Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Before You Watch the Finale...

Make sure you join the pre-finale Lost chat today from 2 - 5 PM ET. Ryan from Zap2it's Guide to Lost is hosting, and that's where I'll be fielding questions and comments this afternoon along with Doc Artz, JOpinionated and the team from How can it NOT be a great time?

Hope to see you there!

If you can't make it, the replay will be available immediately after the chat at the same link above. Meaning here (scroll down to the event box).

Finally, you can expect my finale post to take a little bit longer than usual for me to publish... not only because it's two hours, but also because we now have eight months to wait until Season Six, so it's not exactly like there's a rush. But I will try definitely to have it done by next Friday, May 22.

Enjoy the show tonight!
- e


Nick said...

Bring the pain!

Cheryl said...

Is this guaranteed to be spoiler-free?

e said...

None of the approved moderators (myself, Doc, Ryan, Jo, sl-Lost guys) will be discussing any spoilers, and Ryan will be approving all other comments. Nothing can get through without his approval, and he knows that myself and Jo want to REMAIN spoiler-free.

So we'll do our best!

- e

Beerage said...

Its getting shown on Sunday here, I cant wait its going to be amazing, then again 8 months till next season :(

Not gonna know what to do with myself without Lost.

PenguinJosh said...

Can't wait to listen, e! :D

Jason Seville said...

I know this is random, but I thought of this during last week's episode and never said anything...

There have been commercials for TOMs shoes the last two weeks.

The LOST connection is that Maggie Grace is (was... I assume she still is) dating the founder of TOMs shoes, Blake Mycoskie.

This HAS to mean something. :)

helkatmat said...

Oh Erika, what's going to happen to LLL??? Long LOST Locke?!

mvidas said...

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

"ille qui nos omnes servabit"
"he that we all protect"

Also, looks like 'your' Locke isn't the Locke on screen this season! Hopefully we'll see more of yours :)

Anonymous said...


are you sure your translation is correct? I understood it as "He who will save us all"

Melissa said...

So back in season 1 when we were shown the Locke flashback where he lived at the compound and unknowingly brought in the cop, the cop said that he had chosen Locke because his file said he was easy to manipulate. Does that mean that the entire time he was on the island he was being manipulated by Jacob's enemy and Jacob at different times? This could be why his character has been so difficult to read. He is being pulled in two different directions by opposing forces. Eventually Jacob's enemy won since he got Locke where he wanted him and was then able to take his place as leader of the others after Locke's death?

Can we also take from this that Jacob's enemy was inhabiting Christian's body or was able to look like Christian, meaning that everyhing he did or told anyone to do was bad/would lead the island and everyone down the wrong path?(Claire leaving Aaron alone to be raised by another, telling Locke to move the island) This is probably all wrong, but I need to try to sort some of this out!

doug... said...

Look out behind you, Erika!
That's NOT JOHN!


Anonymous said...

Hey, e. Are you going to be ok?

Jimbo said...

E, you mentioned that Widmore may be the bad guy but I just wanted to point out that when Locke told Widmore that Richard said that he had die, Widmore seemed a bit confused as to why Richard would say that.

We know that Richard only said what he said because Evil Locke told him to. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the black smoke.......... black smoke imitated bens daughter....... so it can imitate locke. So the battle of the forces would be Jacob Vs Black smoke. The 2 things that are mostly unexplained about the island. So me thinks its the black smoke that has orchastrated the death of Jacob so he/it can be the true ruler of the island..... Sorry if its a short and sweet explanation, but i haven't got much time to write this and have'nt seen it really anywhere


HawxXx (xbox 360 gamertag)

philologist said...

servo in latin means protect, guard, preserve.

Isaac said...

I totally agree with Chris here. I think A-J is who controls ole smokey and is the one who appears as people dead or not on the island to influence people. So he did influence Locke and then appeared everyone as Locke. And He knows everything about locke b/c he's been around him for so long. It's why i think smokey never killed Locke in earlier season's...saw that he could manipulate him.

Also remember how Locke would disappear when he and Ben went back to the big island. He came out of the bushes when Ben was expecting Smokey and then when they were under the temple.

I think A-J is totally ole' smokey.

Sharon Rose said...

Good catch on the Dogma-type duality. Remember that whole "Bad Twin" thing?

As for Locke, I refuse the clone concept, too - I think smokey / AJ just imitated John's body because he would have influence over so many people John knew.

I gotta give props to AJ - he may be evil but his devious plans are world-class.

My big beef with the epi: Unrealistic action scenes. Handguns that never run out of ammo (Kate ran out, fired again, THEN reloaded). Brutal beatdowns that result in nothing but bloody clothes. A skull-smashing hit from a 35lb tool box that didn't even cause a concussion. I'll let Juliet's fall go, because I liked her last scene. But jeez! Sometimes it really wrecks my TV watching to know some medicine.

Sarah Hross said...

I disagree with the suggested identity of the statue. I think it is Set,
(also called Seth or Sutekh) who was rivals with Horus. If you look at the symbol on the tapestry Jacob was weaving, it looks like a combination of the eye of horus and the "winged solar disk" which represented the form horus took in his battles against seth. I was searching for the information on the tapestry symbol when my husband showed me your blog and the theory behind the statue. I searched for images of Seth to see what it looked like and I found that he sometimes takes the form of a crocodile and the wikipedia entry shows him holding that same object. If you check out the wikipedia entry and read the info regarding the conflict between horus and seth (Osiris too) it mirrors some of the stuff hinted too in the relationship between Jacob and his rival.

whist said...

The statue is taweret, according the abc episode review

Greg Tramel said...

i kinda like the idea of BOTH being jacob

light jacob vs dark jacob

Greg Tramel said...

i think dark jacob is set and light jacob is horus among many other representations

Anonymous said...

Ok, enuf is enuf. It's 2007 already. 2007.2007.2007. The time traveling dates are hard enough to keep track of without misinformation. Unless Im totally wrong & please correct me if I am but, um, 1997 + 30 = 2007. Frik. Lostpedia even has it as 2007. SO STOP WITH THE 2008 REFERENCES. k. I feel better. Just been reading you blogs & it's just a continuous error. Thought you would be corrected by now. LOL. Maybe Im wrong & I apologize profusely. Don't post this. Just a message. Thanks.

e said...

Anonymous -

I understand what you're saying about 1977 + 30 = 2007, but there actually IS proof that it's 2008.

Locke's passport Widmore gave him was dated Dec 17, 2007. Jack said it had been one month between when he saw Locke in the hospital and Locke's death. So they went back on Ajira 316 in early 2008.

It's only a couple of months difference and I don't really think it's that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things. Sorry for any confusion me saying "2008" has caused (half of the time I still say 2007 in my posts). : )

- e

Erik&theLost said...

I don't think AJ has "Possed" Locke's body because then there would not be to Lockes. I believe he is Anubis (or at least the origin of Anubis in Epytian mythology) and that he has shape-shifting powers but he can only take the form of dead people (this would fit well with the idea of him being anubis since he was lord of the dead and the underworld). This would explain why there are epytian writings all over the island and why Anubis's image was in the temple.
If my Anubis theory is true then he is probably also every dead person who we have ever seen walking around on the island (Christian Shepard, Yemi... etc.). I remember that just before dead Alex appeared before Ben beneath the temple, AJ had moved out of sight and not until after she was gone did he reappear which leads me to believe that ste was AJ Trying to make sure that Ben would kill Jacob if he aksed him to.
If he is Anubis then Jacob is probably Sobek since seems to sleep in the foot of the sobek atatue.
AJ may also be the smoke monster but i'm not as sure about that.

hope this makes sense.


good post btw

Anonymous said...

I don’t get how Man #2 inhabited Locke’s body when the real Dead Locke’s body was in the coffin/box the whole time.

But since there IS still a dead body (which Ilana and Bram carried all this way) can IT now be inhabited by Jacob?

Talk about evil twins – Locke versus Locke!

-- lost and back again

Anonymous said...

Bram asked if Frank was a candidate. A candidate for what? To replace Jacob? To be the next leader of the Others?

Who else would be?

Dead Locke? Ben? Jack? Sawyer? Hurley? Jin? Sayid? Kate? Sun? Desmond? Penny? Widmore? Aaron? Ji Yeon? Baby Charlie?

-- lost and back again

Whist said...

Does the person writing the blog read these?

It really is Taweret... So you should change it in the text not to confuse others

Daniel said...

Erica, you said one thing I don't really agree with. You talked about A.J. (Anti Jacob) possessing Locke's body. I think A.J. is a shape-shifter who can take on different people's form. Thus, he has also been Walt, Echo's brother, Christian Shepherd, and Ben's dead daughter. He may be, or maybe can take the form of, the smoke monster. We'll see..

I agree the show is setting up Jacob and A.J. to look like good and evil. I think, however, the show's creators would never be that simple. I think their aim is to have the two be yin and yang, the balance that keeps the island as it is. Neither is all good or all bad. What happens now that Jacob is dead and the island is out of balance? That will be crux of next season.

Jason Seville said...

What if the box Ilana and Bram were carrying was the box where you could produce whatever you imagined to be in it (to which Ben alluded in an earlier season)?

What if Locke really IS alive and Ilana and Bram produced a fake dead Locke out of the box to confuse Richard?

I REALLY don't think this is what is happening, but is it a possibility? E - this could help you hold out hope that Locke is not dead.

Regardless, I think Locke is dead and that Esau (that's what I'm calling AJ because I had Genesis 27 ringing in my ears after AJ talked about wanting to kill Jacob in the first scene) can morph to take different forms. I also think that Jacob knew that the only way to "win" was to die. He seemed too eager to let Ben stab him. Esau thinks he's won for now, but in the final season we will see a TRUE resurrection (not the imaginary resurrection of Locke in season 5) where Jacob will return in an Aslan/Gandolf way to save the day.

I haven't read any posts or theories yet, so this may be a popular view out there. ... OR I may be crazy.

Pete said...

Hi Erika,

Been reading your blogs for a long, long time. I usually read on DarkUFO (I'm one of his forum admins) but since I realised they come up earlier here, I bookmarked your site and read them as soon as they come out.

I'm not a big commenter and so don't write here or anyone at all, But I had a couple of questions So thought I'd finally roll up and thank you for keeping me fantastically entertained every week between episodes. Really, You're my favourite recapper, and a fantastic writer!


1) Where is that picture of Locke with the Knife and the gun from?!

2) Will you be writing much during the hiatus? Would be interesting to see you return to those questions you had before the season started, but also reading something from you every week has rather become part of my routine, I'll miss it!


JetBoy said...

Found this about "Sobek"...from here:

"Sobek was revered for his ferocity and quick movement. It is said that he was the god who caught the four sons of Horus in a net, as they emerged from the waters in a lotus bloom."


Whist said...


It really is Taweret... So you should change it in the text not to confuse others"

again and again and again.....

Flo said...

Hi e-

Thanks for your amazing work. My wife and I love reading your blog and discuss your theories all day long.

Just like most people I thought the statue has a crocodile head. However I think that the official ABC Lost recap should be taken serious.

So I looked at images of Taweret. In most cases she has sharp teeth even though she is a hippo.
So I guess I can now accept the fact that we are dealing with a statue of Taweret.
I am still not happy with whoever made the Statue.
Cause the statue doesn't look like a pregnant woman at all.

But it makes total sense for the writers of Lost to use Tawaret. She is the God of fertility and therefore also the God of Life, while the Tempel is for Anubis, the God of death.

So there we have a wonderful pair of contrasts,
life and death.

I am sure now that the war will be between Jacob and Smokey, with A-J being Smokey. As we have seen Smokey being able to impersonate any dead person that rests on the Island, it was important for Smokey to get Locke's dead body back to the island.

Ben had a long relationship with Smokey. He was brought back to life in the temple where Smokey resides and turned out to be evil afterwards.
He was able to summon Smokey and Smokey let him live because he needs Ben as a executioner.
Maybe that's why Jacob never met Ben because Ben was always Smokeys man.

I have no idea on which side Widmore will be.
And I could see Ben eventually switching over to the good side thus redeeming himself.

Our 815ers will be on Jacobs side and I think their arrival is what Jacob was referring to when he died.

As a post script.
I dont know how deep the writers will go into Egyptian mythology. It is very complicated as it had thousands of years to evolve.

However here are some fun facts:

On the Stone plate above Smokeys vent, we see Anubis (the Dog guy) talking to a snake or Smokey. This could also mean that Smokey isn't Anubis but the snake God Apep.

Anubis is there to protect the Dead against evil and Apep is pure evil. Apep is also the husband of Tawaret.


Havok said...


Still working on processing the finale myself, so I can only begin to imagine how hard sifting through everything that happened is.

A couple of thoughts:

1) The Ilana flashback - for some reason it had me thinking of Chernobyl.

2) I loved the way the scene with Lapidus and Bram talking before they reach the cabin changes after watching the whole episode.

I can't remember the dialogue perfectly, but it goes something like this.

Bram: "To show him what he's dealing with"
Lapidus: "And what IS he dealing with?"
Bram: "Something a lot scarier than what's in that box."

I read that as a threat at first.

Nicely done, Lost writers.

Looking forward to your review of the episode (as always).


carolinefat said...

is it possible that eloise is penny's mother since widmore is involved with elose & we've never met penny's mum

Andre from Brasil said...

Hi, e!! Just passing by to send u this:
"And as the camera pulls back, we see what we've been waiting to see since we first glimpsed that four-toed foot over three years ago... the towering, majestic statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret."
This is from the official recap of the Season Finale (find here: )
This confirm the identity of the statue!!
I love your write-ups!! Cya!

Gustavo Fernández Walker said...

So, this is the second season finale in which they have us believe that Locke is dead. Two and a half, really, if we count the mysterious coffin in season 3... Anyway, I think Jacob wanted Ben to stab him in the first place, or at least he was counting on that. He is obviously up to something. I guess we'll have to wait to find out...