Monday, February 04, 2008

This Honestly, Truly Was The Result

Shout-out to Glen, who made me aware of this new online quiz: "Which Lost character are you?" It is different than one I did a few years ago.

And I swear to you, it said I was closest to Locke. Nothing bad has happened to me in my life, so I don't know where it came up with that part of it, but I do agree that I wouldn't look as good as he does bald.

Find out Which Lost Character Are You at!


Anonymous said...

Excellent e, there have been some sexy bald headed women, demi moore, Sigourney Weaver.... in fact no dont bother!
Keep up the amazing work!

Ernie said...

Awesome, I'm Charlie. As long as no one reading this blog is Desmond and starts predicting my demise, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, I was desmond and all I can say is dont use the microwave tomorrow brother!

Anonymous said...

Well as you would guess, I am Jack. And apparently now I am on you sh.. list:-(

Anonymous said...

I'm Kate- UGH! At least I make it off the island and look good in the future!

BTW, I took the Sex and the City Quiz too and I'm Charlotte. How do those two go together???

Erika (aka "e") said...

Ernie - I hope you have heeded Glen's warning and that you are still with us.

Glen - OK, I won't shave my head. Phew.

Matt in Dallas - If you are who I think you are, I'm not surprised you are Jack. Haven't you been known to enjoy a drink or two? : )
I expect you to work very hard now to get off of my sh!t list.

Di in RI - You really shouldn't have told me that. Now I can never read a comment from you without thinking of Kate. Quick, take the quiz again and give different answers!

- e

Anonymous said...

I got hurley. Which is I guess supposed to be good since I have empathy for other people, but I just had a baby and have quite a bit of weight to lose so Hurley is not exactly who I wanted to identify with. haha

Love your blog cant wait for tonight's episode!

Tori said...

hey e, it's t, in atlanta now but still working for the man. (your old man.)

i'm locke, too, apparently. so, i guess we can never be in the same room at the same time for fear of the universe imploding.

Anonymous said...

Hi e,
Thanks for putting in that link, I was Desmond, I LOVE Desmond so that was good, brother, but I don't see the future! Can't wait until tonight. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey does Charlotte Staples Lewis and have anything to C.S. Lewis??

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I'm Hurley, but actually about 250 lbs lighter than him even though I like my junk food. I was hoping to land someone at least the same gender as me. Some of the questions didn't have an answer that matched--not even close in some cases.