Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The April Contest Winner(s)!

Hello my dear friends -

Wow -- reading through everyone's favorite lines from Lost was like a fantastic trip down memory lane. And here I was silly enough to think that I'd keep seeing the same five or so bits of dialogue over and over again. You guys covered nearly every season and character -- I loved it! Though I do believe the top vote-getters were "Not Penny's Boat," "Guys, where are we?", "We're not going to Guam, are we?", "You've got some... Arzt on you," "You guys got any milk?", "Jesus is not a weapon," and "We have to go back!" (Not calculated scientifically, just my observation as comments were coming through.) Hurley and Sawyer seem to have churned out the greatest variety of memorable lines.

So I've actually got three winners to announce: the LLL reader who was randomly selected out of 196 entries and will receive one of the five winning Design Contest t-shirts from CafePress, and two others who -- unbeknownst to them -- ended up picking MY favorite scene in the series, so I'll send them each one of my last-remaining Dharma Beer koozies, if they're interested.

Drumroll please...

The winner of the t-shirt (and I'll throw in a koozie, too) is: Steven

His favorite line was one of the most popular from the series premiere, Charlie's "Guys, where are we?"

The commenters who have the same favorite scene as me and therefore are welcome to a koozie if they'd like one are: John Trew and RodrigoSnz... and the scene is:

Locke: Why do you find it so hard to believe?

Jack: Why do you find it so easy?

Locke: It's never been easy!

If you want to revisit that scene from Season Two's "Orientation" for old time's sake, here it is (at the 2:10 mark). I literally cannot watch it without my eyes welling up, honest to God. For me, it encapsulates everything I love about the show, and is applicable to situations in my own life as well.

Congrats again to the winners... please send me a comment through the site with your email address so I can contact you and we can go from there to get you your prizes.

To everyone else, I hope you enjoyed this contest... perhaps we'll get some more favorite lines out of tonight's episode? I think the chances are high!

- e


Kelly, UK said...

Hey Steven, congrats! Enjoy your T shirt. x

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners. Erika, this conversation is actually also one of my favourite scenes in all of Lost. It's ironic(because of all that happens after), well acted, poignant, so true.

Looking forward to the next contest! :)


Sherylm said...

Congratulations to the winners, especially Steven who has the same favorite line as me ;-)

Jessica said...

Is Richard aging? Check out the grey hair at his temples on tonights episode! Jack looks a bit grey as well!

Jessica said...

Is Richard aging? Check out the grey hair at his temples! Jack looks a bit grey as well!

RodrigoSnz said...

OMG! u would not believe how excited i am!!! my sister was all like wtf is going on?... i just cant believe it!! its such and honor for me to get mentioned on your blog i've been a fan of yours for a long time! and i love the show! u are my favorite lost blogger!!... i started reading your blog about the winners of the favorite line contest with absolutely no hopes of winning anything i've never win anything in my life.. but then i saw jack's picture and i was all like wait i know that scene! but i keep reading and then there it wass my nameeee on yourrr bloggg!!!! seriously i was screaming hahaha!! that is my favorite line ever i got chill bumps by just watching it! and i think it has so much meaning about what the whole show represents... thanks Erika!

Keenan said...

Haha, that season 2 scene is my favorite as well. I love it when Locke told Jack to press the button, and he's like "You gotta be kidding me"

Unknown said...

my estimation for the ending is the following:

Jack and Fake Locke will sit on the beach and FL will say:

"Do you know how much I want to kill you??"