Tuesday, May 04, 2010

S6Ep14 - The Candidate

Hello my dear friends -

For the first time ever, I'm going to attempt to write a post while watching the show. We'll see how it goes... but I figured this strategery might allow me to share a few more thoughts than I would've been able to if I waited for another chance to break away from my book manuscript.


So Locke's in recovery... Jack tells him he fixed his ruptured dural sac... AND... did Jack fix EVERYTHING, like I'd hoped? Can Locke walk again? No. My prediction was totally wrong. I guess I should've known that a surgeon couldn't just operate willy-nilly on his emergency patients. I was also wrong (I think... hard telling at this point) about predicting that Locke would remember all of his Island existence. Doesn't seem like that's the case.

Nearly all of Jack and Locke's conversation was dripping with double-meanings, however, as Jack went on to explain that Locke's "a candidate" for a new type of surgery. "I think that I could fix you." But Locke wasn't interested. WHA!?!? Then Helen busts in and gives Jack a big ol' hug. "Thank you for saving him." (Cue oh-so-ironic parallel/switcheroo to the Island timeline, where (Fake) Locke had just saved Jack.)

In the next flash, Jack pays Bernard a visit. Huh? I thought he was gonna ask for braces for his kid or something. But the plot thickens... it turns out Bernard had worked on Locke three years prior, and that the accident Locke was in also involved his father, Anthony Cooper (though Jack didn't know it was Locke's dad at that point). Jack was like... "How can you remember all of this stuff from three years ago?" and Bernard acted all strange about it. Bernard was very bizarre and had an eerie quality to him, don't you think? He remembered Jack from the plane, on top of all of this. I almost got the sense that Bernard's kind of like Desmond, and is somewhat of a "guide" for Jack. Especially since he ended with, "I hope you find what you're looking for." (A line that has been used A LOT on this show, by the way.)

Now Jack's at a nursing home trying to visit Anthony Cooper. But Helen's there and begs him to leave things alone. "You saved his life... why can't that be enough?" "Because it's not. I'm TOTALLY Type A, woman!"

Helen relents and they enter the community room. Oh, #)#*. Here comes the sad music. I don't wanna look, I don't wanna look, I don't wanna SEE THIS! Crap. There he is, ol' Papa Locke, in a vegetative state. How is it that I'm feeling sorry for the very man I once despised?

Now Jack's bedside with Locke again, and Locke's spewing out lines from the Island. The button! "I wish you had believed me!" Consider me to be freaking out!

But then Claire had to show up and ruin it all. Now she's showing Jack a weird box their dad willed to her. And they're realizing that they were both on Oceanic Flight 815. The box plays "Catch a Falling Star"... the song Claire's been associated with since Season One. But she doesn't know what the box is supposed to mean to her. Neither do I.

Now we're back in the hospital. Locke's being released, and did a double-take when Jin walked past. Now Jack is trying to say good-bye to Locke. And now we get the story behind "the accident." Yes, my heart stopped when he said "I was in a plane crash." CURSE YOU, writers!!! This episode was just waaaay too full of those trickster moments. Thankfully, before my mind exploded, Locke explained the HE was flying a plane and his dad was his first passenger... and something went horribly wrong.

Then came what I dare say was one of the all-time best Jack/Locke moments. Jack tells Locke that both of their fathers are gone, and that they have to let go. "What happened, happened." He asks Locke to go first by having the new type of surgery. Locke's still telling Jack to talk to the hand. He wheels himself down the hall, but pauses -- confused -- when Jack yells after him, "I wish you'd believe me." I seriously can't even deal with this episode. It is so awesome.


What? The MIB crew already made it over to Hydra? And STILL no outrigger shoot-em-up?

Kate's not on the list -- Widmore and Sawyer confirm this. Whether or not we should believe them in another story -- but for right now I'm choosing to. Everyone's thrown in the fishbiscuit cages, but no one feels like doing any tricks in order to get a snack. They learn that the Smokey-proof fence isn't live yet. Uh oh.

Over on the beach, Sayid informs Jack, "He saved you." Conveniently, everyone else has dispersed and it's just those three left. Jack tells Fake Locke he's not leaving the Island, and asks why he should trust him. Fake Locke replies, "Because I could kill ALL Y'ALL!!! (But I didn't.)"

In the cages... Sawyer says, "I feel like we're runnin' in circles." Is that a hint, perhaps? The Time Loop Theory lives on!

Sawyer tells Kate about the Cave o' Names and that "Austen" was there... but had been crossed out. Doh.

Sun and Jin talk about Ji Yeon, and Sun gives her husband back his ring.

All the power goes out. Lapidus: "Uh oh." Classic. This is just like a horror movie, damn. Smokey sounds. And... there he is. Don't peeps know you can't SHOOT smoke? Silly. Kate's trying to reach the key, Lapidus is attempting to kick down the door. But Jack is there to save the day, and as he looks back at Smokey fading off into the jungle he says, I'm with him." Hilarious.

Next... HOLY EFF... the MIB is DONE playin' games! "OUT MY WAY!!!" he yelled (not really) as he quickly dispatched three Team Widmore dudes. Then he checked out the Ajira plane, which appeared to be wired somehow. Aww, crap... is he gonna blow it up mid-air with all of them on it? And since he was looking for something in the luggage... did HE set it there before the flight? Was he in Locke's body waaaay earlier than we all thought?

Um, no. No, he wasn't in Locke's body pre-Ajira. Or at least I think he wasn't. Who knows. But now Fake Locke's claiming that WIDMORE wired the plane. And so now they have to take the sub. And there goes Sawyer's Plan B.

Claire apologizes to the MIB while Sawyer asks Jack to make sure Fake Locke doesn't get on the sub. I'm seeing where this is going. Everyone else will end up leaving, Jack becomes the new Jacob because he stayed behind and stayed true to the Island, and MIB (in Locke's form) remains the Island Baddie. So it's like there will be a new Island defender and a new Island villain... but not really, 'cause it's still the MIB. But that's what the writers will want us to think it's like -- Jack and Locke taking over the roles of Jacob and the MIB.

OK, now the gang's all at the sub dock. I have a bad feeling about this. No peeps better die, dammit! My husband asked: "Why didn't they have Locke go first?" Because they wanna leave without him, silly! It is really weird to me that Locke made sure Jack put his backpack on before running off. What is up with guys and their backpacks on this show lately?

Sawyer and Lapidus go into the sub. Oh lord, is the sub gonna blow up?? I'm scared! I can't take it! OK, phew, Lapidus and Sawyer cleaned house and are still safe.

WHAT!!! Jack pushed Fake Locke in the water and Kate got shot?!?!?! Claire is taking suckas out like nobody's business. She would make Rousseau proud, god bless her. Locke is emerging from the water like a bald-headed, pissed-off fiend. Did I mention he is PISSED? And he can't be destroyed!!!

This is insane. And guess what. Jack's now in the sub with the rest... Claire was left behind, as was the MIB. But the joke's on the 815ers because, as the MIB told Claire, "you don't wanna be on that sub."

Kate's not lookin' too good. Jack opens up his stupid backpack to find... oh. There's a bomb in there. Now a whole bunch of stuff is starting to make sense. I really wish Jack would've taken a line from Madonna and Justin Timberlake, looked up at Sawyer and said, "We only got four minutes to save the world!"

Sayid better summon ALL of his skillz right about now!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[e clears her throat.]

So, um... this real-time thing failed me when things went from "Insane" to "Huh? What? Did That Just Happen? No It Didn't. Oh Hell, It Really Did. I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing."

You all know what I just watched for the last fifteen minutes. And you all know why I'm bawling my eyes out. I seriously can't even process what just happened. I guess I always knew He of the Black Tank Top was not truly gone -- that he was still in there behind those dead eyes -- and that he would rise up again and end up sacrificing himself to save everyone else, but damn. I was not ready for it. I was NOT ready for it tonight. And I'm definitely in denial about it. So I will speak of it no more.

Lapidus? Gone. WHAT?

Sun and Jin? WHAT?!?! Don't even get me started. I honestly, honestly, HONESTLY thought that after they were like, "I love you" and "I love YOU!" that the barrier pinning Sun back would magically loosen. I thought that the lesson we were learning from Desmond's last episode was, "Love conquers all." Instead we got Titanic, the Sequel. I thought that at the very least Sun would say, "You MUST save yourself so that our daughter has a father." But there wasn't even any talk of Ji Yeon. I just don't get it. I'm just beside myself with sadness and confusion.

Now Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley have reconvened on the beach. Too sad. OH HURLEY NOOOOOoooo. Hurley can't lose it!!! Shit. This just sucks. Now Matthew Fox is going for his all-time best man-crying performance. Are they trying to kill me? Are they trying to kill ALL Lost fans???

Back over to Claire and Fake Locke. "It sunk." How does Fake Locke know some people are still alive, though? And now the preview. Oh. Dear. God. The preview rocked!


This episode shocked me. It made me cry my eyes out, but I loved it. I think it's my second-favorite episode of the season. (The first is not what you think it is. And I name it in the podcast I link to below.)

Now I almost feel like the alternate timeline HAS to be the one that wins out. This is the first time I've felt that way. Before I always had in my head that it would just be awful if the Island timeline never existed... or if it existed in some form, at some point, but none of our beloved characters could remember it. But, I mean, are they really gonna have Ji Yeon be parentless? That's all I keep thinking about -- it just doesn't seem right. Jack is clearly going to be the next Jacob, because Sayid pretty much told him he was. I don't know how Sayid knows this, but I'm figuring they're not going to have made his LAST WORDS be meaningless, you know? Crap, there I go talking about Dead Sayid again. Enough.

Now we're left with no way off the Island for the 815ers. The sub is gone, Lapidus isn't around to fly the plane, and who knows if the plane could even take off in the first place. I can't help but think that SOMEONE, somehow, has to kill the MIB for all of this to truly be "over." And where in the hell are Richard, Ben and Miles? Oh yeah, they're going to be taking the outrigger over to Hydra and getting shot at by the time-traveling Losties. DAHHHHHHH!!!!

Well, that's all I've got. Sorry for all the rambling, hope it was at least better than me writing nothing. I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts about the episode... and if I get a couple of moments over the next week to check into the comments section and add a few more ideas or respond to any questions, I will try to do so.


If this pseudo-post has left you hankerin' for more "e," then you're in luck. The awesome team of Anil from The ODI, Karen from Karen's LOST Notebook, and Danny/Vozzek from Things I Noticed and DarkUFO, were extremely patient with my timing constraints and waited up late, late one night last week to record a podcast with me after I returned from the Nightmare on Elm Street screening (which you know I wouldn't have dared go to if it weren't for my redbox gig!).

We had a great time talking about our predictions and hopes for the rest of the season, and -- of course -- a lot of that discussion had to do with my man Locke. I believe it's about an hour long, and there are no spoilers during that time. After my segment, Andy, who runs DarkUFO, joins the team, and they don't talk about spoilers for the remaining time, either.

Take a listen here, and thanks once again to Anil, Karen and Danny for including me!

ONE MORE THING: Did you hear the finale was extended by thirty minutes? There's just That. Much. Stuff. to cover. So it will be from 9 - 11:30 PM ET on Sunday, May 23rd. How can it not be epic?

Alright, that's REALLY it -- I've kept writing for an additional 37 minutes after the show ended -- I'm so naughty!

- e


Anonymous said...

i too am going to be feeling empty and sad for the rest of the week. what an episode. i loved it even though it made me feel so depressed. i think you might be right about Richard, Ben and Miles and the outrigger scene yet to happen.
i think you did an excellent recap while watching the show too.

Matt in Dallas said...

What an amazing episode! And a great recap!!!

Television Lady said...

I love your live-blog. I think it's a great idea.

I too bawled. The minute Sayid snatched that bomb I KNEW he was going to be the hero (PEOPLE CAN COME BACK FROM THE DARK SIDE, YOU KNOW, ANAKIN?)

and i never quit through the rest of the whole thing. Jack figured out that Smokey can't kill them. . . I am so proud of him, the new MAN OF FAITH!!!!!!
So are we to presume that because Miles is still around there is one last dead person who will need to communicate something? ILANA?

I am reeling. And pumped beyond belief that they extended the finale by 30 minutes! I saw Damon's tweet last night that they were done and that was almost enough to drive me to weep. . .

I hope Richard can do one last kick ass thing before going out, that will sort of make up for Lapidus not making it.

Jorie (yes, me) said...

Thanks for taking the time to write this, E. My chest is still heavy. I have never cried that much while watching a television show! And, I knew Smocke switched the bags the minute he gave it to Jack - the watch gave it away, too. Strange things are afloat at the circle K. Sayid...sigh, way to go out in style. Lapidus, I am so going to miss his simple charisma. Jin and Sun, oh boy. That was tough. I tell you what, she has made me cry (and cry hard) way too much (the first being when she thought Jin blew up at sea). She is GOOD. Heavy sigh...I am going to be out of town next week, traveling Tuesday (in Hawaii actually, hah), but I think I am going to have to watch this in my room. I will do my best to resist your post. Write away, and thanks again for taking the time.

Super B said...

Huge fan of your recaps, first time poster...
I'm a 31 year-old man and I was bawling my eyes out at the end. The Sun & Jin in the submarine started the water works. Then, when Hurley lost it (no pun intended) on the beach, it hit me even harder. Great ep, great recap, I'm going to get a tissue!

lorilooski said...

Thanks, e, for posting something for us die hards. I was SOOO needing someting tonight before off to bed. I feel like I lost 4 friends tonight. And when Hurley lost it...OMG!

Kia said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this. I cried too, and I also shouted to my husband.... "this is SO Titanic" and "what about their baby?". I am so glad to hear that you were thinking the same thing.

I am still confused with how Sayid seemed to snap out of that Zombie thing... Desmond?

It is also a little weird that Sawyer is still looking for Anthony Cooper and will find him like that. I hope they show that.... I guess.

So much left to happen in so little time! Thank you for an even better than expected quick recap!

Amy said...

Erica, I totally agree with you. Tonight was the first time I started hoping that the sideways timeline will somehow become the new reality.

Thanks for all your posts!

knux25 said...

I don't think i'll ever be able to forgive Darlton this time...

I too hope the alternate timeline prevails. Did you see how happy Locke was with Helen?!?!? If they take that away I might claw my eyes out.

Also mark my words, on the finale Desmond will rise from the well with new electromagnetic superpowers and fight against MIB. You'll see.

Reylloc said...

Uh-oh. I figured it out. Erika - don't read on from here unless you're willing to see the future, because I've got it.
Desmond is the new Jacob. Everyone else MUST die on the island, so that the "alt" timeline can have all the losties, and become the final iteration of the time loop. You MUST have noticed that Des (in the alt timeline) is running around doing what Jacob did - making things happen & putting people together. Bringing Claire to Jack/Ilana, sending Locke to Jack, Sun & Jin to Jack, Kate to Sawyer. It's all coming together like a surprise family reunion, and when they all get together..... and that's as far as I'll go.
`Desmond is too cool & confident in both timelines (the hypercoil session let him see into both timelines) to be anything but the new Jacob. Sad & wonderful, indeed.
The "shared psychosis" is due to the fact that they are all remembering the previous loop(s) of time on the island, before it finally course-corrects to what we've all been thinking is an "alt" timeline. It is the FINAL timeline that is allowed to go on to infinity.
Or not.

Jennifer said...

I love your LOST blogs. You sound exactly like me! I was crying so loud tonight I woke my daughter up. She was asking, you okay mommy? I actually attempted to tell her about Jin & Sun, but I figured she could care less. I just told her I was fine and put her back to bed.
This was probably my favorite of the season. Thanks for putting your "voice" out there tonight. It's comforting to have someone to share this with.

CathyFitz said...

E: thanks for giving me something to ponder before bed. I now can only hope the sideways timeline has everyone alive and happy. I need to see Frank's life now. I weep.

Jennifer said...

I cried so loud I woke my daughter up. She worriedly asked what was wrong. As I put her back to bed I tried to tell her about Sun and Jin and realized she was already back to sleep.
I love LOST and I am really going to miss it. You'll have to post what you are doing for your series wrap-up party. I love your LOST blogs-you think the same things I do. Thanks

MamaJolley said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your recap! I needed someone to share this with - and you're like totally the best person in the world to share it with.
Did I mention, Thank You?!?

Tina Nettles said...

I still say the ultimate convergence in the alternate timeline may be at Locke's wedding. Would they even bother having Cooper at their weddding - well if they were going to bring him to a quickie wedding in Vegas then I guess attending a local one is not a stretch. So I see Sawyer at the wedding (or maybe sooner) finding out Cooper's condition and moving on. Redemption - check.
Did you catch the whole role reversal where Jack became Locke-in-the-hatch-at-the-computer over the bomb, sure nothing would happen if they didn't defuse it (push the button) and having this assumption literally blow up in his (make that Sayid's) face? You have some Sayid on you. So do I.
This episode totally rocked despite the shocking body count of non-redshirts and it seemed there wasn't a line or a scene that we haven't seen before on the show. I think I'd have to watch it 23 times to document them all.
Love the quickie recap - missed the pictures and captions, but you definitely have your priorities straight, but thanks for thinking of us! Good luck with the book!

Anonymous said...

First of all, it is still May 4 as I write this so...
May the fourth be with you.

Secondly, did anyone else think that MIB couldn't change to smoke while he was wet?? He used a gun instead. As smoke, he would have taken care of Widmore's people in short order.

Finally, thanks for the effort, e. Great recap.


Petros said...

Even though I loved the episode, I feel that everything is moving so fast on Lost at the moment that we do not have the time for things to really sink in. There is too much action that the show doesn't really allow us time to actually "grieve" for Sayid, Sun and Jin. I am missing the personal stuff which is one of the reasons that I got hooked on Lost in the first place. Now, there is too much going on, we are all focused on explanations and why this and why that, that the show itself seems to treat its characters like puppets and not real people. I think the stories of this episode should have been split in two episodes, allowing us to enjoy it more.
Still, for a hardcore Lost fan, this was a great episode, but a great 6th season episode, not a great episode overall. I think we needed one more season, to be honest.

LilyLa said...

I seriously have not cried like that in a while! WHY OH WHY Sayid, Lapidus, Sun and Jin??? I couldn't take it and just when I thought it couldn't get any sadder, Hurley cried AND then Jack with his BEST EVER crying!! NO NO NO!!!!! It was too much - I even missed what Locke said and had to ask my husband what he said... I can't even imagine how I will be the night it ends!!
Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your live-blog. As my 2 year old daughter says "THAT WAS...AWE-SOME"
You rock, E!!!

Nick said...

e - Thanks for the great recap. As the eps become "OMG that just happened" as we approach the finale, the typical in-depth analysis isn't as necessary (IMO). This live-blogging sort of thing is actually a bit cooler (and funnier... especially for such an INTENSE episode). Good stuff.

My thoughts:

(1) Jack's "don't fear the bomb" speech had a similar "if we can't live together, we're going to die alone" point to it.

(2) Since his conversation with Desmond, Sayid had definitely seemed more "normal," and I think Claire is starting to act the same way (being concerned about the sub sinking, etc.). It goes back to the point that both Jacob and MIB agree on: You always have a choice. Obviously none of us will ever know the "answer," but I'd guess the writers were thinking that when MIB saved Sayid/Claire, they were "pure evil" zombie types. As they became exposed to the outside world (i.e. their friends), they "remembered" what was really important.

(3) I'm holding out hope on Lapidus. IIRC, he was in a different section of the sub and once the sub was blown open, we didn't see a "Lapidus struggling to swim" type of shot. And certainly not a death scene. I predict Lapidus swims ashore and offers up a classic Lapidus one-liner in one of the upcoming eps.

(4) I'm still wondering about Hurley's role here. During (and prior to) the Lighthouse episode, I was expecting a bit of a switcheroo - that Hurley would say to Jack "I got this," and take Jacob's place because of his ability to communicate with him, etc. Not anymore, obvs.

Thanks again for the post!

ShirtlessLocke said...

Thanks for the post e.

That was such a great episode. So much happened. I didn't expect so many people to die on that sub, I'm really suprised about Jin/Sun - quite a sad death but I don't really care for them. Thankfully Sayid somewhat redeemed himself at the end by showing a glimmer of old normal not-zombie Sayid. Lapidus this season was completely useless - and as was his death, didn't really care for him. I just hoped that Kate would have died by that gunshot wound, but oh well.

Flashsideways were good - nice to see Jack and Locke together again, and am still hoping we'll see alot more of them in the next few episodes. Would be great if Locke takes up Jack's offer.

As for on-island stuff, Jack is just awesome. Not many people left, and the ending with Locke finishing his task was great. Next few episodes are sure to be great.

Katie Kat said...

BAWLING! My hubby was all "Woah" when I walked in the bedroom after the show ended! :(

At least Sayid had a hero's death, and I think we all knew he had to die. Still, WAHHHHH!!

DAMMIT SAWYER! Why can't he just believe someone else for once? GAH!

I was so mad that neither Sun nor Jin said "Oh hey, we have a kid at home, maybe one of us should F'ING LIVE?!" What-evs.

So glad you did this! It's always a blast to read your thoughts - mostly because you tend to think just like I do! Hope we get as much e as we can for the last couple of episodes. But still - WORK ON YOUR BOOK! :)

JetBoy said...

Remember what Charlotte once said..."This place is death!" An intense episode for sure on many fronts.

And hey, if "Ghost Jacob" saved Sayid and Hurley from the temple ambush, how come he didn't do it for them about the sub explosive?

Many thanks, e, for p[laying hooky and writing up your recaps. Gonna miss 'em. Hard to believe still that, well, this is it.

bill said...

I agree with the thought that maybe Lapidus is still alive.


I think that if there is a happy ending in this timeline for anyone, than he has to show up to fly the plane out of there.

And the outrigger scene has me scared...becasue if I am not mistaken, Juliet was the one who fired the shot that took someone out...and knowing this team, the ultimate irony would be that Sawyer would be the one who gets hit.

But I just can't see Sawyer going out like that, if he gets taken out, he is worthy of a big bad smirking Han Soloish moment...not a bullet in an outrigger.

So hopefully they go with the irony of her killing Ben, and not Sawyer...

Billie said...

Did you catch how we saw both Claire and Jack's reflections in the mirror of the music box? What does that mean?

I really didn't catch Lapidus's death either. Still holding out hope that he'll resurface, margharita in hand, Buffet in the background.

Overall, I don't think I'm going to get the happy ending I've hoped for. Sun and Jin's deaths were just WRONG!!! The storylines in the alt timeline aren't doing it for me, but the alternatives are worse. Sigh.

jamesF said...

Really liked the bit where you just wrote : "* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *" I felt the same way too, the deaths were excruciating. I'll miss all of them.

Delilah said...

I think Anthony Cooper was in the process of con'ing Locke but karma won this time. Anthony Cooper is still a bad man, he still caused Sawyer's parents death. So it leads me to believe he was still out there hurting people & trying to get a kidney from Locke. But before he could Locke had this unexplained accident & made him a vegggie-dad. Locke is consumed with guilt but does not have that anger inside of him. Which is why he can still be a good husband to Helen...while paying what he thinks is his punishment by being wheelchair bound.

I just hope Alt Time Sawyer gets to see the real Anthony Cooper. I hope he lets go of the anger. And in the interim is Locke could find out about the real Cooper, it might help him decide to let Jack operate. Jack fixing Locke will also let Jack go of the "guilt" he has for not believing in other time line.

Cecilia said...

This was such an insane episode. OH! I was proud of myself for recognizing the quite minute that Claire and Jack were both looking in the mirror of the music box Christian left for her. You've said that reflections in mirrors are big this season, and I thought that was a clever way to have another one.
And Hurley crying was the most heartwrenching thing ever. I was ok until that point. It was way too painful to see.
I can't believe how everything went down this episode. But I still hold on to faith that some people, like Lapidus (who kicked butt this episode) and Sayid, might make it back. Seriously, I still haven't given up hope on Charlie, although I think its time to...

Anonymous said...

So much for F-Locke gathering his "family" back together...

The THING is evil. Always has. Always will be.

Anonymous said...

One of the best recaps ever for one of the best episodes ever! Thanks!

Mark said...

I'm a big 42 year old male crybaby. I LOVE this show. I wish they could make more like it... some are trying now, but falling short. I don't know what I'm going to watch after this.

BBMPigBob said...

- e
Thanks for posting your live blog. You are my fave and it just isn't LOST without you. But as a previous poster said, you do have your priorities straight: BOOK!! :)

I'm mid-40s male and let me assure you that was I a boo-hooing during this ep. Still want to tear up when I read here and in the comments about Hurley losing it. Man, he did a great job.

thanks again for sacrificing time to write for our enjoyment!

Compassionate Conservative said...

Does the music box Claire got from elder Shephard have any tie in to Rousseau's music box that Sayid fixed? I can't remember all the details, but Lostpedia said she has it when her crew saves Jin in 1988 and then shows up with Jin in "This Place is Death" and with Ben in "Dead is Dead".

Anonymous said...

The live-blogging is Great! Go with it!

Dr. Adam Norten said...

You wrote:
"Now she's showing Jack a weird box their dad willed to her. And they're realizing that they were both on Oceanic Flight 815. The box plays "Catch a Falling Star"... the song Claire's been associated with since Season One. But she doesn't know what the box is supposed to mean to her. Neither do I."

I think that is the same music box that Rousseau had. Another connection between Claire and Rousseau.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi guys -

Claire's music box is not the same as Rousseau's.


Rousseau's has a dancing pair and plays a song from Carmen. Claire's has no figures in it and plays Catch a Falling Star.

- e

Anonymous said...

Something is bugging me about the scene where MIB arrived at the Ajira plane.

He claimed that Widmore planted a bomb but if that is true why did he take the watch off of the guy guarding the airplane?

Either he had advance knowledge/thought that Widmore planted a bomb or MIB planted the bomb. But then why wouldn't MIB just allow the 815ers to get on the plane and then blow them up then?

Any thoughts??
Thanks for the recap.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the real-time recap. We knew you wouldn't desert us.

Why does everybody think Sayid is dead? Fake Locke can't kill anybody. The concensus at my office is that somehow Sayid is alive. That can't be the last time I get to see him in his black wife beater!

Thanks e!

Ernie said...

Hey e,

I like the quick fire, no hesitation post. Good luck finishing the book.

Here are my Thoughts on The Candidate

Unknown said...

Maybe the MIB knew that they weren't all dead because he realised he still couldn't leave the island. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

the last time sawyer and jack disagreed about a bomb, it ended up with juliet dying....no chance sawyer was gonna listen to jack this time.

Reylloc said...

Let me see if I can help clear up some things:

Sayid is indeed dead - SAWYER killed him by pulling the wires out of the C4. If Sawyer had listened to Jack, the bomb would not have detinated - MIB is not ALLOWED to kill any of the candidates directly - and there were 4 standing in the room with the bomb. Alas, the 400lb door that flattened Lapidus held a good man down. He too, isn't coming back from that one.

Also, do not forget that the MIB can read minds - and this would explain why he knew that Sawyer would dbl cross him, AND that the plane was rigged to blow them up. DId the MIB do it? No, he didn't have access to the plane (or C4). Did Miles/Ben/Richard set the trap? No - they wouldn't take the chance of blowing up Jake/Kate/Hurley/etc.
We're going to lose all but one on the island before THE END.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Reylloc - I agree with the first half of your comment, but not the second. I don't believe it's ever been proven, or even hinted at, that the MIB can read anyone's minds. Where did you get that impression from? He's been really good at anticipating people's behavior, but he's never outright read anyone's mind, that I can recall at least.

- e

Aunt J-ha said...

However you can write them- I will read them. My experience last night was pretty similar to yours...

And as Sun & Jin drowned, I turned to my husband as I sobbed & he looked confused (not uncommon during a lost viewing) I asked "What did you miss?" and he replied- "I don't know if I could stay with you & leave our only daughter an orphan or say I'd never forget you & live for our child." I cracked up- Nothing like lost for the moral dilemmas!

Enjoy the rest of our journey & know we're all with you, even if you can't re-cap each episode.

Jen B said...

E, this post totally made me crack up. I loved your minute-by-minute recap of the show, unfiltered, and your confusion/surprise/emotion as the show progressed. You really should consider doing the rest of your recaps this way (provided the rest of the season is not this EPIC).
Did you not LOVE the look in Sun's eyes when she knew of her imminent demise? Oh, the drama. Great, great acting.
I've also heard a theory that Sayid began to make good choices when he didn't kill Desmond in the well, and once Fake Locke was thrown into the water, it broke the "evil spell" from Sayid and Claire, and now they're back to normal.

Michelle said...

Thanks dear e for doing the live blog, it was great, don't know if I could have made it without you, and sharing our collective woe made it a little easier. I have to admit, I didn't cry, but it's only because I can't accept any more death on Lost.
I am holding out for a happy ending FOR EVERYONE, including us fans.
Good for you for your discipline, make sure you keep us updated about your book so we can buy it and return all you've given us!

Jordan said...

dont know if anyone else has said this yet, but its not confirmed that both sun and jin died and since one of the kwon's is a candidate aren't they not able to die? Richard explained to Jack in "Dr. Linus" that since Jacob touched them they cannot die. Jacob touched both Jin and Sun so maybe can they both not die? that obviously seems to not be the case but you never know with this show

Jordan said...

I totally just realized how wrong I am with my last comment since its obvious they can die, just richard cant. my bad

Steve S. said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed that Sun and Jin were speaking English to each other?

At first I thought it might be an attempt by the writers to give the viewers a break from reading too many subtitles. Even though two native speakers of Korean would never speak English to each other in that situation, I still gave the writers some leeway (even though their English dialog was rather stilted). But just before they drown they speak Korean. Sorry, but that was quite distracting for me.

I also was perturbed that neither one seemed to think about their child as they were drowning. Now the kid is going to grow up without either parent because Jin didn't want to live life without Sun? Sorry, the writing left a lot to be desired in that scene.

drallabg said...

May 23rd will be the two months post surgery for the dissection and valve replacement! Not only life but a LOST party enviroment that could compare to a superbowl party at my house!!!! Thanks Erika!!!!!

Sherylm said...

What an awesome effort on your part, e, to write while you were watching that episode. Just reading your recap made me sad all over again. What a gut-wretching story. I don't know if I can take the last episodes if they are going to be like that.

In spite of all my efforts to stay spoiler free between the time the episode aired and when it became available on Itunes and I could download and watch it, I still saw enough to know that someone died but not four of them! No, no, no!

When Demon Locke handed the backpack to Jack, I shouted at my husband, "He's given him his own backpack and I'm sure the C4 is in there" but it didn't prepare me for what followed.

I was actually glad that Jin did NOT leave Sun to die alone...and since Jacob said their love was very important, that gives me hope that the two timelines will merge and the "good guys" and even less good ones who have made peace with their past and atoned for the bad they did will somehow still be around. Starting from Charlie all the way through Sayid. And even the real Locke we know and love. I think that's what Juliet meant when she said "It worked".

And yes, I also think Bernard knows what is going on but in a good friendly way and not like Eloise Hawking.

The crying at the end with Hurley and Kate and Jack was so poignant. But I was afraid Demon Locke was going to shoot Claire, he was so mad. I think Demon Locke knew some of them had lived simply because he wasn't free..the cork is still on the bottle and he's still stuck inside.

My daughter couldn't watch the episode with us tonight and she's expecting me to watch it with her tomorrow night but I'm afraid I'll start crying as soon as it starts. I'd better get my act together before then.

HappyNat said...

Let's face it people. Sun, Jin, Sayid, and Frank are dead and aren't coming back. This was a classic thinning of the herd episode, including Smokey and Widmore's crew. Much easier to wrap up the story if there aren't as many people to write into the finale. All I can say is Frank got the shaft in his death scene.

When he is the smoke monster MIB can read minds at least partially. I think that is what the commenter was talking about. I never assumed he had that power when in human form. I'm sure he would just know when all the candidates were dead because he would be free.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your recap, thank you!
Since the beginning I have wondered about a scene between John and Walt. When John shows Walt the black and white stones and asks him "Do you want to know a secret?" I first thought he meant that the island had healed him, we never learned what he told him, but now that we know more about John, what do you think? I suspect it has to do with the smoke monster.I am questionning everthing about John now....

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if this has already been posted, but I think that Frank is still alive, because he still has to fly the plane..

I just think that it is a fitting bookend, the show started with a plane, and it should end with one too...

mdh said...

hey e...i loved your recap! your real time emotions were great! thank you!

regarding your question as to how the MIB knew not everyone had died on the sub - i think he realized because he was still tied to the island and maybe because he was still in locke's form. with jacob or any of his candidates no longer around to keep him grounded, he would have been able to get off the island, right? or maybe reveal his true form? do you think the MIB would no longer look like locke and his true form would be reavealed if they had all died?

very sad episode...i was holding it together until i saw that tear roll down hurley's cheek...

Anonymous said...

How excited I was to see your post, even though you had forewarned us that there wouldn't be one! I just accidentally clicked on your site-it's bookmarked! And there is was! Didn't miss the photos with captions (although I do love them)-it was just so refreshing to hear your take on this spectacular episode! You are the closest to my heart and I love your summaries/takes. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Remember that sideways John had piloted a plane!

Unknown said...

nothing naughtier than a girl writing about Lost for an exta 37 minutes.

Even if the show ends in the sideways it's not as if the Island timeline ceases to exist. There will always be a Ji Yeon parentless. But what's new? The same thing goes for Aaron and Walt. For me the sideways takes away from the deaths. If you're gonna kill the big stars of the show then make it matter in my opinion.

Em said...

siiigh. How many times do I have to cry at Jin's death(s)?

Thanks for the recap, e! We knew you couldn't stay away. :)

Kelly, UK said...

I don't think Flocke can read minds unless it is the mind of the body he is inhabiting (Christian, Locke). Just because he, as Smokey, had a stare-down with Eko, Richard and a few others, doesn't mean he could read their minds.
I am sure Lapidus, Sayid, Sun and Jin died this time. But we may see them again! It was good to see Sayid 'wake up' and save some Losties.

Really loved the blog this week, it was light relief for me immediately after the devastation and heartache of the episode. Thanks, e.

Rachel said...

Of course I had to bawl my eyes out at this episode, and my mum saying something along the lines of 'its only a TV show!' I'm not gonna put what I replied to that ^_^

Am I the only one who was really miffed about the way Lapidus went out?? He was one of my favourite characters, the one-liners just made the show IMO XD Although, just like @Nick said, we didn't see a 'Lapidus death shot', so I'm still hopeful! *And I hated how Jack etc were only bothered about Sun,Jin and Sayid. I cried when they died too, but nobody even acknowledged poor Frankie's demise! :'( Rant over.

GeoffUK. said...

Great episode, they really are moving the story along at some pace now.
Rae- Agreed Franks death was pretty much overlooked by the survivors. Annoying really, Great character!
Interesting to know what might of happened to the bomb if Sawyer hadn't pulled the wires. I presume If Jacks right and MIB can't kill them it was Sawyer who effectivly killed all four of them!

The way Jack didnt take cover on the dock and stood out in the open with bullets flying everywhere proves his point ( Can anyone kill the candidates but themselves?) Kate was the only one shot (not a candidate)

Cant wait to see how Richard/Miles re-appear.

Is it possible for Richard to appear in the flash sideways?

By the way e, its been confirmed that the Finale over here is Friday the 28th!! Nightmare!!
Five days no internet in a complete information Blackout.

Bye for now.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to quickly say thank you so much for your blog!

Anonymous said...

hi erica. I was wondering if you had thought of getting people to post up their worst possible finale scenario? In other words , what ending to the story would ruin their LOST experience. For me it would be a bobby ewing (not sure how to spell that!) it was all a bad dream shower scenario. I think it would make fascinating reading to see what is making LOST fans nervous in the run up to the finale. Still loving your blog! From paula walshe in carlow, Ireland..

~Karen~ said...

It was SO great to chat about LOST and catch up!!
You're the best!

Gill (UK) said...

No crying here - Sayid's death was like a redemption - how could he have carried on living in that timeline after the pact he made with Smokey with all of the deaths which occurred? I was happy he died like that because it was a return of the old Sayid...which makes me wonder slightly (but only slightly!) about a return of the old Locke in that timeline...?

As for Jin and Sun - it was soi ridiculous that they've been speaking Enlgish that it had the effect of distancing me from any real emotion - you want to tell me they would really have spoken a foreign language in that situation? And like others have said that they were so wrapped up in their love that they would have forgotten the daughter they'd just been talking about?! It was all a bit too Titanic for me...

As for Sawyer pulling the wires and Jack saving him - contrasts with Jack saying the bomb should be detonated and that being the cause of Juliet's death, but Sawyer rejecting him...

Finally - Sayid must have known Jack is pivotal because Desmond knows and told him...whether or not Jack is the final chosen one, I'm not sure because what about the original "prophecy" over Aaron when Claire was looking at giving him up for adoption in the original timeline?

I will be devastated if Kate dies - that was what I found upsetting this episode, although given how dreadful she looked on the sub, I'm struggling to figure out how she had more energy on the beach having just nearly drowned as well!

And Jack's crying...awesome acting - loving his character in these last episodes!

Anonymous said...


I'm a high-school teacher and one of my kids, a baseball player who I talk Lost with all the time, comes up to me. I'm typing on my computer and he asks from over my shoulder, "did you cry? I did." I had to confess that I teared up. We are all becoming Jack.

LostFreak04 said...

Hey E! Just wanted to say I loe ur blog and hope everything is going well with ur book!
I still can't believe this last episode of lost...I have NEVER cried that much in my life...and the next day I was so depressed at work everyone was asking me what happened?! lol So I can only imagine how the finale will be. I look forward to ur finale write up! xoxo =) Oh and Im dying to get some tix to jimmy kimmel live with the lost cast on sun the 23rd! If anyone has some for sale let me know! Much love!

Baltasar Ali said...

E, we cant' forget about Widmore and Ben, I think they're still the key of this game. I think at the end those two will be like "Ok, this time you win (or this time didn't work)... let's do it again, and then Jack is going to be again awakening from the 815 crash. This is it! Somehow the consciousness of Ben and Widmore will jump to the parallel reality and start a new quest for the island.


Baltasar Ali said...

Were is Vincent???????!!

Anonymous said...

Widmore is the one person who truly knows what's going on. He must have found out from Eloise who's been keeping him at arms length for years but has now told him - she must have had an audience with Jacob, directly or indirectly via Richard, once she killed her unborn son. That would be toooo weird not to have an audience with Jacob. Hence at that point they must have worked out what was going on hence all the future monitoring and touching by Jacob, and the planning for what was going to happen when the endgame was reached.

By the way what happened to the supply drop answer we were promised at the start of the series. Is Eloise going to parachute in? Can't see it for such an old lady but you never know! Seriously, something (don't know what) could be parachuted in from her post at the Lamp Post - I wait with bated breath!

Anonymous said...

One other thing. Where is Vincent in the flash sideways? I'm still not convinced he's the only one that's not going to be dead on the island when all's said and done (except perhaps the last candidate - has to be Jack - and Fake Locke).

Much to do about nothing said...

A great episode.

But I am still wondering why are there two list of names, one list in the cave and another in the lighthouse? Was one list created by Jacob, the light house list perhaps, and one by the Man in Black? Why is Kate's last name, Austen, not crossed out in the light house, but is crossed out in the cave?

Val Stevens said...

Surely Smokey is no more Jacob's brother (MiB) than he is Locke. He must be have been just using his form in the same way as he is using Locke's as Jacob's brother is clearly very dead.

So even though I felt really sorry for MiB, the entity taking Locke's form is much more sinister.