weight are:

1) Luke's "daddy issues"
There are too many Lost characters to list that can relate to Luke Skywalker's convoluted relationship with his father -- Miles is the latest in a long line. But is it a good idea for Miles to attempt to get closer to his father if he knows his fate (death by Purge) is sealed? Wouldn't that just make it all the harder to bear? There won't even be any Ewoks around to cheer him up...

2) Hurley "rewriting" The Empire Strikes Back
First off, I must bring to your attention this hilarious screencap my friend and fellow Lost blogger Karen was quick enough to capture right after "Hoth" aired. Seems that -- at least for a brief moment in space-time -- Hurley's script DID reach George Lucas. Click here to see for yourself.

But in all seriousness, was Hurley's attempt to change the future a hint to all of us that there's still the possibility that whatever happened might not continue to happen?

Especially since the one and only Daniel Faraday is...


I must admit that I did not expect Faraday to climb out of the sub. I totally thought that we were finally going to get to see Gerald or Karen DeGroot -- the founders of the Dharma Initiative -- in the flesh. But no, it was Daniel, and he seemed very confident and at peace with himself, didn't he? Maybe after spending some time in Ann Arbor he has reason to believe that there is a way he can save his beloved Charlotte?

Also, just to clear up some confusion I know is out there about the timeline... when we saw Daniel in a tan Dharma jumpsuit at the beginning of this season, that had to be at some point after he returned to the Island via the submarine in 1977. Because remember, Chang had left Baby Miles behind with Lara as he went to film one of the orientation videos and was then interrupted and called to The Orchid (where we saw Daniel). The presence of Baby Miles in that scene means that it couldn't have taken place before 1977.

So all I can figure is that Daniel left the Island shortly after the time traveling group came to rest in 1974. He spent three years with the head scientists of Dharma in Ann Arbor, and is now ready to put his skillz to work on the Island. And come on, if deep in his gut he truly believed that there was no way to change the future, why would he go through all of this trouble?

I'm thinking we're about to learn that Daniel might have been telling some white lies all along...


There were so many awesome exchanges between Miles and Hurley that my original draft of this section was about as long as the rest of this post. I think we all agree that this episode had several brilliant lines, so I've decided not to paste in half of the script below. Instead, here are "The Best of the Best Lines," if you will.

ROGER: I'm going to security.
[The door slams as Richard leaves.]
JULIET [to Kate]: Well... here we go.

HURLEY: That's how it works for me.
MILES: Great. I'm happy for you.
HURLEY: You're just jealous my powers are better than yours.

HURLEY: Dude, that guy's a total douche.
MILES: That douche is my dad.

MAN IN VAN: Miles, my name's Bram.
MILES: You owe me a fish taco.

MILES: My dad didn't leave when I was 10. I--I was a baby. I never knew him. And I don't want to. It's not happening.
HURLEY: That was Luke's attitude, too.
MILES: What?
HURLEY: In Empire, Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his lightsaber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks. It all could've been avoided if they'd just, you know, communicated. And let's face it. The Ewoks sucked, dude.


A huge "thank you!" to Ryan at Zap2it, and to everyone else who joined our live chat on the 22nd. It was an absolute blast and reminded me why I love Lost so much. The transcript will remain here... just scroll down to the chat window and press "Replay" to read it.

- There are no new updates to pass along about "the Seanie B situation." I'm fine with everything for now as the videos that incorporated my (and others') copyrighted content are offline. Thanks again for all of your support.

- The next episode is the series' 100th! Did you see the pictures of the huge cake that the Food Network show Ace of Cakes created for the occasion? Pretty cool, eh?

Here's hoping that the 100th episode is one to remember...

Until next week,
- e


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pejafor3 said...

Welcome back Ericka!

Evan said...

Re: Apt #4

4 is of course one of the Numbers, but it's also important to superstitious Chinese, because it's a homonym for 'death'.

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap as usual - thanks

Island Boy said...

Been reading your blog for a while, but never commented b4. You are great.

But...Miles couldn't have been thinking that Bram worked for Ben, because he didn't know anything about Ben at that time...he hadn't been to the Island yet.

e said...

Island Boy - Well, I guess what I should've said was that he probably figured Bram worked for "the man he was supposed to find on the Island." We didn't hear Naomi say the name "Ben," but we know she must've at some point. I was also just trying to say that Miles EVENTUALLY assumed Bram was working for Ben, because that's why he asked Ben for $3.2 million.

Hope that makes sense!

- e

Alexistran said...

I think the most important thing to note about those 100th episode cake pictures is that Daniel is STILL wearing his tie.

One day he will take off his shirt and the tie will still be there.

~Karen~ said...

Hey Erika,

Great post!
With the Star Wars references I couldn't help but wonder if we're to learn about Miles or someone else having a "twin" sister. (Just like Luke) But hey, I always over think things waaaaaay tooooo much. lol

Keep up the awesome work!

~Karen~ said...

PS: It's awesome that you shared the link to the Star Wars/Hugo info. Thank you :)
I'm SO happy fans can see that Hugo was able to "change" the future, uh I mean the past...if only for a few minutes. lol!

CuInAnotherLifeBrother said...

Hi Erika,

Really glad I stayed up (01:30 start for me) to join the chat with yourself, Ryan and everyone else, it was an excellent idea for a clip show.

Thanks for your recap. I'm with you on the theory that Ilana and Bram are Dharma. I'll go far out and suggest that the 'Statue' they talk of has something to do with Ann Arbor, possibly the one we seen in the Swan orientation video?

I would love to read your comparison between Star Wars and Lost when all is said and done after season 6.

"May the force be with you, always"

Anonymous said...

Dear E.

I think I´m one of your new readers.

My brother, a old reader, showed it few weeks ago. Both of us are from Brazil.

The way you write and the way that you talk about lost --and other things, sometimes I read your another blog-- it´s amazing. Shame on me that I don´t know the exactly english word to say it, but your writing it´s somekind of charismatic. It even make may day better.

Sorry about the bad english,


Brian said...

Much like the movie Memento, in which the writers used a certain storytelling technique to allow the audience to understand what it feels like to have no short term memory, I think Darlton have succeeded in allowing us to EXPERIENCE their view of time. I realized that when you go back and watch the pilot, 2004 events seem like just something that happened at one point in time. It doesn't feeling like the beginning of anything anymore. Just something to appreciate before our minds are blown once again by the last 4 episodes.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if the "twins" you mentioned are Jack and Claire. Although they're not twins they are brother and sister and just they way we found out about it had kind of a Star Wars feel to it =u)

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I just subscribed to your blog today and had to throw in a question from the episode before:

I instantly got confused when Ben kidnapped Alex from Rousseau, because how in the world could Rousseau not remember the man who stole her baby when she captures him in her trap in Season 2? All she tells the Oceanic survivors is not to trust him & that he is definitely one of the Hostiles. Wouldn't she have wanted to kill him right then & there? I'm having a hard time swallowing that she couldn't remember Ben. Thanks!

Island Boy said...

Oh, and on the holes in the skulls being over opposite eyes, could it be another of the many symbolic "reflections" we have seen throughout the show?

newfoundglry524 said...

Hey Erika, excellent blog as usual, was just passing a small theory of mine along to ya...Could Felix (the body that Naomi had Miles do his "audition" on) be the same man from the Red Sox tape that Ben showed Locke in "The Other Woman" way back in Season 4?...Miles claimed Felix was on his way to see Widmore and in the tape we saw Charles beating up a random guy, to the point of death maybe? Just somethin I thought of and wanted to hear your thoughts, thanks E.

Sherlock938 said...

Awesome recap, Erika. Thank you.
Being a new reader from Berlin, I will recommand your blog to other german losties.
As to Illanas and Brams team, they must represent an third party. I'm still wondering, why they spent nearly 3 years to actually get to the island. As they kidnap Miles they sound, as if they plan to leave "next morning".
Sorry for my english, keep up the good work.

Craig said...

I have been reading your old posts and noticed in Season 2 it talks about a 'leak' in the Swan station which is what the timer is for. Sayid also mentions about Chernobyl so I am definitely thinking Jughead is buried there and leaking still, like when we seen Faraday try to fix it. The button when pushed then somehow safely releasing this electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere, but then it all goes wrong in Season 2 finale and the sky turns purple because too much energy is released at once.

Anonymous said...

hey e...great write up as usual! do you think dead alvarez's body was claimed by the Hostiles, just like they claimed paul's? or maybe chang is using corpses for experiments. Oh! that just geve me a thought...since chang was all upset about the two number 15 bunnies touching each other, maybe the only way grown up miles can come into contact with younger miles and not bring doom on the island is if grown up miles dies first. ok...that's crazy...

Anonymous said...

“Growing up in the '80s with a brother five years my junior, I had no choice but to "play Star Wars" throughout my childhood. I mean, who else was going to be Princess Leia?” This is great! I have a sister who is 7 years younger than me and when we were kids, I dressed her up in my toy football pads and helmet and we played football.
I think the SOTS group is definitely some form of Dharma. The ‘hole in your heart’ line pretty much sealed if for me. Anybody that worked for Ben or Widmore would be happy to PUT a hole in your heart if you didn’t do exactly what they said, not drop you off unharmed after the little chat.
I think Juliet’s line, “Well... here we go.”, has to be one of the best of the season. What it meant and the way she delivered it, were just awesome. She KNEW this day was coming and wasn’t really scared of it happening. She almost always seems to be in control of whatever situation she is in. I truly hope she doesn’t get killed off. I will not be a happy camper.
I eventually read the whole chat from the other night. Ya’ll were great. I especially liked the poles. Funny stuff!
Great post as always Erika.
- Bert

LostFan said...

The Ace of Cakes episode is going to air May 9. I can't wait. I have it Tivo'd.

LostFan said...

Thank you for clearing up the 3.2 million. Now it makes more sense. I think you are right that Miles thinks Bram works for Ben.

Matt in Dallas said...

Alright. I think Hurley tries to blow up the hatch, and somehow HE is the reason for the numbers being recited and used with the countdown.
Likewise when Miles touches his baby version, THAT is what causes him to be able to see/speak to the dead.

Point being that every mystery is caused by themselves.

Great Post. You rock.

Roland said...

Welcome back, Erika. The LIve Blog was fun!

Re: your explanation of the timing of Daniel's Orchid Work Man stint, I agree that, based on the existence of Baby Miles, that this clip must date from after Dan emerges from the sub.


Why would Celebrity Dan - an esteemed Ann Arbor Scientist, greeted at the dock by Dr Chang himself - why would Dan feel the need to try to work incognito in the basement of The Orchid. And ... how could he believe that Dr Chang wouldn't recognize him?

Roland said...

Regarding the "Shadow Team": note that the bodies were dug up in Thailand - the home of Achara and her people. Achara was not supposed to give Jack her true Mark - and she seemed to know who Christian was - and seemed not to want to discuss him. I'm thinking there's a connection between Achara's peeps and Ilana's peeps.

KFell said...

Excellent blog! There's a good chance you've seen this, but couldn't pass up an opportunity to pass it along:

Jonie Fresh said...

Hey! First of, let me say that I LOVE your blog on Lost!!! And well second of all i wanted you to know that the whole "Seanie B" situation is just so childish and stupid! i mean seriously did he think he was going to get away with YOUR stuff, honestly!

Well enough about that! I enjoy reading your posts almost as much as watching the show :D and well i have a little theory of my own...What if Miles does actually come into contact with his younger self, creates the "incident", dies because of it however leaves his babyself with the powers of "talking to dead people"? Maybe if two biological enteties [one being the other's future/ past self] come into contact with each other, this could be the side effect? This can also be the reason why Pierre Chang gets convinced that the Losties + Miles + Daniel + Juliet are from the future and thus has a "credible source" refering back to that comic con video and etc ect... eh? eh? not too shaby if i do say so myself! :D

Alright! Can't wait for episode 100 and of course your recap!

Dee said...

When I heard the question "what lies in the shadow of the statue", I immediately thought "The well" because we saw Sawyer & Co. standing behind the statue, at the well.

But no one else has come to this conclusion, so I must be wrong, but doesnt that seem the most obvious answer?

Anonymous said...

"...two versions of the same living being touched each other..."

If there's one thing I learned from the Jean Claude van Damme classic, TimeCop, it's that two versions of the same living being cannot touch one another.

Could the entire run of Lost be an homage to TimeCop? One can hope!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.....I had your page saved for a long time......I watched Seans vids also....believe it or not, didn't put it together...Oh well.. fun read as always....PS videos are still up season 4 here is a link.....

At least you can see how he did "his work" GB

Jacob said...

First off, thank you E for another great episode recap;
Secondly, "Matt From Dallas" made an awesome point and I'd like to add a thing or two;

I think the numbers are used in the computer because of the simple fact that they are the serial number for the hatch door (it makes it easier for people to remember them). And the numbers are also brodcasted to ensure that whomever hears them will be able to enter them into the computer (and perhaps the recording used to be longer but for some reason parts of the brodcast are missing).

And it definitely seems likely that Hurley would try to destroy the Swan Station and this leads the incident which leads to the timer which leads to the brodcast which leads to Hurley hearing the numbers in the institution, and so on and so on.

So in a attempt to destroy the "curse of the numbers" Hurley instead is the cause of it.
And hence why the numbers are always "following" him throughout his life.

And to take it a step further into crazy town, maybe Hurleys' purpose in life (and his purpose on the Island)is to cause this incident and once that task is done he "can go now" and he'll be free from the numbers.

Brasco said...

Things continue to get good, I love how they still find ways late in the series to answer one question and propogate 3 more for us to ponder. Great comments so far and I agree with most of my fellow commenters.
Anon- I agree on Rousseau not recognizing Ben, I still feel she knows more and is more involved in the long term story.
Dee- Like the "Well" answer, big shadow to reach it, but makes sense based on what lies beneath the well and the improtance or the donkey wheel. I don't know the relationship between the location of the temple to the statue location either, but if I were going to build a tricked out freaky temple, I would build a big statue dude to "gaurd" it. I am sure there's a Home Depot nearby.
Matt in Dall- I think Hurley does trigger the number stuff that somehow spreads to all the weird occurances of the numbers elsewhere in his life. This sort of supports my theory that many of the 815'ers that survived and have played important roles in the show and on island were drawn or encouraged to be on that flight to get them to the island for various purposes, whether by Abbadon or someone/thing else.
I am intrigued by the third group too. Other than being masked and hooded and swiping miles off the street (and ruining a perfectly good fish taco) they were calm and collected in Bram's discussion and spoke more philosophical in nature versus threats of people dying and repercutions if he did or didn't go. A little different than the tough guy look on island as Ilana and Bram look to set up shop so to say. My theory on this at least this week is that Ilana and Bram, the other guys working with them are all about the same age. Let's say 30ish. The show keeps bouncing back between many characters childhoods and then as adults, along with several references early in the show with Walt and later in flashbacks of the Darhma kids and now with Miles abilities about the importance of the kids. I am wondering if Bram, ilana, and the other group are the grown up versions of the Dharma kids? Maybe Dr. Chang wasn't the only one who sent their kids off island in the 80's and now they are trying to get back or protect the island someway. There were several people who felt Abbadon might be grown up Walt, a bit of a stretch, but now we now two ages of the same person can exist together and when locke met with Walt off Island, Abbadon stepped away for a moment. Not sure but it could be?
Anyways, love the show, love your insight and humor which is by all means can nevefr be truly copied by anyone!!!
Thanks for your efforts!

Simen said...

I've been enjoying your summaries for a while, but I'd like to bring up something non-Lost-y that's been bothering me since I first noticed it. In your footer, you first write that this blog is licensed under a Creative Commons license, and then, "Reproduction of any content on this site is forbidden without express consent of its author, Erika Olson." Surely you're aware that the CC license explicitly states that everyone is free "to copy, distribute and transmit the work", provided it's credited, noncommercial and unaltered? Since you've licensed it under that license, you can't also say that reproduction is forbidden without express consent -- that license *is* consent! That's the whole point of the license!

Now, after that (which I didn't write to be an ass), something more related to Lost: I'm attracted to the idea you briefly mention that Hurley's rewriting of the Star Wars script was a subtle clue. Part of it is wishful thinking, certainly, since I hope "Whatever Happened, Happened" isn't as b/w as some would have it. But also, if Hurley is such a huge Star Wars fan, what's the likelihood that he would make the timeline mistake? Unless that was a mistake on the part of the Lost writers, the theory that Hurley's version of events was how it unfolded in the 1980 of his original timeline (before his changes) doesn't seem completely impossible.

Rachie said...

I think that when the mysterious voice behind the camera from the Comic Con video (probably Faraday and Sawyer) told Dr. Chang that all of Dharma was going to die in a purge from the others, Chang sent his wife and son off the island to save them.

Charlotte said...

Great recap, Erika. However, I don't think that the recap show counts as confirmation since that's done by ABC rather than the Lost producers.

About Danielle recognizing Ben: she saw him for a few seconds, by firelight, sixteen years previously. No one's memory is that good.

Simen - the key words in your post are "provided it's credited, noncommercial and unaltered." That's called fair use, which Seanie B violated by not crediting the original authors when he quoted their writings verbatum.

Back to theories:
I like the idea of the Ilana/Bram group being DHARMA. The past/present parallel structure of the DHARMA season would be consistent with Lost's storytelling techniques.

Josh R said...

Did you know that someone changed the wiki page for Star wars: Empire strikes back. It says Hurley is the only writer, it probs says this cause I just changed it :D I know inmature.

Simen said...

Charlotte, I'm not talking about this Seanie B guy. I don't doubt he violated the license. I'm just saying that, in general, because of the way this blog is licensed, I can redistribute its contents noncommercially without asking first, so long as I credit Erika and don't change anything. In other words, I don't need any further "express consent" than the Creative Commons license, provided I abide by its conditions. That's why I object to the last sentence in the footer, "Reproduction of any content on this site is forbidden without express consent of its author, Erika Olson." It annoys me because the whole point of the CC license is to give people permission to share!

By the way, that's not called fair use. If this blog weren't licensed under the Creative Commons license, and I reprinted its contents verbatim, with credit, I probably would be violating some intellectual property right or other. Fair use is, say, quoting a blog post you're linking to, or using screenshots of Lost in your posts about Lost, and so on.

But now, being a Lost fan, not a lawyer, I'm not going to waste more effort on this. Not having any plans to redistribute this blog, my gripe is more in principle than related to any practical concerns.

Melissa said...

I'm very distressed by this news. He is one of the best characters on the show.

Anonymous said...

Wuz up, e!

Haven't written to you in awhile. Your recaps this season have been awesome, as usual.

After the series has ended next year, I'm convinced we'll look back to Season 5 and view it as primarily a setup for the final season of the show. While I absolutely LOVE this series to death, I must admit that I have found myself not as riveted to the stories and characters this season as in season's past. Not trying to flame, just keeping it real. :)

However, I'm excited for the last few episodes of this season, as things seem to be heading into a more interesting direction, one that will surely lead into a fantastic finish of the series next season (kind of like Season 2 into Season 3).

I can't wait, and I look forward to continuing to read your fantastic write-ups each week.

Take Care,

another e

Chissock said...

I got here after the "Seanie B thing", and altough I liked his videos very much, reading your blog and knowing those were your ideas all along makes me feel kinda guilty for praising him.

Anyways, great blog, I'll be following you from now on :)

e said...

Simen -

Yes, you're totally right about the sentence I added to the copyright verbiage. However, I added that sentence because 1) as I learned the hard way this past month, most people do NOT understand copyright law and I'd rather just have them contact me if they'd like to use any of my content. That statement at the end is much clearer than the CC verbiage, and 2) the details of the CC license dictate that anyone who wants to use the content on a site with the license should attribute the content in a way specified by the author. You can see that here:

I chose to leave out how to credit my content and instead added the sentence that I hoped would simply convey that I want people to contact me first, and 3) I've seen this sentence added on other sites much more visible and professional than mine, so I figured they knew something I didn't.

So basically, I wanted the verbiage at the end of my site to indicate that I am open to having my content used as-is on non-commercial sites, but that people should check with me first before doing so in order to learn how I would like the content sourced/credited.

After talking with a few IP lawyers over the Seanie B mess, it turns out that I actually didn't even need to have a CC license posted on my site at all... once the content is created and published on the web or anywhere else, it's covered under copyright law. But since this is such a confusing topic for so many people, I felt like I should not only have the logo and the verbiage, but also add my very clear and understandable statement at the end.

I hope that somewhat explains my thought process!

- e

Regina M said...

I was watching The Butterfly Effect for the first time this weekend and I noticed some similarities to Lost and think that this movie is a hint that they can change the future by making small changes to the past. When Evan has flashbacks the sound used is very similar, if not the exact same, as the flashbacks for Lost. When he figures out how to get back to the past to change the future he has a flash of light and a noise just like the ones in Lost and he comes back out of it in a different place with a nose bleed. You may have already known this, but I just wanted to put this out there. Thanks.

e said...

A few thoughts on some of the other comments on this episode:

- It does seem a bit weird that Danielle doesn't appear to recognize Ben as the same guy who took her daughter when she captures him in the net 16 years later. However, he was sporting that bad toupee back then, it WAS 16 years ago and at night/in the dark, and since I can't sometimes remember people I met two weeks ago, I'm going to let this one slide.

- Regarding Felix... I guess he could be the same guy that was on the video Ben showed Locke... however, the guy who Ben captured on video was supposedly one of Ben's men who had been caught by Widmore. Whereas Felix seemed to be one of Widmore's men... or perhaps a double-agent or something. I don't think this is something we'll ever know for sure...

Matt in Dallas - Yes, I think it would fit very well with the circular nature of the story line (and maybe even the time line) if Hurley somehow caused the numbers to be "cursed," if Miles was responsible for his father kicking his baby self and his mom off of the Island, etc., etc. Another example is Locke and the compass. Where did that compass ever actually originate? It's been passed between Richard and Locke so much through time that it's impossible to track who it started out with. Locke may have ended up the leader of the Others because he TELLS Richard, "Hey, you gave me this compass because I'm going to eventually be your group's leader..." All in all, confusing but cool.

- I maintain that the answer to "what lies in the shadow of the statue" probably won't be anything important. I think it's just a way to identify members of the SOTS group.

- e

Sharon said...

Maybe our beloved losties DO end up in the Dharma pit! They are in their own future and as Daniel and Miles say.....They can die anytime. Are there any good pit photos to see if Jack Workman or Hurley Chef or Juliet Mechanic are in there?

Anonymous said...

I'm chalking Danielle not recognizing Benry because, originally, it looks like the part of Ben was supposed to be someone other than Michael Emerson but because he was so popular they made his character the head of the Others instead of introducing new one =)

Shelley said...

"You're just jealous my powers are better than yours."
LOVE it, been saying it all week. E, I don't know how you do it each time, but I'm sure glad you do!

Charlotte said...

Simen - Actually what I described is fair use, the citing of another's copyrighted work with acknowlegment for purposes such as review or scholarship. Fair use has to do with copyright law and not the Creative Commons license. It's also extremely complex, and also protects parody.

Back to "Lost":
What lies in the Shadow of the Statue? Exotic matter.

Sean said...


Love your recap, as usual. What a picture to start with! I had the Wampa figure too, and now that my son (almost 8 years old) loves Star Wars, I got him one off of eBay.

And the Tauntaun sleeping bag is the best ever!


mdmellis said...

Great job, as always. I believe there is a third group. My guess, like yours, is with the New Dharma; but for the sake of argument another possible instigator is Mr. Paik. He's certainly got money and power behind him.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember ... did Hurley ever explain to the other Losties that he used them to win the lottery?

I know he said the numbers were "cursed", but do any of the 815-ers know how he used them?

Maybe the island doesn't want this number sequence used off-island, so it won't let him enjoy the spoils of his wins..

drew said...

E - great recap, glad to see you are getting more and more hits. You deserve it...

winter said...

After watching the sheany-show I got to know your blog and really like it... (I have to say, that I always kind of wondered if his moments of more elaborate speech were done by someone else...)

Another thing that urges me to comment is some detail that got stuck with me..
Maybe someone mentioned this already, but at some point in season one a plane dropped a crate with food on the island at night.
The crate was found by the losties and filled with food supplies (if i remember correctly they had a dharma symbol on it).. so I thought it could make sense that the Ilana/Bram group are indeed neodharma and this plane might have been there for them...
Something that also irritated me is how this plane could have known where the island is after learning later its not easy to approach...
As said i hope to remember this incident right ... any ideas..?
thanks for blogging anyways..

desilu said...

Not an entirely fleshed out theory but just some thoughts....

I think Miles not being able to communicate with those who are cremated might be important.

It may be why Chang wanted the body. If Miles somehow has an ability the island gave him, maybe an ability that some of the "others" have, Chang might know about this and want to burn the bodies.

If this is true, it might coincide with the "Amy is an other" theory because she was adamant about burying the bodies right away. If the others could communicate with the dead, the way Miles can, AMy would want the bodies to be hidden from Dharma (because they would burn them=no communication), and Am would want to alert the others to the fact that there were new inhabitants to the island.

Like I said, not entirely fleshed out yet, but just some thoughts.

Synchromystic Librarian said...

my $ is is on that SOTS are a secret club of Other's offspring and DI offspring working TOGETHER for what's best for the island instead of following their silly parent's notion of DI vs Others

Synchromystic Librarian said...

i'm wondering how come dan's jumpsuit is now black but in the season opener it was the standard issue beige (or whatever color they are)

Ricardo said...

Hello, I just wanted to add that I also lean towards the dharma initiative being the third party interested in the island. I was watching the old episode from season 2 when Locke and Kate enter the hatch and encounter Desmond. Remember Desmond asked Locke, "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" and Locke doesn't know the answer? That's how Desmond knows he's not his replacement. I think The Dharma people from off the island have code talk. They must be Dharma and possibly are back on the island now (With Ilana and Bram) because they received Chang's video, which could somehow tell the new Dharma which plane would take them TO the island. that is if Jack's 1977 team told Faraday and Faraday told Chang and Change mentions it somehow. Just some thoughts.

drallabg said...

Waiting for your next piece of work....promise I won't steal it! Hve a great weekend!

warmislandsun said...

I am so jealous of your Star Wars toys!