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S6Ep12 - Everybody Loves Hugo

Hello my dear friends -

Let's kick off with a few notes concerning my last write-up. Many of you pointed out that when Des was looking at the Arrivals board, Flight 815 actually did have a status ("Arrived") -- it was simply flashing. That's what I get for examining screencaps out of context! Others schooled me in the fact that MRIs do not involve radiation, but rather powerful magnetic fields (which obviously is what would've triggered Des's flashes). And finally, in response to me doubting that Faraday could've connected the dots between his journal scribblings and the fact that he must've detonated a bomb in another timeline, some people suggested that he could've experienced flashes that filled in some of the gaps, but he just didn't share that with Des. I agree that's a reasonable explanation and so I am now at peace with the matter. Phew.

OK, on to "Everybody Loves Hugo." I was happy with this episode because not only did I really enjoy it, but I also felt it didn't introduce a ton of new theories, which makes me feel less guilty about cutting my recap short. Because it's all about me, you know.

Here's my take on this latest hour:

- Did you guys know that in the slide montage at the beginning of the episode, the dog pictured with Hurley was Jorge Garcia's dog in real life, Nunu? He writes about and post pictures of Nunu all the time on his blog. I cheered when the little pooch got his moment in the sun.

- I did NOT see Ilana's violent end coming at all. I think I jumped two feet in the air when she blew up. I have a feeling I am in the minority on this one, though, because even my husband (read: not a crazy hardcore Lost fan) was like, "That was pretty obvious, the way she was tossing around the dynamite." I guess I just figured that since we never got the story on why she was all beat up in that Russian hospital, her time wouldn't be coming to a close in the near future. Now I'm assuming we'll never know what her deal was before Jacob came to visit her.

- That pouch Hurley nabbed from Ilana's things contains Jacob's ashes. I'm figuring that they'll come in handy in the eventual showdown with the MIB.

- Speaking of... Fake Locke is pleased that Dead-Eye Sayid brought Widmore's weapon -- Desmond -- back with him. Des does not appear to know that Fake Locke is not the Real Locke. I thought about this long and hard, and I am SURE everyone's going to jump all over me if I'm wrong, but I think that there really is no reason for Des to assume the bald dude who cut him loose from the tree is anyone but the same John Locke he knew from his previous stint on the Island. Because right before Ajira 316 left, Desmond was in Oxford, trying to track down Faraday... which led him to Theresa and eventually Widmore and then finally Eloise at the Lamp Post Station hidden underneath the church in LA. When Des showed up at that church, he barely talked to the 815ers, so it's not like they would've clued him in to Locke's death. He went into the church, heard like 5 minutes of what Eloise had to say and stormed out. A day or so later he was shot by Ben... and then Widmore abducts him and hauls him back to the Island. So I don't think he has any suspicions about Fake Locke. I mention this because I think it's important when discussing a certain theory a tad later...

- Fake Locke doled out a key piece of info in this episode: that all of the 815ers who returned on Ajira 316 have to be together again in order to leave the Island. I do think it's key they're all together, but I think he's lying about the reason. As I've said before, I don't think he has any intention of leaving on that plane with those guys. I think he has every intention of killing them all, as they're Jacob's "candidates." But the key to his plan must be that he has to do away with every last one of them in order to succeed at escaping (or whatever it is he's trying to accomplish). And that would be easiest to do if he could take them out together in one fell swoop somehow. I don't think he's "allowed" (thanks to the nebulous "rules") to kill them directly, either. So he must have found yet another loophole.

- Fake Locke viewed Des as a threat, so he took him for a nice little moonlight stroll into the depths of the jungle. On the way they saw that Freaky Kid from earlier in the season, who I'm assuming is Young Jacob, though that doesn't really make sense. I just can't think of a better theory. Who else could fluster the MIB so badly? I just can't figure out whether or not that kid is really there or if he's an apparition. I mean, both Sawyer and Des saw him, too. It makes no sense. Freaky Kid kind of looks like Peter Pan, don't you think? (That's it! I've got it! The Island is Never Never Land and the survivors are the Lost Boys! As a Disney fan I am ashamed I didn't figure this out sooner.)

- When the MIB and Des ended up at the well, I thought that the MIB was going to ask Des to go down there and turn the frozen donkey wheel again. I thought that once the MIB learned about Des's electromagnetic-resistance powers he realized that Des could help him escape from the Island, and the FDW was one way to go about it. But once again my husband saw what was coming way before I did. "He's gonna push him down that well." Then it happened like two seconds later. D'oh! And we were delivered yet another ultra-creepy face by Terry O'Quinn. How can he just turn so eeevil-looking at the drop of a hat like that? It scares me.

- Richard was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT the entire episode, which I found hilarious. It's like now that he cares about saving the Island again, he really cares. He was hell-bent on blowing up the Ajira plane, but Hurley put a stop to those plans... and destroyed the Black Rock in the process. I think that was the right call. None of us need to see anyone else go the way of Arzt.
After Hurley lied and said that Jacob told him they needed to go talk to Fake Locke, Richard called him out on it and said that he was headed to the Hydra and that he'd appreciate it if the others stayed out of his way. Ben and Miles were like "We're sticking with the ageless guy."

- So, um, the whispers were quickly explained out of the blue... by Michael, off all people. I'm totally fine with the "answer" that was given -- that the whispers belong to people who died on the Island who aren't able to "move on" -- but it totally does not address why Sawyer heard phrases from his OWN LIFE, like "It'll come back around," when he had his whisper encounter in the Season One episode "Outlaws." Or why the whispers have been heard off-Island. But I never really got too worked up about this particular mystery in the first place, so I accept the given explanation and will cross this one off of the Mystery List.

- While I thought the tail end of Jack's "I gotta chillax" speech seemed a little forced and solely for the benefit of "normal" viewers who hadn't figured that out for themselves already, it was still kind of cool to hear Jack admit that he's a Man of Faith all the way now. Though I had to laugh when Hurley countered, "But what if you not making the decisions gets us all killed?"... because that's kind of what I was thinking. Whether or not you like Jack's character, I challenge you to re-watch Season One and tell me with a straight-face that he didn't do a damn good job of leading the crash survivors through all of that initial craziness. It was INSANE how much he took on his shoulders in Season One... almost comical when you think about it. So we'll see how the 815ers do without him in control. Unless now that he's seen Fake Locke he won't be able to hold back any longer. Which leads us to...

- The final Island scene rocked. Once Des was pushed down the well and Hurley, Sun and Jack started headed toward the MIB's camp, I thought, "Oh crap... the MIB is getting exactly what he wants. Almost nothing is standing in his way now." He's got all of the candidates (minus Jin, whom we must assume is important or else Fake Locke wouldn't care about Widmore having him) and they came to him willingly. Widmore's weapon is out of the way. How will the MIB be stopped? Wouldn't it be hilarious if Hurley just opened up that bag of ash and threw it at him? Would he dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West? But seriously, though, it is quite possible that the MIB might be killed by Jack's stare. That was an intense glare-a-thon goin' down in those last few moments, even though it ended with Fake Locke smirking. I loved it. (Though I did find myself a little sad that it wasn't Jack and Real Locke facing off again... or joining forces like I'd always dreamed/hoped would happen. Sigh. I haven't given up all hope on Real Locke re-emerging somehow, some way, through the MIB, though. Especially after the MIB was engaging in some very Locke-like wood-carving activities earlier in the episode.)

- As for the sideways flashes... I was never a big Libby fan, but was very touched by how they told the story of her and Alt.Hurley's budding relationship. Poignant, indeed. And I loved how Des is the new Jacob and attempted to give Hurley a push in the right direction (which worked) to help him remember the Island timeline. When Libby and Hurley had their kiss, the look on Hurley's face afterward definitely got me choked up. I'm digging how all of this is coming together.

- EXCEPT that I didn't enjoy seeing poor Locke get mowed down by Des. It was kind of funny that Ben was thinking Des was a sicko high school student stalker, though. And did you notice how Alt.Des mentioned that his son's name was Charlie (even though he has no son in the Alt timeline)? That's more proof of what I said last week, that he totally remembers everything in both timelines now. Anyway, when he ran over Locke, I was like "WHAAATTTT THE HEEELLLLLLL!?!?!" I was very upset and confused. My initial thought was that Des did this in order to get Locke and Jack reunited again (at the hospital). But now I think Des did what he did in order to inflict a traumatic/near-death experience upon Locke, as we know from Charlie's experience that such an ordeal can trigger memories of the characters' other lives. And if you watch the end of that scene closely again, you will see Locke's eyes darting around, like he's watching fast-moving scenes. So I suspect that maybe Des's plan worked. But another theory is one my husband brought up to me after I was finished with my What the Hell rant mentioned above. He said he thought Des was trying to KILL Locke because he knew he'd turn into the MIB in the other timeline. But if you really think that theory through, it doesn't make sense because: 1) there's no reason to believe Des knows the guy who looks like Locke isn't Real Locke back on the Island, as I discussed earlier, and 2) how would killing Locke in the sideways timeline help anything, even if Des was aware of the MIB's presence? Real Locke is already dead in the original timeline. Therefore, I'm sticking with the simplest explanation, which is that Des is trying to get all of the 815ers to remember their Island experiences, and he knows that either extremely bad events (getting run over by a car) or extremely happy/emotional events (being kissed by a hot chick) can bring about those memories.

- There were two "brotha!"s in this episode.

Let me end this post by saying that while I enjoyed "Everybody Loves Hugo," I gotta admit that the preview for next week's show was my favorite part of the night. Don't worry, I am not going to spill the scenes that were covered because I know some of you consider the previews to be spoilers. All I'm going to say is that I immediately recognized the cracked-out sing-songy wailing it was set to as Willy Wonka's (Gene Wilder) speech when he and the Golden Ticket winners were cruising through the Tunnel of Doom in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (though technically I believe what was used was the band Pendulum's remix of Wonka's speech in the song "Through the Loop"). Have no idea what I'm talking about? The Lost preview clip is here... and a clip of Willy Wonka scene in question is here -- the speech starts at the 1:18 mark... thanks to Franco C for the link. Anyway, I watched that preview and though, "Holy crap, that looks NUTS." If the episode ends up sucking I'm just going to watch the preview again ten times in a row and call it a night.

One last Lost-related thing for ya... check out the site if you've got a second. Three dudes are going to re-watch the entire series from beginning to end (they're timing it so that they'll run right up to the series finale on May 23), non-stop, in an attempt to not only break a Guinness World Record but also raise $100,000 for charity. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it, but more power to 'em if they can pull it off! Thanks to Anna at for cluing me in about this.

And lastly, I want to give a shout-out to LLL reader drallabg, who shared the tale of his harrowing heart surgery in the comments section of my last write-up. I hope you are doing well, dear sir, and that you're back to 100% in time for the finale. Namaste!

- e


Unknown said...

Hate to kick things off on a down note, but...

I really wanted to throw something at the screen when Hurley "discovered" the source of the Whispers. Such lazy, lazy writing in that scene... not to mention that having Michael there seemed to be a big contradiction, unless one wants to split hairs between "You can go now" and the Island truly being finished with him.

Ilana's demise felt like a similarly convenient shortcut, although at least there Ben was able to put it in a bit of context.

And great, we finally get the return of Libby - but virtually none of what made her compelling in the first place, namely how/why she was in the asylum with Hurley and then somehow went on to bequeath Desmond the boat that took him to the Island.

I swear we're about another couple of episodes away from learning that midi-chlorians formed the Island!

Kia said...

Hey E! I am SO glad that this 34-week belly is keeping me awake so that I got to read your recap right away :) Wonderful recap again... I love them, even bite-sized.

I really loved the episode.... but I, like many others, have to agree that the explanation for the whispers fell flat.

I think that the boy that appeared to MIB and Desmond was older than the first boy that we saw, and this may signify that the candidates are maturing and getting ready to become the next Jacob.

Sun writing on that pad again was annoying.... and what about WAAAAAALLLLLT! !?!?! They HAVE to explain his weirdness. I would even be ok if they handled it as poorly as they did the whispers... just handle it! (And yes, I know it seem impossible since he's like 24).

Anonymous said...

wait.. how could this be posted on Saturday April 10th.. I'm so confused!!! is your blogging software blitzing?

Lorain Be said...

Fab episode again. I'm just enjoying the ride without trying to figure anything out! Only thing I was disappointed by was the well - it looked like some painted polystyrene blocks, and not exactly 'old'.

jepz said...

Erika, change the date of posting of the post, or it will not appear at the beginning of your blog homepage :-)

and as usual, thank you!

Mau said...

zomga! great Recap e~, i love the episode and your recap^^, despite to what most people say i have faith in Locke, Smokie was doom from the start by taking over his persona!

BTW i notice that the date of your recap is wrong, and also notice no comments on your recap...maybe peeps think you havent post one yet!

Anyways Good luck with your book, and cant wait for next episode, that preview was Santa Rosa's INSANE!

Pecma said...

It says this was posted on Saturday April 10th... were you able to see into the Desmond... I mean Future?

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hey guys -

Thanks for pointing out the wrong post date/time. I started jotting down notes in draft mode regarding what people helped me figure out from "Happily Ever After" (the flashing Arrival status, etc) this weekend and Blogger kind of sucks in that it doesn't update from your ORIGINAL start point when you publish a post.

It is fixed now!

Michael - Good point about the contradiction of the Island/Christian saying "You can go now" vs him being stuck currently. I will start a protest with you if they bring up midi-chlorians!

- e

Anonymous said...

I think the most likely reason Des ran Locke over was because, as you said, a near-death experience will get him to flash on his other life. But could it be that the flashes work both ways so when Flocke pushed Des down the well he had a near-death experience that made his alternate self flash on Flocke trying to kill him prompting him to try n kill Locke..?

bill said...

On a completely unrelated note...I have changed what prop I most want from Lost.

I now want a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack Outback Roasters poster.

Unknown said...

One thing, I think Desmond ran over Locke for the simplest reason... revenge. He thought it was the real Locke who tried to kill him by throwing him down the well. I think you might be over analyzing it a bit.

this is us said...

Love the Tinkerbell caption!!! LOL!

Two things...

First, my husband totally saw the Ilana blowup and the well push too! And I was clueless.

Second, did you catch the glance Flocke gave Sayid as the candidates came into the camp? It seemed odd that he would look over at Sayid, and I'm thinking his plan is for Sayid, emotionless he-of-the-black-tank-top, to do the dirty work. But maybe the REAL he-of-the-black-tank-top will leak through and put a kabosh on that? Maybe?

hatch-man said...

love the eppy, love your blogs!

In addition to revenge, push him to Jack, and cause a sideways flash leak, I think Des may have (intentionally or not) fixed Locke's paralysis.

I'll scream out loud if the first moments of next weeks show include John standing up!

whew, how will I make it through the hiatus?

Julie said...

RE: "I don't think he's "allowed" (thanks to the nebulous "rules") to kill them directly, either. So he must have found yet another loophole."

I think MIB will use Sayid to do his killing, just as he used Ben to kill Jacob.

Seems he has been grooming/prepping Sayid to do this. There was even a bit of foreshadowing when Sayid said that he couldn't feel anything any more. The MIB said that might make it easy for him for what's to come. Perhaps what's to come is killing the candidates.

Petros said...

Hello there!

I don't get why people are not satisfied about the "whispers: explanation. What would be a satisfactory one? I think we are too involved with Lost that we are starting to expect something truly shocking happening every minute.

Somehow I don't think that Des was trying to make Locke remember by running him over with his car. What if he really killed him? That is too much of a risk, isn't it? Unless we see in the next episode Des touching Locke and bringing him back to life like the new Jacob that he seems to be.

If he did want to kill him, why would he want that? Based on the assumption that the two timelines will eventually merge, I think that either Real Locke has to die in the alt timeline because he is already dead on the island and Fake Locke cannot possess his body otherwise or Des is trying to change things and that's why he followed Sayid because it doesn't really matter to him since he is conscious of both timelines and plans to kill Locke.

I still think that Jacob's dying was part of the plan. He tells Richard in the Ab Aeterno episode that no one gets in (the statue) unless I invite them in. Fake Locke and Ben got in without anybody trying to stop them. Why is that? Perhaps the time has come for the new candidate and even though at the moment nobody fits the bill 100%, Jacob can't wait any longer. I predict a final scene where Jack (probably) and Fake Locke sit on the seaside repeating the Season 5 finale, indicating a new cycle beginning.

I have not watched the episode with the first appearance of the kid in the forest, but am I the only one thinking that the boy has grown since his last appearance? Perhaps this is an indication that time is running out fro Fake Locke and he has to act fast before the boy is fully grown. I may be completely mistaken, so I will watch the episode again.

One final thing. I still cannot understand about the role of the Others. Why were they on the island? Were they candidates too? And if they were, why did Jacob need to bring some more? And if they were following Jacob's orders, why were they hostile to the 815ers at first? Can it be that they had gone astray since Ben (their leader)seemed to have contacts with the smoke monster? And if that's the case, why didn't Richard (Jacob's right-hand guy) try to stop them?

Anonymous said...

i had to laugh when i read your never never land connection. i was watching peter pan with my daughters the other day and could only think about how that must be the island and that captain hook was the man in black and peter pan was jacob.

austin.journey said...

I did not see Illana's death coming at all, either. I loved it though. I miss the days when Lost could completely take me by surprise, and they did with that.

Efthymia said...

You were not alone with Ilana's unglorious exit - I must have stayed frozen and blinking for about 5 minutes. I did see the push down the well coming, during the entire conversation between FLocke and Desmond I was continuously saying "Step away from the well, Des, don't bend over the well so much, Des". Am I being too delusional hoping that because of what Widmore did to him he somehow survived the fall and will prove useful in the future?

Regarding Desmond and FLocke, yes, Desmond had no way of knowing that Locke had died. Nevertheless, after the blast in the previous episode he came out a completely different person, so I was thinking that he did recognize Locke as MIB/Smokey but for some reason/ulterior motive/plan didn't reveal that to him.

I too believe that Desmond ran over Locke not to kill him but to "show him something", and I too considered the possibility that flash-Locke will now be able to walk; his last shot lying on the road reminded me a lot of what he looked like when his father threw him out of the window, so I was thinking that maybe now the opposite happenned. When Des started the car I joked to my sister "and now he's going to hit Locke" and then BAM! - I can see the future!

I actually hate seeing Jack as Man of Faith. On the whole Science vs Faith/Free will vs Destiny I always side with Science/Free will, and I hate that its main representative has crossed over to the other side. I do like that Hurley gets heard, though. And having FLocke greeting only Jack by name, it reinforces my belief that he is the most promoted candidate.

Sorry for the long comment.

P.S. I love Desmond!

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering why no one has mentioned the comment made by the MIB during Ab Aeterno. The one where he says the devil (Jacob) took his body. If we can take this comment at face value, Jacob now has the MIB's body. The little boy we keep seeing in the jungle looks like Jacob because it is the way we've always seen Jacob appear but it is in fact the MIB's body. So he's freaking out because he keeps seeing himself as a child. At least that is my theory.

hatch-man said...

New nickname: MILB
"man in Locke's body"

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts -
1) The peter pan kid is actually Flocke himself, and the aging is significant - if he catches up to Flocke's real age, could mean something
2)I'm beginning to think that Sayid is faking it and is going to turn on Flocke in the end.

CarrieLovesKeith said...

Thanks for the great write-up, e!

I have a theory about Desmond running over Locke. I've been thinking for a couple weeks now... what if Alt. Locke is MIB? Maybe that's part of the "loophole"? Maybe he is stuck in Locke's body, and he really is going to leave the island with the rest of his people, rather than killing them, because that's the only way he can get off the island? Remember when young Jacob or whoever that creepy kid is said, "You know the rules. You can't kill him." Maybe the rules are that he has to leave with the group. Also, it seemed a little weird and un-Locke-like when he nudged Ben in the direction of taking over the principal's position. Maybe he has such a good relationship with his dad now b/c his dad is evil, so they love being evil together... :~)

So, if Desmond can see the future, maybe he knows that Locke is MIB and just wants to kill him.

I may be way out on a limb here, but just a thought!

Aunt J-ha said...

I have always wondered about the whispers & felt like the explanation was a little anti-climatic. But maybe just because there are much bigger and more exciting reveals in store over the next couple of weeks, So I won't worry about it.

I am prematurely mourning the end though, This week I felt a twinge of sadness as I watched that super crazy promo- there's only a few more left. But it looks super cool, so at the same time I can't wait.

I love the Peter Pan boy-teen as Locke theory I see in the comments above.

Thanks for the awesome recap- Happy Watching!

Tarah said...

I'm so with you on the trailer for next week! When my husband asked how I liked the episode, I replied that what I thought I liked best was the preview for next week set to Willy Wonka's crazy tunnel song. I really hope next week will start some big reveals. Every week, I feel like it's just not all coming together fast enough and my skepticism grows that they can really wrap this up in a solid way. What are we going to do when there is no more Lost to puzzle over?

The fifth toe said...

Lostpedia says the same young actor plays our "mystery boy" in both appearances this season, So if any aging is going on it has to be just via makeup/hair.

I also agree that the whispers reveal was lazy writing. Sometimes the answer isn't as important as how you do it.

Unknown said...

This episode was mediocre at best.
The whispers explanation was terrible. First of all, who really cares about the whispers? Second of all, it was so random to be thrown in as an explanation with Michael explaining it. What happened to the good writers?
In addition, I don't understand why Hurley's memories of Libby came back to him when he kissed her, yet for Charlie, it had to be a near-death experience?
All this love stuff is getting sappy.
And to think last week's episode was so good.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the 815ers who have died on the island and are also in the Alt timeline seem to be very insightful? Charlie, Daniel, Libby...

I wonder what happens if someone dies in the alt timeline?? Like, say... Locke after he gets run over.

Someone noticed that when Locke gets hit by Des he is wearing the same shirt he had on when he crashed on the island. Was he in the same position too???

Thanks, e. I miss the long posts but I appreciate these!


jerjen said...

Thanks E! I always look forward to reading your recaps (even the brief variety).

Re: next week's preview. Pop Culture references in Lost tend to be well thought out, and I'm sure the Willy Wonka one is no different. Willy was a somewhat ambivalent character, living isolated from the real world, who was looking for a "candidate" to take over his role as the candy king. Sound familiar?

Having said that, I don't think we'll be seeing oompa loompas running around the island anytime soon!

Sherylm said...

I enjoyed this episode even if, in spite of all the explanations of past mysteries like the whispers, things are getting harder and harder to understand, at least for me. And yet, I foresaw both Locke pushing Desmond into the well and Desmond wanting to run over Locke. And I can't believe that Widmore would have left Desmond go off on his "mission" without pointing out who Demon Locke really was. I don't think that Desmond went with Sayid so easily because he was naive but because it's part of what he now knows he has to do. And running someone down while gunning your engine and throwing them over your hood is a bit excessive if all you are looking for is a near-death experience. But Locke seems to handle car crashes well (this is like his third or fourth) so I suppose he'll end up in the hospital with Jack and lots of other 815ers ;-)

The best part of Hurley's story for me was watching him try to pretend to be a mean bad grumpy guy with Desmond. Even when he's angry or depressed, Hurley has a good heart and his real willingness to put his ego on the line and to question his own motives makes his stand out from all the other candidates.

I don't usually watch the previews (they aren't included on Itunes) but your comments intrigued me so I'll break my absolutely no-spoilers rule this one time.

Happy book writing!

Julian said...

e, as I watched it, I just knew that you were gonna post something about the obvious/thanks-for-letting-guess-correctly regarding: Iliana blowing herself up, MIB pushing Des in the well and Des mowing Locke down. I was thinking that they were leaning too heavy and were gonna pull a bait-n-switch.

I think Iliana showed two things, what Ben said AND she wasn't one of those can't-kill-myself types.

Seemed that Ben looked into Des's car as if he noticed something in the passengers seat...maybe the manifest?

Petros, I found myself asking where the others came from after the whole hand-dug well comment, too.

brunsonyankees said...

I saw some screen caps that identified the bag that Hurleylooked into as the place where Miles put the diamonds he dug up (from Nikki and Paolo). That would explain the "clinking" noises the objects made. Any thoughts on this one ?

Anonymous said...

MILB is not good nick, 'cause it's not Locke's body. Better nick may be MILF: Man In Locke's Form! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Jacob (my unwrikled ass)" made me laugh out loud!!!! I enjoy your posts Erica - I will miss them-best of luck with your book- I know it will do well -your writing rocks!!

vayankeegrl said...

Just rewatched the episode and found a few things -

Did you notice how the shot of Locke after he was hit by Des is the same as when he got pushed out of the window. The expression, the blood, everything looked the same except for the surroundings.

The well that FLocke pushed Des down cannot be the same FDW well. My colleague mentioned that he though he heard FLocke say there were multiple wells on the island, so that might explain it, but it's definitely not the same one that Locke went down last season. The timeline of that well - Locke went down it, flash, well filled in, orchid station built over the fdw entrance.

Agree with previous posters that the whisper explanation was stupid and did not follow storylines all ready set up for the characters (Michael being done on the island, etc). I had assumed that the whispers were noises that accompanied smokey somehow.

In other news, I watched a movie over the weekend that had a scene in the cab and the cab's receipt machine was printing. I started looking for smokey.

Spanio said...

When Des is waiting outside the school, I assumed he was waiting for John Locke to talk to him as he had done with Hurley. So when he ran him down with his car instead, I was forced to wonder why he would do that.
The best explanation I can come up is that seeing Locke's face made him flash on ya know, being thrown into a well. And his immediate surge of emotion is anger (obviously), so he runs him over.

This explanation requires one thing to be true for certain:

Desmond doesn't have a COMPLETE understanding of his other timeline existence. Just bits and pieces. Bits and pieces compelling enough to make him seek out everyone who was on the flight and tell them what's what, but bits and pieces nonetheless.

Or maybe it's as simple as the whole "near death experiences make you remember" thing. But that doesn't explain why Des didn't crash his car into Hurley after spotting him in the restaurant. Or try to drown him in the deep fryer or something.


Overall theory of the moment:
Alt timeline is not (exclusively) what would've happened if they set off the bomb.

A friend pointed out that everyone in the alt timeline seems to have what they always wanted in the original timeline. As creepy Eloise pointed out, this SHOULD keep them all content to not try to connect with their original timeline love interests or whatever.

What troubles me is that on the island we've seen the MIB offer to give people whatever they want in exchange for their help. We've also seen that he generally means what he says and keeps his word. Like when he told everyone to get out of the temple before he killed everyone inside. He kept his word there!

What if the alternate timeline is a reality created by the MIB as a result of a deal struck between him and Jack & Friends. They help him, they get what they always wanted.

Only if you make a deal with the devil (not meant literally.. maybe) you don't get exactly what you want. Which would explain why this happy universe is slowly unraveling into a much less happy place.

I can totally imagine foolish Jack, with all his friends dead, offering up whatever he can in exchange for the life he always wanted for himself and everyone. And it wouldn't be crazy to imagine he'd throw in a line about wishing that God forsaken island be at the bottom of the sea so that he'd never be ABLE to go back.

Anonymous said...

Great recap but I disagree that Desmond does not know Locke is MIB. I think it's a given that Widmore brough Des up to speed on all of this.

Anonymous said...

An observation regarding the Whispers: not totally meaningless.

It answers Hurley's question in the beginning of the ep,
Why have so many dead people come to talk to him, but not Libby?
Michael says;
"I'm here because of what I did...We're the ones who can't move on" etc.etc.

As though the island is trapping bad or guilty souls...(it is said to be corking the evil, after all)

Perhaps Libby was a good soul/pure/innocent, She never hurt anyone and therefore is not trapped on the Island.

Jesse Duckett said...

Hey e,

I loved the screeen cap for the run-over Locke. At first I was trying to remember if Luke Wilson was in an episode of LOST, and then I remembered Old School. Well done e, well done.

As far as the whisper explanation: I'll have to watch it again, but it almost felt like Hurley was leading Michael's answer. And Michael was like, "um, yeah...that's what it is." But I'm trying to recall from memory right now, so I might be way off.

But here's hoping that it was FLocke messing with Hurley to draw the remaining losties to his camp.

Anonymous said...

Someone had an awesome theory that I build upon. He stated that the numbers are a combination to opening a Lock. Each of the 6 people are assigned a number and MIB needs them all together to unlock him from well Locke. That is why he wants them all together. The one problem is that Sun is not the Kwon he needs. Interesting how Jim is on Hydra. Locke will soon realize his combination is incomplete and cannot be unlocked until they are all together to be freed.

Also did you notice any mirrors in this episode? Unless there was a mirror at the bottom on the bucket of chicken.

Brett said...

There are several wonderful commentators on LOST, Erika, but in my opinion you are (hands down) the very best.

With all that's on your plate, I sincerely appreciate you continuing to keep up with this blog, too.

GeoffUK. said...

I am really enjoying the twists and turns of this season, happy to let it flow and not too worried about answers and tieing in every single detail.

Does seem to be a pattern forming in both timelines tho' as all the characters come together. I think over the next few episode all our losties in alternate timeline will "remember" their other life. And somehow get together, what chance Miles and Sawyer arrest Des for his "hit and run",Ben is interviewed as a witness and Jack takes care of Locke in hospitol.

Not sure how Kate gets tied in tho.

Brasco said...

I have always felt Ben was more important and now seeing Des do his work to "push " people, Jacob "pushing" people, what about Ben trying so hard to make everything work, running the Dharma village, sending people to pretend to be part of the 815 crash and so on. I feel he was trying to keep a certain timeline going without certain things being known to the others and the 815'ers. Somewhat like Eloise both trying the keep people from finding out the truth.... sortvayankeegrl- I was watching Season One and when John is working at the box company in his back story, his adding machine sounds the same way and I thought the same thing about smokey.

Kimberly Carpenter said...

Two things:

-I don't know that the kid is just one character. He was a brunet this week, but he was very blond when Sawyer saw him (and it ain't like LOST is afraid of even the most terrible wig). Maybe Jacob & MIB were twin brothers?

-I think Des mowed him down because he was pissed about the well!

Kelly, UK said...

Hey e,
I am loving every last minute of Lost, but I did think the whispers explanation was a bit disappointing. Like others here, I am enjoying the ride and not over-analysing it all. Having said that, I have dreamed about Lost a few times! It's a little worrying how much I care about the characters! I hope Hurley knows what he is doing, taking them into the lion's den :o

drallabg said...

Enjoyed your write up as usual. Thanks for the shoutout! I am feeeling much better near the 4th week post surgery. I still have 8 weeks if all works out. I will "see" the end of LOST now! GB

Anonymous said...

How cool it is that the one character whose name we don't know has the most names!
1. John Locke JL
2. Man in Black MIB
3. Smoke Monster
4. The Monster
5. Smokey
6. Smokesaurus Rex
7. Lockeness Monster
8. Fake Locke
9. SmokeLocke
10. Flocke
11. Esau
12. Jeremy Bentham
13. Not Locke
14. Jacob's Nemesis
16. Anti-Jacob
17. Cerberus
18. The Security System
19. The Black Smoke
20. Nemesis
21. The Guardian
22. The Devil
23. Evil Incarnate
24. John Locke impostor
25. (Un)Locke
26. Smocke
27. Mocke
28. Smocke
29. other Locke
30. Non-Locke
31. Man in Smocke
32. Man In locke
33. Bad Locke
34. Lockey
35. Black John
36. Smokey Lockinson
37. Smokey John Locke
38. Mr. Smocke
39. John Locke + Man in Black = John Black
40. Smoke McLocke
41. Smockly
42. MatLocke
43. MockLocke
44. Smoky + FLocke = FLockey
45. Cylon Locke
46. Blocke=black and Locke
47. Glocke (his gangster name)
48. Locke-A-Like
49. Smockey
50. Bizarro Locke
51. Evil Locke
52. Lockelganger
53. Lockretia McEvil (Remember Blood, Sweat & Tears
54. Lethal John
55. Dread Locke
56. DeadLocke
57. Bad Locke
58. Faucke (Faux Locke)
59. Locke X
60. Locke Monster
61. Black Jocke
62. CLocke (counterfeit Locke)
63. Mock Locke
64. Zombie Locke
65. The artist formerly known as Locke
66. Blocke
67. Anti-Locke
68. Locke Reloaded
69. Mohn Locke (Monster Locke)
70. John v2
71. John 2.0
72. MILB=man in Locke's body


Garry UK said...

I am totally with e on the Locke-Hume theory!

I watched the ep again and the look on Flockes face when Desmondo said he was John Locke, he realised Dezzy didn't know he was MIB!

I don't think that Desmond ran Locke over for revenge, he did it to give him a near death experience, however if Locke has a near death experience who is he going to connect with? MIB?
Does that mean Locke will influence Flocke from the alt timeline?


Garry UK said...

Things I've noticed -

The guy playing connect four who creepily looks like Mikhail wasn't saying the numbers!

Hugo and Flocke are both wearing the same type of T shirt, you know with the pocket around about wear the heart is.

Some of the candidates eyes are turning green (this is something a friend noticed and I am finding it hard to notice)

Julian said...

52. Lockelganger <---funny

AaronC said...

Hey, I agree with your theory of des trying to give locke a near-dead experience for him to remember,

and it obiously works... when ben approaches locke, you can see in locke's eyes that he "recognizes" him lol

Spanio said...

Hey anon,

I kinda like, Locke-alike. As in, look alike.

Anonymous said...

@ Julian and Spano
I am glad you liked those names for the MIB. LOST viewers are so creative. When the writers of LOST do not give a character a name we invent our own name for the character. I personally liked that Dogen’s interpreter was dubbed “Lennon” by the viewers.

David said...

It seems as though everyone is converging at the hospital for some reason:

-Locke got hit by a car
-Ben will follow him there
-Sun was shot
-Jin will follow her there
-Jack is already there
-Claire is already there
-Juliet was a fertility doctor, so maybe she'll be there
-Sawyer/Miles will probably go to investigate the hit-and-run

Dave Duncan said...

I've heard a few theories thrown around about the possibility of the hit and run as a way to wake up MIB in the alt timeline. If there's no island in the alt timeline where are Jacob and MIB?

I think it's definitely possible that he may emerge after desmond's attempt on Locke's life.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that near death experience thing. The way Des hit Locke, how was he so sure he just wouldn't kill him. That was pretty violent. That speed and hit to me seemed more like sure death instead of near death. Especially knowing that hooking up Hurley and Libby would help why couldn't he find a nicer way for locke. The reason he hit him was because he is now able to tap into both worlds and is aware that Locke threw him down the well.
I bet you though that Jack is not going to want to go back. he seems happy. has his son who he is now close to and why would he want the island life back?

Unknown said...

I find one thing curious: Flocke expecting Des to be frightened. Why would he? If Desmond really believed him to be Locke, why would he have any reason to fear him?
Also, can anyone tell me how Micheal died?
Thanks a lot guys and gals

Unknown said...

Late the the party as usual but thanks, e, for a wonderful write-up!

I agree with so many of you that the whispers explanation was just plain cheesy. In fact, my pissed-offedness at that scene soured the rest of the show for me! However, after I slept on it I accepted the fact that there's no more time for intrigue and suspense. And the more casual viewer deserves some answers too! @PETROS is exactly right, I'm expecting something shocking every minute!

It definitely seems like all the 815ers will end up in the hospital and most of the reasons why are obvious as many of yall have stated. But what about Kate and even Sayid? Last we saw Kate she was caught by Sawyer fleeing from a car chase - maybe she's injured or ends up getting injured as a result of the crash or the capture. Or maybe she injures Sawyer or Miles and they rush to the hospital with her in tow and cuff her to a gurney or something. Is Sayid's story totally over? Maybe he'll get hit by a car fleeing the restaurant or maybe have guilt over leaving Jin in the freezer and come back to take Jin & sun to the hospital. Nutty, I know!

@ANON - LOST FAN - that compilation must have taken years! Awesome and hilarious!

@MARIO - I believe Michael died in the freighter explosion.

Garry UK said...

Michael definately died in the Frieghter explosion.

Christian appeared in the room with the explosives and told him it was time.

The Island had finished with Michael therefore he could die now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment. I was actually keeping a list since the start of LOST Season 6. Since MIB true name still has not been revealed, I posted my list. I am so glad so many of the posters on this blog enjoyed it. However, in spite of all the names on the list, I still do not think we have captured MIB’s true identity.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Desmond knows that Locke is the MIB. He was almost challenging him, by saying 'he's not afraid of FLocke, and whats the point of been afraid'. I think Desmond knows how all this is going to play out - and he knew he would end up down the well. It did seem like he wanted to kill Locke when he ran him down. But, I think it's all about the bigger picture. And I'm sure that all the losties will be alive and happy at the end of series. (Or maybe that's just what I'm wishing for lol!).

Anonymous said...

I know you're writing a book, but I'm really missing your recap of The Last Recruit. I think I check several times a day to see if you've posted!

Erika (aka "e") said...

To the commenter above... there's no new episode of Lost next week so I'm not in a rush. : )

- e

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are bleakly misinformed with your rather relaxed perception of whether you are in a rush or not.

I'm just saying dead puppies may emerge in your sock draw, if the blog isn't completed within 48 hours.

I apologise with an s, for my rather unfriendly first post, despite my respect and sense of relief once reading your analysis, normally available to me as soon as I have finished my UK Friday viewing, rendering thought-processes of my own when reflecting what I have just absorbed - spurious!

So, to sum up:
-Do blog asap
- Or 'find' deceased cute animals
- These threats are necessary BECAUSE of my love for your review
- I also wanted to emphasize my Englishness, hoping you would be better understanding to my satirical nature, ultimately forgiving me and in fact responding to my requests.

Love Na..wait

I mean Anonymous, in case you don't take this message to kindly.

Although how many names because with Na? I may have revealed too much. Goodbye!

Inquisitor said...

I was also wondering where the post was, yet now knowing there's no new lost I completely understand. Although I must ask, what gives? To Darlton, not you. Didn't they promise Lost would be uninterrupted this season? After that whole Olympics scare? I don't understand!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind this, though: Maybe Des tried to mow down Locke (who he doesn't know is the MIB) in the Alt timeline because Locke tried to kill him (throwing him down the well) on the Island. Perhaps it was just a classic form of payback.

-Dr. McPhearson

Julian said... Must...not...freak...out...without...recap....

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Where is it!

GeoffUK. said...

Inquisitor - Look at the evidence. No lost this week, e. needs to work on her book, Darlton are obviously avid fans of "Long live Locke". Our girl (like the Island) moves in mysterious ways!!

Anonymous said...

This is even later than normal!

Erika (aka "e") said...

You guys -

The post will be up before the next new episode. That's all I can promise. Unless someone out there wants to send me a lot of money to put this blog that I write for fun and for free as a priority over my work that has deadlines and comes along with paychecks! The bills don't pay themselves, folks! : )

My book is due on May 17. This is crunch time for me. I'm very stressed. LLL cannot be my focus right now, I'm sorry.

- e

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until you tell us what this book is about. I think that is more of a mystery than anything on Lost.

Cheryl from Lakeview said...

e, I'm among the fans who have been biting our fingernails waiting for your latest recap. Yours is my absolute favorite. I totally understand the delay, and don't blame you, but why don't you think of other people, for a change? KIDDING. I hope that your book writing is going smoothly and your basement does not flood.

Anonymous said...

if U don't update today i am not gonna buy your book!;)
i can't even remember "last recriut" now,come oooooooonn

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...

I, for one, think the delay is alright. Not only has e a chance to work on her book, but we also have the opportunity or reading the recap closer to the new episode, sort of an update much more interesting that the usual "previously on lost" clip... :-)

elaine said...

Dear Erika,

All good vibes for the finishing of your book. We're all very anxious to read you recap, but deadlines are deadlines... Good luck!

DI in RI said...

Wow, some of these comments are harsh. Good things are worth waiting for, people!
Hang in there, e- sounds like you have a lot to do right now! Thanks for doing this blog... I may have given up on LOST long ago if it weren't for you! O.K., that's extreme, but I would understand even less if it weren't for you! So, thanks!